Taco and board game night with the GU girls

Last night I med up with three of my classmates from uni, for some tacos and board games! We played a game called "Betrayal at the house on the hill". It was a bit complicated at first but reeeeally cool! I was the first one to die tho lol. But I feel like it'll go much better next time we play it! It was such a great evening with my mates and I got home after midnight...

Today I'm gonna work from home and try to get some words down on my thesis. 화이팅!

The first week + Kingsglaive angst

It's been a week since my last course started, writing my BA thesis. Doesn't feel like I've done that much to be honest...I've read an interesting but kinda upsetting book about the masculinization of Chinas demography, searched some articles and data etc. But yeah...no. I don't like this hahaha. But ofc I'll figure it out somehow.
Sooo in the middle of my FFXV angst state I decided to rewatch Kingsglaive. I do think it's an epic movie, and it felt very different watching it now post FFXV, than how it felt watching it before playing the game. The angst tho.
Aaand I played the new Chapter 13 patch with Gladio and Ignis. I screamed a bit while playing it, ngl. I also bought Episode Gladiolus, which I am excited to play! Hope I'll have time to play it this weekend.

Friday fika at Älskade Traditioner

Yes, as the title says, today we decided to celebrate Friday by going to Älskade Traditioner. I've been wanting to go there and try out their waffles for a little while now...and I was not let down!
We arrived at the café at around 16:00 ish, and there was one big table free for us! I assume that it gets pretty crowded earlier during the day so I think we arrived at a good time. The interior was very cute and cozy! People between all ages were there too. 

Anyways, they had so many things that sounded delicious but in the end I decided on the apple pie waffle! It had apple pieces, ice cream, almonds (I think), whipped cream and caramel sauce. It was suuuuper tasty!! Everyone was very happy with their choices, which means I have to go back and try it all haha. 


Beasts and late night calls

Yesterday I met up with Sofia, Tomone, Erina and Mayu at Mall of Scandinavia for dinner and to go and watch "Beauty and the Beast"! We had a huge Middle Eastern dinner at Sook, eating some shwarma, falafels etc. Super good.
Delicious shwarma~
The movie was really great. The animations were on point, the music was lovely and Emma Watson is just perfect. I truly enjoyed it.
After getting back home I curled up in bed with my tablet and dived deep into the FFXV tag. It's been about 1 ½ week since I finished the game but...I'm still not over it. And not just literally speaking, since I am still playing it and wrapping up final missions etc, but also emotionally. 
Then Maja called, who had just finished the game too, and we talked and talked...discussing the game in general, some hunts, weapons etc. But also this really unpleasant feeling in your gut after the game ended. Like, it's not the usual emptyness that a good game leaves behind...this is different. After a 100+ hours of playing as these characters, getting to know them and feel for them... and then THAT ending?! It's just not fair. Me and Maja talked for about 1 ½ hours. I'm so happy I have her with me on this <3

GU girls lunch

Me and my group partner for our project have been hyping the lunch at Shanti Gossip for like...over 2 weeks...so today, after the seminar, we went there together with some other GU girls. We were quite lucky to only have to wait for a table for like 4 minutes, since the place is super small and VERY popular.
But as soon as we got seated we got some complementary Mango Lassi! It wasn't as thick and sour as all the lassi I've tasted before, but I think I like it more like this acutally! Plus it was rather sweet hehe.
Then we got our food...I had ordered their Bengali Meatballs made of lamb served with naan and my god...it was delicious. All of our foods looked amazing so I'm definitely gonna have to go back there and try EVERYTHING!


My awesome classmates~

Blurry but still cute!

My food <3
Tomorrow, despite it being Saturday, we're gonna try to wrap up our project report and then....we're done! 

A weekend

I've had the longest weekend, which ended yesterday (monday). I decided to take some days off Uni and just chill and live.
So on Sunday I met up with Mia and Stuart who was in town for Mello, and Annika! The four of us had a nice fika together, catching up! It was such a great time seeing them all again :)

Then yesterday me and Sofia spent half of the day at Mall of Scandinavia, buying some stuff I've been needing and also enjoyed an awesome lunch! Then we went home to my place and watched Moana! It was sooo good!! I was tearing up more than once. It was a perfect day!

Stand by me

Tonight I finished playing FFXV. 
The ending was...no. Just no. I'm still in denial.
I'm just glad I have my P1 Maja to talk to in times like these...
You guys <3 

Project and procrastination

Right now, I'm in the middle of working on a group project. I think it's going quite well, even though me and my group are exceptionally good at procrastinating. But it's fun. Today we (during the peak of our procrastination) we started assigning Swedish dialects to different dogbreeds. Yes. We paired up Chihuahua and Helsingborg, any terrier with Gothenburg, Afgan dogs with the posh Stockholm dialekt, Alaskan Malamute with Norrland and the Great Pyrenees with Piteå. Important stuff.
In other news, I am finally starting to feel better now, after the worst cold ever. Kinda. Can't wait to go back to the gym and pick up where I left off. It's been over 2 weeks now since the last time I worked out. Heck. 
(btw chapter 13 in Final Fantasy XV can go to hell. bye)

Bookings and pie <3

Yesterday I went to Sofia's to hang out and book accommodations in Seoul and BAKE! 
So first off, we booked an apartment in the heart of Seoul via Airbnb and we're soooooooooooooo excited! It's super central, one subway stop away from Myeongdong and it's gonna be so great to have our own little space in this big city <3 
Then we started baking. And if y'all didn't know....Lemon Meringue Pie is my bae. Like, it's my favourite thing in life. Almost. And Sofia had promised to make one for me sooo...I was all game. We helped out and I made the crust and the meringue and Sofia did the filling. And I must say...it turned out pretty gorgeous! But looks aside....the taste....was amazing!! It tasted fantastic, not too sweet, a bit sour and the meringue was fluffy and just...perfect.

The excitement is real.

I'm pretty proud of the pattern I did on the top hehe

Then we just sat chatting about everything and nothing. A classic. Hypeing our trip etc. Eeeep <3

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