Student life

The student life has begun again. Honestly, I've missed it. A lot.
Yesterday was just lovely. I walked all the way to Fridhemsplan in the lovely weather, did some grocery shopping, then I worked out a little bit, watched some OP, played some Naruto UNS3 and looked through my reading a little bit.

My beautiful Stockholm <3

This morning I met up with Iris for some early fika at Petite France. We've been talking about going there for about a year and fiiiinally we made it there haha! I had a gigantic brioche and a chai latte. We sat there talking for almost 3 hours. What an amazing way to start the day.
The brioche is almost bigger than my plate...

Then I went back home and met up with Sofia and unboxed our huuuge haul from South Korea. We had ordered a maaassive box of skin care and boooy I'm so excited to try all of the stuff! Woop!

Then we took the bus to the city to go to Sephora, then we chilled in Kungsan a little bit so I could catch some Pokes haha. On the way back home, we got some take out from Babel Deli (delicious!!) and then we spent the rest of the evening trying out some of our new skincare and watching some BTS Bon Voyage.
Ugh my heart <3 


Today Uni started. My third and last year on the Global Development program. It's been a year since I saw most of my classmates, so it was fantastic to see them all again. A lot of hugging during the first hour :)
First we had an introduction, then we had a class directly after that. Then we had lunch (and did some more catching up!) and then we had another meeting with our deputy principal for Global Development, with information about this third year. Kinda excited, kinda stressed, and a bit nervous. 
After that, the girls and I headed to Liljeholmen for for dinner! We had booked a table at a Chinese restaurant which none of us had gone to before (only heard good reviews!), and oh my god...the food was amazing. The woman working there was so sweet as well! Will definitely go back there!
The name of the restaurant is "Chong Qing", in Liljeholmen! Would definitely recommend!
But yeah overall, I am glad that Uni has started again. I 100% love my program (I am still amazed that I got accepted to begin with. I'm so lucky), and being surrounded with motivated and ambitious friends is just amazing. I am so happy :)

See you /Umeå

So on Tuesday, me Sofia and Lawler went out for a walk around Djurgården. It was sunny, I played some Pokémon Go and we had fika at Rosendals Café. Just lovely.
That evening I had to catch a fight back to Umeå, so I had to say goodbye to Lawler...for now! Of course, it always sucks not knowing when we'll see each other again, but instead of thinking about that, I just wanna think about how much fun we had together during her visit here in Sweden. 

Happy cows enjoying the weather!


When I got home to Umeå, late on Tuesday evening, we saw this aaaaamazing Northen Lights above our street! It was literally dancing across the night sky. So beautiful.
Amazing <3
On the first day in Umeå, I hanged out with Ina during the day (played some Sims 4 as usual), then I met up with Dena to have dinner at Pinchos (where I also ran in to Maja haha!). It was my second time eating there, so I decided to try some new dishes! Just like last time, the food was very good! Since the final chapter of Bleach was uploaded just the day before, me and Dena had aaaalot to talk about. Ugh. After dinner, we went to my sister's apartment to chill (she's out of town). Such a great day!

Poison free Mojitos <3

During my second day, I met up with mom and my cousin and his family for lunch. Then I went to my sister's apartment again, to hang out with her cat. Around 16:00 ish I went to Maja's to hang with her during the evening. We took a trip to Umedalen to catch some Pokes, then picked up some take away sushi on the way back home. Then we had a classic Maja/Loui evening with some game:ing, Witcher 3. Such an amazing game. And an amazing evening overall.
On Friday, yesterday, I also had some lunch with Mom, and then more chill time at my sister's apartment. Then I met up with Dena after she got off of work, to chill together at the apartment and have a sleepoveeeer! We had pizza, snacks and watched three movies (two last night, one this morning haha). First one was Boruto: Naruto the movie, then we watched Tiger & Bunny: The beginning and then this morning we watched Tiger & Bunny Movie 2: The Rising. We've been talking about watching the first T&B movie for the past 4 years soo...finally haha!
My sister's cat, Snax, who always looks shocked.
So today I've been hanging out with Mom (since Dad is away). We went to Avion, had some food, did some shopping and now we're just chilling back home, watching Patrick Starrr on Youtube. Her fave haha!
Going back to Sthlm tomorrow...

