Not bad

Not bad at all actually. That's how I'm feeling right now, in the middle of my essay writing. Kind of surprising, considering how stressed I felt about this essay 2 days ago. I got to choose between 4 topics and when I saw that one of the topics was about feminism it felt like a 20 kg was lifted from my shoulders. YEEEES!! I can do this!!!! Well I could've done the other ones aswell but this one I am actually gonna enjoy writing! 
So I spent most of the day at Uni today and tomorrow will be the same. Feels ok. 
I am just keeping my eyes on the prize at this point....FFX-2!!!!!!!!!

Fast forward, anyone?

Tomorrow starts the essay writing....uuuuugh.
And I didn't get nearly as much studying done this weekend as I should have. Just been feeling extremely slow (both in my body and brain) so spent most time just...I don't even know, to be honest, but the hours passed quite fast.
Right now I just wanna fast forward to Thursday at 16:00, when the essay needs to be done. And I've decided that when I'm done I'm gonna start playing FFX-2! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT!! I haven't played it in like....yeeeears. Maybe six or seven years? I have no clue, but it's been ages. And replaying it in HD on my PS3 is gonna be magical. I haven't been playing any video game since KH2 which I finished during the summer so my inner gamer is just dying to dive right in to a new adventure!

*half hearted woop*

It's once again Friday. But to be honest it could be just as any other day of the week for me. Because the only thing I'm gonna try to do this weekend (and tonight ugh...) is read read read. I think I'll start off with some of Carole Pateman's works, I kinda dig her. Just to get off to a nice start. Then on Monday I'll start writing on my first essay for this term. Kinda nervous, kinda freaking out. Yup.
Anyways, here's a throwback to Wednesday evening when me and Sofia made carbonara and watched Lilo&Stitch. It was awesome. I had also made these ah-mazin' raw vegan raspberry chocolate tarts for dessert. Yup. It was VERY awesome indeed.
Might not look very appetizing but trust me, it was delicious.

 And the tarts :D 


Dancing and falling

Yesterday I had my first Street Dance class in 4 years! How insane is that?! I've signed up for the class through Uni and after last evening's class I'm so happy with my decision! It was really fun and I can't wait for the next class!
Then, last night at around shelf above my bed fell down on me. Yup. Carrying 2 frames and DOGMA. Luckily I had woken up just before it fell because of the strange squeaky noise it made but I still dived underneath to catch it and hit my knee pretty bad. So today I limped around campus :D Haha! Met up with Sofia to go to the Japanese language café at Uni but it was quite disappointing to be yeah. 
But tomorrow I'm gonna spend my day off (well, off from Uni but not from studies) with Sofia! We had planned on going to the gym together but with my knee being quite swollen we decided to skip it and just chill. YAY! :D
Ps. God I need to get better at taking pics....feels like every post nowadays is pictureless (or just random old pics or something). Sry.


It's been a very nice weekend!
Went to hang out with Jonathan and his Shiba Oliver on Friday after Uni, which was very nice.
Then on Saturday I hanged out with Sofia. We made dinner together and then watched a Gazette Live from 2010. It was a perfect evening. During dinner we started talking about Sofia's future as a sauce chef (xD) and from there on our ideas just got crazier and crazier (opening her own restaurant, front page covers, lawsuit etc) and in the end I'd been laughing to tears more than one time. Gosh we have so much fun together. And then it felt very nostalgic watching a Gazette live, those guys are the best. For real. My favourite band in the whole world. 
Bless these men and their talents.

Who run the world?

The class about theory of feminism really sparked my interest yesterday. The chapters I've been reading in my books are quite eye opening and to be honest, the texts makes me so mad. How is this even ok?! I'm not gonna get into this too much but seriously....the relation between power and sexuality in the feminist theories is just sick. So important but quite...disturbing. There is so many things that we just accept because it is (supposedly) the norm in society but when you read texts that lifts up the complexity of the problems behind it and you realize that that what you thought was ok is acutally really really wrong and twisted. Honestly makes me sick.
So yeah, like I said, I'm not gonna make this post too political and stuff but.....yeah I don't even know what to write haha. Just needed to mention it. Anyways, here's an epic picture of Queen Bey. Because she is literally a goddess. All hail.

Our Queen.


