Sober! Round two!

Last night was Sober night again! This time the party was at Södra Teatern's 7th floor. Quite smaller than Kägelbanan but still very nicely decorated and with an AMAZING view! Also, this time there wasn't as much people (since the venue was much smaller) but the atmosphere was just as good. I went alone but did talk to a few people, took alot of pictures and drank the best drink ever! It was a mix of mango, lemon, sugar and...wait for it...rocket salad (sv: Ruccola)! Like, what?! It sounds weird but it tasted divine.
Anyways, here's a few pics I took last night. Big thanks to Mårten Andersson who made this happen!

Loved the decorations!

Look at this view!!

This <3

Postat av: ina

haha ruccola xD

Svar: I know! xD Sjukt random!
Johanna Lundgren

2014-10-30 @ 21:24:54

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