Last night in London

I can't believe I am actually going back home tomorrow. These past few months have gone by so fast, even though it sometimes felt like the time stood still, it has generally just flown by. I kinda feel like I haven't even fully processed these months yet. 
So today I focused on finishing my packing. At least as much as I could, I'll throw the last few things in my suitcase tomorrow morning before leaving. But I think it's ok. Not too heavy...I hope. I haven't weighed it yet. Hehe.
Then, of course, I had to have one final evening out with my girls, Alona and Clara. What would I have done without them these past few months? I can assure you that my stay here would've been sooo depressing, if I hadn't met those girls. I feel so lucky that I found them. We have made so many amazing memories together here in London. Even though Alona lives in Stockholm as well, and we can meet anytime and all, it won't be us three, here in London. It is an end of an era, an end of a chapter. And that kinda sucks. But we'll get together all three of us again soon, somewhere else. 
But anyways, I met up with the girls in China Town to visit the Japanese restaurant me and my parents went to last week. They ordered the Katsu Curry and I took the Curry Tempura Udon. It was delicious.

Then we walked around to find a café to get some coffee and fika, and in the end, we ended up at the café at Foyles. A classic, for us. So we sat there, talking shit mixed with serious stuff as always, just having fun together until the café closed. 
Then we jumped on bus 29, one last time all three of us, to go back home. I hugged them tightly before getting off at my stop. It's such a strange feeling, this. Leaving London. Even though I've been quite homesick at times, I've kinda fallen for this city, in a way. The streets are no longer unfamiliar, the bus and tube network kinda makes sense and I've found random places here and there all over the city that I just simply love. And tomorrow I'll be leaving all of this. I know I'll be back, of course. But will I ever live here again? Maybe. Who knows. 
But enough of that. Stockholm is calling. The upcoming days are gonna be busy, but I'll write again when I have time. 

Day trip to Birmingham

So me and the girls spontaneously decided to go to Birmingham today. Quite random, I know, but hey I'm eager to see any new, decent sized British city. And I think Birmingham is the 3rd biggest city in the UK...? Anyways, we went there, and I really enjoyed myself!
On the train~
First, we walked through their huuuge mall next to the central station. It was massive.

Grand Central!

Closer pic of the Grand Central...
Then we went to the Museum and Art Gallery to look around. We ended up sitting on a bench talking heavy stuff and shit (maybe because of the gore paintings around us? lol) before we moved on and found that they had a special "try wearing a turban" thingy going on with some Sikhs helping you tie one of their turbans. It felt super strange, and even a bit offensive (since we're not Sikhs ourselves), wearing the turbans but we looked kinda flawless haha! 

Town's Hall (I think...)

First thing you see inside the museum....

Then we walked around a bit more, passed the library, and went towards the canal and checked out that area. It was really pretty there with all the small canal boats and stuff. 

The library. How epic?

After that we started getting hungry and found a French restaurant we're we spoiled ourselves with a three course dinner. It was fabulous. 

Then we started walking back to the station and walked around the shopping mall a bit more before jumping on the train back home to London. So overall, Birmingham wasn't THAT special, but I still had a great day exploring a new city!
British countryside on the way back home~

Last day with the Päron

Today was my final day together with Mom and Dad here in London. Feels like these days just flew by! Today we met here in Holloway and had lunch at the Chinese place close to my Uni. I just had to let them taste the epic noodles there. And yes, they loved it!

Weirdest looking starter ever but it's sooo good!

These noodles thooo

Then we stopped by my place and picked up some things for them to take back to Sweden, so I'm not risking excess weight on my flight home on Wednesday. So we filled a suitcase with my stuff, and took it to their hotel and dropped it off there. Then we walked through Hyde Park in to Piccadilly circus. It's been such a beautiful day here today in London, tons of people we're out enjoying the weather in the parks.

Can you believe we're in the middle of London in this picture?! Hyde Park is huge.

Found this weird tree...

And a happy Mom, on Mother's day :D
Then we walked up on Regent Street and Oxford Street and made our way to Warren Street Station where we split. It's been great having my parents here. So much good food, alot of shopping and! We won't see each other in about a month, when they're coming and visiting Stockholm. But for us, one month is nothing! It's usually four months haha!  

