Yeah, they call it "insane"

After today's dance class I had lunch with Sofia and Dena. We talked about the wicked image that japanese men have of romance,sex and marriage. They seriously have some grave problems, those men O.O

Later we went to Indiska to look at stuff to buy for our christmas tree next year (we realized that we have to buy all of that stuff this chrismas because we leave in September next year if it all goes well). We found many things for the X-mas tree aswell for the whole apartment! I'm so excited!!

When we got back to school Sofia and I had some time to be tardy. That includes running around in the basement, wall-rapeing and just be retarded in general.

Now I'm sitting and listening to S.O.A.D. Gosh I don't know how long it's been since I started listeng to them... many many years. And I still love their music. I remember (very) clearly how I had a HUUUGE crush on Daron Malakian, the guitarist. I managed to dig up a few pics of him that I've saved on my old computer....*silence*.....he'll always be my first guitarist-crush :']

Daron's guitar is still the coolest one I've EVER seen. I love it.


Today has been a good day!

We had an environmental conference (wooh big word) at school today. Me, Sofia and Dena were China. That ment speaking chinese/swedish, playing the soundtrack of House of Flying Daggers in the background everytime on of us spoke and then look away or alternatively look at the ceiling when one of the other countries gave us criticism.

I think I've gotten back my capability to study. I seriously thought I've lost it O.O

Right now I'm listening to Britney Spears. "Womanizer" makes me think of Gackt *w*

And I started reading "Goodbye Madam Butterly" last night. I've only read the prologue and I'm already greatly disturbed of the revealing content.

(there's no Top Gear tonight *sob*)

I have a feeling that I'll get that snow on my head the next time I try to go inside.....

Dad's car wasn't feeling too well the other day when it was -20C





日本へ行きたい -_-

ギルガメシュに会いたい (^w^)


These past two days has been a-FUCKING-mazeing!!!!


Yesterday me and Anna went to Sofia after school to watch ”You're Beautiful” ( a K-Drama)....and now I'm starstruck *w * All three of us sqeeeled, laughed and screamed through 5 episodes. GAAAAAH!!! I'm in love with it!!!



This morning all three of us took the bus into town around 10.30 and then went to my dance class. They helped me with my own choreography that I'm working on.


After that we went for lunch and then... Christmas shopping!!! YAY! It's been snowing non-stop now for 2 days so we've all had this nice X-mas feeling going on. We also went to a Café for hot chocolate =) Just perfect.


Mah girls!!

Hot chocolate!!



the mercenaries

I have to thank my dear Maja once again for an awesome evening with RE5. Although we already have finished the game we still play "The Mercenaries" bonus feature. It's fucking crazy. I have managed to get a sore throat again... to much





"I'M DYIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!"

The guy who put our plans on hold this time was chainsaw man. That motherfucker scary shit, I tell ya. Next time we'll maim his sorry ass. MOAHAHAAA DON'T MESS WITH US, SUCKER!!!



I had a really messed up dream last night.


First off I was with Sofia. And for you people that don't know, she've joined a band recently. Yes. And in my dream I got to meet her bandmembers, it was 3 guys from our school. And they talked about new songs, albums and going major and all that kinds of stuff. Sofia also had a photoshoot in her lovely purple dress that she'd been looking at....on Asos I think... whatever it was a pretty purple dress.


Then the dream took a rather interesting turn.


We, me and Sofia, were on Haga. We had just gotten off the buss close to Coop Konsum (a grocery store). Why? I have no idea. And for you who don't know, it's like this;

On the left: Coop Konsum.

In front of us: a small parking lot.

On the right: a kioks.

And then I see Jeremy, James and Richard from Top Gear coming out of Coop Konsum, Jeremy holding a rifle in his hand. And from the Kiosk Sofia's bandmembers came.


I was shocked to see the Top Gear guys there so I went up asking them why they were here, and Jeremy answered:


”I'm here to kill that guy...” and pointed to the leader of Sofia's band and took aim at him with his rifle. Sofia saw this and ran to her bandmates and yelled:


”No!! Don't shoot him! He haven't done anything to you!! Please stop!! Johanna!!!! HELP!!”

