Sthlm Brunch Club

To celebrate that we finished our first essay, the girls and I had decided to go to Sthlm Brunch Club for a well deserved, huge brunch. It was our first time there, and their menu had several delicious-sounding dishes! I decided to get the eggs benedict and one of their "insta shakes", called Strawfle (basically strawberry waffle).
And oh my gooood....the food was amazing! Their smoothies got the stamp of approval from my friends, aswell as their pancakes. The long wait (standing outside in the cold autumn wind for about 40 min I think...) was totally worth it. We could've timed it better, but either way, it was such an amazing way to start the day. Now I only have to drag myself to class between 16-18....I'm still so full hahah!

Aaaah <3

Birth. By. Sleep. Final. Mix.

The title says it all. 

Long weekend with Mom

The reason I've been MIA the past few days (or rather, the past week maybe) is because I've had my mom over visiting....and at the same time trying to write an essay. Yup. But I think I managed it pretty well, considering me and mom still had an amazing few days together and my essay is already finished. Hehe.
So yeah, here's just some random pics from the past few days with mom <3

I just had to take Mom to Greasy Spoon for breakfast ;)

Fika break~


I wish this post was about FF XV (which used to be called FF Versus back in the day) but
Although, it's about something good at least. You see, I started running low of one of my ride or die perfumes, Versace Versus, earlier this spring, and then happened to come across it while I was in London. So I bought it (super cheap as well!). Now when I was about to throw away my old bottle, I realized that my new one is waaay bigger! And I had no idea! So it's like a super win-win. It was cheap, and bigger than the old one. Awesome.
New bottle vs Old bottle
Only thing is my emotional attachment to my old bottle. Becuase, I bought my original small bottle in Shanghai almost 5 years ago when we we're moving to Japan. So it has all the Japan feels and stuff you know. But, the scent itself is full of "Japan-feels" and whatnot so...I guess I'll live. 

Finding Dory

Today I met up with Anton and Sofia at Mall of Scandinavia to go and watch Finding Dory on IMAX! Last time we saw a movie at the IMAX theater, it was Mockingjay Pt. 2 last year. The cinema in the mall is so new and clean and just aaagh I really like it! 
So, the movie....was great! I really enjoyed it. It was beautiful, funny and not too childish or anything. Not as good as the first but, you know, it never really is. And watching animated movies in IMAX is a thing. Like, it was dope. It's expensive as hell but ooooh so worth it. 

A blurry pic before the movie :D



Yesterday me, Sofia and Satsuki went to Gröna Lund! Satsuki had never been there before, and it was over 2 years ago since me and Sofia were there the last time, so we were all super hyped!
Since it is low season, the park opened at 15:00, and we arrived just before that. And after entering the park, we were blown away by how few people were there! Like, there was LITERALLY no line to any of the attractions. There was a lot of teenagers there and "fjortisar" etc, but besides that, it was kinda awesome.
We rode pretty much everything (Satsuki tried every ride!! She even went on Fritt Fall all alone! So brave~) and we had ice cream, langos and before going home me and Sofia stuffed ourselves with some donuts lol.

Such an amazing evening!! We had so much fun <3 


Despite not having any class today, I went to Uni at around noon to have lunch with Alona. I love that we can just meet up like this and chat and stuff ourselves with tons of food. Just like in London. 
Then I met up with some classmates to work on our group assignment. Even though we weren't fully focused most of the time (easy to get sidetracked haha) we managed to finish our assignment. Woop!
On the way home I picked up a package from Kicks with some make up that we've ordered. I fiiiiinally got my hands on some of Urban Decay's Vice Lipsticks. I got them in the shades Backdoor and Blackmail. Backdoor was kinda bronzy with a metallic finish, and Blackmail has a comfort matte finish and is kinda dark brown, deep reddish...just beautiful!! They were very pigmented and went on suuuper smooth on the lips. Love them!!

This packaging thoooo!!

Backdoor swatched to the left and Blackmail to the right. This picture really doesn't do them any justice but they're gooorgeous!

Weekend brunch!

Today me, Sofia and Satsuki met up for some good ol' weekend brunch! We had decided to go to Greasy Spoon, and arrived there just before 9:30, and managed to get a table booking for 10:00. Fair enough, we took a short stroll around the area, enjoying the morning sunshine. 
When we got out table, we got seated in the far back of the room. Probably a good thing since we're quite derpy and ridiculous and speak fast japanese hehe. Anyways, I got the Full English Breakfast, Sofia ordered the Eggs Benedict and Satsuki got the Eggs Arlington. The food was just.....AH-mazin'. Loved it. Maybe not the most cozy atmosphere, since it's so busy and popular, but during the weekdays it must be perfect. 

The excitement is real...


Then, to please our sweet tooth, we went for a fika at Gilda's Café. Super cozy, and very nice cakes.

Excuse the blurry pic but, see how cozy this place is!

After the fika, we walked around Söder a bit, feeling very full haha. The we split when we reached Medis, since all of us had some studying to do. But wow, what an amazing start on the weekend though. Imagine doing this every weekend....boy I would be so fat hahaha!

Shopping Day~

Today me and Sofia met up in Solna to have a nice, relaxing shopping day in Mall of Scandinavia. We've only been there once before, and that time we didn't even look through the stores that much (we only went there to eat and go to the cinama). So it was great to finally have some time to explore that huge mall! Going there on a weekday is definitely a recommendation...never been there during a weekend but I can only imagine...eew. 
The lightning in the restrooms were freaking incredible. No filter needed!
Made your skin look flawless!
 Yet another flawless picture in a different setting.
I must say, I really like it. What I like most is probably the different range of restaurants they have there hehe. Today we had a delicious Vigårda burger for lunch. So freaking goood! 

After the shopping tour, we split up and it was back to reality with studying and other school stuff. Gonna prepare some for my seminar tomorrow, and then I'm gonna keep watching Amber Liu's "Ranting Monkey" vids on youtube because I am dead serious in love with her... 사랑해요 ~


Yesterday I met up with Alona after class. We had a long lunch and fika together, doing some serious catching up. Spending time with her, I realized how much I've missed her. Our time in London together seems like ages ago, and at the same time, it feels just like last week. It's a strange feeling. 
Today I had no classes and wanted to be a little bit more productive than I've been so far this week. It went so so. I walked to and back from Skanstull, playing some Pokémon Go, had a quick work out sesh, cooked some food, studied kanji, read a liiiiittle bit...and now I just started watching a new anime. I'm only 3 episodes in and I'm already screaming. 甲鉄城のカバネリ is the anime called. Only 12 ep long + a movie that's gonna be out later this year. I didn't plan on sitting inside the inte evening watching anime but I GUESS THAT'S WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN BYE.

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