Psycho-Pass and Helvinek

Tonight I finished watching Psycho-Pass, an anime I started watching a few days ago. At the beginning I was a little bit sceptical but after just a few episodes I got totally hooked!! It was brutal, crazy and just awesome!! I really enjoyed it!

Yesterday, aswell as today, I went to the Uni to study and hang out with Sofia. Studying there is so much easier than doing it at home (with too many distractions). So today I finally sent in my first REAL essay! Feels good!
Speaking of nothing, yesterday when I played FFXII I got chased by a rare game in the Necrohol of Nabudis and.....I almost got a heart attack. Seriously, I got lost in the Necrohol and hadn't saved for almost 1 h and then that thing showed up! I ran like hell!! Luckily I found my way was terrifying.

Damn you Helvinek! You scared the crap out of me!!!!

A night you'll remember has been awesome (been hanging out with Sofia and Anton pretty much the whole day) but I'll write about that some other time. Because now I need to talk about last night! SOBEEER!!
Okay me and Sofia started getting ready at my place, listening to some music and trying to get in the party mood (which I didn't feel at all haha) and then we took the subway to Slussen. There we made a short stop at McDonald's, and then we walked to Södra Teatern and Sober!

"Wait what...?"

We are so attractive.
At the entrance we had to take a "alcohol-test"-thingy" (we had to blow in one of those things which can tell if you have been drinking alcohol or not) and then entered the club. They had two dancefloors, 3 bars ( I think...) and they even sold coffee!! Haha! It wasn't too big (I don't really have much to compare it to) but I kinda liked it. And there was such a big mix of people there! Like, the youngest was maybe 18 yrs and the oldest around 60 yrs....but it was mostly older people there (like around 30 maybe). And mostly girls/women. But I like it....I felt very safe. No creepy people at all. I was very pleased.
But yeah we sat down and looked at all of the people at first, then we started dancing! First we were at one dancefloor where they played really "flowy" music and then we hit the other dancefloor where "Håll käften och dansa" were DJ's. After a while we got thirsty and bought drinks (I took a lime tasting drink and Sofia took a raspberry/blueberry drink).

A little picture of how the dancefloor looked before most people arrived....
Then we hit the dancefloor again! And now they changed the DJ to....PETER SIEPEN!! Oh my god....that man...I think I'm a little bit in love. I've been having a slight crush on him since I was a girl (since his time on the television show "Närr och Fjärran" haha), but then I sorta forgot about him when the "Ola Salo-stage" of my life died a bit (since Peter Siepen and Ola Salo kinda has the same "feeling" about them) , but last night.....WOW!!! He was amazing. He looked amazing. I could hardly take my eyes off of him. Laugh all you want.....he was hot!!!! Definitely the best part of the evening haha!!

There were the best pictures I could take on the dancefloor....but still!!
Around midnight me and Sofia decided we had had enough and left and on the way home we bought some take away from Subway to eat at my place later. Haha! 
Nah but really, I had a great time. I will definitely go back there!!

When there's war and all is hell

Yesterday me and Sofia were incredibly productive. 
Even though I had no classes, I tagged along to the Uni together with her and while she had her class I sat and studied in the library. Then we went home and had lunch, and then we went shopping!! I only had planned to buy myself a new mascara but then we went to Zara......and of course I found something else. A coat. A long black coat which I have been looking for, for the past month maybe. So I bought it. No regrets at all!!
After coming home we studied a little bit more and then made a delicious bean burger dinner with pita bread and guacamole. It was heaven. Then we watched Star Trek. Hahah such a perfect ending on a perfect day!
Today I'm gonna take it easy, write on my essay a little bit and then tonight it's time for SOBER at Södra Teatern!
PREACH!! I want a T-shirt like this so bad!!!

Different, but the same.

Today I headed to Skanstull to have fika with a newfound friend, Dennis (the guy I worked together with for Plan at Tjejmilen)! We sat down at a café and just taaaaaalked about all sorts of random stuff. It's fascinating how easily it is to talk to some people even though you are in COMPLETELY different stages in life and such...well anyways, it was great!

After getting back home me and Sofia went grocery shopping and then made dinner together (tacos!) and now I have spent the past hours trying to write my essay. I'm very unsure how this is gonna work out....I still feel like there's a few things (the terminology is heavy as crazy and sometimes I just sit there like "wait what...?")  that I haven't figured out yet but hopefully I'll figure it out soon enough.


Woop! The past days me and Sofia has been listening alot to Ylvis haha. Those two guys....are epic. Probably the most random guys in Norway. Trucker's Hitch and Stonehenge has been played on repeat like crazy haha!

