Last days in Umeå (for now)

SO as you guys probably understand things are a bit hectic right now. Trying to find somewhere to live in Stockholm, making all of the necessary preperations, say "goodbye" to everyone etc. Yeah, hectic indeed.
But I've still managed to sort most things out...kinda. And also have some free time over to do what I want. Like playing some FFXII. 
And other than that just hanging out with friends. Had a great time with Sofia and Otto last night when we watched "Om Shanti Om", my favorite Bollywood movie! 
Today I did some shopping in the city with my good old friend Ina. We had lunch at Rost and later had a quick meet up with Maja.

So yeah I'm gonna try to update this blog as often as possible now the upcoming week but due to several reasons that miiiiiight not happen....ah well, I'll try my best. So, see y'all in Stockholm.





Today I met up with the girls at Emma's to have waffle-fika! Haha! It was so delicious! We jam, whipped cream, ice cream etc. So good. And then we just sat and talked and watched some "Partaj" clips on youtube. That stuff is hilarious. 


I think I need some Phoenix Down...

....because my Behemoth died this morning :( WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I don't know what happened it didn't want to start up this morning and the screen was all black and didn't react to anything. So I went to Telia and spent like an hour there and in the end the girl was like "Nah we need to send this in for service". GAAAH SO ANNOYING I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AND IT JUST WENT AND DIED ON ME I'M SO FUCKING PISSED! And this means that they'll zero set the phone so ALL of my data on it will be gone. ALL OF IT! This really sucks. So yeah, today hasn't been a good day. Walked around angry and pissed the whole day. The only good thing today has been the FFXII gaming....that's it. 

Date night with Sofia: Sagami + Catching Fire

YAY I had such a nice time last evening together with ma gurl Sofia.
We met up in the city and went and had an amazing dinner at Sagami. We had like a 4 course dinner...delicious! Everything tasted fantasic and we really got in to the japanese-mood,you know. It was great.

The startes...yes, that's an octopus there in the middle.

We got to choose 4 pieces of sushi. YUM!

HAHAH Sofia's face xD

Fried chicken, Karaage.
Green tea mousse for dessert + a tea pot with green tea.
Then we went to the cinema to watch Catching Fire. Which was awesome. I really liked it. Since I read all of the books earlier this year I knew what was gonna happen which was kinda nice...but yeah, great movie. Watch it.

The capital

Yesterday was insane. And even through I got up at 4:00 in the morning and got to bed at around 21:30 it felt like one of the shortest days in my life. 
So, getting up at 4:00 was easier than expected. Had breakfast, got ready and all and took the car to the airport to catch my flight down to Stockholm (departure time at 6:35). Finally at Arlanda took the bus in to the city. Unfortunately, the weather in Stockholm yesterday was totally crappy. Grey, rain drizzling and just uninspiring. But I found my way to Proffice's office (hehe) where the interview was to be held and until it was time I sat at a nearby Esperesso House taking it easy, looking though some grammar etc.

Then it was time for the interview....I first met up briefly with Liv (the girl working at Proffice that I had been talking to earlier and all) and then it was time for the real interview. The ones interviewing me was two Japanese men. One of them spoke "fluent" English and the other not so much. So at first the older, English speaking man, told me about the position and the company in English. Then he wanted me to tell them a little about myself. So I did (in English). Then he wanted to hear more about my Japanese skills and my life in Japan...and from here we talked in Japanese! HAHA it was difficult in the beginning, trying to find the right words and all, but then I think it went ok. We laughed, talked about random silly stuff like how much better the Japanese travel magazines are then the western ones etc. It was fun :) Then when the interview was over they told be that they'll talk to Proffice and they will inform us applicants who got the job. GAAH!
After the interview was done I walked around in Stockholm, aiming to do some shopping. But didn't find ANYTHING I wanted. So sad. Then I met up with Anton and Vincent over "fika" which was amazing. Those boys are awesome :)  

Then at round 16:30 I went back to the airport and got on the flight at 18:55 back to Umeå.
So that's it. My day in Stockholm and my first ever job interview! So let's all keep our fingers crossed that this works out and I get the job!!! BUT even if I don't, it's ok. I still had a great day and a great new experience.


