Made to Suffer

OMG I just came home from an kickass evening together with Maja. We've watching some episodes from "The Walking Dead" S3 and ljnckdibkeabhj I'm freaking out!! I honestly can't handle that show. GAH you never know what's gonna happen and the cliffhangers of each episode are insane!!! I'm so glad we're able to watch it like this and not have to wait a week for each episode. That would've honestly made me crazy.

Daryl Dixon (aka Norman Reedus)!!! FIGHT!!!


Yesterday was awesome! Spent the day in town with Sofia and then when the evening fell (aswell as the hail....) we went to Anna to meet up and hang out with all of the girls. We had fika, french cheese and wrote our "lists" and just talked about random stuff. An awesome evening!!!

At the library being retarded... 

Taco dinner!!

At Anna's!


Yay it's Friday~

whoah, so both yesterday and on Wednesday I worked. 
But today I had the day off! YAY!
So I woke up early and had breakfast and then took the bike to the gym. Even though I suck at riding the bicycle (I get exhausted so fast and my butt hurts xD) it felt really good. A great warm up!! Then when I was done at the gym I went back home and took a shower and had lunch.
After that I started playing FFXIII-2. I didn't really progress anything in the story but just walking around in the beautiful environment, collecting materials and leveling up was awesome. 
Then I started watching some "My strange addiction" episodes....and got totally hooked. Seriously, the magnitude of stupidity and madness baffles me. The crazy shit people decide to eat etc. It's so sad it's entertaining. 
And since I finished reading "Cathing Fire" last night it's time to start reading the final book of the Hunger Games series, "Mockingjay"!!

A good day but OMFG LOKI'S HAIR I CAN'T EVEN!!!!

Today I woke up early and had a slow and carefree morning.
Then at 12 I went to work and was there until 16:30.
Then I took the car back to the city and went to the gym.
After that I went home, took a shower and had dinner and now I'm gonna watch the latest episode of Doctor Who.l
It's been a good day..
....BUT WHAT MADE IT HISTORICAL WAS THAT THE TRAILER FOR THOR 2: THE DARK WORLD IS RELEASED AND OMG LOKI!!!! His hair!!!! What happened to his hair?!? I don't even know anymore..

HAHAHA Loki my love what did they do to you?! Asgardian prison doesn't seem to allow any haircare products...

Run you clever boy. And remember...

Today I watched some new Doctor Who episodes!
AAAH it felt so good seeing The Doctor again...I've missed him, I really have. I started squeeling like a nerd when the opening started, like always. It's just so good!!!! GAH! I never thought I'd like the Eleventh doctor as much as the Tenth....but I kinda do. Okay, the Tenth is sacred but the Eleventh he just makes me smile =)


Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Hiya! Sorry about this blog being a tad bit neglected for the past days but I've been busy...yup. And with what, you'll hear in a moment.
So, on Wednesday I had lunch with mom. Then I met up with Maja! We rented and watched Resident Evil: Retribution. We also watched an episode of Walking Dead. A really kickass day. 

Lunch with mom!
On Thursday I worked...and made cupcakes!
On Friday I worked again but only until 12:00 and then me and Sofia took the car back home together. We watched some korean drama and had an amazing sallad for dinner. Then on the evening Dena and Anna came and the 4 of us sat and talked and laughed about random stuff. And ate my cupcakes!! It was awesome. Oh and I got my book I ordered together with Dena. YAY they're both quite fat book and the text is tiny so reading them will take a while but..still, I'm excited! Although one of them was hurt (the cover had a folding type of mark across it and was all messy) but hopefully they'll send me a new one!

Cupcakes with raspberries and white chocolate with regular cupcake frosting decorated with sugarf paste stars.

Yesterday, on Saturday, I first dropped of Sofia in the city and then I went to Ina's. There we had fika and then went straight down memory lane.....HAHA oh my God it was so much fun...really makes you realize that we've been together for more than 15 years..
Then this morning me and mom went to the gym together. Felt great and afterwards we went grocery shopping. After getting home I've only taken it easy. Playing video games, painting my nail etc. Oh and I watched the last episode of the K-drama, "Secret Garden". It was awesome!!! So's been a true Sunday. 

