Me and Sofia are off to see our babies, the Gazette! 

2 years ago

....since me, Sofia and Dena left for Japan. 2 whole years have passed.
That's insane.
Personally, this is the pictures that will always represent our journey to Japan. Always.

More Sims 3 gaming

So this morning I went to the University because I had some questions that needed answering. But all went well (I guess...) and then I went straight to Ina's to hang out and play some Sims 3. Hahah it was awesome and I'm so in love with the house we (read: Ina) built for our sims and it's just lovely. I want to move in there for real. 

Serious gaming going on...
Now I have some stuff I need to prepare for this weekend and MAYBE I'll get some studying done...just maybe. I haven't even started studying for real and I'm already fed up with it *sigh*

That's what sky pirates do, they fly do they not?

I had an amazing evening out with Maja tonight. We met up at Allstar for great food and drinks and just hanging out and talk about random stuff. We talked about, among other things, how much we both want to re-play FFXII. That game was just amazin'. 

So gooooood~
Omg the amount of food...I can't even..

Nabari no ou

UWAAAAAAAAAH I just finished watching the Nabari no Ou anime.....and the ending was so sad that I started crying! Ughh...this was a really great anime, I'm so happy I watched it. It had so many KYAH-moments it was insane and the characters were truly amazing. So many feels right now *sobs*

Everyday climbing repeats again and again

This morning started off great with a phone call with Stockholm University that got my hopes up and inspired and everything went on smoothly and then I got an e-mail that totally ruined that feeling....and I got sorta stuck at that state. Just as I got excited about how things may work out next year my hopes just went crashing down hours later. How nice.
I know it's way to early to tell but still, I can't let go of that anxiety of all of the "but what if not....." scenarios in my head and I end up with Plan G instead of Plan A. Plan G being Plan GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE.
I'm just royally pissed off right now. I'm bored. I'm sick of this place. This is giving me nothing and I'm at a complete standstill in my life. I have so much I want to do but I.Just.Can't.Get.Anywhere.
I know that things could be worse. I have a home, I have wonderful friends and I have an epic trip ahead of me but...give me this moment to whine over my current situation and I'll get over it...soon. 

So much to do, so little time

Woaaaaah time is flying! I'm trying to get my shit together but it's already late and I don't even know anymore...
Been working a full day today, stressing like a madman, got a vacuumcleaner cord slashed on my back (don't even ask...) and it still home, did the usual (shower, dinner) and am now job searching online. I hate this.
Maybe I should just forget about Stockholm and leave the country for a while.....
....NO! This is gonna work, damn it! 
Luckily I have a few days off now so that I can do some stuff that really needs study for Högskoleprovet.....ugh..
But, gotta keep fightin'. It's soon time for some real party to start...
I can't wait!!!

Let's stay friends forever

YAAAY I've had such an amazing weekend.
Tons of Sims 3, lots of nostalgic music, Maja + kladdkaka and lots of chit-chat and a whole lot of laughter. All of this together with Ina. It's been a perfect weekend. 
Gonna end this weekend with some zombie-killin' with Maja. Hell ye. 


That's how I feel right now. No enegy to do anything. Not even watch anime (I started watching "Nabari no Ou" yesterday. So far, it's great. But since I don't watch with any subtitles I really have to concentrate and can't just sit there like a lazy bum...)....same goes for Okami. Stupid Kanji just leave me alone....
隠の王 (Nabari no Ou)
But tomorrow Ina's coming over and we're gonna have good ol' sleepover. YAY!

Do you know the name of the wind?

So I finished watching "Black Blood Brothers" just now.
Verdict: eeeh...I think I'm gonna delete the whole folder from my hard drive. Haha okay it wasn't THAT bad was pretty weird..and with only 12 episodes it's hard to build up a good story...(who the hell am I kiddin' "Free!" only has 12 episodes and that still the best shit ever! Or maybe that's because the story's about 5 half naked men in swinwear and general bromance overload...? Nah, it can't be that)
Too bad the Black Blood Brothers turned out the it did...the main character Mochizuki Jiro isn't...half bad, if you know what I mean *fufufu*
And I've started studing for Högskoleprovet. And I already hate it. Probably because the first chapters is about math. And I can't do math. I just physically and mentally CAN'T do it. I'm a language nerd and we're known to suck at math. I'm gonna blame my genes for getting a bad grade at this. 
I'm gonna finish reading my book now. "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. Simply amazing. 

