First week at UD

My first full week as an intern at UD is over! I had my "actual" first day on Friday last week but...yeah. This week has gone by both quickly and slowly at times. There's a lot of stuff to learn here in the beginning and new words etc. But everyone at my department are super nice and patient with me! And the other interns are awesome as well! I think this will be a VERY interesting semester and that I'll learn tons of things.
But, I didn't just work at UD this week. No, on Wednesday after work I went and met up with my girls and made dinner and chilled. We also wished Emma good luck who's doing her internship in Kenya (she left yesterday!). How cool?! I'm so proud of ALL of my GU girls. They are all so inspiring and strong and I just... <3. 

Then on Thursday I met up with Dad who was in town for dinner. We went to Tiflisi (that Georgian place I went to with Anton on my birthday) because I knew Dad would love it. And he did! Then we went to Pizza Hut for dessert lol. Their cookie dough dessert ain't playing.  

Cheese filled kebab!!





Blurry picture of my sceptical face, taken by Dad... ^^'


2018 & Umeå

So after a nice New Year's eve together with Sofia in Stockholm, where we ate SO MUCH GOOD FOOD and watched 君の名は (finally), the next day I grabbed a flight back to Umeå. I spent 10 days there hanging out with friends, spending time with my family, relaxing and eating sooo much. I am not joking when I am saying that I have never been this heavy in my entire life. I even passed last years post-christmas weight. Not feeling too stressed about it though. But anyways, I didn't take many photos during my days in Umeå, but here are some at least:
Immediately after dropping of my bags at home I took the car to Dena's to sit down and write our New Year's resolutions. This is our thing, and I love it <3

Having lunch with Mom at Rex.

Went out two times during last week together with Dena to teach her snowboarding. She did an amazing job and I also got the chance to ride a bit. I've missed my board so much.


Knäckepizza 2.0!

Fika with the relatives~

Some poop shaped snacks me and Maja made. We had such a nice and chill evening <3 I've missed her so much...

 Tarot reading for 2018!!!
I also met with Ina two times too but I don't seem to have any pics of it... ah well, it was awesome like always! Today I've been cleaning up, doing some grocery shopping, played some Horizon (damn I've missed Aloy) and mentally prepping for tomorrow...holy shit.

Christmas and back and forth

So last Thursday evening, exactly one week ago on the 21st, I went up to Umeå to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was super chill, just the four of us plus Snax. We ate tons of food, played alot boardgames and video games and just had a great time together. I barely left the couch for 3 days lol. Me and mom watched some movies, some youtube vids like we always do together. 


Half of Snax looks so much like Sasha...but she's 100x crazier.

On Tuesday evening I met up with Dena and we just catched up and re-watched Descendants 2 again (it's so awesome omg). Then yesterday, on Wednesday, I had lunch with my cousins together with my family. It was nice that I had some time over so I could see them too.
I came back to Stockholm super early this morning, so I went straight to bed and slept for like 4 hours until I decided it was time to go up...I am spending the rest of the week here in Stockholm (as well as New Year's Eve) and then I'll go back up to Umeå on Monday for 10 days. This going back and forth is a bit annoying only because it's time consuming, otherwise it's alright...getting a little bit of both is great!

Episode Ignis (aka episode return of ANGST)

Okay so this is purely a post about me ranting about the new FFXV dlc so, if you don't care just skip. Spoilers ahead (kinda, a bit at least).
SOooooooooooo....Square Enix....I am upset. Not because Episode Ignis wasn't good (it was amazing) but because last night was like a rewind to when I finished the game back in whatever (earlier this year). Like.... ofc it wasn't AS BAD as then (oh god never again plz) but still.... it cleared up so many things and but also made me feel... I don't know, sad af? The alternate ending.... I can't believe I am saying this, but I prefer the OG ending. Along with the angst and tears. Like, I will 認め the alternate ending as just that, an alternate ending. What COULD'VE happened. But... due to made choices, it didn't. People can choose whatever they want but for me, it's only the OG ending that I will...認める。I do feel like it was a biiiiiit shitty of SE to wait an entire year to release this. Like, this episode was MAJOR and filled in so many holes in the og storyline. Not saying that episode Gladio and episode Promto were unimportant but like...this episode was just on a different scale, you know. 
and Ignis..... with his hair down....boiii. Not cool. His and Nocts relationship just got so much deeper in the episode and truly showed their special bond AND I'M JUST
But yeah whatever, I am a mess. I honestly couldn't sleep last night because of this dlc and when I actually fell asleep I just dreamt about the chocobros....uuuuugh.
There we go, rant over. 

