Godhand & Sozin's Comet

(Last night me and Sofia had a movie night together with sushi and snacks and chocolate cake. It was awesome. I just wanted to say that).
I ran on the treadmill for the first time in weeks this morning. I thought it was gonna go bad and all but instead it kinda went pretty good. In fact, I think I ran one of my fastest times in a long while. Huh.
Aaaand I also discovered that I've lost some wight. Like, for real. About 3 kg since New Year's. Maybe doesn't sound like much but it feels great! On my way to my goal weight! I honestly don't know exactly what I've been doing right in order to lose this weight though...I mean, I was sick for 3 weeks and didn't work out or anything. Well, whatever I'm doing now, it's working and I'm gonna keep doing it.
Today I spent alot of time and effort playing FF X. Hahaha! Serious business, this. Got Rikkus best weapon now aswell as Yuna's (got her's a while back though). Ready to kick some ass.
AAAAAAAAAAND today I finished watching Avatar. I cried. It is so amazing and I just want it to continue forever and ever. It it seriously one of the best series ever and EVERYONE should watch it. 

Nicecream and Blondie!

God I'm so tired! Woke up early and went grocery shopping before my appointment at Noir Stockholm. But before that I had a delicious breakfast bowl of raspberry nicecream with kiwi on top! And yes, you can eat the skin of a kiwi! I know it sounds weird, but your should try it! I really liked it!
Then I went to Noir to get my hair done! It was time to do some colouring again! We lifted it all and gave it a little bit cooler tone than before. No cut today but I'll go back next week for that (it still took almost 5 hours!!!!). I just love it!
Before...dry and frizzy with hideous outgrowth.
 After! It's difficult to see but it is very light...I love it!


Ugh. It was too much ginger in my tea and now I feel a little sick...
Today I went to a info-inspo thingy hosted by the Social anthropology institution but it turned out that it wasn't really directed to us Global Development kids...either way, we still got alot of inspiration. And I got a little bit stressed out....like, how am I gonna make all of this work and fall into place?! What to doooo
I've also worked a little bit on our assignment for tomorrow. In groups, we decided to work on the conflict in Ukraine. Very interesting and nice to finally try to understand it all. 

book date morning, game night, dance evening

It feels like this weekend was long...but fast!
Yesterday morning I had a book date with myself and went to Espresso House to read and have some fika. It's been ages since last time and god how nice it is! I need to do this again soon!

All by myself~

A chai latte is always a good idea.
I read the last one of the 3 books I bought from the HP book night a few weeks ago. All 3 of them was fantastic and I loved reading them!
Then in the evening I went to hang out with Anton, Sofia and Oliver and have taco gaming night. It was awesome.
Then today I went grocery shopping, read a bit, watched some ATLA, played some FFX and then I went to the gym. I tried something I've been wanting to try out for about 1 year, Sh'Bam! It's pretty much dancing and moving about to music. And it was so much fun! I just loved it!

A motivational Thursday

Mjes. Today was a good day.
I had a nice and slow morning and had a 3 course breakfast (hahah but seriously, I did) while watching some ATLA. Finally Toph has joined the gang! My favourite character! 
Then I went to Östermalm to meet up with my uncle's wife for lunch. We went to Nybrogatan 38, a restaurant I've heard alot of good thing about. And yes, the food was amazing, the atmosphere was really good and the service was great. I need to go back there! Then, after lunch, we went to Sturegallerian and sat down at a café in there for coffee. Just lovely.
As a few of you probably already know by now, I adoooooore my uncle's wife. She is just so amazing and I love hanging out with her. We have alot in common and she's so inspirational! She's just fantastic.
Then I headed to Uni for a late class in my new course, "Security, conflict and development". In contrary to my last course, this one seems to be very interesting. I'm very excited about this course!!!

The Avatar

So yesterday after I got home from Uni I started rewatching Avatar the Last Airbender. It's been 2 years since I saw it and my god is it genius. I love this show so much!
This morning I made some raspberry nicecream for breakfast. 3 frozen bananas blended with frozen raspberries and a splash of almond milk. Super simple and super yummy! 
Looks and tastes just like raspberry sorbet!
Then I decided it was time to get my new laptop going. So now, with alot of help from Otto, my new laptop is up and running. Or..right now it's shut down and I'm sitting writing this on my Vaio but...still! It works :D Felt kinda strange using another computer...I mean, I've had this one for over 4 years. I could write on this with my eyes closed, easily.
Anyhow, today has been extremly chill but tomorrow I'm heading out early for the first yoga class this year! Now my cold is gone and I'm completely recovered so there's nothing stopping me from heading to the gym now :D Woop!

You wanna win the war?

I am currently writing my 5th essay for Uni. And (it feels like I say this every time but whatever) this one has been the worst one so far. It's just....sad. If I pass this, I'll celebrate with something sweet..
Anyways, I decided to take the day off from writing. I've managed to scribble down 6 pages so far...I just need to bullshit a little more on question 2 & 3 and then we're DONE!
So today's been very chill. I met up with my classmate and returned a book I borrowed from her (she saved my life letting me borrow that so I didn't have to buy one myself. Score!) and then I went to Hötorget toooooo........PICK UP MY NEW LAPTOP! Yup, that's right! My Vaio is not working out for me anymore so i needed a new one and after consulting with Otto he recommended me this one. I'm so stoked about not having a computer that sounds like a jet engine anymore 8D
Yup, it's a Lenovo. Not near as cute as my Vaio but hey, it's what's on the inside that matters, right? ;)
Now I'm gonna make some veg. sushi and then maybe watch a movie....and make microwave-"kladdkaka". Mjes. 

