White Mage

What. A. Day. My days just keeps doing a 180. I should just get used to it... I don't wanna go in too deep of what happened today but....let's just say white mages. White mages everywhere. They used Cura. 
Here's a White Mage Rikku because I feel like it's appropriate.

Aaaanyways tomorrow is my exam (?!?!?!?). I don't even...just nope. But tomorrow has an upside too. In fact, it's a huuuge upside. DENA IS COMING TO STOCKHOLM!!! She's gonna stay until Monday and I am so so happy! Missed her like crazy.

Comfort food

Today I met up with Sofia to indulge in some comfort food at Max. The best fast food burgers, seriously. But yeah we went all in. It was soooo good. I've been looking forward to this since Tuesday. Then we went back to my place and Sofia helped me out with some questions I had regarding some political history and stuff. I can't believe I have my exam on Thursday. I don't know how it's gonna play out....kinda nervous is an understatement. 

Soooo good~

Walk it off

Been trying to be productive today (I think I managed quite well) and after lunch I decided to go for a short stroll on Långholmen. It was a great decision. It kinda reminded me of Arashiyama back in Japan. So much colour outside right now. Need to enjoy it as much as possible before it's too late.

The leaves looks like sprinkle :3


No but seriously, how magical does this look?!



Vilken jävla skitdag det blev. Orkar verkligen inte detta just nu. Fyfan.
Tur att jag har fina vänner och familj som ställer upp i allafall. Tack. 

Où t'es?

Oh my gosh it's Monday again. More than half of October has already passed! And I have my exam next Thursday...oh dear god. Yesterday I had a study date with Emy and Iris in my class and we covered some stuff but...still alot to go. 
Lately I've been listening on Stromae on repeat. Specifically on his song "Papaoutai". It is soooo good!! Makes me wanna dance. And speaking of dancing, I am skipping my dance class tonight. I am just not feeling 100% yet. So annoying. 
Gaaaaah my apartment is a mess right now but I am gonna have to fight the urge to clean in right away because I need to reeeeeead. I'd rather clean. And I feel an incoming headache. Fantastic. 

Karaage taimu!

Yesterday me and Sofia went to hang out with Yuuki and cook dinner together at her dorm. We made Japanese karaage (fried chicken) after her Mom's recipe and it was soooo good! Really tasted like real karaage! And then for dessert we had some Frödinge's kladdkaka (seriously, that one is aaaaalmost as good as home made kladdkaka. Almost), and then lots and lots of tea. And some toffee caramel-ish treats that Yuuki bough when she was in Bruxelles the other week. It was such a great evening. So much laughter. And I appreciate every opportunity I get to practice my Japanese. Just perfect!

We couldn't find a decent cake-slicer so...yeah.

Don't underestimate the OSTHYVEL!!!
 And a derpy pic of my two co-chefs xD

herp derp lol

Yesterday I met up with my old colleagues and dear friends, Hampus and Maya. We went to a nearby café for some fika and to do some serious catching up! Mostly about Maya though because she just came back from Japan and both me and Hampus wanted to hear everything about it and stuff so...yeah :) And she's going back to Japan soon so we really needed to meet before she left!!! 
It's always a pleasure hanging out with those two. I'm so glad that we still keep in contact even after me and Maya stopped working at JFC and all. 
Epic fika time!



Check me in

I feel like I've caught a cold yet again. There is just no end to this. Just feeling so sluggish and tired...I don't have time to feel sick! I have so much to catch up on! Anyways, after I'm done doing my laundry I think I'm gonna curl up in my arm chair and watch the new season of American Horror Story. I'm so excited! I wonder if it's gonna be as disturbing and creepy as always...probably, yes. 

Stockholm with Mum

I've been having such wonderful days with my Mom visiting here in Stockholm. We've been eating sooooo much good food, done some shopping, been walking all over the place and also had time to relax and chill in my apartment. But now I have to go back to reality and the massive amount of pages I need to read. Ugh. But here's some random pics from the past few days. Most of them are of food. Shocking, I know.

Best take out sushi I've ever had in Sweden! From Roppingi at Fridhemsplan!

Some delish food from därmedpasta..

Dis pizza tho.

Joined by Sofia the three of us headed to Berns on Sunday to enjoy their amazing brunch!



A small part of my big dessert that I had xD
Then on Monday morning me and Mum went to have breakfast at Starbucks. A croissant and the first PSL for the year haha!


I am so much in love FFX-2 it's ridiculous. Whenever I start up the game and the opening theme starts playing I want to cry. It is one of the most emotional and simply beautiful soundtrack I've ever heard. It's kind of love/hate relationship to it, because of all of the feelings. Ugh but it's sooooo good!!

Ma ass kickin' gurls <3
But unfortunaly I haven't had much time to play FFX-2 this week at all. I did play a little bit last night though. And now I'm closing in on the end of Chapter 1. Craaay. 
Anyways, guess who's coming to Sthlm tonight? My mom! YES! Time for some more awesome Mother and Daughter days. It's gonna be so great. I went and bought her favourite cookie for her to eat when she gets here =) But before that, I HAVE TO READ! Uuuuuugh....


Yesterday me and my Dad went to have dinner at Tehran Grill at Mariatorget. We had the Sinie Tehran plate wich had three different skewers, four different side dishes and two different types of rice. It seriously tasted like heaven. I wish I could eat persian food much more often (#evigtluftslott I'm looking at you), it is so delicious. 

This fooooood <3
A happy Dad :D

New week

So yesterday my new course started. Along with that, some new deadlines popped up. Some for next semester. Ugh. But it'll work out. It has to.

Just a displeased fish-face. 
Also, yesterday me and Sofia opened our huuuge package of korean skin care that we ordered about a week ago. I am so pumped to try all of these new products! Hopefully, they'll do wonders. 

The haul!

Finally gonna try some innisfree sheet masks!

The stars of the haul is definitely the Mizon products!
Also got all of these samples! And these are just half of them since me and Sofia shared ^^
Then tonight my Dad in coming over. We're gonna fix my shelf and then go out for dinner. Yay!


Hello? Anyone left here? 
I've kinda meen missing for a few days now....sry 'bout that.
I finished writing my essay on Wednesday and then started playing FFX-2 in the evening. It was magical. Then on Thursday I went to Sofia's place and hanged out with her and a new Japanese friend. We made kastu curry together and had such a blast. It felt amazing to talk in Japanese again.


Then on Friday (yesterday), me and Sofia went to Anton to have a gaming night + eat hamburgers. Sofia had bought a new game which was really fun and guess what...I WON! Haha! We also made a list of deal breakers when it comes to choosing a partner. So much fun.
Then I went back home with Sofia and had a sleepover at her place. And now this morning we had a loong breakfast together and booked some tickets for a musical in London for next month. SO EXCITEEEED!!
But yeah that's basically what I've been up to. Now I'm gonna play some more FFX-2. Bye. 

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