GAH I can't believe I have my interview tomorrow!! I wish I can say that I've studied and prepared these past few days but...then I'd be lying. I've been listening to some Japanese radio, looking up a few words...that's all. If the level my Japanese skills are now aren't enough, then this job is not for's as simple as that.
But, I'm gonna give it my all tomorrow and kick ass!! And I'm gonna enjoy Stockholm...because there alot to enjoy there. I'm so exticed!
I gotta get to bed early tonight since I need to leave for the airport at around 5:15....hehe...Gosh it's gonna be an  exhausting day but totally worth it!
Now I'm gonna watch some Supernatural and die a little bit inside :D YAY! 

Back and forth x 3 has been....somewhat hectic.
I went back and forth in to the city 3 times. Yup. 
First I went to go to the gym. Which felt good since I haven't been there in ages due to sickness. 
And then after getting home I just managed to cool down and started thinking "It's FFXII time!"....then my phone rings. And it's a lady calling about a job I've been applying for in Stockholm (I actually talked to her last week and had an interview over the phone about the job) and she said that the actual employer wants to have an interview with me...this Thursday. And you guys...this interview is gonna be in Japanese....oh God. So I freaked out a little (and said "YES" ofc) and then went back in to the city to Arbetsförmedlingen to show them the "interview invitation" from the employer so that they can pay the trip down to Sthlm for me. YAHEEY!!
Then after getting back home I chilled out a little...talked to Sasha...and then got ready to go to a meeting at work (the hotel). It was like a "Fire safety briefing"-meeting. About fire safety and was kinda interesting. 
Then I could finally get home and jump in to my fluff-suit and And search for apartments in Stockholm of course. Gah I can't believe it's happening!! Or more like it COULD be happening....but still, just getting this far feels amazing. And if, just IF I actually get the job...I'm gonna cry. Haha we'll see what happens ^^ 

Setting out on an old adventure

So yeah I dunno if you guys understood the meaning of the picture I posted last night so let me explain.
Yesterday I hanged out with my Player 1, Maja, and we made dinner together (an amazing salad with chicken and garlic bread, yum!) and then.....THEN we started playing Final Fantasy XII. I think it's four years ago since we played it.....I have pictures dated back at January 2010 soo...yeah, about 4 years ago. That's insane. Which mean playing that game is a crazy trip down memory lane, it's just SO nostalgic. It feels great being back with the gang, I missed them alot. I've only played about 10 hours so far which means I have at least 100 + hours left of gameplay. This is gonna be an amazing winter =)
Here's some pics from last night!

This delish!

My TV looks so small compared to Maja's =( It's like a tiny baby TV :D book..

I'll just let the picture speak for itself...


THAT'S RIGHT!! I got a VG on my exam!! I knew I could never get an MVG so I'm so happy right now! Yay! Starting today, I'm once again a free woman! WHOOHOO! And I never ever ever have to go back to Östra again!!!
So after a super nice lunch with my Dad I walked around in the city doing some errands and then took the bus home. Then the first thing I did was to get my PS3 back from the living room (it's been hiding the during the past weeks) and then played some good ol' Okami. 

Delish lunch at Vezzo!
Then later I watched the movie "Wreck it Ralph". I don't know why I haven't seen it yet, it was such a cute movie!!! I really enjoyed watching it :)

The Palm of Justice

Soo the exam this morning...eeh hehe...let's not talk about it.
Instead, let's talk about how eerie it was being back at my old school, Östra (I'm not gonna call it by the new name, no). I's been 5 years since I was there the last time. It's insane to think about how much things have changed since many people I've met, things I learned and just...stuff. I'm not even the same person. Not even the slightest. Okay maybe a tiny bit but that's it....It was a strange feeling.
Then tonight me, Sofia and Otto gathered to watch a Bollywood movie. And not any Bollywood movie, no no....we watched "Singham". HAHAHAHA. I watched it the first time during the summer and I totally cracked up while watching it...the same thing happened tonight. That movie is one of a kind...
You guys need to watch this movie!

Café-Sunday + Father's Day!