There I was, in the middle of it all. With the Top Gear lot on the left, and my dear friend and her band on the right. What should I do? Well.... I'll tell you what I did... (and it might not have been the smartest of choices..)


I marched, determined........up to the Top Gear Richard Hammond.... grabbed him by the collar of his jacket......pulled him closer......pointing at a nearby car on the parking lot.... and said:


” You and I are going to have sex on the hood of that car over there, right now!"





So I'm sorry Sofia, for choosing this man up here before you.... and sort of ruining your entire future in the music industry....since this guy's colleague shot your bandleader (because Jeremy actually shot him while me and Richard were.... yeah) ..... ehrm...... sorry 'bout that. Won't happen again.

And together we'll only look forward, even if nothing came to be done

I feel sick of my own unproductiveness. Seems like I can't get nothing done. These last few days have been nothing but idling. The mountain of homework and things to do get bigger and bigger. I get a headache just thinking about it.

I tell myself to do some of the homwork but always end up doing something else (like always when I'm stressed out)
Like today... I started working on my Vietnam assignment but... ended up watching ganguro and gyaru make up tutorials on youtube. WHAT THE HELL?! I don't even know how it happened... I hate ganguro and gyaru.

But even though I basically did nothing productive at school I was lots of fun with my friends. I had brought my porn (ZoroxSanji Yaoi for Dena) and my wig. I think almost everyone have tried it now ^^

An in the end it was just me and Sofia dancing in our classroom (everyone had left for the day) with her iPod plugged in in the stereo. It was so much fun.

So in this sort of... I-don't-know-what-to-call-it-mood that I'm having right now there is only one savior....Miyavi.

this guy never seizes to amaze me.

Tie Dye All In One

I had no lessons at school today! Weeho!
But I still took the bus in to the city, went and had lunch with the girls and then went to school. To study *sigh*

Later I had a driving lesson. It was fun but seriously.... it seemed like someone had picked up the phone, rang every person in town that owns a tractor and told them: "HEY GUYS! Johanna is going to drive on the motorway! EVERYONE, MOVE OUT!!" -_- gosh......stupid tractors.

Then me and dad went out with the car in the evening. It felt great and we drove to the new train station here in Umeå, Umeå Östra. It was HUGE!! O.O and in less than 1 ½ month I'll be picking up Alberto there! YAY!

And oh yeah. Sofia and I was looking at clothes on and found some astonishingly hideous clothes... I had to save the pic of the worst one just so that I could post it here and... well... let's just let the garment speak for itself....

....I truly, deeply hope that no one actually bought this O.o

I looked everywhere for you

Drygt att jobba igår -_- Om jag inte hade sparat till Japan hade jag fan inte orkat... aja.


Igår fyllde min kära Maja 19 år =) Gummsi!! Vännen lyckades övertala mig att jag inte kan sitta och plugga en lördagkväll och kom över till mig senare på kvällen och stannade till över midnatt. Verkligen jätte mysigt med chips, kladdkaka, mjölk (<3) och mkt snack om allt mellan himmel och jord. Speciellt mkt om peruker XD


Tackar så mycket att jag fick träffa dig på din födelsedag! Jag kommer ju inte vara hemma nästa år på din födelsedag =/

Jag har börjat inse hur mycket jag kommer sakna denna flickan när jag flyttar nästa år...Du måste komma och hälsa på annars kommer det inte att gå!!

Oh no lion-porn! What if they do that to us?! / Richard Hammond

I can't decide if today has gone by fast or slow...
I had to rush from my danceclass to the driving school. Where I had class for 3 ½ hours -_-

Tonight I've been studying and watched Top Gear. I'm seriously in love with those blokes. They're bloody brilliant!! It's airing again tonight at 02:05 (not sure if it's the same or a new one...) and I'm seriously considering watching that too...even though I have to get up to work tomorrow.

Jeremy: "That was bad.. and now it's on fire"
Richard: "IT'S ON FIRE?! It can't be!!" *looks* "Yeah it's on fire..."

I'm gonna catch this moment to upload a pic of my dreamcar. It's a late model but hey... it's gorgeous anyhow. So this is the beauty that I've been drooling over the past 7 years...

