Today has been a very interesting day. The day started with me looking at gorgeous pictures of Robert Downey Jr and Tom Hiddleston the whole morning which left me very...dreamy while going to school.
We we're supposed to have a presentation today at school but the people in my class all exceeded the time limit of 3 min so I'm gonna do my presentation next week. Yay. (My presentation is about Black Butler, if anyone wonders)
After coming home after school we payed the rent and our bills and after grocery shopping, me and Dena ended up on Tumblr waaaaay too long. DAMN IT!!! LOKIIIII!!! Y U SO AWESOME!?
That smile....

"Oh I'll show you how lightning strikes!!!"

Today Thor was angry. Very angry.
It started off with the sky looking very omnious and then before we knew it, we were in the middle of the loudest thunderstrom I've ever experienced. The sound of the thunder was insane, it sounded almost like a gunshot and like fireworks and a tree being hit and cut in half...all at the same time. Asian thunderstorms are not to mess with. Then ater school we had to walk home in this "lovely" weather. And yeah you know how rain is during thunderstorms....yeah...
Me and Dena after walking home...

Not happy.

Speaking of lightning....I've starting to play Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim. Seeing Lightning again makes me very, very happu. The thing was, I needed a break from The 3rd Birthday....but Dissidia is freaking difficult!!!! DAMN IT!! Story mode is sort of ok but when I try to play free battles I get my ass kicked EVERY time...but I won't give it. I won't.

Blue Exorcist

Like I mentioned earlier, I've started reading Blue Exorcist. And I reaaaally like it. The Okumura brothers are amazing and the uniform they wear in the manga is so cool!!
But yeah the story is great, the characters are not annoying and I really like the style that it's drawn in. Very nice. I have yet to watch the anime (since my laptop is sick and wont co-operate I can't watch videos/movies online) but I will see it!!

Forever 'till the end of time

And here we go again. Monday. New week, new challenges. I can say that I've been listening nonstop to Euphoria these past days. It's so awesome.
Anyway, I made my new nails yesterday. I'm not that pleased though...It may not look much, but it feels weird having so much stuff on the nails. They actually feel heavier. Ah well, I wanna try new stuff and get better at this so..
Pink flowers with blue and peal rhinestones.

Today at school I "accidentally" stumbled when I was standing up to go outside during the break and sort of fell over the Taiwanese guy next to me. He's cute so I don't mind but he might've....damn.
My empty classroom in the morning...

After school, me and Sofia went and had lunch together. And we took some pretty pictures.
My favorite~

On the way home I went to Starbucks and bought their new frappuccino, chocolate cookie crumble with vanilla pudding. It's only for a set period of time so I had to taste it before it's gone so...I bought it. But I'm a little disappointed. It was good...but it felt sort of weird with the pudding in the bottom clogging up the straw the whole time but...yeah....

OMG what an epic night

I...can't believe it. We actually won. WE WON!!! LOREEEEEN YOU'RE AWESOME!! Bringing ESC to Stockholm 2013!!!! HELL YEAH!!
So yeah, let me tell you about the epic night. Like I said, at 1:00 we got up (Dena never went to sleep but me and Sofia did) and then we went and met up with Lawler and then together walked to the McDonald't we were gonna meet the guys (Dena had gotten a text that said both Makoto and Sven would join)
Sitting and eating fat food in the middle of the night has it's special charm to it. We sat there talking for about 1½ and then went to buy snacks for the night.

Lawler and Dena

Happy Sofia

Dena and Anton

Makoto with Sven hidden in the background...

So yeah we went to 100 Yen Lawson and bought som stuff and then walked to Anton's apartment. Even though it's quite small we didn't have any big problems fitting all 7 of us in there. Hahah. He had conected his computer to the TV and we all sat there watching the show. In the beginning, we had some buffer-issues but that stopped after we changed the quality settings. And yeah then the show started =)



Snacks! It's not OLW and Marabou but...close enough.
I must say I found the songs in the compitition a bitt boring. Alot of ballads and not so much...SHOW, you know. I like Spain, Romania, F.Y.R Macedonia and (ofc) Russia. But Loreen was amazing!! Soooo amazing.
When the voting started shit got serious. We just sat the, trying not to scream of joy of every 12 p we got (since by then, it was around 5:30 in the morning....) And when we realized that we'd won......Wow...it was an amazing feeling!! I think I was too young to appreciate the last time Sweden won (year 1999) but now...I felt it. And it felt awesome.
When the show was over, we all said goodbye and walked home. I remember being back in my bed at 8:05 in the morning. I didn't feel the tired at first but when I was brushing my teeth before that, I feelt that I had no strength at all and I felt exhausted. Then we all went to sleep and I woke up again around 11:30. And now it's 12:30 and I feel a little strange thinking about the past night but it was totally worth it. Had so much fun!!
I'm just gonna take it easy today and chill. Yup, that's the plan. Bye!!