Prepare for hell

Ooooooooh my god. Slipknot's concert last night was incredible......They played a few song from their new album (CUSTEEEEER <3) and alooooot of old school songs! The only one I wish that they would've played was my number one favourite "The Blister Exists" but they played my second favourite song "Eyeless" instead so...I'm good. 
But seriously, I get all jittery when I'm thinking about last night. Corey was amazing. And to my big surprise, I was blowned away by Sid!!! I haven't given that dude any special attention earlier but WOW he was soo....I don't know how to describe it but awesome! He killed it with his dance moves and ridiculous flailing about, probably annoying the rest of the guys most of the time. Definitely my new crush haha.
I took some bad pictures with my cellphone but got some pretty rad recordings from different songs and during some MC's so....I'M A HAPPY GAL RIGHT NOW!

People sitting down during "Spit it Out". A classic!

Loved how they decorated the stage! Very freak show-ish!
This man!!!!!!!!!!



Serious studying!

God I'm such a good student right now....*cough*
Honestly, I'm blaming this course, "Development theories and Practices" for my lack of enthusiasm right now...I'm not studying. At all. I'll read like 5 pages in one day. But it wasn't like this in the beginning. I started out reading according to schedule but after 1 ½ week I just stopped. This course is not my friend. Not at all....
So instead I've started reading my books I bought last week at the Harry Potter Book Night! I've already finished "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" and am gonna start reading "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" next!


Sunday with Mom & Dad

Yup! My parents are in town! They attended a work related event on Saturday but had the entire Sunday off to spend with me! Yay! So they got to my apartment early in the morning and we chilled a little bit and catched up. Then we took the subway to Slussen and then went to Starbucks. A tradition among us! When my parents visited me in Japan we went to Starbuck every day so that they could get their coffee "fix" haha. But I like Starbucks...mostly because it's so clean and cosy inside!
Anyways, then we hit the city and walked around, looking at different shops. Aaaaaaand.....my Mom bought herself a Michael Kors bag! YEEES! She also bought a Selma bag (the same as I have) but in a gorgeous beige/brown/greyish colour. It was to die for.
A happy Mom! :D
Then later on we had lunch/dinner at a Indio/Pakistani restaurant. Mom, who doesn't really like that kind of food wasn't blown away by it but me and Dad loved it haha! But it was nice!
After that, we went to Centralen and had to say goodbye for now. Hopefully we'll see each other again before our trip abroad next month!
I didn't take any other pics today so here's a super old picture from one of the many visits to Starbucks in Japan! That caramel frappé in the middle tho...*drooling*

Friday afternoon in Täby C!

Yesterday after my seminar, I met up with Sofia and together we took Roslagsbanan to Täby C! Our main reason for going was....Dunkin' Donuts! Haha! We've been talking about going there since it opened a few months ago and now....we finally went there! Before indulging in some delicious donuts we had a delicious sushi lunch at a nearby restaurant. Then we navigated out way through the mall to Dunkin' Donuts. Seriously though...the mall in Taby C is huge! It reminded me of the huuuuuge mall we went to in Vienna...anyways, donuts! We took two each and then split them so that we got four halves and therefore got to taste more of them! Genius! And boy did they taste good...it was so worth the trip to Täby to taste these!

Pretty and delicious sushi for lunch!
LOOOOOK AT THESE DONUTS!!! From the top left: Strawberry jam heart, powdered hazelnut, double caramel and finally white chocolate cookie crumble. The last one was my favourite (I think haha!).

Harry Potter Night!

This evening I attended a Harry Potter night hosted by the English Bookshop in Gamla Stan. After the shop closed, me and whole group of HP enthusiasts gathered in the small bookshop for a night of HP magic! First we sat down in a circle and while snacking on some treats (like Bertie Botts every flavour beans!) we talked about the books and the movies. It was really nice hearing how people from all different ages tell their take on HP and all. Then we had HP quiz! And the questions were REALLY difficult...I felt embarrassed that I couldn't answer all of them...but we teamed up in pairs of 2 or 3 ppl so that was lucky (for me!). Then we had some more fika with English cookies and tea, so lovely. Lastly, we went through the quiz together and checked our answers. It was such a nice evening. The atmoshpere was just fantastic! Even though I'm no true book nerd (I'm far from it in fact), I love the idea of reading and I love being surrounded by books. Might sound strange but hey, that's how it is. We also got 20% off of all of the HP books so OF COURSE I grabbed the opportunity to buy something. I bought a box of J.K Rowlings 3 newer books (like "Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them etc). Such a lovely evening! I'm so glad that I went!

The new covers! Gorgeous!

I got mostly nice flavours but I did manage to eat one that tasted like grass and another one with garlic flavour....

These are the three books I bought (but together in a box set)!


Today I went outside and in to the city for the first time in a while...even though it snowed like crazy. I just couldn't stand the thought of staying inside in my Batcave anymore...
But yeah, I met up with my old collegues Hampus and Maya for a fika. Me and Maya went to the office (first time being there in like...6 months for me! Insane.) and the store to say hello to everyone. It was great seeing them all again. Then the three of us went to the same café as last time and just sat there having fika and talking about random stuff. Those two are so awesome. 

Layered peanut brownie <3
Crappy pic of our table...haha I really need to start taking better pictures xD

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