Born Anew

My blog has gotten a little (a big) make-over!! YAAAY FINALLY!!
I'm loving it so much!! The new background is still pink and cute but has the damask pattern that I adore so much. There's a new header and profile pic and the whole blog just looks wider and more open. 
It really was time for a change...the Osaka header is awesome but since I'm not in Japan anymore (*sobs*) I think this way is so much better.
I'm so happy with the result!!!!! And all thanks to my lovely Maja. That girl really knows her stuff. She's fuckin' awesome.
So, after me and Maja were finished with my blog, we started playing thr final Jake and Sherry chapter of RE6. And let me tell ya.....omg. Hahah nah but seriously, we got stuck in the beginning but when we found our way through it went pretty smoothly. Until we met the most scary monster in the Resident Evil series ever...AGAIN! Honestly we've killed that son of a bitch like 342 times already but he keeps coming back! But now, he's gone. For good. And we completed the chapter! YAY! Now we only have Ada and Agent's (HAHAHAHAH SERIOUSLY?!?) chapter left! WEEHOO!
Too bad their chapter is was awesome!

Evaluation of the day

SO! Let's review the day, shall we? 
Have I been as poductive as I wanted to be?.... erhm no. But I rarely am. -I did go out on a 1 h 15 min long walk though...and started watching a new anime (Black Blood Brothers.. *"not bad" -face*), went grocery shopping with sis, cleaned a little bit in my room...yeah that's about it. 
And picked up mum from the airport. -I also got a new phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S4. Now it looks like I'm walking around with a mini-bible...

Rohan Style!!


Nah but seriously, we went out horse riding yesterday...and it was freakin' awesome. The horses we're so cute *w* My horse was called Hrimnir, and he liked to eat. Alot. Like, all of the time. It was a perfect match.
We rode out in the forest and got to try out riding a little bit faster (not gallop) and it was so cool! And we even got to ride...ehm.. what shall I call it..."off-piste" xD haha like, in to the forest, not riding on any trails or anything. Just pure forest. It was quite the magical experience. 

When I got home I had dinner, played some Okami and then passed out xD Haha I was so tired! Fell asleep at 18..then woke up...then fell asleep again....the woke up and watch some TV, listened to some Nightvale....and then fell asleep for real! HAHA! And got a text from work saying that they're practically no one staying at the hotel right now so I got to take today off. Lucky! So today I'm gonna try to make up for lost time last night. Being productive and all...we'll see how that goes xD

Can't wait for 24!

Oh right! I almost forgot to say that we have now officially seen all of the James Bond movies! Yesterday we watched Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond movie.'s been a long journey, watching all of the movies. YAY :D

358/2 Days. Got it memorized?

Oh. My. God.
It feels like I have traveled back in time and just relived one of the most emotional journeys of my life. Guess which one I'm talking about...
That's right, Kingdom Hearts.
So we all know that the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 was released yesterday and probably all KH-lovers peed their pants in excitement over this...everyone but me, since I didn't buy it yesterday *sobs*
I'm gonna buy it ofc (duh!) but not right now...I'm gonna buy it later when I have finished playing all the games that I bought and haven't played yet. After that, I'm so buying it.
So, tonight I was hanging out with my dear Player 1 (aka Maja), someone who actually bought KH 1.5 yesterday. Hehe...guess what we spent the whole evening doing?
Yup, we watched THE ENTIRE KH 358/2 Days cutscene collection that you got with KH 1.5. Since I've played about half of it on my NDS before I recognised alot but as it mean, it honestly feels right now like I've played through the entire game just by watching all of the cutscenes. 
This evening stirred up alot of emotions. Mostly about one of my favourite character, Axel (aka Lea). Watching him come alive again in every cutscene (and in full HD!!!) is just beautiful. I mean, he had it really rough in the Organization but he smiled all of the time and he truly cared for Roxas! And at the same time....knowing how Axels and Roxas friendship is gonna change (since 358/2 Days is before KH2), knowing how Axel did all in his power to save Roxas as his best friend, knowing how it all ends...breaks my heart. 
 Axel and Roxas
*sigh* Well, even though KH might be depressing at times, it still remains as the best game I ever played. Ever.