Time to rest before the epicness

There we go. Saturday: Finished!
Today I have managed to:
* Read alot (maybe not alot but it feels like alot) in my Harry Potter book (in japanese, of course)
* Paint my nails
* Buy 3 pairs of adorable sock (gonna have to go and buy more tomorrow, you can never have enough socks, right)
* Buy the latest book in the Kuroshitsuji manga series (YAAAY!!)
* Make awesome dinner (and ate waaay too much)
* STUDY (written down ALL of the kanji for this section and all the new words)
* Review grammar
* Start reading the Blue Exorcist manga (FINALLY!! And I think I already love it....)
* Wreck my laptop even more (followed the Vaio supports advice and now it's even worse and I can't use Google Chrome...fuck it all)
* Start playing FF Dissidia 012 Duodecim (It's difficult as fuck but I love seeing Lightning again)
* Drink a cup of vanilla tea
That's about it. Maybe I should start getting up at 6:00 every morning??? Anyway, I'm going to bed soon (it's around 19:50 now) so that I can get some sleep before we have to get up again. I'm planning on setting my alarm at 1:00. Well my friends, it's gonna be and epic night for sure. Lastly I just wanna say.....HEEEEEEEEEEEEJA LOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!! TA HEM FÖRSTA PLATSEN TILL SVERIGE!! DU HAR SVENSKA FANS SOM HEJAR PÅ DIG I JAPAN!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEJAAAA!!!

Epic preperations for epicness

Okey! Got up at 6:00 this morning. Then took an hour walk along the river in the cool morning air. And now I'm back here. Why did I get up so early you say?? Because this is all a part of the epic plan of the epic saturday of 26/5. Want me to explain it? Sure.
As we all know, on 26/5-2012 Eurovision Song Contest is aired in Europe. And even though we're on the other side of the earth and in a completely different continent, we want to watch it. Only problem is, the big ass time difference. We have calculated that in order for us to watch it live, we have to watch it at 4:00 in the morning. Did that frighten us enough just to give up. No my friends, no. We have made plans with Lawler and Anton to meet at a McDonald's close to Anton's around 2:00 and eat and then go to Anton's apartment and watch the show. It's gonna be epic.
So, my plan was to get up early (6:00) and then go to bed around 21:00 and then wake up again around 1:00. By doing that, I still get a few hours sleep and will be able to enjoy the show!! It's a flawfless plan!!! Sort of....
Ah well, I'm gonna try to make something useful today aswell, like study and read manga. Hell yeah. I might write another post before we leave tonight. We'll see!

Friday fun!

yay it's friday again!!
After school me, Sofia and Lawler went and had a delicious lunch together and I ate a beautiful lasagna. Hell yeah.
Now I'm sitting, eating my dinner, and then I'm probably gonna watch the last episode (out now) of Sherlock together with Dena. YAY!
Tomorrow is gonna be crazy. Epic, crazy and....winning. I'll tell you all about the details later ;D For now, this is an epic icecream I bought today. Enjoy.
The small black things are actually small chocolate pieces. Huh...innovative

188 cm

I feel totally uninspired. And tired. And fed-up. Earlier me and Dena had a fangirl moment and googled some Tom Hiddleston pics. This is by far the most epic one we found. It made me a little bit happier.

STUPID VAIO + Aaaah I want my Flareon NOW

My laptop is acting very weird. And not like it usually does, I mean very very weird. I think it's sick. With still 2 months before I go back home it can't break down. It just can't.
Anyways, right now it's Thursday morning. According to yr.no is it gonna be about 25C hot today. But you can never tryst yr.no. Ah well. We'll see.
I found this adorable picture the other day of Eevee and all the evolutions! Love it!!