Dodge Viper SRT 10

Oh my God I'm running! I'M RUNNING!

Imorrse så körde jag snabbt. Väldigt snabbt. Väldigt roligt OwO

Sedan efter körlektionen så träffade jag Ina på stan och så åkte vi buss tsm till hennes lägenhet. Jättemys med kladdaka, te och 3:dje.

Nu ska jag va duktig och plugga. ALLT (projektarbete, japanska, körteori, u-landskunskap, dans, engelska och svenska)


kladdkaka på burk.



Volvo var större än vad jag minns O.O

en tekopp <3

Nowhere is safe....

Yesterday me and my friends saw Harry Potter 7 pt 1!
I must say... it was fairly good. Not bad. But not like... WOHOOO!! I still think they left out too much from the book even though I don't even remember a thing from the book itself... but that's besides the point XD

And the highlight of the movie was definitely Scabior...

Me: Oi... Sofia... who's that?
Sofia: I dunno *eats popcorn*
Me: Ey! Fanny.. who's that guy?
Fanny: I dunno... but he's HOT!

- after the movie -

Anna: Was it just me or was that snatcher-guy in the movie pretty hot..?

the Kladdkaka à la Julia that I made a few days ago.


even though the quality is bad you can still clearly see that is: Fanny, Sofia, Me, Dena.


(my first Hangul up there *w* fufufu)


I thought today was gonna be a lousy day (dunno why I just had the feeling when I woke up..) but oh so wrong I was. First off I had my contemporary dance class in the morning. It felt great and I realized how much I missed dancing (haven't danced in like 3 weeks). And then I had a nice lunch with my mom at Café Station. Really tasty Thai soup and then I took a pecan cheesecake as dessert. Yummy. So then when mom left to go back to work I stayed and studied some for my driving license (it's driving me crazy... no pun intended ^^). Then I met Ina's mom and little brother and said hi to them...then I went to the library to read my book <3 I'm so in love with it. At 13.30 I had scheduled a... make up guidance (whatever it's called in English but it's basically that you just sit on a chair and they put make up on you that you'll look fierce in) on The Body Shop. Awesome (so now I look fierce). And then I went home and read through my mail and guess what? My dress for new year's eve has been cancelled because it's out of stock!! FUUUUCK was the first thing I thought but then I realized something: Hey... due to the cancellation of that dress I save like 400 SEK... and that blazer on Vero Moda (remember?? ;D) costs 560 SEK.....NOW I CAN BUY IT (if I spend 160 SEK more xD) Why save the 400 SEK when I can spend them on something else?!?! YAAAY!! I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! And I'm now officially an shopaholic. I need to go to rehab or something after this....


these pictures were taken this morning *w*


Tokyo Military

this is not good at all. I've fallen in love with a blazer from Vero Moda. I need it. I really do need it. I've been talking about it the whole day... but I have no money left to buy it T___T (because of the big order of clothes I did from Hong Kong a few days ago) *sigh* Talk about bad timing.... what to do.... I'm starting to feel like a shopaholic. Not good at all. I NEED to save money to next year. Dammit all...

there you have the problems of a spoiled european girl. fuck...


Måste säga att dagen hart varit väldigt bra. Men flera intressanta vändningar... (フラット アッス!!!!!!! バスで!!!!!!! キャアァァァカワイイ!!!!)

Iaf. Jag känner mig lite frälst av ViViD. Sjukt mys med ett "nytt" VK band nu när det mörknar ute och snön faller.

Vill egentligen kura ner mig i sängen och ba mys men tänker hålla mig vaken just for the sake of it.

Känner dessutom för att dansa. Huh...

Dear ViViD <3

Across the border

Nyss gjort min största (och dyraste) beställning ever på kläder *w* 10 plagg sammanlagt. Jag e knäpp. Dock bidrog min käre fader med lite slantar pga av min upcoming birthday. Score!

Till helgen blire plugg, lir och Luck in the Shadows. Rent mys.

And oh yeah. Me and Sofia are now official prowlers (the reason for that is wiser to remain unsaid....)