London with Mami & Papi

Yesterday me and my parents had a full day of exploring London. Seriously, I left home at 9:45 and came home at around 23:30. Crazy. We started at Borough Market, and ate our way through there. Then we walked aaaaaall the way to Knightsbridge from there. Literally across the city haha.
We passed St. Paul's Cathedral, crossed the Millenium Bridge, passed London Eye and Big Ben, St. James Park and Buckingham Palace, through Green Park and Hyde Park corner. Phuh.
Then we took the bus to South Kensington to go and have afternoon tea at Tombo. It was glorious. We got some sushi and tons of matcha pasteries. Heaven. 
Then we got on the bus to Piccadilly Circus and walked the remaining distance to Covent Garden where we had tickets booked for the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" musical!! Oh my was soo cool!! The actors and singers were so talented and the effects and all was incredible. I really enjoyed it!

Mami :D


"Årets bild" hahaha


Today we "did" Oxford Street. Need I say more? Tons of shopping, epic food in China Town, short stop by the British Museum and a fika at Starbucks before heading back home. Such a great day!

Regent Street at decorated and pretty~

Biggest Katsu Curry ever?! 7 hours later and I am still full..

Dad's bento!

Bagels and Päron

Yesterday was such a great day.
I met up with Clara at Brick Lane to go and buy some bagels! I've read that there's a bagel shop there which has epic bagels, and I really wanted try them out! There where two shops next to each other, and I got a salted beef bagel with pickles and mustard from Beigle Bake and Clara got a rainbow bagel with cream cheese from the place next to it. My bagel was aaamazing and huuuuge! So worth it.

Look at this monster bagel! It was not easy to eat, I'll tell you that...

So pretty!

Then we walked around the area a bit until we ended up at Spitalfields Market. We strolled around there a bit before sitting down at a Costa for a coffee break and sat there talking shit for a while, until it was time for me to head to Paddington and meet up with my parents and Mia and Stuart.

At the Spitalfields Market! These dresses made me think of Ina ^^

It took me around an hour to get to Paddington, but when I finally got there, I found Mia and Stuart immediately and short after Mom and Dad arrived as well. Wohoo! After my parents checked in at their hotel (they're staying close to Paddington Station), we walked around to Paddington wharf and found a Pizza Express where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then we went to a nearby Starbucks for some coffee before splitting up. Such a great night!


Today me and my parents have a full day of fun stuff planned, starting at Borough Market! So as you can imagine, I probably won't have much time updating these upcoming days. We'll be busy bouncing around London! 

Edinburgh - Day 4, the last day

 For my last day in Edinburgh, I just wanted to eat desserts, stroll around old town and just enjoy the city. So that's what I did. I didn't have to go to the airport until 15:00 ish so I had plenty of time. 
I started off by going to Bibi's Bakery (highly recommended by many people), very close to my hostel, to buy some macarons. For those who don't know, macarons are my favourite. They make me so happy. The bakery was full of cool pasteries, cupcakes and of course macarons. I ended up buying 5 of them and went to the park next to Princess street to sit and enjoy them. They were so big and deeeelicious! Ofc I didn't eat all 5 in one go, but omg...they tasted like heaven.

So epic!

Went here to sit and nom on my macarons!

From left to right: Pistachio, Rhubarb & Custard, Mango & Passionfruit, Lemon, Hazelnut.

Then I started walking to Mary's Milk Bar on Grassmarket. On the way there, I passed The Elephant House, where J.K Rowling used to sit and write the first and second Harry Potter book. What a historical place <3

Onward to Mary's Milk Bar. I've read that they serve the best ice cream and that their hot coholate floats are amazing. But since I was kinda satisfied with my macarons from earlier I just ended up getting one scoop of Lemon curd ice cream. It was divine. 

Beautiful streets of Edinburgh~


Then I walked around some more, ate another macaron, went to the National Gallery, had some know, the usual. Took some final pics of this amazing city before getting on the tram to the airport.

Miniature of the city!

Thanks for having me Edinburgh!

I had such a wonderful time in Edinburgh. It was so beautiful and had an almost magical atmosphere. I will definitely revisit it again in the future!

Edinburgh - Day 3, checking things off the list

On my third day in Edinburgh, I had nothing specifically booked, like a tour or so, but ooooh so much I had planned for the day. And I managed to do it all, I think. I also beat my last record in steps taken in one day. I walked over 30,500 steps. That's insane haha! 
So I started the day off with the biggest challenge: Climbing Arthur's Seat. I've been wanting to climb it for about a year now and I finally managed to do it. But I almost felt like giving up several times. I am extremely unfit at the moment, and I also managed to climb it during the hottest day ever (it felt like that at least..). But when I reached the top I was so freaking happy. And the view was amazing.

