"A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory"

Wow....KH 2.5 though.....it's so pretty. So, like I said before, I started playing it yesterday and I just...I started crying during the opening hahah xD IT'S JUST SO DAMN GOOD!
As I played on and all, I realized that "Wow I am actually currently playing my favourite game in the entire world right now. In HD. This is incredible". This game really has a special place in my heart. And although critical mode will be a bit tough (I am so out of shape when it comes to fighting in this game it's embarrassing) I am beyond excited to progress and see what new features the Final Mix edition holds! 

The story is not over

Today, I amazingly finished my essay. I just sent it in. Hahah! I'm damn quick at writing, but the content of it all is a different story. But it should be OK. Not anything spectacular, just...OK xD
Anyways, both yesterday and today I hanged out with Sofia at Uni. It was so much fun, just like I imagined our Uni life to be. We need to get better at meeting up at Uni! Although this semester is almost over soon...so crazy!!!
Lovely day at Uni today!

So now I have almost an entire week before next course starts next Monday! And I think I'm gonna spend most of my free time with........*drumrolls*.......KINGDOM HEARTS 2.5 FINAL MIX HD!!! That will be my first game to play out of the 4 I bought the other week. So excited! I hope that "critical mode" won't kill me too much xD I'll wake up early tomorrow to go and buy some snacks and then...GAME ON!!

Another weekend with my parents

Met up with Mom and Dad both yesterday and today. It feels like whenever we meet, we just eat eat eat xD Hahaha I love it! But today they also helped me out with a few stuff in my apartment. Put up some shelves, pulled some cables and rigged a lamp in my closet. Finally I can see all of my clothes xD I love hanging out together with them here in Stockholm!

Kungsträdgården <3

Yesterday! The best sushi at Mutto!

Fika :D

Sharing donuts + Mom's own favourite from Gâteau.

Today's dinner at "Därmedpasta"

MGR essay writing

It's essay time again. Spent most of the day yesterday at Uni and I'm gonna head back there today after finishing writing this. But I won't stay there too long. My parents are in town again so were gonna meet up later today and also hang out tomorrow when I'll take a day off from writing.
This essay....I hope it'll work out well. I haven't really had my head in the game lately and I feel like I have barely understood anything from the classes. But hey, fingers crossed that I pass haha xD
How pretty isn't the Geo buildings at campus?!? 

GWP etc

Today has been great.
Met up with my lovely classmates and finished our group assignment on "Global Water Partnership" and then had a little chill out sesh outside in the sunny weather at Uni.

These sakura trees are soooo pretty <3
Later in the evening I went to the Japanese meet up for the first time in like....8 months! Totally insane but it was nice seeing some old friends and meeting some new people. My Japanese skills has gone to hell lately though so I need to pick it up again.


OK so yesterday I went a little bit nuts and made a huge order from CDON and bought 4 new PS3 games. Yes, 4 games (and since 2 of them contains more than 1 game, it's more like 6 games in total). I feel a little bit crazy but at the same time, very very very happy. Spending time with fellow gamer buddies lately has made me crave more quality gaming in my life so...I just gave in and bought most of the games I wanted that was in stock. The games I ordered was:
* Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix
* Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix
* Assassin's Creed III
* Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst
I am too excited for this package to arrive!!!!!!!

Long, epic week <3

Hiya there! What an amazing and long week this has been! Hard to believe that I was in Umeå on Monday and then alot of Uni stuff the next day and then Ina and Niklas came to Sthlm on Wednesday and just [keysmash] I don't even know anymore.
But yeah the three of us have had an epic time together. On Thursday we had fika at Espresso house and then walked around town a bit (to Kungsträdgården to watch the Sakura!) before it was time to head out to Globel for their concert. There, we met up with Amanda and her fiancé and had dinner together. It was great!


Then on Friday we headed to Täby centrum and walked around there and had donuts at  Dunkin' Donuts. It was soooo good! I really like Täby C....like, it's so bright in there, it's not crowded at all and there's so many stores and restaurants and cafées...you can easily be there an entire day in my opinion!


Täby C.
Look what I found! Urban Decay at Kicks! I knew that they've started selling it online and this is the first (and atm only) place to buy UD products in store. I seriously found at least 10 things I wanted to buy straight away. UD is just.... ah <3.

