3 years

Today it's exactly 3 years ago since I moved to Stockholm. I've spent double the time here than what I did in Japan. If I don't count the months I lived in London haha. But aaah....it's such a weird feeling. I'm not gonna go and say "aah I can't imagine not living here omg Sthlm is the best!! 最高!!! 대박!!!". Like...no haha. I'll never close my doors to just stay in Stockholm forever. There is too much outside to see and experience.
That being said, I still love this city so much. Getting the opportunity to move here was the best thing that ever happened to me, besides going to live in Japan. Even though I will never call myself a "Stockholmare", this is my city too now, and she has taken veeery good care of me. I feel like I keep making new "hometowns" everywhere I move (Osaka, Kyoto, London), but Stockholm will always be my special hometown <3.
Reposting a 3 years old sefie, taken my first day in Stockholm~


Today's exam went well!! I knew all of the answers which means I must've passed....feels so good! AND today I got back the old exam that I did 2 weeks ago that I was convinced that I failed....BUT I DIDN'T. I passed!! I can't believe it...it's truly a miracle. 
I decided to celebrate this day by starting watching a new anime, Kill la Kill. I know it's old, but I hadn't watched it yet and thought I'd give it a shot. Aaand 5 episodes in...I must say it's kinda weird haha. It's quite...エッチ lol. Which is just ridiculous but oh well. 


This weekend haven't been eventful at all. Mostly sitting indoors, studying for my exam tomorrow morning. Ugh.
I did have an almost 4 h long skype call with Dena last night though. That was epic. 
And on Friday me, Sofia and Satsuki went and watched "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". It was very good, some things were a bit "wait...que??", in my opinion, but I think I'm gonna like it more next time I see it.

Excited girls :D
Dinner at Vigårda before the cinema~
I went to Uni to study a little bit this morning, and on the way home I bought myself a saffron pretzel-thingy and then decorated my apartment with the only christmas-y thing I have: My window star. I love it to bits <3
So this evening I'm gonna do some final studying, drink lots of tea and watch the snow storm outside. It's incredible what the snow does to my mood. I love snow!!!


KH BBS = Complete

So yesterday I decided to wrap up BBS and played the final boss with Aqua, only to realize that there was a "Final Episode" after that. Fair enough, I played through that as well. I squealed so much during the credits when you saw Zack turn around and there was a black feather laying on the ground.... *DUN DUN DUN DUN plays Sephiroth's theme*. Nah but seriously it definitely cleared up some things for me, so that was nice.
Theeeeeeeeen I saw that I still missed a few cutscenes and was like "wut?" and I looked it up and turns out there's actually a "Secret Episode" AFTER the "Final Episode".....damn you Square Enix. So tonight I decided to unlock that and play through the "Secret Episode". The final boss was insane, but I managed to beat it on my first try. And then....iiiip I don't wanna write any spoilers or so but geez, the KH timeline just gets more and more complicated....I have more questions than answers at this point.
This asshole was the last boss....barely made it out alive...phuh!
BUT besides all of that, I'm so happy with the game in general. BBS is amazing and I love it. It has it's flaws, sure, but it still captures the KH feel, you know. And that KH feel... has a very special place in my heart <3 

한국어 #1 (と少し日本語)

고양이노무좋아해요 ㅋㅋㅋ 그렇지만,고양이없어 T_T 고양이주세요!!제발!
どうだろうね、これできるのかな、私...まぁ、頑張ります。って、これは集中するべきのものじゃないさ T__T

Dancing on the blades

Last evening was so freakin' awesome I just need a moment........................there, I'm all good now.
Anna and Dena came over at at around 16:30 ish and saved me from studying. We regrouped a bit, listened to some music and watched some vids on youtube and then went to have dinner at "Därmedpasta". A classic. 
Then we walked to Hemköp to buy some fika and then went back to my place. Since I hadn't been able to shut up about ep 7 of Yuri on Ice during dinner, I somehow managed to win both of Dena and Anna over and so we started watching the first episode together....and ended up watching all of the released episodes! hahahah! Oh my goood it was some much fun sitting there together and fangirl, talk figure skating rules and call out bullshit while watching all of the episodes. It was so much fun.
This morning me and Dena slept in rather late, then she got on the bus to Arlanda to go back home. We've had such a great time together these past few days. Of course, it's always a great time hanging out with her. I'm glad it won't be too long until we see each other again :)

