Player 1: On her way

Today Maja is coming to London!!! We have alot of stuffed planned, hope everything runs smoothly! Can't wait to see her! We are gonna have so much fun!  
Super old pic from one of our first (if not the first) photoshoots! I need more pics of us that aren't ancient xD

Some studies, some other stuff

Not much going on here, therefore the bad update. The library has been closed for the past few days so haven't been able to study properly. Me and Clara went to a café to study on Sunday but they played super weird and loud music there so that didn't work out...but I spent almost 6 h at the library today so, it's something!
Besides that I'm about to wrap up watching the K-drama "You're Beautiful". So many feels <3
Study pic~

Saw these super cool buses last week! Real old double deckers. Boss.

Easter Explorin'

Yesterday me and Clara walked and walked and WALKED around London. We beat mine and Sofia's record of 26,550 steps (which was at Disney Sea in Tokyo last summer). Yesterday we walked 27,179 steps. That's almost 19 km!! Hahaha!
In the morning, we took the bus to Notting Hill gate and walked up to Portobello Road and the market there. They had many cool stuff and tasty looking food! We got a paella for lunch and then started walking down Ladbroke Grove, stopping for some fika kinda halfway. Then we just kept walking south....and then walked some more. We walked through Kensington, to Chelsea, across the Thames and in to Battersea Park. On the other side of the park we catched a bus up to Oxford Street. Then walked all the way to Tottenham Court Rd to catch the bus home. It was a true day of exploring!! Loved it!!

Pretty flats in Notting Hill~

The market street!

Walking along Kensington High Street...

Some bubble tea break!


Days in Bath pt 2

On Monday, we got up early to catch a tour bus to Stonehenge! Visiting Stonehenge had kind of become a thing we just had to do (alot because of Ylvis...) so I was super excited! The bus ride took about 55 min and then we arrived to the "visitor centre", from which we got on a shuttle bus to Stonehenge. IT WAS SOOO COOL!! The stones were huge and really gave off a kind of mysterious feeling...I took like 100 pics haha! 

Visit centre up ahead~



Tadaaah :D

Are u seein dis?

And there was sheep around there too of course!

How epic?!

Then after we got back to Bath, we went and had some sushi for lunch. Sushi is always a good idea.

After lunch we visited the Roman Baths. It was super big and really cool walking around there...we were there for like 2 h haha!

A cosplayer xD

Then, after a short Starbucks break, we headed back to Sofias dorm and walked around campus a bit. There's so much beautiful nature around peaceful.

The white blob there is a swan :D

Another swan, just chillin :D

And some ducks AND ANOTHER SWAN!

Don't you just wanna run over these hills and just...keep running??

On the last day, Tuesday, we had breakfast at a local place close to Uni before heading in to the city. We walked around, checking in the final stuff and museums, having a light lunch and then went back to the dorm to pack my stuff. We cooked dinner together and derped around a bit before I took the bus back in to the city and got on my coach back home to London. We had such much fun together, as always, and I can't wait until we see each other again <3

A full English breakfast!

Sweet Sally Lunn Bun <3
And a savory Sally Lunn Bun!

Days in Bath pt 1

So on Friday last week I got on a coach to Bath to visit Sofia! The way to Bath was so beautiful. Like, the typical British countryside with green rolling hills. Fantastic. Due to a traffic accident on the highway, we got kinda delayed but in the end I arrived safely to Bath! We had dinner at a nearby Pizza express and then walked to the hotel where we would stay for the first two nights. 

Those white specks there on the hill...that's sheep :D

Sofia :D
 Carbonara pizza. Amazin'.
On the first full day together (Sat) , Sofia showed me arround the city of Bath. It was such a cute city, with gorgeous architecture. And we also ate lots of good food (duuh!) while derping around together. Just a really epic day.

Derpy pics is a must.

Epic church....

Inside the epic church!

 A light lunch!


Afternoon tea sweets <3
My new baby!!! <3

Having dinner at a French restaurant~

Delish lemon tart!
On Sunday Sofia had booked a treatment for me at the LUSH spa in the morning (got it as a birthdaygift hihi). I had the Comforter treatment which was a full body massage and hot chocolate scrub. It was just amazing. And the people at LUSH were as always super nice and sweet. Just loved it. After my treatment me and Sofia got on the bus to her Uni and her dorm, were we would spend the last nights together. Her Uni was so nice and clean!!! Then we took the bus back in and had some food and later in the afternoon we catched a movie, "Zootropolis", which was amazing!! 

On the bus~

Epic veggie burger with deep fried avocado and feta cheese. 
Krispy Kreme donuts for the movie!!

Easter Break!

Woho! Today starts 2 weeks of vacation! Or's a bit more than 2 weeks I think. Either way, I'm starting of my vacation with a bang. TODAY I'M GOING TO BATH AND STAY WITH SOFIA!!! I'm coming back to London on Tuesday! Can't wait to see my soulmate again!
Pic from when we met last month <3

Sky Garden etc

Today was kinda epic. After class, me and Alona took the bus to Moorgate to meet up with Clara for lunch. We found a kinda secluded Itsu and sat there gossiping a bit while nomming on some sushi!

Actually quite good sushi!
Then we walked to a Costa for some Fika, and then walked towards the Sky Garden building. We had booked tickets for 15:30 and walked around the area a little bit before going inside and taking the lift aaaall the way up! It was super pretty inside, and the view was nice despite the overcast outside (typical London feeling I guess...). Yeah but we walked around a little, took a few pics, but that was it. Took us maybe 45 min. 

Sooo tall....

The view!