Yukata - a touch of home

Ah I just came home from an amazing night out with my lovely Sofia. I'm so happy I don't know where to begin *w*
Ooooh okay, first things first...* clears throat*
Today, I had lunch my mom. It was very nice and then after that I went to "Arbetsförmedlingen" to hand in some papers and then I took the bus back home where I played some Okami and derped in front of my laptop.
Then, I went to pick up Sofia. We went back to my place to get ready for dinner out at Sagami, the only good Japanese restaurant in Umeå. And we thought, in honor of...ehm..japan (?)...we should wear our yukatas. They're so pretty and you seldom (read: NEVER) get a chance to wear it anyways soo...what the heck, let's do this shit!!
It felt really strange at first wearing the yukata but after a while it just felt...懐かしい. Haha. It really was JAPAN-MODE ACTIVATED *POP*. It was magical.
Sooo...walking from the parking lot to the restaurant was and interesting experience. EVERYONE started. Honestly. Many people just smiled to us with an "oooooh" look on their faces. It was kinda cute ^^
So, back to the reason for wearing the yukata, Sagami. The food. Sukiyaki. DELIIIIISH!! I can't was the true Japanese flavour. So guud~

Then we went to "Café Station" for desserts. Just lovely as usual. And we just sat talking memories, Gazette (ofc), the future etc and once again I was just struck by how amazing Sofia is. How amazing our friendship is. My life would've been so different without her and I just LOVE having her around me. Just LOVE. There's no other way to describe it. I can't wait for our future adventures together!! It's gonna be fantastic =)



So now we've had 2 "Bond Nights" in a row. We've finished all of Pierce Brosnan's movies and have now arrived at the present Bond, Daniel Craig. "Die Another Day" had so many plot holes it was ridiculous and after watching "Casino Royale" again I must admit that it's not complete garbage. It has it's moments...Mads Mikkelsen being in most of those moments. 
Now I have 4 days off from work!! Unless they call me in in panic....hopefully not. 

Another gaming night..

...and I am not talking about video games this time.
Met up with ma guurls at Fanny's this time (never been there before!) and we had some apple pie and played "Galenpanna". Best game ever?! HAHAHA. Aaaah what a lovely night.


The cards I had

Kyuubi no Kurama

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD I just watched the latest episode of Naruto! IT WAS SO EPIC I STARTED CRYING OMG I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!! Uuuugh just thinking about it makes me all nldkzsnbvdjl and stuff. I can't delete the episode from my laptop yet 'cause I'm probably gonna watch it again soon just because of the overload of epicness.
I still can't get over the fact how FUCKING COOL the name Kurama is. And how I've actually been to a place called just Kurama (outside of Kyoto)...ugh I'm so happy *sobs*

Day off with Dena

Had a great day off with Dena yesterday. We watched anime, talked about how stupid the Japanese language is sometimes (男装?男変!) , took pictures and then went to Otto to watch some James Bond. He has finally gotten hi new apartment! YAY!

Best picture of the day xD hahah

Alias + TP girl's night!

So yesterday after work all of us girls met up at Anna's to have a little fun and games night ^^ Of course we also had delish fika! We started off with some Alias (the game when you try to describe someting and the others are trying to figure out what you're describing) which was HILARIOUS! I died of laughter several times. And then we played tome TP. Just like last time it makes you feel quite stupid, since the questions are VERY difficult, but it was very fun. Then we just chilled and talked about random stuff. And we also read out loud a little section from "50 Shades of Grey".....because *palmface*. Omg we laughed so hard. Anyway, it was an amazing night with my lovely guuurls!!


Group Picture!


Don't even ask...
Anna reading from 50 Shades of Grey...Sofia's face says it all..


Actually had a nice time at work today. Huh..
Been skyping with Lawler this evening and it was lovely.
Bought some junk from ebay that I really didn't need but still wanted sooo bad
Today was a good day.

Been Unproductively Productive

Yup. It's been a weird day indeed.
Stuff I managed to do today:

* Get up fairly early
* Take a 45 min long walk in the morning
* Go grocery shopping
* Make delish dinner (vietnamese inspired springrolls)
* Go to Maja's to hang out
Stuff I didn't manage to do quite as well:
* Spent hours making macarons that turned out to be a complete and utter failure so I had to throw away the entire batch. Stupid cookies.
* Haven't really planned how I want to change my blog...and it's long overdue!!
* dinner springrolls were ugly....
-'ll do. Tomorrow I'm working again. Yeho.

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