Using my new nail polishes from Japan!

Here I used the silver chunky glitter one to make a gradient design. 

Whenever I get my nails to this lenght I like having gradient designs...I think it's pretty and because I'm keeping the part closes to the cuticle clear it's wearability is longer since you don't notice the nails growth from the top!

Catching Fire

Yehey I worked today aswell!! Gosh time truly flies being surrounded by energetic 4 year olds. I'm exhausted but I had really fun today =)
Yesterday I didn't do much...went to the dentist (again *sigh*) and then to Medley. I'm thinking that I'm gonna sign up for a membership card's closer than those in the city, cheaper and I still get access to both the pools and the gym. A great deal!!
Other than that I've been playing alot of  FFXIII-2. Of course. AND OMG I finished reading "Hunger Games" the othe night and now I'm currently reading the second book. And conveniently enough, I found the new trailer for "Catching Fire" (the second one) so I'm just like njndflakdj super excited!! 
I'm glad I managed to keep SOME of my New Year's resolutions at least....*sigh*

I found my center

So yesterday after getting back from the cat show I met up with Maja. First we went shopping (for snacks yay) and then we got back and had dinner. Then we watched "Rise of the Guardians". GAH finally! I've been wanting to watch that movie for a very long time and let me tell definitely lived up to all of my expectations! It was amazing. Then we started watching "The Walking Dead" season 3. Oh my the yeah we both decided not to watch it when it was originally running so that we could watch it together, like good old times!! Gosh it's just so....angsty. And nostalgic of course. We watched season 2 in Japan and season 1 when it aired back in 2011. We've only watched 4 episodes so far but alot of stuff has already happened so ljabcljs<bfldsj I can't even type anymore it's just sick ndfskjnkajd bye bye.

The traditional snack, raspberries with cream and chocolate pudding!


KISSEKATTER everywhere!!

Yesterday me and Anna went to a cat show. There was all kinds of different breeds and it was really fun walking around there looking at the different cats. They all looked quite snobby sitting in their cages decorated with colorful fabric and interior but I suppose that their owners do spend a lot of money to win the show and all...hah personally I'd prefer just holding my cat and poke it....

Derp cat


I looked everywhere for you

Guess who's back home...? IT'S MAJA!!!! My player 1 is back in town!!! I haven't seen her since last summer but now we're back in business and ready to have tons of fun!!! Today we met up and had lunch together and then walked around in the city. It was great and I've missed her so so so much!!! Gah I'm so happy right now =)

Lunch at Vezzo!


Then ice cream at McDonald's haha!

*epic sound effect*

Tonight I had my first real skype date with Lawler!!! How I have missed that girl. It's strange, because even though it's been about 7 months ago since we met and really talked it doesn't feel like it at all!! I suppose that's the great thing about true friendship, it never goes...dull, you know? Anyway, it felt great talking to her again. I've been missing her alot and just talking about random tardy stuff was amazing =)

A chocolate fountain...because of reasons.

Lunch date with Ina!!

Today I met with my best friend Ina to have lunch together. Of course, we went to Rost ^^ Then we walked around a little in the city and I bought some new work out clothes. It's time to start shedding soon!!!!!

Fika with the girls!

Tonight me, Dena and Anna went to Sofia's to hang out and have fika. It was awesome and ofc we only talked about random always. 

LOL Sofia's face xD



Gazerock NEVER dies!!!!!

Got screwed over by the time difference and Finland in general BUT managed to get tickets to the Gazette's live in Helsinki in September! Me and Sofia!! HELL YEAH!!!

Thank you <3

First day working at the kindergarden!!!