Not much going on during the week here. Except for the immense pressure to study. Ugh. Like, this part of Political Science is maybe the most difficult for me. So much theory and to be honest, this course is literally just philosphy. Kinda. But today we had a really nice class about "Sex" (swe: Kön) and we talked about feminism etc. It was really interesting! 
Other than that I finally got my new microwave and mini freezer. The microwave does what it should do and if the freezer works good, life is gonna change. Hahah nah but seriously! I can finally store food in the freezer! YAY! And ice cream!! Woho!!
And in other news, I finished watching Owari no Seraph last night. It was epiiiiic. I loved the costumes they wore so much!! And season two will air next month so once again my anime-timing is spot on! So excited!

Derping with friends

So today is Sunday. The first day this week I'm not gonna go to Uni. Phuuuh.
Anyways, been spending some time with my dear friends this week inbetween studying. Went to Täby C on Thursday with Sofia and droooooled over the UD counter at Kicks. I want it all so bad.
Then on Friday me and Anton went to Sofia's new apartment and together we had dinner and dessert and then just sat in her livingroom for hours derping around. It was a really great evening. 

Delish sushi lunch!
Sofia is excited.

 Death by chocolate, literally.

Anton :D

And on a nerdier side note, I finished watching Tokyo Ghoul S2 yesterday. I kinda screamed a bit at the end. And then I watched the shinyaku Benizakura Arc Gintama Movie. I basically screamed throughout the entire movie. It was so good!! 


Yesterday I picked up me and Dena's package from Jeffree Star!! Yup, I couldn't help myself and ordered more of his liquid lipsticks and I dragged Dena along with me xD This time I got "Celebrity Skin" (a gooorgeous nudish pinkish beigish beauty) and "Weirdo", which is matte black. I know, kinda crazy. But guess what? Though I love them both, "Weirdo" is just beyond words. It is stunning. And I had no idea that I'd ever feel this comfortable wearing a black lip colour but...I do.  Huh.

Care for some tea, darling?

OK so today we finally booked our tickets!! Me and Sofia will be going to London in 2 months!! I AM SO EXITED IT'S BEEN AGES SINCE I WAS THERE LAST TIME!! I can't wait! It's gonna be amaaaazin~

Exploring the world with your best friend is the best thing ever. The next best thing is making ugly faces together. This pic was taken in Helsinki, Finland, in 2013.

GU girls night

I had such an amazing evening with my fellow classmates from GU yesterday. Even though we're not all currently in the same class, I still consider them as my classmates. We met at one of my classmate's flat in the heart of Stockholm and we all had brought some food or snack and then we shared the yummyness. We sat in the livingroom and talked about politics, equality, feminism, the crisis in Syria etc. I mean, come on, what could you expect from us? haha! But we didn't just talk about those heavy subjects but also other lighter ones like movies, series and so on. Then later as it got dark, thunder and lightning rolled in over Stockholm and we had such a perfect view of the lightning flashing over town from her balcony on the 5th floor. Magical.
It was such a nice evening. All of these girls are so amazing and inspirational. I am so happy that I got the chance to know these people!!!

Me, drinking Coca Cola out of a coffee cup. Awh yiss.

Ending and continuing

So yesterday I finished watching Hannibal S3. The final season. It was kinda insane. Not surprised though. The final scene was quite moving to be honest. Ugh, feels. 
And then I decided to keep watching some new Gintama episodes tonight. I's just as ridic as ever. I love Gintama so much. That I decided to start watching that anime was one of the best choices I've ever made. No joke.
Okay but other than that, I've survived the first week of Uni. Not that I didn't think I'd survive but, you know. Next week will be much more intense. Not just at Uni, but outside of Uni aswell. But it'll be nice. 


Today was my second day at Uni, since I had the day off yesterday.
It wasn't a real class though, just some more introductions and information. So no biggie.
Then later in the afternoon I met up with my old collegue from JFC, Hampus! We went to a nearby café and sat there catching up while enjoying some good fika. Very nice! Then on the way home we met the other collegues from "Japanska Torget"! Haha such a coincidence!! 

Now I'm trying to relax and slow down (my arms have been shaking from stress for the past 3 days hehe)...taking deep breaths and trying not to worry about stupid stuff. Not that I have anything to worry about but, ofc I get stressed up about everything right now, with Uni just starting and stuff. Ugh. I'm not used to this pace. 

Double Shotgun

So Uni started yesterday. I was at school from around 7:45 in the morning until was a very long first day. But I met alot of old classmates and other friends who helped me pass the time so...YAY!
Today I had the day off and I started off with running a few errands around town and then Anton came by at around 2 ish I think and then we continued playing some RE5. We played two chapter of the main story line, and then we took on the "Mercenaries"!! We managed to complete all of them (finally, but we both played as Chris = Double shotgun oh yeah) but not with a top S rank. But next time....S rank, we're coming for ya!!


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