AND OH NO! Last night I had an awful nightmare! T____T I dreamed that Uruha died!! It was so sad! I remember talking to Reita about it and said:
"I can't belive it's been a whole year since he died...."
" neither.... m-my best friend...." *sob*

and just for the sake of it... I give you... our gorgeous Uruha =)


今日雪はすごくふりましたね。うれしいですよ!雪が大好きですから!それで。。。今晩の日本語のじゅぎょうはとても楽しかったです。私は今本当に疲れましたですけど ^^ まぁぁいいよ!明日は木曜日です!そして。。。明後日は金曜日!やっと!


do they not have pen or paper where you are?

Ledig från skolan idag! YAY. Så då spenderade jag dagen med min bästaste bästis INA <3 Det hade vart alldeles för längesen sist och vi myste på som utav bara den med mkt te, sims 3 och pussel ^^ jättemys. Sen skjutsade jag hem henne till Böleäng : D guuu see duktig jag ää!

(Har desstuom besämt mig för att hoppa av Franskan)

Sen fick dagen avslutas med ett 32.05 lång samtal med kära Sofia. Vi är bäst helt enkelt. (fufufufu)

finaste Ina.

sen började Ina att dansa och då blev bilderna sådär....


I got my wig today! YAY!
When I opened the package I just burst out laughing! xD It's perfect for lolita cosplay. And also gyaru cosplay for that matter but hey, why would I wanna do that O.o

Anyway I started taking a few pics and then I realized: OMG this is perfect for a parody of Foki!
So then I started making stupid Foki poses and acted all KAWAII! 本当にバカな。でも面白かった!やっぱりギャルがきらい -_-

Shotgun + Machine gun = Awesomeness

Yesterday me and Maja finished playing RE5. We were both kinda sick and we coughed alot and stuff... not feeling all to great. But that wasn't gonna stop us from kickin' some serious zombie ass. Hell to the fucking YEAH!

And the final battle against Wesker!! OMG!! I had used up ALL of my ammo... really I had none left. Not for my machine gun. Not for my handgun. Not for my rifle. NONE. So it all was up to my parter, Chris "Maja" Redfield. We both thought "damn we're fucked" but then... Maja shot her LAST magnum shot. And Wesker died. How's that for being lucky? The magnum is a lifesaver. 

a truly awesome game, RE5.

(nu måste vi ba komma på vad vi ska lira nästa gång xD)


Early, I know but... yeah ^^


ehrm.... yeah -_-'

Part 2 of TARD-WEEK

Yesterday me and Sofia studied japanese together and painted : D YAY!
And then we were nerdy in the evening with our laptops <3 PETRILUDE!!!

And today. We went to the city. AND!! A freaky guy started to flirt with us at the liberary! HE WAS SO CREEPY!!
We had to make a running escape to the elevators and totally jinked the fucker. Don't mess with us!!
Yeah.... and then we ran a few errands and then went home and made Yakisoba <3

And now...We're with Otto, Dena and Anna : D
topics are: Sex, Hentai, Yaoi, Boobs, Assassin's Creed, Porn and a little Supernatural among others.....


today before going in to the city

Sofia looking smart <3

Anna, Dena and Sofia reading Yaoi. Otto being very much disturbed.


*focused*, *peace*, *whaaat* and *actually interested*

Part 1 of TARD-WEEK

well. today's wednesday.
Sofia came on monday. That day we made Okonomiyaki and Sofia had her first Japanese lesson. Then we went and rented two movies. Team America and Paranormal Activity. We're gonna watch the latter with the gang on friday.

then yesterday (tuesday) we ate at a chinese restaurant with Dena and then met up Anna and went to Otto to play videogames. We played a game called Amnesia and OMFGackt that game was scary. I screamed so much that I now have a sore throat. Brilliant.

Then today me and Sofia have just.... done nothing. Except watching Coffee Prince <3

just a few random pics from the last days:

*suddenly Gackt appears before Sofia's eyes*

*crossing one's eyes and at the same attempting the Uruha pout gives you indeed an intelligent expression*

*my dear co-nerd being nerdy <3*

(I'm so gonna steal that TV from Otto)


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