*clap clap clap*

The contrast from how this week started to how it ended (or how it's going to end, since it's just Saturday today but whatevs) is quite massive. All thanks to Dena to decided to make a (kinda) impromptu visit to our dull and grey city. Immediately everything seemed much more manageable.
So Dena arrived on Wednesday, and we just chilled here at my place, catching up, watching some vids, painting our nails etc. On Thursday, we split a bit during the day since I had to go to class, but then met up afterwards in the city for dinner.
Then yesterday, Friday, I went to class in the morning and then we met up at TGIF for lunch after I was done. We had a huge lunch and then we got on the commuter train to Mall of Scandinavia. We walked around there for a few hours, Dena doing some light shopping. Then we headed to Anna's to have a girls night together with her and Sofia! We had tacos for dinner and then sat in the living room talking about the usual (hahaha). It was such a great evening and I laughed so so much. I left Dena there and went home alone since I HAVE TO GET SOME STUDYING DONE TODAY.....this is just a little blog-break....ugh. But we'll meet up later today and hang out until she's going back home tomorrow. Woop~



Sofia broke her pinky last week and is now sporting a bright red cast that looks just like a boxing glove xD


Dinner with Pappis

Today I had the great joy to have dinner with Dad who was in town for work. It's been a while, actually, since he came down here for work and we could meet up like this. So it felt extra fun! 
We met at Östermalmstorg after I finished my class, and then walked to Sergels and then to Pizza Hut for dinner. We sat there, talkning about random stuff, both serious and not so serious business. Then I walked him to Arlanda Express and waved him off. Even though we only got to see each other for about 2 hours, I still appreciated it. When you don't get to see your family that often, it's a few hours here and there that counts. 


Yo but this cookie dough dessert thoooo

on Ice

So I totally failed my exam this morning. Definitely secured my first F...ugh.
On my way home I bought some fried chicken take away to comfort myself, and I basically spent the rest of the day sitting in my arm chair watching youtube, playing BBS and watching anime. I finally started watching Yuri!!! on Ice and......I love it. Haha I kneeeew I would love it! Aaah <3 <3
So despite the shitty exam this morning, today has been quite nice. I still haven't revised my Korean today though...hmm think I'm gonna skip it today. But I feel like I finally memorized the native 1-10 numbers...let's see here...
하나, 둘,셋,넷,다섯,여섯,일곱,여덟,아홉,열. Yes...I got 'em.
But someone needs to inform me why nr 8 has a silent "b" in it........ -__- 

Nov feels

It's been a slow weekend. Yesterday I attended a seminar about adoption, called #Flipthescript. Super interesting and eye opening. Then I met up with Iris to have a study session together at my place. We did get some stuff out of the way....but we also just sat here chillin and eating ice cream and cookies while drinking tea. It was lovely.
Today I tried to finally take this course seriously (the day before the exam lol) but...I still don't really get it. It will be a miracle if I pass tomorrow. The worst thing is that I have 3 different exams on this course, which ends in mid January. The fact that I'm already lost 2 weeks in is not a good sign haha
After the exam tomorrow I'm gonna curl up in my arm chair and eat my sorrows away while watching anime and playing video games.....can't wait.
On another note....it's exactly one year since me and Sofia had our EPIC long weekend trip to London. One of the best trips ever. Uuugh I wanna go back so bad...I miss my London.
Busy Oxford Street, last year~

