Aaaand that's a wrap!

Woho! I finished my essay today! Around noon! Which meant I could spend almost the whole day chillin' like a lazy bum. And I sure did. Played some FFXII (things are getting very slow...I did pass my earlier score today but I still have at least 10 h left to play), watched some Top Gear and AHS + I went grocery shopping. 
But yeah...I feel like this essay was just...blaargh. I just hope I'll pass. I suck at economy and history so if I manage to pass an exam in ECONOMIC HISTORY I will have to celebrate it. We'll get the results back in the end of November so until then...I'll try to think that the whole thing never happened.

Sober! Round two!

Last night was Sober night again! This time the party was at Södra Teatern's 7th floor. Quite smaller than Kägelbanan but still very nicely decorated and with an AMAZING view! Also, this time there wasn't as much people (since the venue was much smaller) but the atmosphere was just as good. I went alone but did talk to a few people, took alot of pictures and drank the best drink ever! It was a mix of mango, lemon, sugar and...wait for it...rocket salad (sv: Ruccola)! Like, what?! It sounds weird but it tasted divine.
Anyways, here's a few pics I took last night. Big thanks to Mårten Andersson who made this happen!

Loved the decorations!

Look at this view!!

This <3

Writing + AHS S4 breaks

I reaaaally want to play FFXII. Like, really really bad.
I've been writing on my essay alot today (was at the library at Uni from 9-15 writing) plus been writing and reading a bit at home soo...I think I deserve it.
I've only taken some American Horror Story Season 4 breaks. You know, the usual kind of break. Seriously, this season is creeping me out. I hate clowns. 

Exam no 2!

Yup! It's time for my second exam (writing an essay) on the Global Development programme. This time it's about Economic History. I have alot of mixed feelings about that subject....
Anyways, I'm gonna have to dedicate the whole week for this essay. We have until Friday so I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND *violent flailing*. But I will take one break on Wednesday evening because then it's time for Sober Lounge at Södra Teatern! Both nervous and excited because this time I'm going all alone! GAH!
Tried out my new red lipstick today. I like the colour but really need to work on my application!

Long weekend with my Mom

Yes. I decided to abandon the blog during my Mom's stay here. But now she's on her way back north and I just wrapped up my assignment for tomorrow. Feels good!
Okay so Mom and I have had an AMAZING time together these past few days. We've been eating at a few good ol' places but also a few new exciting restaurants. We've been walking around the whole of Stockholm (more than once! Maybe 3 laps? haha) but didn't end up buying much. Which is totally ok! Being together with Mom was the best part anyways! We've been spending alot of time at home aswell, watching documentaries and eating sweets and popcorn haha. Just my kind of evening. I think the best parts of my Mom's stay here has been:

* Getting our nails done
* Chillin in my apartment watching documentaries
* Brunch at Berns
So yeah...I'm just gonna upload a few (ok ALOT of) pictures from these past few days and let them speak for themselves.

Breakfast at Bagel Street café.

Lunch at T.G.I Friday

Another lunch at Vapiano

Breakfast at Pom & Flora

BERNS! The atmosphere in there is just amazing.

Oysters! LOVE!

The epic dessert table.

This little lemoncurd killed me. Soooo good!!

Gorgeous teapot!

The sushi buffet!


Johanna the hermit

Seriously though, I should just leave and become a hermit (together with Jiraya lololol).
But yeah, society and it's people are SOOO NOT IMPRESSING ME right now and I need a break from it all. I've been having these "hermit-thoughts" on and off for the past 4 years and one day in the future I'd really like to try it out. Just see if that is the answer. Like living with monks in a temple for a period or two. Doesn't really sound like me, does it? Naah...maybe I'll just buy 5 cats and live in a house out in nowhere. Hmm..sounds a little bit more like me. At least the "5 cats" part.
NO!! I'm not gonna stay indoors and mope and think about how stupid and disgusting society is, but instead I'm gonna go to the Japanese Meet-Up in Gamla Stan and sit and chat with my friends and a big cup of tea. And after that I'm gonna meet up with Mom! Yay! I'm so glad she's gonna stay here for a few days. In "hermit-mode" days family is the answer. Nobody else.

Oh well

I had quite the shitty start in the morning today...for some reason, I thought I had class between 10:00-12:00 so I took the bus to Uni and halfway there I looked in my calander and saw that NO I HAD CLASS BETWEEN 13:00-15:00. What the hell?! Luckily I had brought my book with me so when I arrived I went straight to the library and sat down in one of the cozy couch/arm chair-thingy and read my book for 2 ½ hours.
Then I went and bought lunch and, to my great surprise, found Anton loitering in the C-building! Hahaha so we sat down together and chatted while I had my lunch before going to class. Talk about luck!
So yeah tonight I'm gonna do some laundry and clean my apartment because tomorrow my Mom will come and stay with me until Sunday! Aaaa I'm so excited!! Too bad I'm still not feeling 100% well but...nothing sleep and tea can't cure!! 