Sunny Princess Street~

Loving this name to bits <3 
All of the small alleys have different names, and this one really spoke to me.

Mission: Climb that huge rock.

Salisbury Crag view from Arthur's Seat.

These steps....

Almost at the top!

The hill was covered in those yellow flowers. Guess what they smell like? They coconut. NO JOKE they actually smell like coconut. And it's not a faint scent, no. The entire hill smells like a huge coconut. This might actually just be paradise...

The actual top of Arthur's Seat! You can see how high up we actually are in the background...insane!

Salisbury Crag's green back behind me.

Where I took the first pics, almost at the top.

Walking along the ridge of Salisbury Crag~

This is literally how green it was. So beautiful. I sang the soundtrack from Brave out loud and just skipped along in the greenest grass I've ever seen.
When I finally got down, I went to the Scottish Parliament. I took a quick fika at the café and then strolled around the parliament. It was super modern and the building was really cool! Also something to check off my list hehe.

Scones fika time!

Then I walked back to New Town and did some shopping before heading back to the hostel to rest a little and charge my phone. Then I decided to go to the botanical garden. It took me maybe 25 min to get there, but it was totally worth it! Even though I am not a flower expert of some sort, I can still appreciate a pretty flower when I see one lol. And the weather was still perfect and everything was just....perfect. Such a productive and memorable day.

Huge rhubarb look-alikes.

Birch trees <3

How huge are theese hedges?!


Edinburgh - Day 2, Highlands and Loch Ness Tour

So Sunday held the main event of my visit to Edinburgh: Tour of the Highlands and Loch Ness. I was beyond excited. I had booked a day tour, together with a small group of 16 people, in a minibus together with a guide. I met up with my small tour group at 8:00 and the designated location and off we went! We had 5 locations planned on our tour, but I think we ended up stopping at more places. I don't remember the names of most of the places we stopped, but I'll still upload the pics in chronological order so you kinda get the idea how the day went. 

A map over the tour. Our tour was the red one :D

Inside the minibus...

First stop: Breakfast stop! We stopped at a road restaurant/stop where people could get some food and refreshments (and use the loo). The surroundings were so beautiful and they even had two highland cows in an inclosure! They were so cute...I want one haha! I had already had breakfast before leaving so I just walked around the area and took some pictures. (BY THE WAY you guys....I don't know if I even need to mention this but I'll do it anyways. I don't edit my pictures at all. Mostly because I don't know how the hell to do it lol. So the pictures you'll see are completely raw and not edited. Just FYI).  

Next stop: Loch Lubnaig!

Random pics I took while we were driving...


Another stop...

Another stop around Glen Coe. This area was breathtaking..

Loch Ness time!!!! Going to Loch Ness has been on my bucket list for aaages, and I finally got to do it! We went on a boat cruise and I sat in the front and...omg. The loch was so beautiful. And it was huuuuge! We didn't even go halfway down but the whole cruise took about 1 h. When he turned the boat around to go back I got this AMAZING view over the loch with snowy mountains in the background. I almost cried, it was so stunning. One of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. 

ARE YOU SEEING THIS?! Isn't this THE perfect picture???

Or maybe this one is more perfect?????

So beautiful...
Another stop, by a small river in the forest. 

Okay so that is enough pictures I think hahaha. I took 160 pictures that day so...yeah. This isn't nearly all of them haha! Overall, this was just a perfect day. The weather way great, the guide was great, the tour itself was great. I'm so happy I got the chance to do this. I will always remember it!
The minibus that took us around the highlands :D

Edinburgh - Day 1

Yesterday I came back home to London after 4 amazing days in Edinburgh, Scotland. I took tons of pictures so get ready for some picture heavy blog posts!
I arrived in Edinburgh at around 13:30 on Saturday, and took the tram in to the city centre. I got off a bit to early (not planned lol) and walked the last 10 min to my hostel. The hostel I had booked had "sleeping pods" just like in Japan! Super cool! So I shared a room with 6 other girls, but since we all stayed in our "pods", it still felt very private.

Arriving in Edinburgh, walking down Princess Street.

Anyways, after checked in to my hostel, I decied to check out where my tour bus for the next day would depart from. Turns out it was just a 10 min walk from where I stayed! Very convenient. Next to the departure location was Calton Hill, so I decided to climb it and took some pics :D

The sea~

Arthurs's Seat and Salisbury Crags on Holyrood Park! So happy to finally see it with my own two eyes. They're huuuuge!