These guys though....
Other than that I've been doing NOTHING! But tomorrow I'll recieve my first "home exam" which I'll have 1 ½ week to yeah. Next week will be quite different from this one... 


Woop! Today I went to my first Bollywood dance class! Every Thurdays from now on I will try to go and dance with other people who's interested in learning Bollywood and Indian dance. I had such a nice evening a met some really interesting people. It was just great! Now I'm in total Bollywood-mode and just want to watch Bollywood movies and eat curry haha!

More 日本語

Today me and Sofia went to a Language Café at Uni. From 12:00 they had Japanese so yeah, we went and checked it out! There was ALOT of beginners there and maybe only 1/4 was intermediate or advanced. But there was many Japanese people there! Me and Sofia talked to a guy from Nagano the whole time haha. It feels like it's been ages since I spoke Japanese but went ok, I guess. Will probably go there next week aswell.


Days of Future Past

Today's lecture was really great! Since we've been reading a book about African development, the lecture was mostly how we should face the "crisis" in Africa etc. Even though this huge continent, with all of these multicultural countries scare me a bit, I can't help feeling fascinated at the same time. The complexity of development studies is vast and we have only begun to scratch the surface!
I can honestly say now that this program feels 100% right for me!
Tonight me and Sofia made meatballs with cream sauce and potato puré. So goooood! And tonight's entertainment will be X-men: Days of Future Past! So exctied to drool over Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy <3 <3<3

A red run rises!

Underbart med maktskifte!
Dock vaknar man med en bitterljuv känsla.
Väldigt tråkigt att FI inte tog sig in i riksdagen och HELT SJUKT att SD fick så många röster.
Känns helt uppochned. Inte OK alls. 

Friday and Saturday

Woop! Yesterday me and Sofia went to Anton's place to make homemade pizza and then have a little gaming night. We played TP Globe Trotter (again) and this time it was a race to the finish when all of us got " alla tårtbitar (lol)" but since Anton must've made a deal with a gaming demon and got lucky with the dice....he won. Again. Just like last time. Sofia was beyond frustrated.

Epic pizza!

Anton's final card...he got the green question. Seriously though...what the fuck.
And today me and Sofia went to Gröna Lund! Woop! Finally we got to go together again! And of course it was amazing. We also ate ALL THE THINGS! Now we're back home and are gonna make dinner, study a bit and then watch a movie, "Memoirs of a Geisha". Perfect Saturday!

Best picture of the day xD

It's a new day~

Woho! Today I tagged along Sofia to Uni and sat there studying for a few hours. Went pretty well...
When her classes were over, we had lunch and then studied some more.
After coming home we just dropped our things and then went grocery shopping in Liljeholmen! Now we have all things we need for week! YAY!
After studying the whole morning I just couldn't make myself open the textbook again so the whole evening we've just been taking it easy, watching TV-shows. Such a nice way to start off a new week!

This photo was taken exactly 3 years ago haha!

Tjejmilen together with Plan Sverige!

TODAY WAS AMAZING! Honestly, 6 hours of work flew by just like that. The weather was great (almost too hot sometimes though), the people I worked with was awesome ( I teamed up with another guy from Proffice and together we rocked!!) and all of the people at the event were so nice and cheerful. Everyone was happy, laughing and of course sweating from running 1 mile haha. The atmosphere was fantastic and I had alot of fun!

At Gärdet!

Home arone

Since Sofia's family is in town I'm gonna be all alone in my big, huge (*sarcastic cough*) apartment this weekend.
But, since I'll be working at Tjejmilen at Plan tomorrow it'll be ok.
Tonight I'm gonna take it reaaaal slow and just...relax. And go to bed early. I like that. Go to bed early, get up early the next morning. Ye.

Today's adventure

Today me and Sofia went on a little adventure.
We tried to find the "Japanese Institution" at Uni, and failed quite alot at first lol. But, in the end we found it.
And it was.....special. Hahah! The buildings in that area was COMPLETELY different from the "main" building we're studying in. about that. Anyway, we didn't find much. We just wanted to check it out, maybe find some "japanese-get-together-chat-group-study-thingy" or whatever but no. Nothing.
Then we went and studied a little bit before having lunch at the Uni. Afterwards, Sofia had a seminar to attend to so I went home to continue study alone. Whiiiiiiich worked out so so...hehe. Wow I really feel how long it's been since I had to study this way. Like, UIG x 100....almost. 
Tomorrow I have my first seminar and I'm a little bit terrified. Yay.

Global Development 1

Okay so now my university studies has OFFICIALLY started!
I have TONS of course literature to read and as we all know, I suck at reading. Heheeee this will be interesting....
Ah well, alot of my classmates also seem a little bit panicked so...we're all in this together! YOSHA!


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