I haven't done ANYTHING today. If I have to write my main activities today they would be:

* Waking up at 7:00
* Recycle garbage
* Walk down to the platform to take the train to Uni only to realize that the power outages earlier this morning had effected the trains as well and I was NOT up for sitting in a train getting stuck in a tunnel with a shit ton of people. Not today. So I walked back home.
* Handed in an assignment due next week
* Made pancakes with pumpkin spice, maple syrup and walnuts (that combo tho)
* Started reading L'Étranger 
* Watched all of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight shows about Donal Trump and I am now, more than ever, amazed how America is even a real country. 
* Showered
THAT'S IT! I've been awake over 13 hours now and that's all I've accomplished. Worst part is that I kinda feel like "meh that's enough, eh?" hahaha. I was planning on watching the HP3 movie but I wasn't feeling it... ah well. Some days just...are like this I guess. 

Days in Norrland

I am baaaack~ I had some really nice, chill days in Umeå. And actually managed to get SOME hours of studying done even. How about that. But yeah, it was super chill. Hanged out with some friends, family, ate ALOT and just...took a breather. Here's some random pics from last week. 


Lunch with my parents and cousin~

At my sister place



Meeting up with the girls at Dena's~


Pizza night at Otto's~

Pad Thai and watching A Series of Unfortunate Events at Dena's~
Going back home...

A break in the North

Tomorrow I am going back up to Umeå for a few days. It's gonna be so great. I hope not only to meet my family and hang out with friend, but also to get some studying done. My French class is going quite bad and I'm honestly not even sure if I am gonna pass this course.... but I won't give up just yet!! 
Last week was also such a trip. But only two days at work which left me with alot of time to read my (French) book. I finished reading the last pages today and also watched the movie....it was actually more weird than the book? Might be because I didn't totally understand the book lol.
I met up with Anton on Friday night and played some Resident Evil 6. We started playing the campain with Leon and Helena (that's her name, right?) and I have to say.....Leon is so much cooler than Chris. He is almost...hella cool?? I dunno but I like him lol. We also catched up and talked about life etc. When he was about to leave, we got stuck talking about the future in my hallway for probably one whole hours before he actually left haha. 
Yesterday I went to Sofia's new apartment and we made karee raisu and lemon meringue pie (which turned out a little....roasted but still good!) and just chilled and read from my diary from our trip to Tokyo & Seoul. I've dreamt about Japan as well as South Korea several times the past week....I wanna go back so bad. 
Eeeeey crispy af. 
But yes. Umeå days ahead! I'll be back in Sthlm on Sunday~


I've had the most insane week in..... in a WHILE. I don't know where to start but tonight Dena is coming and I am so excited and we're gonna chat and catch up and just...chill. Cause I need to chill. 
I worked 6 days last week and I'm gonna work 6 days this week as well...which means little time for anything else. My French is going pretty badly but I am trying to stay afloat....half ass trying, at least.
I just feel like I am all over the place but...kinda excited as well?? I'll write more, when I know more. Let's leave it at that.

Just things

Today I had my first French exam. In like 7 years. And it was on French grammar. And not the fun kind. It was about word-classes, all the different conjugations etc. It was horrible. But somehow I managed to pass. Amazing.
I feel like I should write more here, but since I don't have anything interesting to write atm I just...don't. I wanna get better at writing here because I know how fun it is to look back in like a year or so and be like "Huh...nice" kinda...you know what I mean. Soooo...what should I write then...? Oh I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs today. I am already hooked and I scream when I heard Miyano Mamoru's voice. 
Due to my French studies, I haven't been able to study any Korean at all for like the past...3-4 weeks? Uugh I'd so much rather study that but since I have a grade to think about when it comes to French, I feel like I much focus on that. For now. 