This view tho...

National monument!

Once again...epic.
Then I walked back and headed for old town. This is when the rain hit haha. Insaaane rain, as expected. But still, I fought through it and made it up to Edinburgh Castle. I didn't go inside but now I've seen it up close at least haha.

The Castle front!

Bridge to New Town...
Due to the rain, I decided to take a break at a Prête before heading back down to New Town. I sat an read a bit at a Starbucks before walking around a bit more, trying to get to know the area and snap some pics. It was a great first day in Edinburgh :D

The castle again~

Rainbow over the National Gallery~


When the cold winds are calling~

 Guess where I am going today?
I'm going to Scotland! :D
I'm spending 4 days in Edinburgh, and besides a full day of touring in the Scottish highlands, my only other plans are to relax and stroll around the city. I'll be back on Tuesday!

Brunch date with the girls

Today I felt super slow for some reason, and just wanted to stay in bed the whole day...but luckily I had brunch plans with the girls so I managed to get dressed and get out the door today. It took us a while, due to traffic etc, but we finally got to Muswell Hill, close to Wood Green, and went straight to Giraffe, the restaurant we had chosen for our epic brunch. We each ordered a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, as well as some sweet potato fries on the side...because we're fat and we like to eat alot. Needless to say, it was an amazing brunch.

Bottles of maple syrup... YAAASSS!


Freakshake time!

Today I met up with Clara to go to Maxwell's Bar and Grill at Covent Garden, to try out their Freakshakes. We've seen pictures of these babies all around the Internet, and figured we just HAD to try them. Freakshakes originally comes from Australia, I think, but they've finally found their way to the UK! At Maxwell's, they serve different flavours of Freakshakes every other day I think, so we had our finger's crossed that they had some delicious ones for us to choose from! And they suuure did. 

Today's menu~
I decided to go with the Salted Caramel Freakshake, and Clara took the Oreo Freakshake (we also got some fries but who cares lol). And my god....they we're huge! Mine fell over almost immediately, since the donut was so heavy haha. The donut was so fresh and warm and gooey and just amazing. The milkshake had some caramel crunch in it too! It was like a caramel BOMB. I ate the whole donut, but only finished half of the milkshake haha. Clara's was also amazing, ofc, you can never go wrong with Oreos. And on top of hers, was a ice oreo sandwhich thingy...just epic. 

Like...can we talk about this? Insane. 

Afterwards, we felt veeeery full, so we decided to go on a walk towards Battersea Park. It felt really nice to walk off the Freakshakes a bit haha. Then we sat chillin' in Battersea Park until we decided to head home. 

Relaxing in the park~

Girugamesh concert

So last night was the Girugamesh concert at O2 Academy Islington. The venue is quite close to where I live, and I got there about 1 h before the doors opened. After getting inside, I left my belongings at the warderobe, and got inside the actual venue hall. It was quite small, but not tiny. Not overly crowded either. Since I am not a die hard crazy fan, I had decided to chill further back and just enjoy the show, so I went and stood by the wall close to the bar. 
The pre-concert band wasn't that good, and I just stood there, waiting for them to finish lol. Then, it was Girugamesh's turn.
Shuu, Nii and Ryo came out first, and everyone screamed. Then Satoshi came out and everyone screamed even louder!! My first thought was "Omg he looks so hot!!" hahaha. Then they started playing songs from their latest mini album "Chimera". As the live went on, I was drawn closer and closer to the stage, and in the end found myself pretty close to the right side of the centre. Huh. Anyways, they played Vision and I almost lost it. They played Fukai no Yami and I wanted to scream. They FUCKING PLAYED OWARI TO MIRAI, MY FIRST GIRUGAMESH SONG EVER!! I caught myself thinking "I can't believe I am singing it live together with Satoshi" after like 6 years of singing it alone in the car. Ugh <3 They also played Border and then Break Down during the encore. Made me feel very nostalgic. So amazing.
I am so happy I decided to actually go to their concert. Their announcement to disband reeeally sucks, since I feel like they've always been there, since I started getting in to J-Rock etc. But I am so happy I got a chance to see them live. Satoshi's voice is incredible and they seem to have so much fun playing together and all. The amount of derpy vids of them on youtube is astounding lol. But yeah, it was such a great night and an amazing concert. 

