Christmas in Sweden


Last day in Japan 2012

I can't believe how fast time has gone by....feels like it was just yesterday I packed my suitcase, in the awful summer heat to escape to the cool summer in Sweden....but that was 5 months ago. Which mean it was 4 months ago since I left Sweden to come back to
Anyway, I went home after lunch today and waited for the delivery of my bed and Anton's chair. At around 14:30, they arrived and soon after that Anton came by. He helped my move around my new bed and then stayed a while to chat. Then he left for about an hour (had to go to school and fill in some forms) and then came back and we chatted on for about an hour more. Hahah

My new cozy bed! With Timani curled up in the middle :D

After he left, I took a nice bath and then made dinner. 
Now I'm just getting the last things together and then I'm going to bed!
The alarm will wake me up at 4:00 tomorrow!!


TODAY WAS AMAZING!! Everything went just....perfect today. Found the place for the culture day easily (everybody else got lost) and it was awesome and everyone was so nice....  
After the culture day (tea cermony) in the morning then I went in to town and bought the last things I needed for going home. I'm so busy with everything right now trying to get everthing together!
But yeah everything was so amazing today...for example, I saw a totally gorgeous man at the bus on the way home...AND the girl at Starbucks was very nice and friendly.....AND the Obaachan selliing Omiyages at Sanjo was so cute...AND my lunch was awesome....AND I saw two cats walking to Shijo....AND on my way home, I was offered a takoyaki ball from a stranger xD I was buying some for take out to eat at home for dinner and a girl that stood outside that also had bought some offered my one of her tako-balls (She was a friend of the girl that was selling the tako-balls) HAHA they were both so sweet and nice but it was so random!! HAHAHHA
sorry this post is totally messed up but I'm high on coffee and tired and just...HAPPY!!!!

By Heian Temple...

At the tea cermony place

The traditional japanese sweets we got before

Walking to the city


My beautiful Kyoto


The Test results!! I PASSED

Soooo today we got our test results's my scores:
Grammar : 83 / 100p
Kanji / Vocabulary : 83 / 100p
Listening : 43 / 70  (61%)  
Reading:   68 / 100
Conversation: 81 /  100p
Composition writing: 75 / 100p
What the.....the thing I hate and suck at the most went ok...but what I felt sorta confident about (listening) went very bad!!! And Kanji/Vocab and Grammar went AWESOME!!! I'm actually pretty proud over those scores....^^
So today when I got home I made lunch and then I went to Qanat (the shopping mall)...had to buy some müsli and oyster sauce....and a video game. It's called "Tokyo Jungle" and I've been interested in that game during almost a whole year now and now I finally bought it!! I was planning on buying FFX aswell...(I've promised Puppy to play it in it's original edition with Japanese voices and all....)....but I didn't buy it today...maybe on Wednesday or Thursday....
Then when I got home I cleaned a little bit and took out my suitcase from the closet and started packing a little bit. I. Hate. Packing. Soooo much. But I won't pack that much...I mean, I'll only be away for 2 weeks and I have most things I need at home soo...
Then I made a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and watched some Mumin =)


Today me, Tsai and Anton went to IKEA :D
It was always. And I bought a bed!!! HAHAH a real bed!! They'll deliver it on Thursday so I'll get to sleep in it one night...then it's off to Sweden ^^
Here's a few pics from today:


When we got back home to Kyoto we went to Saizeriya for dinner :D

Such a great Sunday. Every Sunday should be like this one <3 

A very slow but nice Saturday

Today was one of those days when I just didn't wanna leave the I didn't.
Instead I skyped with my parents, took a bath, ventured to the top shelf to get my Nutella jar, watched some Mumin aaaand....yup, that's it. A fairly good Saturday.

Used a bathbomb called "Big Blue" today which contained sea salt and seaweed! The scent was amazing!

Soooooooo good ~

Middle-terms pt 2

IT'S OVER!! The middle-terms are over!!! YEHOO!!

Okay first off today was grammar....which went....ok..... I know I did some stupid and simple mistakes and such though....then it was time for the reading comprehension which I hate....alot.....BUT I half-assed my way through it and by the end of the day...

Then I bought a bento for lunch and went home. After lunch I got productive and did laundry, payed my rent and went grocery shopping....and tried to find a dress for New Year's eve....Since me and Sofia are having dinner at "Rex" you can't just come in any kind of outfit...and I know that Sofia's gonna look fab sooo...I have to step it up.....
After that it was back to just relaxing with sweets and The Big Bang Theory. Awesome friday night.