Today I met up with Sofia, the one and only. She was gonna help me study for my exam tomorrow and ofc also just hang out and derp. We did get alot of study done....and alot of derp aswell. But that's natural for us. It was awesome. 

Then after getting home me and my family went out to have dinner together to celebrate Father's day. I ate too much haha xD And I'm crazy tired right now...I think I'm gonna go to bed soon and watch some anime and read...and then tomorrow it's time for EXAM!


Yup, yesterday I started watching the TV-series "Vikings". And I just finished watching the last episode haha. It was really good. I liked it....yeah...


Here comes the pain
No but seriously, I'm sick. For real. Just trying to be funny (Slipknot <3) ....hehe.
I'm actually surprised that I didn't manage to get sick even earlier...I always get sick whenever I start working out again...and ofc, if this season isn't the "get-sick-and-die"-season I don't know what.
Today I managed to finish up my report. Hell ye. Now I only have everything else left. FML.
Other than than....hmm..well, I've been having this crazy strong urge to spend money I don't have. Don't you just love that urge. I get it ever so often. I get inspired to get something (new hair, new coat, new face...haha naah) and then I just when I'm about to do something about it....I don't. And feel cheap and am like "okay maybe I don't need 2 new coats (this is my reality atm)". Aaah...I really need to save my money for next year. For real. Since 2013 went down the drain everything comes down to 2014...which is a need. Uuugh...

"I wonder what happens if we try to eat the Flame Fruit..."

I've had an amazing day. Just, totally amazing. 
Hanging out with Ina, who help me study for my exams next week.So nice of her.
Ofc we had to play a little bit of Sims 3 aswell, that goes without saying.
And then, after that, we found some old stuff I wrote during our time at Ersmark's school (we're talking like 10 years ago) and oh my God....we found some hilarious shit. My throat hurts from laughing.
And guess what? Last night Google Chrome crashed and died. So I panicked.
Then I contacted my dear friend Otto today and abra kadabra (alakazam) now it works again. Otto's the man. 

Work + more homework

Yay I've had a really great day at work today.
I was working at the kindergarden in Sävar where I used to work before the summer. And it was great seeing everyone again! It's been 5 months since last time! But they recognized me (even the kids woot) and after touching up on the kids names again everything went smooth. Even though it's been pouring outside the whole day...
That aside, today I got some new information about the course I'm taking and stuff about the exams next week....and appearently I need to hold a speech for about 15 minutes about the subject I'm writing in my essay. GREAT....just I'm not stressed out enough as it is about the exams..
I did get a few things done tonight though...and awarded myself with a movie, "Pacific Rim". Damn, what an epic movie. Definitely the best Mecha movie ever.

Thor: The Dark World - Movie night with Maja

Soooo....last night it happened. 
Thor: The Dark World happened.
I met up with Maja and we had dinner together (chinese food, yum!) and then bought some snacks for the movie, picked up the tickets and then went back to Majas place to chill until the movie started (we had gotten tickets to the 23:30 show)
At the restaurant :)
So....what did I think about the movie? 
I've gotta say, it was better than I thought it would be. But I thought it was gonna be a total trainwreck so my expectations were not high to say the least...I just went to watch Loki.
But it had really good special effects and soundtrack. The story itself didn't really catch my interest. It had a few funny moments and such but...yeah it was an ok movie.
HAHA I discovered a translation error though!!! They translated "line" to "gräns" at one point when Loki clearly meant "kö". Such a failure.
But ok movie...Loki was totally hot though. I had to control myself not to squeal every time he was on the screen. Yeah...he was really THAT hot. 

Halloween party 2013!!

YAY just came home from the Halloween party together with the girls (+ Willliam and Otto). We all had dressed out (more or less, me and Sofia being MORE dressed out haha) and we had delicious fika and played games and just chatted and all. It was a really nice evening. A perfect, calm, non-scary Halloween. Just my type :)
My Indian Bollywood costume haha

 Sofia as Pride

Emma as Amy Farrah Fowler 
Anna as...the 70s xD


Otto :D

The whole gang ^^
Thanks for a lovely evening!!

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