Forget everthing I wrote in the earlier post! I GOT THE TICKETS!! The dates were a bit different from what I had in mind and I ended up missing 4 school days but....I got the tickets!!!
I'll be back in Sweden the 22 July and I'll go back to Japan the 21 August.
AND I'll be back for Christmas the 21 December (I have yet to book my ticket back to Japan...)
I don't know how to feel right now. I feel sort of bad for missing the school days but...at the same time, I get moore time in Sweden (and I got it much cheaper than if I wouldn't have missed those days...) Sooo....yeah, see ya'll in Sweden this summer =)


Today went by fairly fast.
After school, the three of us went to KFC to study.
a mountain of trash...

AND let me just add that I've been trying to reserv tickets home this summer but....it doesn't work. Airchina's homepage is fucked up and I've tried 3 times to make it work but it says in the end that the land code (??) is wrong and....I dunno....and now there's no tickets left on saturday 21/7......fuck it all. I'm gonna try again tomorrow but....I don't know....they don't have any type of customer contact address either so I can't email them and ask what's wrong....like I said, FUCK IT ALL

Dreaming about Gods

Last night I had a very good night sleep. I slept only about 4 hours the night before so last night when I was going to bed (around 21:00, early, I know), I was exhausted and I well asleep within 15 minutes. And I slept gooooood~ I usually wake up about 4-5 times every night but this night I only woke up maybe 2 times. Felt amazing. AND the best part was that I had a dream about Thor and Loki!!! GAAAH! It was basically a dream about "the Avengers" but I only remember the parts with Thor and Loki (and maybe a bit of Tony Stark in a corner or something...) And I remember that when I saw Loki (because I was IN the action) I just went in to fangirl-mode. I just stood there, trying not to scream and fought the urge to just jump him on the spot....God he's hot. Pun intended.
The awesome duo

And Loki gets to have his own picture. Because he's out of the world sexy....another pun intended.
I gotta stop this -___-

It's you and me, I know it's my destiny

I finally finished watching the 83 episodes of Pokémon I got from Ina almost a year ago. Watching these episode have given me this crazy nostalgic feeling and I really miss being a kid and just fool around all the time and play all day long. And I'm just 20 and I already feel old xDD
Anyway, Ash Ketchum is my biggest hero ever and I love him to death! I just wanna set out on my own Pokémon adventure right now!!! Screw becoming a translator, I'm becoming a Pokémon Master!!
My hero!

Mr. Robert Downey Jr

Crush of the moment: Robert Downey Jr.
Earlier today me and Dena also had a little conversation about this beautiful mans private life....
Me: Is Robert Downey Jr a dad???
Dena: Yes, he is.
Me: Huh...I have a hard time seeing him as a dad....
Dena: Appearently neither did ex-wife who left him and took the child with her....

Adventures in Kobe

Yesterday me, Dena and Anton went to Kobe!! To get there, we had to take the train for about...1 h 20 (and that includes a train change) But I like going by train so...it was not that bad. But yeah here's alot of pics from yesterday!
Delicious ice tea~

A close up of my new nails! Just simple blue tips with a glitter silver line.

Anton! (looking very sceptical...)



As you can see, it was amazing weather in Kobe yesterday and very, vey HOT

Then we found China town!! A street filled with Chinese restaurants, food stands and shops. I actually went there 2 years ago with my host family so it was a very nostalgic feeling to walk there again =)

One of many food stands. And one of my goals in china town was to taste as much as I could...which I did...

Sesame balls! Mochi (rise dough....) with anko inside (red pean paste) with sesame. Sooo good~

A shrimp-ball xD

A steamed bun with pork meat inside.

After China town... we started walking to an aquarium Dena wanted to go to. After walking in the heat for God know how long, we gave and took the train instead. The aquarium laid next to the beach (Kobe is by the water) and it was...so pretty =)
The ocean!!

Then we walked along the beach to the aquarium!
YAY! They had all sorts of cool animals in there!!

Horsea..I mean...A sea horse!!

Kingdra...I mean...another awesome sea horse!


Then we went and watched a dolphin show! It was amazing!! I've never seen a dolphin show before so I was as excited as the kids when the show started xD

If anyone wonders.... that's a penguin.

Shaved ice with mango taste!

Me and my bros.

Then we came to Dena's favorite place...where they had the jellyfishes. And I must say... they are pretty awesome.

Then we left the aquarium. On the way back to the station we stayed a the beach just to feel the water temp. It wasn't actually that cold...
Check out the taning line I've gotten from my wrist-watch!! Haha!!

When we got back to Kobe-city we decided to eat dinner. And what else to eat in Kobe but the famous Kobe-Steak?? Kobe-steak is famous for being very delicous since the cows the meat comes from are specially breeded and stuff. So, we found a nice restaurant and sat down and had an amazing dinner.