Yesterday we went a little bit here and there. First we started off at Skanstull and made our way across Södermalm, then we went to Gamla Stan, took the subway to Odenplan and had lunch, then we went to Kungsträdgården and took the tram to Djurgården where we walked around a little bit. Then we went all the way back south to Liljeholmen and then back home to Hornstull where we later had dinner. Then later in the evening we watched "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs", one of my favourite movies ever xD Such a great day!

At Djurgården

Then today we felt like we needed more donuts so we went to Skärholmen centrum and indulged in some more donut-deliciousness. Then we walked around the mall there and found alot of interesting stuff. I keep finding new places here in Stockholm xD Later we headed back to Hornstull, picked up Ina and Niklas's stuff and went to Centralen for an early dinner and then I waved goodbye to them as they jumped on the bus to the airport.

Round two!

So yeah it been an amaaaazing past few days but now I have to get my head in the game again and pick up ALOT of schoolwork. Not gonna lie, I feel a little bit stressed out about it all, but hopefully it'll all work out! 


Today has been a multi-thingy kinda day. Which means, in proper English, that I've done alot of different stuff today. Grocery shopping, a bit of studying, watched some Gintama (KAMUIII), met up with Ina and Niklas and had dinner with them, had my second Skype meeting with the Brussels group....yeah. All of that. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my group assignment partners (Uni ppl) and we're gonna start working with our presentation about Global Water Partnership. It's gonna be so interesting!! We're meeting at 8:00 am! At a café in the middle of Södermalm! WOOP!
With Ina and Niklas at Vapiano :D

We put the "fun" in funeral.

Ok a quick disclaimer in the beginning of this post. This will not be an informative post by any means. I just need to write this off so that I can look back at it in the future and remember this. Ok? So don't read this. It's just a crazy fangirls rant. Seriously. It's not meant for you. Are we clear? Good.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK. So I was gonna go to bed early last night and catch up on some sleep and all but NOOOOOOOOO that did not happen. Why? BECAUSE OF DENA!!! That woman strayed last night and found.......THINGS. STUFF. And then she decided it was a good idea to send me the link. AAAND OH MY GOD!!!!! I just.....nope. My life has changed from now on.
Here's bits and pieces from our actual convo last night:
Me: Ok hold up
       HOLY FUCK
Dena: DYYYYYING!!!!!
       I WISH I DIDN'T
Dena: That's bad?
           SUE ME!

Back in town

I arrived back in Stockholm last night. The days I spent up in Umeå was epic. But only one photo was taken. With my cellphone. Hahah I even brought my camera but it stayed in the bottom of the bag the entire time.
But yeah, I had an amazing time. First, on Thursday, I had lunch with Dena and Otto and then I went to hang out with Ina. The next day me and my family and cousins had a Fifa tournament (I won!), on Saturday I hanged out with Maja. We chilled, watched The Walking Dead and ate delicious food. On Sunday I hanged out with Dena, first having a long fika and just talked talked talked and then we went to her place and chilled and watched Naruto. Yes, not Shippuuden but the original Naruto. It was...very emotional haha xD
So, back in the city now. I had a seminar this morning and now I have no school until next Thursday. Bloody insane. But we have a group assignment that we have to work on so...I'm not entirely free. And I have tons of stuff to read, as I always do. 
But! Guess who's visiting tomorrow? INA!!! And her boyfriend Niklas :D I hope that my group assignment won't get too much in the way for us to have an awesome week together here in Stockholm. 


Woop nu hamnade jag uppe i Norrland helt "plötsligt". Känns så skönt!
Tillbaka i Sthlm på måndagkväll nästa vecka. Hare!

"I'm a fuckin' Libraaah"

Yoho! Happy Easter or something.
Haven't really had any Easter kind of mood going on here though. Instead, I've been hanging out with Sofia and eaten alooooot of cheese. Myes. Cheese. And watching  Ru Paul's Drag Race. It's so awesome.
When we went shopping we also showed the chocolate who's boss. That's right, crumble down beneath us!!!