Today took a very unexpected turn.
At around...9:00...I got a call from the kindergarden Sofia is working at and they wanted me to come in and work. My answer? OF COURSE!! :D
So I had breakfast, took a shower, got ready and then drove off to Sävar.
I got to be together with the 4 year olds (Sofia's with the 1-3 year olds) and my my...those kids were adorable. I played with them, read stories, drew with crayons etc. I had a really fun day and I hope that I get the oppertunity to work there more!!
After getting home and having dinner, it was time for some FFXIII-2 gaming. And I'm sad to say..that I feel lost. Yup. Just a tad bit. Time travelling is so confusing I don't know how The Doctor manage to keep track of everything!!

Snow Villiers

And I must say...I like your style change...ALOT.
<------------------From that!!!------------------->

Honestly...hearing his theme playing through the speakers again...gosh, that felt nostalgic.

Earth, Fire, Air, Water

So last Thursday I met up with Dena and we started watching "The Legend of Korra", the spin off of "Avatar: the last Airbender. I've been intending to watch it ever since I finished watching Avatar but didn't have time nor the means to get it in HQ soo...I had  to wait. But now the wait is over.
We watched 6 episodes in a row and I must say....I REALLY LIKE IT! Of course it's not the same as Avatar and you miss your favorite characters and all...but it still has that, you know. It's amazing.
So today Dena came over again and we watched the final episodes of "The Legend of Korra". Oh. My. GOD,
I squeeled, shouted and cried my way through it all. Even though "The Legend of Korra" is only 1 season (and not 3 like Avatar) you still manage to get close to the characters and have FEELS for them and oh my jesus I can't ending...
Korra is amazing. She really is. I just wanna give her a hug and tell her that she's awesome. And then make her teach me earth bending....
Speaking of which, after we finished watching we started talking about getting some bending skills and stuff. Make things right, you know? Screw that "With great power comes great responsibility" crap and just let me live with my powers alone. That's how I would like it.
Anyways, I'm seriously gonna learn how to earth bend, Dena's gonna learn fire bending and then we just need a water bender and a air bender and then we're set to rule the world. Care to join?

Long weekend with Sofia

 So I met up with Sofia on Friday morning in the city. We first had a nice breakfast together and just talked about random stuff and laughed alot. Like always. 

Then we walked around for a while doing some window shopping and then went to FACE to get a Kalhari massage. Sofia wanted to treat me one since we couldn't really be together on my birthday last year. So sweet of her. The massage was AMAZING and afterwards I felt so good! 

Sofia looking like Leonardo DiCaprio
Then we went to lunch at Vezzo. Resembling Vapiano alot, we though it had to be good. And it was.

My delish pasta~

When we got home we started watching a korean drama called "Secret Garden". Sofia has been telling me that I HAVE to watch it (she's already watched it) so we started watching together haha. K-dramas are very special...waaay different for Japanese dramas but to be honest, I think I prefer K-dramas. They're just...awesome.
The next day it was time for "Högskoleprovet". Yesss. Haha it went awful. BUT, at least now I've done it.  Time to move on. 

During lunch xD
Then yesterday we continued watching "Secret Garden" and then we went to Dena's place in the afternoon to meet up with all the girls and celebrate Dena's birthday. It's been awhile since I met up with everyone and I had such much fun and laughed until I almost cried several times. I really missed this =)

I don't even know...



Local Cosmos

Today has been a reeeeeeally nice day. Been walking around in my pyjamas all day, watching One Piece, reading manga and of course playing FFXIII-2 like a maniac!!! I think I needed a day like this, just staying at home and enjoying my hobbies. It's been perfect. 

Oh I'm in love with you~
Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with Dena and have a BLAST!!

Another picture summary....

Yup here's another summary of the past days (or week rather...)
Gosh I've got to pick this up...

FFXIII-2...sometimes it's so beautiful I just sit there, sobbing over the HD. I've only been playing for about 10 h now but I love the gameplay and how the story is unfoldning. It just gets better and better...

Met up with Sofia last week and had a very nice time at "Göteborg"

 The dessert was too big though xD

Have been spending alot of time with Ina and this puzzle that we started on before I it's time to complete it!!

Yummy waffles with whipped cream and homemade cloudberry jam. SOOOO GOOD!

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