After we finished eating and we payed were just about to leave, they gave us these bananas. Why, I don't know. I thought it was hilarious. And then we discovered that they mispelled the one in the middle...instead of NO. 1 they written ON. 1.....Oh dear God....

After that we left Kobe and took the train home. We arrived back home around 21:30 and went straight to bed after an amazing day!!

I is quality whore

After school, me, Sofia, Dena and Lawler went to have lunch together at Saizeriya. Soooo good~ Then we sat there chatting for 3 hours about... random stuff!! It was great! I really enjoy the time we all spend together =)
Sofia and Lawler being HAPPY!!
I ate snails!! It's been forever since I ate it the last time!! Very good~

Don't have any big plans for tonight though... just stay in the apartment and try to go to bed early. The plan tomorrow is.... KOBE!

A normal Wednesday

Wednesday again. Had a very nice day. Here's some random picture from today!!


Dessert~ this beauty has delicious chocolate pudding créme inside <3

Got a "pepparkaka" from Anton. YAY!


Dena and Me~

Here you can see of a Kanji character have changed during the years...yeah... makes alot of sense *sigh*

Master of PowerPoints

I just wanted to say that I've made an epic PowerPoint for next week. Maybe you can figure out what theme it is...? TEHEEE

Who said Mondays are boring...?

I've had an amazing Monday!!
At school my awesome teacher couldn't stop annoying a guy in my class called Austin and yeah... I feel sort of bad for the guy, but I laughed my ass off when she used him in practically all of the grammar explanations of today. I love my teacher.
Directly after school, me and Sofia took the bus in to town to have lunch and buy some random but needed stuff.
We're sexy and we know it

We decided to go to a Korean restaurant in Yodobashi. We've wanted to go there several times but never had the chance so we were very excited! And omg.... the food.... was.... GLOOOOORIOUS!!!
This was their 950 yen lunch set. Soooo delicious! I love Korean food!!

After that we started walking about and bought some stuff. The biggest reason I needed to go into town was because I needed a new Nintendo DS case....I was fed up with my ugly Tinkelbell case (I only bought it because that was the only one they had in Umeå.....) so now I got a shiny, new one!! And I finally got a new note book (without any lines in it!!!) YAAY!!
I'm planning on writing something awesome on the notebook like..."Sherlock" or "The Doctor" or....maybe even "Torchwood"....we'll see. And YES I know it says Nintendo DSi on the case but...I..don't... CAAAARE!!!


God bless British series <3
Just saw the second episode and....I think I'm a little bit in love...

Meatballs, movies and Mjolnir

So...yesterday was boss.
Me, Dena and Tsai went to Anton's to make meatballs and watch movies.
We watched Rush Hour 3 and Thor (again) (Tsai went crazy when Thor walked around shirtles) So awesome.
And after Tsai left (she lives in Osaka now so she had to go pretty early) the rest of us watched Zombieland. Yay!!
We had so much fun making the meatballs and listening to Swedish music!! Hahaha!!
Tsai trying to convince Anton to put on the hairclip...

...and succeeded.

Tsai and Dena!

Tsai kept saying that her meatballs weren't round like Denas ^^




Awesome Friday

Hiya! Right now, I'm sitting in the guest room, eating potato chips and cursing my homework. I was supposed to have handed in a résumé-thingy yesterday but...I was so happy I forgot about it =)
Well yes, yesterday was awesome. School went by without any problems and during the last class my teacher stated that women are stonger than men. Why? Because we can give birth to children and endure that pain which most men would not be able to handle. And then she said the pain can be compared to trying to push out a watermelan through your nostrils....I love my teacher.
After school, me and Albert went to that epic café we used to go to when we studied for the finals. But this time we went just because we wanted to, not to study. And it was great =)
After 4 ½ hours at the café (!!!) we decided it was time to leave and when I got home we all bounced about a little bit and then me and Dena went to buy snacks for movie night (hence the potato chips leftovers I'm eating right now). Then me and Dena started watching a very....interesting movie. A movie from 2001 that was on the top 5 of "most unintentionally gay movies ever" and...I understand why. Hahaha!
Then, I got very tired. And went to bed with my DS and won against Clair...3 times in a row. A perfect way to end an awesome day.