Other than that, I've been reading, watching Gintama and bought new headphones. And I also played light dress up today since my hair was dirty and I was too lazy to wash it before going out. So, my wig became my solution. That plus a fake septum I bought earlier. Felt kinda cool.
I have also fiiiiiinally started writing again. It's been...maybe 4 years? It's nothing big but still, damn how great it feels. People who've known me for a while know that I've been into writing since I was a child. It's comforting and kinda makes me feel powerful (I mean, I have complete control over the characters hehe). This particular thing I'm working on right now is extra special. Because, for the first time, I'm writing in half English half Japanese. All of the dialogues are in Japanese, the rest is in English. It's difficult sometimes but Goood is it fun! Just love it. Until I can write fully in Japanese, this will have to do!


Okay so here comes the post about me and my family's trip to Istanbul! Be warned, it's a very long and picture heavy post.
My dear Dad turned 60 on the 27th and after Uni I went out to Arlanda to meet up with my family. We stayed at the Clarion hotel there and had a lovely dinner at the top floor, looking out over the airport.

Mom and Dad! :D
Early the next morning, we got on our flight to Istanbul. The flight took about 3 hours and when we arrived we had a taxi waiting to transport us to our hotel. The hotel was on Istiklal street and was 50 meters from the Taksim Square, practically in the middle of the city. Our hotell room was more like an apartment! Newly renovated and just perfect! On the first evening we walked down Istiklal street and then had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Taksim Square!

Istiklal street!

Tons and tons of Turkish delight!

Sveriges Generalkonsulat :D


On Sunday, we had booked a full day tour of the old town in Istanbul. We visited the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and Little Hagia Sofia. Me and Dad went and saw an exhibit of old relics aswell. They had things like Moses staff, some dude's turban etc. Pretty epic.


The Blue Mosque!

Inside the Blue Mosque.

Do you see how huge it is!? And it isn't even the biggest mosque in Istanbul!

Hagia Sofia, opposite to the Blue Mosque.

Inside Hagia Sofia.


After walking upstairs, you got this view.

Ladies and gentlemen, my sister. 

View from Topkapi Palace.

Here you can see the European side on the left and the Asian side on the right, connected by a huuuuge bridge.
On Monday we went to the Grand Bazaar. It was insanely big. Thousands of different small shops selling spices, tea, lamps, jewelry, sweets and all kinds of different trinkets. I bought some tea and Turkish delight! It was so much fun walking around there looking at all of the things but at the same time, I felt kinda stressed out with all of the shop owners yelling at me trying to sell me stuff. You just had to ignore them. But anyways, totally worth the visit! Never seen anything like it. Then we walked aaaaaall of the way back to our hotell. Over the bridge and up through narrow streets.

Inside the bazaar.

The whole bazaar was like a maze! It was very easy to get lost in there.

The entrance.

Some more Turkish delight!

Then we got hungry and had some McDonals. Felt very Western xD

Another huge mosque by the water, don't remember the name though.

On our way up....

Some Ottoman baklava thingy.
Aaand some Turkish delight! The two first ones where amazing! Pomegranate with pistachio covered in saffron and chocolate balls (which looks more like pepper but no, it was chocolate)
On Tuesday we went on a half day Bosphorus Cruise + Egyptian Market/Spice Market tour. We also visited another Mosque, which name I cannot recall. This day started off quite rainy but later on it cleared up!

Beautiful interior of the mosque!

The Spice Market!

On the boat! :D


Closing in on the first bridge connecting Europe and Asia!

The second bridge.
Then, lastly, on Wednesday we took the flight back home to Sweden. Istanbul was really an incredible city. I have never been to a city like that before so at first, I felt a little bit nervous but after about 1 day that feeling passed. With only a few days to spend in this city, we could only scratch the surface of what Istanbul had to offer but I think we still covered alot! One of the things that excited me every time was hearing the Muezzins shout the daily prayers 5 times a day. I might not be muslim, but hearing that was so powerful. 
So finally, a big thanks to my family for this trip and a special celebration to Dad who this trip was dedicated to!

 Dad at the airport, waiting to board our flight. Du är bäst! :D

I'm back!

I'm back in Sweden! YAY!
Istanbul was incredible. Such an amazing city.
I have tooooons of stuff to catch up on now so I'll write more about the trip tomorrow (plus post pictures, ofc!).
Just wanted to have a little ただいま~ moment here. OK? Good!

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