Weekend with Mom~

Satsuki left on Thursday morning, and then my Mom arrived later in the evening. We had planned a long weekend full of food, shopping and just chilling at home. We managed to check two of those things. Not much shopping were done at all. The fashion at Zara and H&M, for example, were just horrible haha. We mostly tried to find the most ugly garment and then laughed together at it. But yeah we've been having a great time together. But now it's Monday and back to....something, I guess. Here some pics from the past weekend. 

Mammis <3

A day in Uppsala

Yesterday, me, Satsuki and Sofia went to Uppsala! Satsuki have been wanting to go there and we haven't been there in a minute, (it's been 3 years since I was there last time!) so why not! We got ready and got on the train to Uppsala and arrived at around 10:00. The first thing we did was visiting the cathedral. Because it's boss af.

Then we went to Gustavianum just opposite of the cathedral and looked around a bit. Quite cool...I liked the stuff about astronomy the most I think hehe. 

After that, we were feeling a bit peckish and went to have lunch and fika at a café. We had found a café on foursquare which was highly recommended called "Güntherska Hovkonditori & Schweizeri", and yes.....it was lit!

We sat there and enjoyed some good sandwhiches and pastries for a while, before heading to the botanical garden. It was actually pretty big....definitely not the biggest I've been to but still...very nice!

We walked around and looked at flowers and stuff until it was time to head back to the station. We spent around 5 h there in total and had such a great time! Satsuki was really happy and glad that we went there, which makes the travelling time and fee (84 kr one way ticket.....) worth it! 

Fall and falafel

I feel like the fall is here for now. It's always bittersweet in a way...but I am so down for fall clothes and such! Bring me ALL THE BURGUNDY COLORED STUFF!  
Since Wednesday, I've been having Satsuki staying here at my place. She is gonna stay here until Thursday next week, and even though she is busy doing interviews etc for Uni, we still get to spend alot of time together. It's just awesome. And I get to practice my Japanese which OH my god I am in a desperate need of.
Yesterday we met for lunch, after one of her interviews, at Falloumi on Ringvägen by Skanstull station. I've been hearing alot of good stuff about that place and yes....it was the bomb! Super good falafel and even better halloumi in a tasty pita with hummus and vegetables. Dreamy. 

Satsuki <3 

And how's the French going then, you might ask? Well, the first part of my grammar course is just awful... like, grammar terminology etc. It just won't stick, you know. I get the conjucations etc but the TERMS ITSELF...nope. But on a positive note, I can feel my French understanding getting better each day. It's almost scary. I hope it won't push out my Japanese or the little Korean I've managed to pick up lately...that would suck.

Pizza & Video games

Yesterday I went to Anton's place to see him AFTER HIM BEING AWAY FOR ALMOST 3 months! How insane?! We catched up, played some video games (a crazy Shonen Jump fighting game and LEGO Marvel" and shared a pizza. It was so chill and fun, like it always is with Anton. I am so happy he is back in town! 

Anton's new TV is huge...a bit jealous haha.



A taste of the North

Today I had lunch together with Sofia, Satsuki (who's back in Sweden, if only for a short time) and a new friend, Keichiro. We went to "Knut" a restaurant that serves Northern Swedish food! We went there together with Satsuki and her little brother back in January and so we decided to go back there now and introduce THE NORTH (lol) to Keichiro. It was very difficult to decide on what to eat, but in the end I went with "viltbiffar" and mushroom sauce. It was suuuuper good. We sat there for a few hours and chatted and talked about Sweden and Japan etc. It felt so effortless to just hang out with Satsuki again...not like it's been almost 3 months since we last saw her. And it was really nice to meet Keichiro too! 

After getting back home....what did I even do?? I read a bit, worked on my CV...ugh. I feel so restless. I wanna play video games but I finished The Last of Us yesterday...hmmm. 

