Take that, life!!!

Haha life often tries to screw you over...but not this time!!! Moahaha victory is mine!! Even though it was quite an expensive victory....

with Ina =)

Today I had a fab time with Ina!!  
First Ina followed me to the...eh..."Arbetsförmedlingen" (hehe) in the morning and after being there for 2 hours most things were set and done and I could leave knowing that I'm a bit on my way now. Yay! Then we did some shopping and bought some lunch that we brought home to Ina's apartment. 

Later we played some Sims 3, ate some kladdkaka and dyed Ina's hair. It was awesome.

After getting home I fixed my CV and printed it out so it's all ready for Sthlm. Then to reward myself for all the hard labor *cough*...I watched some Sherlock. Aaa season 2 is soooo good. Benedict Cumberbatch is GORGEOUS!

Freak of Nature

Yay I survived work this week! Again! Get surprised every time...
So, today when me and Maja were gonna get serious with some "Kladdkaka" and snacks and all...I saw that Maja spotted something on the wall that made her face white with terror (dramatic, I know). It was a spider. Model: HUGE. OH MY GOOOOD it was freaking ginormous!!! Seriously, I'm not shitting you when I say that it's the biggest I've ever seen in Sweden. EVER! Oh my god it was so nasty. So Maja got the vacuum-cleaner and we killed that mother fucker. And then vacuumed up some sand gravel from outside as well just to kill it some extra inside the bag of the vacuum-cleaner. And just to be safe we put the vacuum-cleaner in their garage. Yes, we don't like spiders. At all. 

These pictures doesn't give the spider any justice at all since it was waay bigger than what these pictures show. But as you can see you can clearly see the spider on the last picture even though I stand several meters away from it. Just khbsvbkd *shivers*

" I left my riding crop in the mortuary"

I started re-watching Sherlock. Because of reasons. 

Continuation of the James Bond Marathon...




The photoshoot

The pictures we took yesterday turned out great!! Found a few new locations and the great weather made everthing perfect. I told Maja that we need to do this more often. Last time was 1 year ago xD But then again, I was in Japan soo..yeaaah...

Behind the scenes...

Have no fear that they might...desert me!

I forgot my camera at Maja's last Friday....and without any pics I didn't really feel like blogging...but now it's back, safe and sound, ready to capture any moment....or something like that.
Last Friday me and Maja started playing the next campaign in RE6. Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin. And we discovered that Jake has the same voice actor as Snow Villiers!!! GAH it's so awesome.
We also started playing Lego Harry Potter year 1-4. That game is freaking hilarious and so adorable. I'm in love with it.
We also had bbq for dinner. Such a perfect evening.

Last sunday we had...."7 Kamp" (can't translate it...) together with my relatives in Skellefteå. I had alot of fun even though I was dead tired from work and ended up in last place...haha.
On Monday I cut my hair. Yup. It's way shorter (in my opinion) and I now have side bangs. When I look in the mirror I feel like I'm 16 again. It's weird. But I like it. 
And then me and Maja did some more gameing and RE6 made me almost lose my voice due to too much screaming (getting chased by that big scary Ustanak guy #hellonightmares)
And yesterday after work I met up with Dena and Otto to watch some more James Bond. Last night it was time for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and "Diamonds are Forever". "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" was AWESOME!! The fighting scenes we're kickass, the music was great and Bond's one-liners were epic. "Diamonds are forever" was....slow...very slow. But the theme music is, and always will be, ridiculously good.
Today I'm gonna hang out with Maja and have a photoshoot! I'm totally excited!! :D :D :D


There's so much going on right now but I can get my head straight because of Comic Con and Tom Hiddleston showing up dressed up as Loki!! THIS IS NOT OK!!! OMG I'm crying!!! Jesus christ whyyyyyyy.....are you trying to kill me by a overload of feels?! In that case...IT'S FUCKING WORKING!!!


Too busy to blog

This has turned out to be a very busy week for me with work during daytime and awesomeness during the evening. So I have pretty much no time to blog about my life right now....but I'm gonna try.
So both yesterday and today I was working (duh) and after work yesterday I met up with Dena and Otto and we watched two more Bond movies. They're getting better and better and they're pure entertainment. 
Today my cousins and aunt came over and we had a bbq and ate cake (ate waaaay too much) and had a really great time together! =)


Wedding =)

Today I got home from Nyköping. Been there since Saturday when we took the car all the way across our long and beautiful country. Everything these past 4 days has been amazing. So much love, laughter and smiles. The wedding was beautiful and the whole event was just amazing. Completely unique. It goes without saying that you started to want to have your own wedding soon enough aswell. Haha..
I took soooo many pics but in respect of the newlyweds I won't post pics of their wedding just like that on the Internet. Obviously. But here's a few other pics I took during these past 4 days instead.