You could walk around it like a square, with restaurants and cafées in the middle, surrounded by the gardens.

Tower Bridge :D

The Shard :D

I like Tower Bridge ^^

Clara's polaroids~
Then we decided to walk towards Tower Bridge and find a another café for some more Fika. So Scandinavian lol. We found the cutest little Starbucks around a docks area and sat there a while, chatting the time away. 

That's where we were :D

Cool lion sculptures...

More Tower Bridge pics hehe....

You see that cute little Starbucks over there? With the pillars? It was all round with two floors and it was super adorable! All hidden behind the big streets and all!
Fika! :D


Uwaaaah I just finished watching Legend of Korra Season 4!! Even though I've seen it all before, there's still so many's just soo good!!! Rewatching the entire series went by too quicklyyyy. I want more!! More ATLA and LOK!!! Ughh,,,,love this series so much <3

Fika at Scandinavian Kitchen

Today I met up with my cousin, Mia, for some fika at Scandinavian Kitchen! I've never been there before so I was super excited! For round one I got three different small sandwhiches with delicious toppings, and for round two I just had to get the kladdkaka. It was so gooood!! I'll definitely go back there if I start to miss home too much.
But yeah it was great seeing Mia again! It's so fun that we live in the same city (only for a few months but ah well)! Hope our schedules don't clash too much and that we can meet soon again! :)

They also have a shop where they sell different Scandinavian food :D

The best shelf <3


Pizza night~

Last night I had a simple but oh so fun Friday night out together with Clara! She had seen someone post a picture of an epic pizza from Pizza Hut and asked if I wanted to try it out with her. Of course I was game! We met up and took the bus in to the city, to Leicester Square and walked to the nearest Pizza Hut. We took a "share size" pizza, with two different toppings and then, the star of the night; Cheese roll crust (or whatevs). It was amazing.

Look at this beauty!
After dinner, we just walked around the area for a while. Around Piccadilly Circus, up Regent Street (finally found the toy shop where I bought my stuffed animal snake, Sookin, 16 years ago!!!), in to Carnaby Street and then up to Oxford Street. And then we just jumped on the bus back home. Such an epic evening! 

On our way to Carnaby Street~

Inside Kingley Court~


Day in town

Today I hanged out with Clara, just like last Thursday, and we started off our day off at a food market (again, just like last Thursday). Today we went to a new food market called "Leather Lane Market" and it did not disappoint. So many cool food stalls, the amazing smell of all of the different types of was glorious. 

THIS!! Grilled cheese sandwhich with mac n cheese and BBQ sauce! Ah-mazin'.

Clara's lunch = Jack Daniels chicken with mac n cheese!

Then we walk to Fleet Street and found a suuuuuper nice Starbucks and took a fika. We sat there maybe an hour just chillin' and talking. And I had this amazing London Fog drink. I've dying to try it out and it was just as good as I imagined. Happiness in a cup <3
Not a pretty picture but ah well. 
Then we walked down along the river towards Covent Garden, then we walked to Leicester Square and then China town. We looked around a few shops in the area before taking the bus back home. Such an awesome day out!

Walking towards the river...

Found this fancy little park along the way...

Cute soaps at a stall in Covent Garden!

Another weekend

Yesterday I went to The National Gallery by Trafalgar Square. I am not artsy at all, but some of the paintings there were just incredible. It was very nice. Then I just walked around Soho and a bit of Oxford Street before I took the bus back home. Then I had a over 2 h long phone call with Sofia. Just <3. 

I hope we all recongize this man....


A grey and rainy Trafalgar Square.

Then today I sat at the library together with Alona and Clara for a few hours. Got a few things done at least haha. Then we went to the "noodle place" for the aaaamzing noodles. I could seriously eat them every day. No joke.

Borough Market etc

Today I hanged out with Clara and together we went to South Bank and Borough Market!! I've been dying to go there since our first week here, and finally we had some time over to go there and explore. Borough Market is a food market with alot of stalls selling cheese, meat, pastries and just...FOOD! Definitely my kind of place. We walked around, looking at all the goodies, tried some samples and then bought some late lunch. Clara got Pad Thai and I got like a "Hog Sandwhich", filled with yummy meat and stuff. It was really good. For dessert we got some pastries and ate until we couldn't eat any more.

Borough Market!

Biggest Paella ever??

THIS was the sickest thing I've ever seen!!! First they melted the top layer of the cheese like this...

...and then they took it and scraped the melted top part on top of potatoes!!! Definitely need to try this next time.

Dyyyying for that lemon meringue.

Some Thai sweet coconut pancakes in the making...

My lunch!

 And my dessert! Do you see how huge this baby is?! And it had nutella inside! I still have half of it in my bag (couldn't finish it. I know, I should feel ashamed of myself).
Then we explored a bit around Borough, all the way to Elephant & Castle were we got on a bus to Covent Garden to do some more exploring. Then we walked up to Tottenham Court Road and took the bus back home. Such an epic day. 

Pretty buildings around Covent Garden!

Player 1: Booked

Guess what?
Maja booked her tickets to London last night!
She'll be hanging out with me for 5 days at the end of the month!
We're gonna have so much fun. I'm so excited!!! 

An old, but classic, pic of us <3

Scandi girl day

This morning I finished watching LOK Season 1. I cried a bit. Just like last time.
Also, today I met up with Alona and Clara for a fika-study-date. As you can expect, we didn't study that much. But I still had a great time. Of course. We, the Scandinavian gang, always have a good time together. 
We sat at the top café at Foyles for a few hours and then walked all the way up to Warren Street Station, along Tottenham Court Road, to catch the bus home later in the evening. 

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