Lucia and Middle-Terms pt 1

HAPPY LUCIA....or whatever you're supposed say...
Today's tests went.....ok.
The Vocab/Kanji test went really ok actually. I was astounded by how much I actually could write at the test.
The listening comprehension on the other hand....went not so ok. It was not that they talked fast or so but the time between the different questions was too short so before I'd even finished writing the answer to one question, they were already in the middle of the next one!! So frustrating....

I took the chance to take some pic of our empty classroom today before the tests...

After the tests were over, I went and did some grocery shopping and then straight home to study grammar. Which....went by quite good actually. Listening to French or Korean music somehow helps with my Japanese studying...who knew?
THEN it was time to watch the Lucia celebrations on SVTplay! Gaaah it was sooo pretty and all but....the rapper that came out 2 times...totally random....
But anyway, it left me with a strong Christmas feeling lingering in my whole body and all I want now is to eat a LUSSEKISSE.....Just one more more week...

Bring it on Middle-Terms

Today me and Anton stayed at school to study until almost 18....and classes ended at 12:30. I think that's quite good. And managed to study ALOT of vocabulary and Kanji so hopefully...the test tomorrow won't be too won't be easy, that's for sure...oh God....
So tomorrow's vocab, Kanji and the listening comprehension......
I can't wait until this is all over and I can do I've been thinking about what to do after the tests are over...maybe watch some Mumin....or Supernatural...or some anime.....something...
I've been listening to "Cry Reads" the past days (Pewdiepie's buddy, Cry...ChaoticMonki on youtube), basically he reads a story (often a creepy or scary one) and it's just....mind blowing. I'll post my favourite (so far, haven't listened to all of them yet) below and PLEASE check it's not that long and the story is amazing and Cry's just....pure...*dies*

A brief summary

So I think I can sum up yesterday and today pretty easily....
Oh, and it snowed yesterday. It melted away as soon as it hit the ground thought but at one point the snowflakes were pretty big....
I have my oral-exam tomorrow...A presentation in front of the class...I'm gonna talk about...TIMANI :D yay
Other than that...hmmm..not much to say. Can't belive I'm going home next week....I can't wait!!!

Min 21a födelsedag!!

Yooohoo nu är jag ännu ett år visare!! Känner mig dock inte äldre....nej...bara visare...japp. Haha nämen nu sitter jag här...det är sent och dagen har vart underbar. Varit full fart sen 8 imorse och nu börjar det bli lite halvkämpigt att hålla ögonen öppna....MEN ska först berätta vilken underbar dag det har varit!!
Så, vaknade kl 8 och sminkade mig, klädde på mig och gjorde frukost. Dagen till ära fick det bli bacon, äggröra och tomater. YES

Sen så drog jag på mig jackan och stack snabbt förbi vårat gamla shopping center (för att prova en kjol jag sett dagen innan men den passade givetvis inte) och sen tog jag bussen till stan!

Använde dock provhyttens spegel till att ta bild ^^
Det var ganska tomt på stan vid denna tid (ca 10:45) och vädret var perfekt. Klarblå himmel och inte alls lika kallt som igår.

Anledningen till att jag stack ner till stan vid denna tid var att jag planerade nämligen att gå till ett katt café innan jag skulle bege mig mot Osaka...såå...här har ni en foto-bomb från katt caféet:

Asså denna katt....var helt fantastiskt vacker. Den hade helt galna orangea ögon och var större än Sasha!


Min näst favvo kisse. Denna diva var fluffigast av alla.

Som det kanske går att se var denna katt helt galen. Det for under mattorna, jamade åt sig själv och drygade med alla andra katter. Knäpp katt..

Älskade katt <3

Tog ett tag innan jag upptäckte denna kisse

Har verkligen tusen bilder på denna katt...

Sedan så tog jag tåget till Osaka (Umeda) och sen tunnelbanan vidare till Namba. Kan redan säga att även fast jag gick typ överallt så köpte jag bara ett par tofflor på H&M. Men är grymt nöjd med dom!

Efter att jag var klar på Namba åkte jag tillbaka till Umeda och åt en tidig middag på min favorit restaurang!! Efter det så gick jag runt i massa olika affärer men....köpte inget. Så, jag gick på ett café och åt en glass/drink/whatever som jag suktat efter sen jag var i Japan för 2 ½ år sedan....och jäääävlar efter att ha väntat så länge att få smaka den....asså den var helt gudomlig. Den som väntar på något gott....