Pre-concert smugness...
Post-concert mess...

Natural History Museum

Yesterday morning I headed to South Kensington to go to the Natural History Museum. Me and Sofia wanted to go there back in February, but the line was too long. Yesterday, the line was much shorter and I got in after 20 min of queing. There were ALOT of school classes there, but besides them, not too many people. I feel like most of the exihibitions were meant towards kids, since some seems a bit childish. My favourite part was the area about the earth, with volcanoes and earthquakes etc. Although, they featured stuff from the Kobe earthquake and the Tohoku tsunami...and I kinda ended up crying. Ehehee shit got too real. So I left shortly after that.

This building is so epic...

Kinda got the Hogwarts feeling as I walked in to the museum...

What a ridiculous animal <3


Elephants are so beautiful!

Taking the escalator through the earth~


They had reconstructed this store with a moving floor which moved so you could experience how an earthquake feels! Scary...

Then I took the bus to Oxford Street and strolled around and checked a few stores before going home to get ready for the Girugamesh concert, which I'll write an enitre post of it's own later! 

Fantastic Monday (?!)

I've had such a great Monday. I wish I could start every week off like this. Productivity, exploring, great food, cozy fika, window shopping. Doing all of this together with an amazing friend. 
Me and Alona met at Uni to fix some papers and get some signatures, then we took the tube to King's Cross, and then got on a bus to St. Paul's Cathedral to go and have some sushi at Yo! Sushi. Every Monday they have "Blue Monday" which means all of the plates have the same blue plate price (2.80£ per plate). So we indulged in some Japanese food, until we couldn't eat any more haha. 

Crappy pics since I didn't bring my camera... but ah well.
Then we walked to a nearby Starbucks on Fleet Street and took a fika break and talked some shit. 

London Fog for me ofc hehe
Then we walked in to Trafalgar Square and looked through some Boot stores in the hunt for some lipsticks (hehe). In the end we still ended up at always. I think I've decided what to buy now...I think. 

I want everything on this picture. 
But yeah, what an amazing day it's been! I was feeling so happy today <3

Solo Exploring

Today I decided to carpe diem and do some exploring in the city! I've found this cool building around Monument which I wanted to see, so got on the bus and headed to Momument station. It was the Minster Court building, and even though I couldn't get a perfect pic of the whole building (since it was freakin' huge), it was sooo cool! 


I wanna live here lol

Then I continued walking toward Tower Bridge (probs my favourite landmark in this entire city lol), and crossed it over to the other side of the Thames and continued walking over to London Bridge. 

Tower Bridge :D

View of the Shard...

The river Thames~

The Shard on the left, and Sky Garden building on the right!

Strolling by the river side~
Then I crossed back over, and headed to St. Paul's Cathedral. I'd only been outside of it before, but today I walked inside and my god it was so biiig! Like, I almost got dizzy when I was inside because it was so breathtaking. No pics from the inside though, due to no camera rule. 

St. Paul's Cathedral :D

So huge..
Then I kept walking on Fleet Street all the way to Trafalgar Square and got on bus 29. A few stops up I got off again and went in to Paperchase to lose myself in all of the epic stationaries they have. Heaven. Then I left and got on the bus again to take me home. Really nice day of solo exploring! This city is amazing! 

ESC 2016

So last night me and Alona met up with another Swedish girl from one of my classes and her friend, at the Swedish Church here in London to watch Eurovision Song Contest! They had lined up several rows of chairs in front of a big screen projector, and then also had a small café where they sold Swedish sweets, drinks and snacks. They even had hot dogs haha! It was such an awesome atmosphere and we had so much fun! 

My fave!!

Kiosken xD


London Life

Today was pretty much perfect. Despite it being Friday the 13th. How about that.
I slept in and had a nice and relaxed breakfast and then got on the bus to go in to the city. I met up with Clara at Marble Arch and then we started strolling through Hyde Park. There were quite alot of people out, because of the amazing weather, and we found a bench by the pond and sat the chatting about what not for a while. Two drunk men came by and tried to talk to us, but we couldn't hear what they said, and then one of them pulled the other one away saying "No man leave them. They're lesbians, pull back" and they left. We couldn't stop laughing. 

Oxford Street~

Entering Hyde Park!

Then we kept walking towards Kensington Gardens to check that out, and it was sooo pretty!!  

So pretty!

Then we took a lunch break at a random old American style restaurant, and we had some delish fries and I even ordered an epic Oreo Milkshake. 