I hate to admit it, but I think I have a cold. I hate being sick. And on top of that, my body still hurts like hell from the Bodypump 2 days ago and I can barely walk properly...
When I'm feeling gloomy like this, there's a few things that brightens up my day:

* Tea
* Gaming
* Junkfood
* Watching television series (Right now I'm rewatching Top Gear. Best show ever!)
* Cocolate (Which I don't have uwaaa ;___;)
...and reading I guess...I do have alot of reading to catch up on but I really don't feel like picking up a book when my head is all fuzzy like this. I am gonna try to read a book about China's economy later though...might be interesting.

Word of the day.


Today I went and got my lashes done! :D First time ever, but it went great! It was Sofia's room mate who did them for me at her salon and I'm so happy with the result! I want them to be like this all of the time!



Such an awesome Saturday it's been!
First, I hit the gym in the morning (first time in foreeeever) and it felt awesome! Then after I got home and refreshen myself, I got a call from my Player 1, Maja. And we just talked and talked and talked....for 1 ½ hours. Haha! Damn how I miss her!
Then in the evening I met up with Dennis to go and catch a movie. We watched the new Dracula: Untold. I hadn't really heard anything about it but oh my god....some scenes in that movie was SO AMAZING! Like, shivers-awesome. That kind of awesome. was great!

And now I'm sitting here at home with a cup of tea and I am gonna TRY to write a few sentences on my assignment before going to bed...we'll see how that goes.

Oh, comme le monde me semble grand

Had yet another awesome day today!
Started the day off by going to class between 10-12 and then I had lunch and sat in the library until 13 when the French language café started. That's right. I ACTUALLY WENT THERE! All by myself! There were maybe about 20 people there, both people from Sweden and France but also from other countries who wants to learn and practice their French. Anyway, of course it went very bad for me haha. Every time I tried to say something, only Japanese words pop up in my head! It was so frustrating! But I could still understand pretty good what they all were talking about so...that's something I guess. I seriously need to pick up my French! GAH!
And so at around 18:00 I met up with Dad to have dinner. We went to Jensen's Boefhouse which was very nice. Afterwards we went to have coffee at Starbucks (also a tradition for us) and I FINALLY got to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Hahaha aaah seriously people just won't stop talking about it and....I kinda understand why now. It was delicious. Extremely sweet, but I like that so...YUMMY!

A small starter...
 PSL!!! :D
So yeah, after 2 amazing days like this I feel great! Ready to take on the weekend with all it has in store for me! Life is awesome! =)

Busy day, great evening

What a day! 
First I went to a very interesting seminar at Uni in the morning, then I met up with Sofia to have lunch and then we went together to the Language Café for the Advanced Japanese hour. It was awesome!
Then I went home to take it easy and read a bit. But instead of reading I called Ina and talked about stuff. I'm so lucky to have her! 
At around 17:00 I went to Östermalmstorg to meet up with my Dad! After shopping a bit at Ladurée (it's like a tradition to always go there when he is in town haha) we went to Odenplan to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. We had springrolls for starters and Pho for the main course. It was really good, although the Pho wasn't the best Pho I've far, Teatro Fantasia serves the best Pho!


Looks a bit nasty but it was good!

Then we went back to relax at Dad's hotel room and eat the Ladurée goodness <3 I'm dying for these macarons. Seriously, they make me happy. 

The favlours we got were: Peach, Lime/Basil, Salted Caramel, Venezuelan Chocolate (?), Orange Flower (??), Pistacchio, Strawberry Marshmallow and Licorice.
Lol I just had to take this picture! My two favourite things <3
It was great seeing my Dad and talk to him about all of my "big" problems and thoughts about life right now. Luckily we'll have some more time to talk tomorrow aswell before he has to go back home to Umeå!

