I turned in to a peacock and danced in the rain

Yehoo! Yesterday was aaaawesome! First I wrapped up my studies in the library, then I went to the Language Café at Uni to practice my Japanese. I ended up sitting talking two Japanese guys who was really funny! I hope I'll get to meet them next week aswell.
Then in the evening I had my second Bollywood dance class. We were fewer this time, which meant that the teacher could check our movements more closely and help us better. Now in the beginning we're mostly practicing Indian folk dance but in the end of the class we danced a real "modern" bollywood dance which was so much fun!!
Today I had my first seminar at Economic History. We practically just had small discussions in groups and then in full class afterwards. I find this subject quite difficult (since there's so much to take in), but SO interesting!!
After borrowing my first book at the library (*so proud*) I went home to have a "cleaning" evening. And after the laundry is done, I'm gonna reward myself with....SUPERNATURAL SEASON 10!!!! IT'S FINALLY HEEEERE!!



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