Herre min gud....så GOTT!!

Sen så stack jag och körde karaoke i en timma :D HAHAHA så sjukt kul det var att bara skrik-sjunga helt själv utan några hämmningar! Och bara ens egna favvo låtar!! Helt underbart!!

Sen så begav jag mig sist mot...Lush. Hehe. Och efter att ha spenderat mindre pengar än vad jag räknat med, gick jag för att ta tåget hem till Kyoto igen.


Efter jag kommit hem till lägenheten igen så tryckte jag i mig två tårtbitar som jag köpte igår och ska nu vispa ihop en varm kopp choklad. Kl är 23 nu men har lite stuff att fixa inför imorrn osv...då blire ju tillbaka till verkligheten med ett middle-terms test på tors & fredag...Kul....

MEN HUR SOM HELST idag har vart så galet härligt och egotrippat att det inte är sant!!!! Tack till alla som har gratulerat mig!! Haft en riktigt bra födelsedag =)

Best Yakiniku EVER - Last night as 20 years old

So during the day today I didn't do much.
I studied a little bit.
Took a bath.
Went grocery shopping.
At around 18 o'clock I started walking towards the city. It was veeery cold but it felt so nostalgic so instead of taking the train half way I walked all the may to Sanjo. There I met up with Tsai and Anton and then we went for....YAKINIKU :D 
We went to a place I never been before but I've seen that alot of ppl from school has been there (from classparty pictures etc) and omg....I think that's the best Yakiniku restaurant I've ever been to. The meat was delicious, the service was very good and the atmosphere was amazing. We had such a great time!

They had even bought be presents!! They're too sweet!! Here I'm hugging the package of rice they gave me xD

When we were done and had left we split up at Sanjo and went home. I had such a great night =) Here's a better pic of the presents I got:

From the left: Hot chocolate powder, Tim Tam (HEEEELL YEAH), Osaka Dialect cards, a necklace and rice ^^

It's sooo pretty~ 

Now I'm soon gonna go to bed. Gotta be well-rested for tomorrows adventures =)


Yesterday started out as a really crappy day....
I don't know why but I wasn't in the mood for anything, much less reading comprehension class....
BUT ofc it all took a 180 turn after lunch. Why? Thanks to Anton and Tsai. Being with them really lifts up my spirit and they make me so happy. So we bought lunch and ate it together in the lobby at school.

Then we sat there and studied. I used "Anki" for the first time (a program you can install on your computer or download for your smartphone and use it for studing vocabularies etc) and it worked amazing! Thank you Anton for helping me out ^^ When my laptop's battery died I studied some grammar aswell...

Then around 16 o'clock I decided I've done enough and packed my things and left. I'd planned and epic night at home so I went by the bakery close to school and bought two pastries and then went by "Life" and got a tempura bento.

Delicious fried stuff <3
Then.....omg....I washed Timani!!!! GAAAH it looked horrible with her soaked in the tub and whatever she's stuffed with got really heavy so went I held her it almost felt like Sasha O___O 

She's right now drying up on my balcony...hahah aaah poor Timani..

Then I curled up in my bed in my pyjamas, lit two candles and all and watched BOTH "Sex and the City" movies while eating pastries. I don't know why but I got this sudden urge just two watch them...and they make me so happy. A really good ending on a good day.


Thuuursday I had my delicious bento lunch. Fried chicken and lots and lots of other good stuff!!

Definitely one ot the best fried chicken I've ever had...way better than KFC ;D

After I got home I cleaned the apartment and moved around some stuff. 
Then I had a looong skype chat with SOFIA!!!!! Aaaah it was so awesome....I miss her so much...
I was planning on washing Timani aswell tonight but it's getting late so I think I'll do it tomorrow...
yes....that's all. Good night!

Calm but sweet and spicy

I didn't eat the delicious bento lunch today...I ate something even more delicious. Indian food!!! After classes was over me, Tsai, Anton and Vincent went to the  Indian restaurant close to school. It's been a while since I ate there so it was even more delicious!!

Then we all went back to school to study...that was around 14:00 and me and Vincent left at around 18:00!!!! Hahah studying went very well but ofc we took breaks and talked alot and stuff...but I think I managed to get a few things out of the way...
This day has gone by so fast!! And soon it's only 2 weeks until I'm coming home to Sweden!!!! YEHOOO

A really kickass Tuesday

That's right!! Two kickass days in a row! Woho!!
What made today awesome was that we had a trip to a school today to learn how to make New Year's decorations made out of straw. The ones teaching us was 2 (very) old "obaasan's" (old ladies) and we got to talk to the students (they were about 12 yrs old) and just have fun. They were all so nice and cute!!!