I sense a certain uncertainty

Mjeees. This morning I went to the dentist for the first time in Stockholm. It was nice. Haha. Felt good not having to take the car or the bus to the closest general dentistry...only had to walk 8 min to Hornstull haha. I'm so spoiled.
Today I met up with some girls from my class at Uni to work on a group assignment. We split in two groups and me and the other girl found a vacant group room in the library where we sat and got some work done. Of course, we digressed alot aswell, talking about travelling, learning new languages etc. In fact, I might have to face my French fear later this week.....ooooooh no I'm gonna fail so hard and start speaking Japanese in the middle of the sentence!! I'm gonna be so nervous...oh...why am I doing this? *sobbing*
Tonight I spent the evenign together with Sofia! We made tacos, listened to music and then watched a lecture from Hans Rosling about world population development. I've seen it 1 ½ times before and IT IS AAAWESOME! #dontpanic

Tomorrow my Dad will be in town so after I'm done at Uni we're gonna meet up and have dinner together. I'm looking forward to it sooo much and I feel like I have tons of stuff to tell him about and advices to ask from him etc. It's lucky that you have a wise father.

"Importsubstitutionsindustrialisering" etc

See that word up there? It's one of the things we talked about today in class....Isn't that the longest word ever? That's ridiculous. I am not even gonna try to translate it.
Anyway, this morning I woke up early and went for a morning walk across Västerbron. It was cold, wet and dark. I was not happy at all.

A grey morning in Stockholm

After getting home, I quickly changed and then went to Uni to sit in the library and study. Halfway through, the fire alarm went off. Everyone's reaction was like " Aaah shit....I don't want to stand up and go outside..." so we all (reluctantly) packed our things and went outside.
There I found Sofia, in the middle of the crowd, which brightened my mood. Then the fire trucks came. Which was awesome.

In the end, no big fire was found (I think..) and we were all let inside again. Then I had class from 15:00-17:00 and then I went straight home, tired as hell.
I could've gone to sleep the moment I finished eating dinner, but instead I had a Skype call with Ina and then suddenly felt much more awake. We haven't had time to talk for I don't know how long and I've missed her soooo much! It was great catching up =)


Today my little blog turns 4 years old. I can't believe that I've kept writing here for all of these years. I mainly started blogging for the Japan trip of 2011-2013 but then I realized how FUN it is to be able to look back at stuff and all...looking at pictures and reading about all of the amazing things I've gotten the chance to see and do!
I don't know for how long I can keep this blogging thing up, but hopefully I'll keep doing this for a few more years!! 

An exactly 4 years old picture of teen Johanna (BWAHAHA what's going on with my make up?!)

These kind of days

Today I went to Uni. That's right. ON A SATURDAY!! What even is this?! Hahah nah but really, yesterday I didn't get much studying done so I tried to make it all up today. After waking up I got dressed, made breakfast to eat on the go and took the subway to Uni.

Walking to Uni this morning...

Autumn view from the library.
But yeah yesterday was great. I took a little shopping trip and just went around the whole town (seriously though, I really did). Since the weather was nice I figured I should try not to stay indoors the whole day.

Been following "reklamera" on Instagram and yesterday I saw their ad in the subway! So damn important!

Since my parents are spending the weekend in London I am BEYOND jealous I decided to visit this shop to still my needs for England...*sob*
I left Uni at around 14 today and then went to Oriental Supermarket at Hötorget to load up on some noodles. Student life is noodle life. But at least you can find a variety of different noodles at these kinds of Asian food stores! Yay!
Tonight I think I'm just gonna stay at home and take it easy, read some more and play video games. A meet up group that I joined recently (a ADT-free group! SO AWESOME) are having a "Bowling + Sushi night" this evening buuuuut I suck at bowling and really just feel like stay at home. Next time I'll definitely join them!

I turned in to a peacock and danced in the rain

Yehoo! Yesterday was aaaawesome! First I wrapped up my studies in the library, then I went to the Language Café at Uni to practice my Japanese. I ended up sitting talking two Japanese guys who was really funny! I hope I'll get to meet them next week aswell.
Then in the evening I had my second Bollywood dance class. We were fewer this time, which meant that the teacher could check our movements more closely and help us better. Now in the beginning we're mostly practicing Indian folk dance but in the end of the class we danced a real "modern" bollywood dance which was so much fun!!
Today I had my first seminar at Economic History. We practically just had small discussions in groups and then in full class afterwards. I find this subject quite difficult (since there's so much to take in), but SO interesting!!
After borrowing my first book at the library (*so proud*) I went home to have a "cleaning" evening. And after the laundry is done, I'm gonna reward myself with....SUPERNATURAL SEASON 10!!!! IT'S FINALLY HEEEERE!!


So every man has danced through history

Maybe since yesterday was such an unproductive day, I tried to make it all up today...sort of.

Random leaves.
Started off with fika together with Dennis at Skanstull. We sat there chatting for a few hours. It was great!

Then I (reluctantly) took the subway to Uni to sit down and study. It went OK I guess. Mostly I just sat the reading in my oh so boring book...the other book (Global Economic History) was 1000 times more interesting! I seriously enjoyed reading that one! But the other one...nope.
Anyway, it feels like today just flew by and now all of a sudden it's evening! Crazy.