This was sooo good <3
Cheesee and bacon fries... yes please!
By then we had decided to meet up with Alona, so we got on a bus to Trafalgar Square to meet her there. After the three of us was gathered, we walked up along Tottenham Court Road (as always....) and had dinner at a sushi place. 

Small sushi bento for me~
Then we just crossed the street to go for some fika and coffee and sat there talking shit until the place closed. We laughed so much, I hope we didn't disturb the other guests hahaha. 
It's days like this that I am gonna miss. Perfect days like this. 

Done and DONE!

Today I had my exam in "Shifting Global Power". It went well, I think! I could answer the questions and I feel like I wrote the most important was only 2 hours long so it was a bit stressful, but I finished in time.
That being saaaaid....I am now officially DONE with all of my schoo work! Hahahaaaa feels amazing! Now I have almost 3 weeks of just relaxing and having fun before going back home to Stockholm. I am gonna enjoy this time and explore the city a bit more before it's time to say bye bye to London. 


Guess who is going to Girugamesh's concert next week??? 
I haven't really been listening much to their newest music, but their old stuff is gold. I think it was back in 2009 when I heard their music for the first time...Anyway,since they announced that they're dispanding I thought "it's now or never". I'm listening through their latest Mini album Chimera now, but still, fingers crossed that they'll play some good ol' songs as well! 
Suuuuper old and nostalgic picture of Girugamesh. I remember how I loved this picture <3 I think I even printed it out and pasted it in my notebook haha


Yesterday, Sunday, it was super hot. According to my phone it was 28°C hot at around 14:30....eeeh. Despite that, me and Alona were good students and studied at bit at the library. I managed to wrap up my article and get started on my summary. Then we took a break and went and sat outside Emirates Stadium to soak up some vitamin D. We sat there and chilled and sunbathed for an hour before heading back to the library. 
I wish I brought some summer clothes...I only have jeans here...might have to buy some simple shorts from Primark haha.


Civil War, Bibimbap, Sunshine

 How random doesn't that title sound? Just fantastic.
So yesterday me and Alona went and watched Captain America: Civil War. I've been looking forward for this movie so so much and had really hight expectations for it...and what can I say...I wasn't disappointed. IT WAS AMAZING!! I want to see it again. And Buckyyy....I can't...just please, 頂戴?!

After the movie was over, we met up with Clara and walked to Holborn to go to a Korean restaurant called Kimchee. I've been so hyped over that place and I really wanted to try it out! The interior was really nice, the staff was quick and super helpful. And the food...was good! I took the Dolsot Bibimbap (ofc) and it was ok. It wasn't bad, but I won't eat it again if I go back. Overall, it was nice. 

Love the interior!

Fried chicken in a rice basket~
Bibimbap <3
Then we walked back and down to Trafalgar Square and bought some cooling drinks and walked to St. James's Park to chill in the evening sunshine. Such a great saturday! It's days like this I'm going to miss when I move back home...


Burning it up

It's getting warm here in London. Like, really warm. Today when I was walking home from Uni I was hit by the wall of heat outside, and it felt very nostalgic. The heat and the smell reminded me of Japan. Even though it was way hotter in Japan, the smell is the same. It's probably just warm air pollution, but omg it felt so nostalgic. 
I've also handed in both of my essays now, and done my final presentation. All that's left is an exam next week, and I have one article and a summary to hand in aswell. Then I'm done. 
We'll see how much I'll study this weekend. It looks like it's gonna keep being hot outside...might have to take a walk in Hyde Park. Or two. hehe. 
Old pic of Hyde Park back in January....

Turkish Feast

Since my Monday classes are over, and today is a red day here in Britain, my Monday plans were equal to zero. Until Alona suggested I come out to Wood Green to go to a Turkish restaurant that appearently had amazing food. Of course I was game.
Alona met me at the bus stop and then we walked to the nearby restaurant, which name I don't remember....We ordered a platter for two with different meat and stuff for 24£ which I think is reasonable. And the platter was huge...I think we ate half of it maybe? Maybe a little bit more than half...but you could take the rest in a doggy bag so that was good! The food tasted amazing. Just...amazing. Love the Turkish flavours and seasoning. Then we sat there talking shit for a while before we left and I got on the bus back home.
So nice when the main event of the day is food hahaha!

Starters: Fresh bread, dip and sallad.
This platter had lamb, kebab, chicken, ribbs, pork....everything. 

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