Not accepted

I didn't get accepted at the University. Guess I'll have to try to make the best of it and have some serious fun until I have to think about applying for next semester...

I give you the morning, I give you the day

Yesterday I hanged out with Dena and had an awesome time. We had lunch together, did some shopping and then went back to my place to regroup. Then we went grocery shopping and ate hamburgers for dinner. Yeah. When we got home we made macarons. Hahaha of course we failed at it but they still tasted delish. Then we started watching a new anime called "Free!"....it was....ah-mazin'. The fanservice was insane. I loved it.



Today I hanged out with Ina and we played Sims 3 at my place. Hehe. It was great =)
Tomorrow we're leaving for Nyköping and Erik and Laura's wedding!! It's gonna be aaaamazing!

Man of Steel

That's right. I just came back from the cinema. Went together with Dena and Otto to watch the new Superman movie, "Man of Steel". Neither of us had any expectations of this movie (well, not any good expectations) and.....oh my god...I don't even know where to begin. Only 30 min in to the movie I just sat there shaking my head and thinking: "No....no this is not gonna be good" 
And I was right. It was a complete disaster. Everything was wrong. I tried to find anything about it that I liked (besides Henry Cavill's face)....all for naught. Such a bad movie. And my movie standards are very low, I like practically every movie I watch so for this movie to piss me off this much...I gotta warn ya, don't pay to watch this. Spend it on ice cream instead.
 Honey...just don't.

007 + Birthday Party!!

Puh...right now it's like Wake up--->Work --->Meeting up friends----->Sleep.
One thing after another, no time to catch your breath. But it's quite nice.
Like yesterday I hanged out with Otto and Dena and just chilled and watched the first Bond movie. It was very epic, in many ways. We decided that we're gonna watch ALL of the movies. Get together once a week and watch one (hopefully two or else it's gonna take forever) and just live through the epicness that is James Bond.
Today after work I went to Sofia's for her Birthday party. Her birthday is actually on Thursday but since she's leaving for USA we had to party now instead. It was very nice and I had a really great time!! =)


Finland September 2013 = Checked!

The other day me and Sofia reserved and booked flight tickets and hotel for the Gazette consert in Helsinki, Finland in September. It's gonna be awesome even though we're probably gonna go crazy due to hear nothing but Finnish every day....like we're not crazy enough as it is...


"But nest, they must"

wow...it's been a while since last time..
well, not too much has happened.
* Watched both Madagascar 2 and 3 and I must say I'm surprised that I liked them as much as I did. To be honest, I liked them as much as I liked the first movie...usually the quality of movies like this get worse and worse but not in this case. Awesome.
* Been derping with Sofia. Just the usual. Food. Movies. Taking beautiful pictures etc.

* Planet Earth is amazing.
* Getting sicker....or maybe not but I ain't feeling any better..
* Picking up my reading. Started reading "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss again (read 20 pages 2 months ago and then stopped since I started reading Corey Taylor's book instead) and yeah...little by little I'm getting a hold of the story..
* (oh yeah I finally watched Inception earlier this week. It was insane. 'Nuff said)
* Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is taking off and I approve!!!

Even more movie watching

Got called in at work today aswell...at 11.30 ^^ haha. But it was a nice and non-stressful day soo...I don't mind.

Forgot to mention that yesterday I watched 

* Prometheus - OMG Fassbender as a blonde!! *died* But yeah really cool movie and Noomi Rapace kicked ass.
* Madagascar - Seen it before but that was yeeears ago and bless King Julian and the penguins for probably being the funniest animated characters ever.

+ I started watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which is an anime I've been meaning to watch since...2009...how about that postponing? 
And today I watched
* Snow White and the Huntsman - THOOOOOR...eh I mean *clears throat* ...Chris....Such a weird crossover watching Bella Swan and Thor (sorry can't get over it) getting all up and close....it's so weird...But quite a cool movie...
Now I'm gonna watch more Gurren Lagann :D

Mom's birthday!

YAY yesterday was my beautiful Mom's birthday!! When she and dad got off work the whole family went out to have dinner together and then when we got home we stuffed ourselves with sweets that we had bought from NK earlier. It was awesome and I think that Mom had a really nice day, which is all that counts =)


Work + more movie watching

Both yesterday and today I worked...today was ok but yesterday was awful. But the day took a real 180 after meeting Maja when I got off from work. We made fail-microwave-kladdkaka and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. God I love that movie.
Tonight I decided to watch Star Trek. And I'm a little bit blown away. It was epic! Zachary Quinto is soooooooo beautiful and gorgeous and he looks like a puppy that I just want to cuddle!!! GAH. But seriously, the movie was great and now I want to watch Start Trek Into Darkness for even more reasons (read: not only because of Benedict Cumberbatch)

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