Catching up~

Yesterday I actually went outside 3 times! Crazy, right? First, I went grocery shopping in the morning. Then, around noon I went for a consultation about a tattoo I wanna get next year. Theeeen in the evening I FINALLY met up with my dear Alona again. We've been trying to meet up for like...3 months. It's just ridiculous but that's the adult life I guess. But yes, we met up after she got off work and went to Mariatorget to get some food at Barobao. I haven't been there in like... 1 ½ year haha. Like, it's REALLY good....but not actually worth the money in my opinion. But since neither of us were starving, it was a pretty good choice I think. So we sat there a while, catching up and talking about EVERYTHING. 

Then we went to Blå Fotöljen for dessert. Also a place I haven't been to in like forever... 
It was such a great night. I've been missing her so much...I hate not being able to see my friends as often as I like. But these kinds of catch-up nights are awesome <3 


Soo....I keep getting older lol. 
Yesterday morning, I slept in and when I woke up I talked to Mom on the phone and then I chilled in bed a bit before I got up to make some tea. I am currently dricking a strong Assam tea every morning, which is just lovely. While drinking that, I watched some Dan & Phil vids (bless gamingmas) and then I made some sandwhiches and then american pancakes with maple suryp and bacon. It was lit. 
Then I played some Horizon Zero Dawn until I met up with Anton at around 14:30 in Hornstull. We bought some snacks then went back to my place to play some RE6. We were at the final chapter with Chris and Piers but...we got stuck at the boss. So we had to stop at around 16:30 to go and catch the bus to Fridhemsplan. There, we had booked a table at Tiflisi, a Georgian restaurant where I've been wanting to go for ages. We ordered a dish each and then their cheese bread to share. Everything was DELICIOUS. I need to go back there.

Anton bending down to be as short as me amused me...

After dinner we went back to my place and continued playing RE6 (we finally got passed the boss and continued with Jake and Sherry's campaign) while snacking on ALL THE SNACKS. We played until like 23:00 and then we turned the PS4 off and just sat on the floor chatting until after midnight when Anton took the train back home. 
It was such a nice birthday. And thanks again for all the birthday wishes etc. I am so lucky to have so many sweet people around me, both far away and close. Thanks you all <3 

One OK Rock concert~

Woaaah....last night was amazing! 
The concert was at Debaser Strand which is like 4 min walking distance from my apartment. Nice. So I got there at the venue a little bit more than 1 h before they opened the doors. So I was just standing there, freezing like crazy for over 1 h hahaha. But yeah, it could've been worse. After getting in and hanging away my coat, I realized how tiny the venue was. I went up and stood right in front of the sound....managing...desk...thingy on the right side of the floor and stayed there during the entire concert. I had a pretty good view of the stage and I didn't have to be all squished between people. It was great!
The opening band, Crown the Empire, was actually really good! I was like "oookay....I see you". Kinda shocked. But was time...for One OK Rock!!! Like always, seeing people who's music you've listened to for years right in front of you is quite surreal. Like...they are actually there. Just a few meters away. I could see their faces and eyes clear as was crazy! I remember thinking like "wow Taka looks just like he did when I started listening to them 10 years ago". That man hasn't aged. And his stage presence and movements are just as how I've watched on clips on youtube etc. 
So mostly they played music from their latest album, "Ambitions". They played my favorite song from that album "bedroom warfare" and then some other random songs. No songs from the first albums which are the ones I really like though...not that I expected them to play them haha. But the played "the beginning" which was LIT AF. Overall, I am so happy I finally had the chance to see them live because daaamn they're good live. Taka has such an incredible voice it's actually ridiculous. It was such a great concert <3 


Where are the braves?

Yesterday I FINALLY started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. The main character, Aloy, is so freakin' cool and I can't decide who she reminds me of...I think some of her features might remind me of Buffy...or she reminds me of her just because they're both badass women.
I went to bed last night with a playtime of 7 ½ hours. Not too bad. I really like it so far. Both the gameplay, the story and let's not forget THE GRAPHICS. It's absolutely breathtaking. 