Historic happenings

I feel like the past 36 h or so has been....one of the wildest rides ever. 
I, as many others, sat up late watching the presidential election on Tuesday night. It was very cozy, laying in bed with my tablet and listening to the news reports on the TV in the background. But then I got super tired and fell asleep with the TV still going, with low volume. I woke up at around 1:30 ish and decided to turn in off, feeling reassured that when I woke up later that morning, I'd wake up to good news. 
But no. The first thing I did when I woke up a few hours later was to check the news. At first I couldn't sort it all out (since there was SO many articles going around), but when I read the sentence "The streets of New York are completely silent"....then it hit me. He had won. I texted Mom "Are you awake?" and then called her. Chocked, we talked about what had just happened. And the only thing going around in my head was just that "this CAN'T be happening". 
I got ready to head to Uni and as I stepped outside, I got struck by the next chock. Snow. A LOT OF SNOW. And I immediately got 10x happier. This is my 3rd winter in Stockholm, and I've never seen this much snow here. It was so beautiful.

So I got to Uni safely (basically no roads had been plowed because Stockholm suck so that was an adventure in it's own), had my class and then went back home. Most of the class I spent looking outside though. I mean, can you blame me?

And the snow just kept falling, and piling up. When I read that ALL busses had been cancelled (before it was just some of them that had been cancelled) and that the subway had major delays etc I got a little bit worried how I was supposed to get to Sofia's. We had decided to have a cozy night at her place with a nice dinner and hot chocolate. I left my apartment and met up with her at TC and then we went out to her place. We had to change trains in Åkeshov, and the snow on the platform hadn't been shoveled away so we had to step out in ½ meter of snow. It felt like a joke, and I couldn't stop laughing.
But yeah, we had a fabulous evening together. We talked about the presidential election (ofc), how Stockholm sucks and handling typical Swedish weather (read: snow) and just other random things. Oh and scented candles. Specifically pizza scented candles. Which we have copy righted btw.
A bit too late guys but ok.....

No but all in all, it's almost been a surreal last 36h hours. They say that yesterday's snow broke all records for  Stockholm for the past 111 years. It's like the weather gods felt the shift of power across the Atlantic Ocean. I feel a weird mix of feelings at the moment. Worry, hopelessness, anger...but also a sense of community in this chaos. And that's a precious feeling I'm gonna hold on to in uncertain times like this. 

The Monday

It's been a cozy kind of Monday. I think it's all due to the weather. It was so beautiful outside today around noon. The snowflakes slowly swirled down with the sun's orange beaming light in the background. Sun and snowfall at the same time is a wonder I can appreciate~
So I met with my classmates at Uni today to work on a group assignment. Think it turned out OK...we'll see on tomorrow's seminar! 
After getting home I literally chugged 1 litre of tea. I just couldn't help myself. It was amazing.
And in exactly one week we have our first exam on this course. Ugh. I'd so much rather study Korean than studying for that test....which I am. Found this collection of Korean lessons online and so I'm doing one lesson each day. I skipped the first ones since I already can read Hangul since way back so today it's time for lesson 12! 화이팅!!

Midweek Brunch

Okay so I don't know why I completely forgot to write about our epic brunch me, Sofia and Satsuki had two days ago....but better late then never! 
So we went to Sthlm Brunch Club (my new favourite place, maybe??), for a big, warm, nice brunch, perfect now when the weather is getting colder!
I got the salmon and avo bagel and the american pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. SOO yum!
Sofia had the Full English set with a very berry smoothie on the side. And Satsuki had their "Brunch Club Club Sandwich" together with their mangorange smoothie. All of us were more than satisfied after we left. Can't wait to go back hahaha!


Halloween party

Last night me, Sofia and Satsuki had a small Halloween party at my place. We made tacos and then watched a horror movie ("Babadook", scary af) followed by a movie starring TOP, called "Tazza: the hidden card". Really good movie and TOP was just...wow.
We had such a fun evening together, and of course took tons of (ridic) pictures!

A gyaru and a Pokémon Trainer, just chillin'.

Fierce af.

Crazy af.

Taco time! Satsuki looking hella creepy xD


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