At the school

Me and Tsai xD


Mii :D


While we were walking around a little bit looking at other peoples decorations, a short kid came up to me and said:
" friend likes you" he said and pointed to his friend, standing by the wall a few feet away with his other friends. At first I was just like....wait, what?? but then I played along and asked:
" Oh really, which one of them??" As we looked at them they started to point at each other nervously but when the kid next to me said "The guy in the red sweater" it was pretty clear who he was talking about. So I waved at him....and he blushed and ran away. HAHAHAHAH!!!! 
When the whole thing was over, we went and bought lunch bentos at the bento place next to school. I've wanted to go there several times but never done it and OMG from now on....I want to buy lunch there EVERY DAY!! It was so good I almost wanted to cry. Honestly. I'm gonna buy lunch there tomorrow when I'm gonna stay at school to study after classes!! I'm already looking forward to it!!

This was the "hamburger" bento. Freshly made and soooo delicious!!! And with all of the different side dishes, not too unhealthy either. I love japanese food <3

A really kickass Monday

Today has been aaaaaaamazing!! 
Classes went by pretty ok and then when it was time for lunch me, Tsai, Anton and Kyo went to Osho!! We each got one BIG Yakimeshi plate (rise and egg and meat) and gyoza and stuff. Soooo good ~

The me and Tsai went back to school to study. But....that didn't go all too well. I had my laptop with me (so that I could study Kanji) so we ended up looking at old photos of me, Sofia, Dena and pictures of Sweden. Hahah Tsai was so excited xD Then we took a short study break and got some stuff out of the way and then our classmate Akio came over to say goodbye (he's only here on a short term program with his american classmates and today was his last day at school). I'm really gonna miss him alot. I even though he hasn't been here that long I really really wish he could've stayed longer.....So yeah, I gave him a huge hug and wished him the best with his future studies....

Then.....omg.....HAHAHAH....Then his friend came up to me...and.....hahah he told me something that just....Left me a little bit dumbstruck...and blushing.....very much...
THEN we heard the the Emperor of Japan was gonna ride by in his car and waved at people through the street outside of the school. Since it's election time and all I guess....So we all got outside and waited. And when they drove by we all cheered and waved =) Hahah he was so cute and his wife was BEAUTIFUL!!! I only managed to take really shitty pics so...yeah..

Yup...that's it. The Emperor's car....pretty huh? Too bad I couldn't get a pic of the Emperor himself...*sigh*

When  I got home I procrastinated and had some chocolate for dinner (I know...healthy,right?) and then a looong skype session with my wonderful Maja. AWESOME DAY!!!

N2 and 1st Advent

N2 today was awful. 
I failed it. I know I did.
I know I nailed ONE Kanji though....and that makes me happy.
Anyhow, when I got home I jumped in the tub together with my jellies and a christmas smelling bathbomb from Lush and tried to forget about the test. Then I had dinner and after that I first skyped with my parents and then with INA! So awesome.
My dad has sent me pictures of the snow at home right now and looking at them makes me just wanna get on the plane and go home NOW!!

Final concentration

So after I came home after today's little adventure I first had some difficulty concentrating on my studies so I decided to eat dinner instead. When my belly was full of minced meat, avocado, tomatoes and nori I decided to get my act together and review the grammar one last time. I lit some candles, made a cup of hot vanilla tea and with the "Eternal Sonata" soundtrack in the background, I finally could concentrate. Now I'm gonna watch a movie (a random japanese movie I stumbled across) BUT first I'm gonna watch the first episode of....JULKALENDERN: MYSTERIET PÅ GREVEHOLM: Grevens återkomst!!

1a December - Julpynt, plugg och allmänt fixande & donande

Kan inte fatta att det är 1a december idag....HELT STÖRT!!
Vaknade i mysig tid runt 8:30 och låg kvar i sängen och degade lite med datorn till typ 10.
Efter en kopp kaffe och lite Kanji plugg drog jag på mig kläder och stack och tog ut pengar och sen for jag och handlade. Massa kött blev det och sötsaker tills imorrn. Tänkte tanka på med socker mellan varje delprov så jag är "på topp". 

Sen blev det fram med det lilla julpynt jag har och fram med lill-granen!

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