Ramen and 久しぶりの Hampus

I met up with Hampus the other day for the first time in FOREVER. I actually think that the last time we saw each other was just before Christmas...2 years ago. Holy shit. Dinner and catching up was long overdue. 
We went to Ki-Mama Ramen close to Tekniska. I have never been there before so I was really stoked. They had a very wide menu with different ramen. I chose Tonkotsu Shoyu and Hampus took Miso Ramen. The food was ok! Not blowing my mind but definitely not bad. But it can't compare to Blue Light Yokohama. 
Anyways, we sat there for hours catching up, chatting about everything between video games and was really nice. Ever since I first met him (which is almost exactly 4 years ago) I've always kinda looked up to him. Like, he really feels like a 先輩, in many ways. So yeah, it was a great evening!


Evening with the GU-gals

Last night I met up with my friends from GU! I feel like I've barely seen them this fall/winter, which sucks because they're so awesome! We met up in Bergshamra and did some grocery shopping, then we went to Tove's place and made dinner (wok!!) and double batch of chokladbollar. And we also had over 4 L of Julmust. Yes. 
We just ate and chilled the entire night. We watched some funny clips on youtube (like Sagan om Harry Potter and Sagan om de Bannlysta lol) and just...relaxed. It didn't even feel like catching up more just like we've last seen each other the other week. Just kept on going from where we left off after our graduation basically. Love it. Those girls are just amazing, I am so happy I met them during out time at Uni together <3 





One OK Rock

Okay I can hardly believe it myself, but I actually managed to score one ticket to One Ok Rock's concert here in Stockholm next week. I have been wanting so hear them live foreeeever but never actually made it so when I heard that they're coming here to Sthlm again, I was determined to get tickets. BUT they sold out almost immediately. I was hella irritated. But then I started to look through comment on the Facebook event and saw that there were people selling their tickets, because they can't attend or whatever. And I was like YOO I WANNA BUY ONE TICKET PLZ and before I knew it....I had a ticket. Crazy.
One Ok Rock is the japanese that I have listened to the longest. Before the Gazette, before Miyavi, before Gackt....there was only One Ok Rock. I heard their music for the first time back in 2007. That's absolutely insane hahah. Anyways I am super excited about the concert!
IF....just IF they play my favourite song, 夜にしか咲かない満月.....I am gonna bust a lung. 

The Arashiyama weekend.

It's THAT time again. The Arashiyama weekend. Two years in a row (2011 & 2012) I went to Arashiyama on this exact weekend. The first time was with Dena and the following year I went with Anton, Tsai and Bao. It wasn't planned to be on the exact same weekend, but it just happened. I think we timed it perfectly both years, the momiji were so beautiful and vibrant. I miss Japan so so much...I really hope I can go back soon and see the momiji again on this weekend....

Pic from 2011...

The exact same spot, 1 year later.....



Silver Soul

Yesterday I finished watching 四月は君の嘘..... My cousin recommended it to me and yes, it was good. And sad. 'Nuff said.
Today I started watching the new episodes of Gintama. The first episode already had me crying with laughter. I caaan't why is that show so ridiculous?! It's absolutely insane. Damn I've missed it so much.
OH and hello, BTS ft Steve Aoki - MIC Drop!!! It was so lit. I am deceased. Slayed.
I'm working this whole weekend so I am gonna enjoyed my last few free hours tonight. Drinking tea and study some korean probs. 


Last night I decided to drop out of my French class AND I FEEL 100KG LIGHTER. I did learn alot, not gonna lie, and kinda revived my old French skills a bit. I feel much more comfortable in my French now than what I did a few months back. But, this'll have to do for now. I am certainly not giving up on French. Just postponing it a tad bit.
Now I can focus on other things, like studying Korean again etc, and I am so ready for 2018 already!!

The past week w/ Mom & Dad

So my Mom came and visited on Wednesday last week. She was in town for a course for her job, and decided to stay a bit longer to hang out with me. My Dad also had a course for work here in town (the day after Mom) so all three of us hanged out and went eating together etc.

Enjoying some Thai food on the evening Mom arrived here in Sthlm~

Friday morning, ready for brunch! 

This <3

Meeting up with Dad for a three course dinner~

Check out all that cilantro! Yeeeees

Paneng curry with tofu

My coconut pannacotta was SO GOOD THO
We spent Saturday at my Uncle's place and I had some quality time catching up with my cousins. Yesterday, on Sunday, we spent the first half of the day putting together some IKEA furnitures and then I had to work.......let's not even talk about it.  Dad left yesterday before I went to work and Mom left this morning just after 6:00. I barely remember her leaving since I was half asleep hahah. 
Today I am gonna prep a bit for tomorrow's seminar and then meet up with Anton who's gonna help me some more with my furnitures. And we're gonna play Resident Evil 6 as well. Ofc. We finished the first campaign a week ago. I already miss Leon. 

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