Bird, you're disturbing me.

Yeah...just like the title says.
Nah but really. Thank god that I went to Uni this morning to study (sat in the library for about 3 h) because once I got home....I don't even know what happened but time just went "lol bye". OK I know what happened. I got stuck checking through my external hard drive and found ALOT of nostalgic stuff. Like, old MSN conversations (hahaha) and documents from UIG. What was most annoying was finding my old French documents. Damn I was pretty good at French at one point in my life! What the hell happened?! Oh that's right, Japanese happened. Well regrets though.
But I want it baaaaack! I want my French baaaaaack!! And my Japanese aswell for that matter since that too has gone to hell.....Maybe I should stop procrastinating like this? I'm just wasting time. I should take my studies more seriously.....and pick up Japanese and French...and find a part time job....but there's so much distractions everywhere!! GAH! Halp.


On that path that twists and turns

Such a nice and slow Sunday it has been. I feel like I've been doing a little bit of everything...watching some tv-shows, reading, listening to music, gone grocery shopping...yeah, stuff like that.
Best part of today was of course Skypeing with Dena! God how I miss her! It sucks that we're not living in the same city anymore...But yeah, we talked about the usual random stuff we talk about every time. The future, travel and stupid people, basically, haha! Gosh I miss our time together in Japan so much...we had SO MANY EPIC evenings together watching crazy tv-shows or just talking for hours about random stuff. Those were the days...
Ancient picture of me & gorgeous Dena!

Korean BBQ at Nam Kang

Today me and Sofia finally tried the Korean BBQ at our dearest Korean restaurant, Nam Kang at Birger Jarlsgatan. We've eaten there soooo many times before but never tried the BBQ, and today it was finally time to try it out!!
We ordered the BBQ Mix which had Bulgogi, pork, chicken and shrimps and scallops. Of course we also got rice, romaine lettuce and other side dishes. The key point of Korean BBQ is folding the grilled meat with the romaine and eat it like almost like a taco. This was way harder than I thought it would be haha! But either way, the meat was delicious and we had a great time!



Sitter hemma och myser ensam denna fredagkväll. Köpt en muffin från 7Eleven (dude no hate on 7Eleven, those things taste amazing) och ska sätta mig med en tekopp och mysläsa lite Ekonomisk Historia i fotöljen......*host host*
Nämen ärligt. Jag känner mig så sjukt......glad. Typ kär nästan. Anledningen är för att jag snubblade över en blogg ikväll som är skriven av en svensk tjej som bor i Skottland just nu och hon är ba SÅ JÄVLA COOL! Ärligt, vilken sjuk känsla att kunna bli så inspirerad av några textrader man läser på dataskärmen och sedan fyllas av en glädje och gemenskap som man inte trodde kunde bara "plopp" dyka upp sådär. Wow....jag kommer lätt att läsa denna tjejs blogg varje dag.
Appråpå nästan samma sak, så har jag sett att Sober Nattklubb har lagt ut massa bilder och video osv från förra fredagen. Så sjukt kul att läsa och se vilken hit det blev (för det var det ju faktiskt!). Ååååååh så underbart med denna drogfria gemenskap!! Tänk att det finns likasinnade där ute! Kanske inte exakt som jag men ändå, lite i allafall! Folk fattar verkligen inte hur coola de är som säger nej till droger. De inser inte hur jävla starka de är att stå emot den skeva normen som finns i samhället. Jag vill bara springa fram till folk och ge dom en kram!!! Jag hoppas att jag får chansen att få träffa fler folk som tänker som jag!



Today me, Sofia and Anton had lunch at Nagano at Rådmansgatan! I've heard that the restaurant serves really good Japanese food and we were not disappointed. Sofia and Anton choose the Katsu Curry and I took the Menchi Katsu. Very delicious!!

My dish!
Katsu Curry!! 
Afterwards Anton went back to Uni and me and Sofia went to my place to chill. Then I took the bus to Uni ( I had classes between 15-17) and then went back home. We made dinner and then we watched Star Trek Into Darkness! THAT MOVIE IS SO AAAAAWESOME!! And Benedict Cumberbatch is gorgeous. We screamed almost every time he was on the screen. hot.
Oh and by the way, today I got my order from CDON that I placed on Tuesday. Finally I have FFX/X-2 HD Remaster!! And my favorite Disney movie ever, Pocahontas, on Bluray! I don't really have time to play FFX right now (since I'm still stuck playing FFXII) but.....still very excited!!!


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