Reunion pt 3 - Adventures on Gotland

The evening before the three of us went to Gotland, we had a girl's night taco dinner with Anna and Dena! It was so much fun an we sat talking shit in Sofia's living room for hours~
We woke up early on Saturday morning and travelled all the way to Nynäshamn to catch the ferry to Gotland. The trip went by smoothly, we sat up on deck for a while and then went inside for the last part and passed the time playing games.
When we arrived in Visby, we took a taxi to our hostel where we had rented a cabin. Our cabin was super cute and very nice! Then we walked back in to Visby to look around and have dinner. We had looked up a few recommended restaurants before leaving Sthlm and found one of them, called Surfer's, and decided to have dinner there. They had Chinese tapas and was delicious. After dinner we walked around some more, along the wall and then finally we walked back home.

Waiting to take off...

Up on the deck!

Foggy seas...

Cleared up seas :D

Visby and the wall :D

Found a lot of friendly cats <3

These drinks thoooo

The beautiful coast of Visby...

Strolling along the wall...

On Sunday, we had rented a car!!! YES! A tiny little Peugeot 107. Since it was supposed to rain almost the whole day, we set off to Fårö to see some Rauks before the rain hit. Fårö was so beautiful. We walked around the limestone coastline, saw some rauks, A LOT of sheep, went to the lighthous on the very edge of Fårö and just drove around and enjoyed the scenery. We had lunch at an AMAZING crêperie that also had been highly recommended....and I can see why! The café was decorated with everything old. Cars, tires, buckets, refrigerators, you name it! It felt very "instagram-esque". And the food was incredible. 

Our wee car 8D


It was dead quiet by the sea...magical.

Visit Kuten Bensin & Crêperie Tati if you go to Fårö, you will not be disappointed.

These gallets thoooooo

Yup, we walked all the way up the lighthouse!! The view was spectacular...

Going back down was not easy, let me tell ya...
After leaving Fårö, we made a quick stop at the Blue Lagoon. By then it had started to rain, but the lagoon was so cool either way. Too bad it was too cold to swim...ah well, next time!

Rainy, Blue Lagoon
Then we drove around some more, on the east side of the island. To Slite, down to Roma etc. Gotland is almost breathtakingly beautiful. I can understand why people want to have a summer house there. 
After getting back home to Visby, we had a nice evening in the hostel's jacuzzi, soaking while it rained. Very nice.
On our last day, Monday, we had to return our car, but before that, we dropped by the port terminal and locked away our luggage so we wouldn't have to drag around it the whole day. Smart move by Sofia! So, car-less, we walked around the inner city of Visby and our first stop was the famous tea shop Kränku. I could've bought the entire store. But only bought some Earl Grey Cream tea. Then we visited a church, some old ruins and then we decided it was time for an early lunch at yet another recommended restaurant, where they also served crêpes. This place was super cozy and served deliiiicious crêpes, both savory and sweet. 

Epic ruins!

More galettes to the people!!!
Then we walked around some more, visited the botanical garden, and then it was time fore fika; Saffron pancakes!! The thing I've been looking forward to the most during this entire trip haha! And the pancakes did not let me down. They tasted heavenly. And the jam was really good too! Uuugh I want more...

Saffron pancakes <3
By then we were quite full, but that didn't stop us from walking down to the port and visiting the famous Ice Cream Bar with like 100 flavours!! I almost panicked. Which flavours to choose?!? I ended up with Watermelon Sorbet and Violet ice cream. Sofia also took the Watermelon sorbet, and some Dumle ice cream. Lawler took Pistacchio and Kladdkaka ice cream. What a dream. Then we derped around the harbor until it was time to board the ferry back home.

During the majority of the ride, we sat outside on deck, between two lifeboats, and sooooaked in the evening sun. Right then and there, with the glittering water, evening sun, light sea breeze and surrounded by my two dear friends...I was so happy. It was another odd "this is life" moment. 

These two <3

So we got safely back to Nynäshamn and then got on the boat buss back to Stockholm (which is a buss.....not a boat...obviously...) and that concludes our Gotland trip!! :D

Reunion pt 2 - Adventures in Stockholm

The first full week of our reunion has been great! Been going here and there, visiting museeums, done some shopping and a looooot of eating. Don't have much time to write any details but I'll just post some pics that I took during the past few days.