Post GoT season 7 finale feels

Yesterday, me and Sofia watched the season finale of GoT. It was wild. We sat here half screaming and about to lose our shit. I am so ready for the final season! I've kinda decided to rewatch the earlier seasons this fall to refresh my memory a bit as well as make free some space on my harddrive haha (I got ALL the episodes, and they take up over 150G...). So yeah.
I had a nice weekend too btw. I spent Saturday evening with Iris. We cooked some mushroom risotto and had dessert and snacks and then watched a movie. It was super nice.
Luxery mazarin with rasbs and whipped cream~
Tonight (Tuesday) I met up with Maja. Finally had some time to catch up for real. And booooi did we have some catching up to do. Always a good time with her. 
Besides that....nothing much happening. My french courses started this week...been checking those out online etc. And I am gonna start reading "La Petite Bijou" later...not sure I am looking forward to that. I'd rather keep reading HP3 in Japanese. I only have like 200 pages left!

A luxary Friday

Today I was totally spoiled by my soulmate, Sofia, who I spend the morning and day with. She took me for breakfast at Weiner Caféet which was reaaally nice! The atmosphere there is so luxurious and classic, right there on Biblioteksgatan. We both had eggs benedict (obvi) and then a chocolate croissant and tea. So yummy.


Then we strolled around and looked through some stores there on Biblioteksgatan and swatched are hands full at Sephora. Which is a given, to be honest. Then we walked up through Gallerian to Åhléns and then walked down Drottninggatan. Then we took the subway to St. Eriksplan and had fika at Sophies Canelé. We've had their breakfast before (which was insane) but not actually tasted their canelés...which is what they're known for lol. So we took one each, Sofia took one with lemon (and something) and I took the original one with vanilla and rum. AND I KNOOOW what you're thinking...rum, really?? Well let me tell you, you could barely taste the rum. Trust me. But anyways, the canelés....were like nothing I've ever tasted before! Caramelized and crispy on the outside, and soft, almost pudding-like on the inside, they're were truly special. But I really liked them! So we sat there, chatting about whatnot and then around 15 ish we splitted up after a suuuper nice day together. I really needed a day like this <3  
Look at this little cutie! 

Game arcade etc

On Friday evening I met up with Dena at Odenplan after her shift had ended, to head to a game arcade! She had been there before with her brother, but it was my first time there! We almost forgot to show ID at the door (lol) but once inside we headed directly to the arcade part of the establishment (there were also a bar and pool tables). The arcade part wasn't all too big, but had many cool machines! We bought some tokens and started off by playing Bishi Bashi! That game...is insane. Then we played some taiko (japanese drums) and Mario Go cart...and then some more taiko haha! I love that game so much (even though I suck at it). We played some anime songs as well as some classics. Super fun.

Btw these are NOT the taiko we played, but cool game nonetheless!
On the next day we stayed in bed half the day and then had lunch at Ni Hao at St. Eriksplan. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE THAT PLACE. Their food is so good and the staff is super friendly. After lunch we went to Anna to chat and chill. Always a good time. Then later that evening Dena went back to Umeå.... I'm sad to see her leave but we've spent alot of great time together in Sthlm this summer. It's gonna feels weird not being able to see here several times a week....  

Dena's face after dropping some yakitori on the floor for the 2nd time.

Totoro in the park

Yesterday I went to the Film Festival's outdoors cinema! I met up with Tove and two of her friends and we sat and chilled for a few hours before the movie started. The movie they were showing yesterday was My Neighbour Totoro! I haven't seen it in like....9 years maybe? It's insane. And then, just when the movie started, Maja joined us as well! She's gonna be here in Sthlm now all until the end of October <3 It was a nice evening~

When I arrived at 18:30, there were already a lot of people there!

More people...

Tove :D

Majaaa :D 

All over the place

I had such a nice day yesterday with Dena, and we went all over the place together! We went to a second hand store in Spånga (super cool and BIG), went back to the city for me to FINALLY try the ice cream burger at King Scoopa, then went to Liljeholmen, then back home, then up again to Hornstull to buy some take out dinner and then back home again. Such a random and nice day.

An ice cream burger (true rocky road ice cream with marshmallows and peanuts, salted caramel sauce AND a chocolate chip cookie. All that goodness inside a sugary donut and warmed in a waffle iron. Bless)


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