Mrs. Productive

Since I came home frome school I've done this:
* Went to the supermarket
* Lie on my futon for almost 2 hours resting
* Eat dinner (mashed potatoes and tuna)
* Study and eat chocolate
* Watched 3 episodes of Pokémon
* And last but not least, sent my new application to CSN.
I'm tired as hell, my head hurts and I just wanna sleep. Huh...maybe I should try and play some 3:rd B-day before I go to bed....?


Today we had a field trip tooooo......NARAAA!! YAY :D We stopped at 3 different places and it was very nice and awesome. A little bit too hot though...The whole school went by 5 different busses and I got to ride in the same bus as Vincent, Lawler and Albert soo...of course the bus trip itself was freaking epic.
At the first place~


The second place. So beautiful and green!

And deers EVERYWHERE!!!!


Me and Dena with Anton lurking in the background ^^

Hi there~

Warning signs..

So beautiful

The explorers!

The last and probably most epic place....

One word: HUGE!

This was inside....a HUGE Buddha statue.

it's hard to see how big it actually was but here's a picture from behind and you can sort of see how tall it was...

And finally an epic picture of the fantastic trio!!

Back to School + New nails

Soooo yes...Golden Week is over and school has started again. When we had conversation in class I shocked the Taiwanese people by saying is snowed in my hometown a few days earlier. Then during lunch me, Sofia and Dena discussed the origin of the swedish word "Skrovmål". We did not arrive at an intelligent answer.
When I got home a posted my package to Ina and then wrote up everything I need to know about rematches with the gym leaders in Pokémon Soul Silver. I'm so excited to kick their asses again.
Tomorrow we're going to Nara on a field trip. It can either be amazing or...boring as hell. We'll see I guess.....
Painted my nails yesterday. Did a gradient effect with some glitter on top.

Epic Battle

I've seen 50 ep of Pokémon...last last week. And I found this badass pic the other day. Enjoy.
Epic battle is epic.

IKEA, H&M and Bershka

Today me, Sofia, Dena and Lawler went to Osaka!! We took the Hankyu Railway (for the first time) to Umeda and then we took the subway to Namba and from there the shuttle bus to IKEA.
In the bus..

Lawler and Dena
At IKEA, we had and epic lunch.
Then we walked and looked around a little. So inspiring. Then when we got to the food corner we went a little nuts...

I ended up buying a pack...

Full of awesomeness...

Then we went back to Namba and went to H&M and Bershka. I had great plans of buying alot but ended up with only buying a pair of shorts... ah well...
First a little stop at Starbucks~




Här är bilder från middag tsm med Sofia iförrgår. Mat.
Dagen till ära, PIPPILOTTER!!

Glad Sofia!


...inge mat.

Fushimi Inari aka Torii Rage Building

Yesterday me and Dena and Sofia went to Fushimi Inari. I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...
The shrine in front of the epicness...

Fox statues everywhere...

The epicness begins...

People could make and hang up their own Fox protect-charm..

And we found Sponge Bob...

Some smaller Torii's...

Going up the mountain trail...

This whole place was sooooo omnious...

Awesome but a little bit freaky...

Then we finally reached the summit and bought some ice cream!

Cute girls.

The view wasn't bad either..


Seriously...imagine being chased through here (with epic music in the background) surrounded by these gates...Epic.

Let Golden Week begin (for real now...)

Okey jag berättade inte om att igår så hade vi interview med universitets studenter... på tisdagar jobbar vi ju med våra individuella arbeten och till dessa arbeten ingick det att utföra en interview. Jag minns inte om jag berättat mitt tema men det är iallafall "Tv-spel". Såklart. Jag menar, jag är ju fan i TV-spelens hemland. Come on.
Hur som helst så gick det ändå helt okey med interviewen. Fick prata med en kille som var fett into Tv-spel och sa att han ägde över 100 st spel. En riktig lirare.
IDAAAG så hade vi första Kyoto Culture class. Det denna gång är det Murata som håller i lektionen vilket betyder = Craziness. Murata är helt galen. Och jag älskar henne. Punkt.
Och nu så är vi alltså lediga i 4 dagar!!! CHIIIILL!! Ser dock ut att bli ganska pissväder men vi ska försöka ha det så nice som möjligt och njuta =)
Lägger upp en gammal webcam bild på mig och mina sambos...tagen på UIG..aah the nostalgia~

The power that's inside

I've started watching Pokémon again. I'd almost forgot how amazing it is. God how nostalgic it is....I feel like I'm 8 years old again. God bless Pokémon.

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