Home made risotto!!

Kladdkakaaa :D


Epic lunch!

Dinner at Tradition in Gamla Stan!


Another reunion with the guys :)

Crayfish party!!

Exploring old castles~

Stockholm after the heavy rain~


On Thursday I went to Arlanda to pick up Lawler. Yes, she's finally here. In Sweden!! We didn't have any major plans on the first day besides catching up and then Sofia came over after work and the three of us had dinner together and a great sleep over at my place. 

On our way out for an evening walk~

The coolest duo.

On Friday, Sofia went to work and me and Lawler went to Skansen!! What can I say, I love Skansen haha. Then we went to Gamla stan for some gelato and then we met up with Sofia for dinner again after she got off from work. Then we two of them went to Sofia's apartment where Lawler will stay for the rest of her vacation here.

A happy Lawler!

A peacock together with the biggie.


Peacocks everywhere...

Such a serene picture~

Amazing Peanut Butter Crumble at Stikki Nikki's

Yesterday, Saturday, I got a hair cut in the morning (nothing major, just freshen up the ends etc), and then I met up with the girls to go to Nordiska Museum! None of us had been there before, and it was quite nice. Veeeery stuffy though... Then we went to Kungsan and Max for lunch (hehe) and then went out to Råckta and did some maaajor grocery shopping. We cooked dinner for Lawler and just had a great time together. 
I am so happy she's here, and next week, we are all going to Gotland!!!! SO EXCITED!

A Perfect End

I read the latest chapters of Bleach yesterday. Only one chapter left. ONE CHAPTER! I can't believe it. Immediately after I finished reading it, I had a skype call with Dena. We basically just sat there screaming for 2 hours, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I dare not put too much hope in to the final chapter, but I hope for a satisfying ending. Pfft, like that's gonna happen.....uugh Bleach, I'm not readyyy!!
To this day, one of my favourite fan arts of Kyouraku Shunsui <3
At least he made it to the time skip...uwaah </3 

Vappan night

So last night I met up with my classmate, Iris, to have dinner at Vapiano and to do some serious catching-up! Since we got there at around 18:00, which is pretty early for a Saturday, we got a nice table by the windows. I got a pizza, which had figs, chévre cheese, lemon, rocket, honey and walnuts. It was magical. 
So we sat there, chatting about EVERYTHING! How the past semester has been, life, the future, feminism, politics, relationships etc. Just eeeeverything. And we sat there...until Vapiano closed at 24....hahaha! That's 6 h! It was so much fun <3


You teach me, and I'll teach you

The Poké hunt AW yesterday was lit as hell tho. I met up with Jonathan and had a quick dinner in Kungsan, then we started our hunt. We walked along the water, towards Skeppsholmen (and beyoooond!). Caught three new Pokémon, and many other that I already had caught before. But I think the best thing yesterday was taking on the gyms we passed along our way. It was so much fun teaming up and taking over a gym! I've only done it by myself so far really is much more fun playing together with someone. Epic. 
And ooooh btw. Just watched ep 469 of Naruto Shippuden....Kakashi's....face.....jbdsvksvks I die. 
To finally see it in action, in the anime...How many years have I waited for this moment?! 8 years!!?? Unreal. 
I'm gonna walk to Liljeholmen soon to do some grocery shopping, then I'm gonna work on my CV and theeen I'm meeting up with Iris tonight for some serious catching up! Haven't seen her in over 6 months!! Insane. 


Still not too much to update on... except:

* I am at lvl 18 now in Pkmn Go
* Went Pkmn hunting with Jonathan last Friday and it was epic
* Finished watching Gintama and I screamed
* Work is ok......kinda. Ugh. 
* Tickets to Umeå are booked (23rd-28th)
* Albert is in town (!)
* Lawler is coming to town in about a week
I've probably forgotten something...but those are the things I can think of right now...August is gonna be quite eventful, and before the month is over, Uni is gonna start again. Insane. 
Tomorrow Sofia and Satsuki is gonna come over and we're gonna make dinner together! YAY!

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