Sofia är tillbaka i Sverige. Mitt liv är komplett igen.


I've been having a hectic but an amazing weekend up in Umeå. 
After arriving, me, Mom and Dad went to have dinner at Sagami. My favourite Japanese restaurant! We had their Summer Sushi buffet and it was delicious. Really great sushi + they had udon, karaage, tempura, gyoza and much much more. Totally recommend it!

Then on Saturday morning I went straight to Ina's! We had great plans to play Sims 3 half of the day but the immense heat stopped us. So instead we mostly sat down talking, eating ice cream and drinking tons of water haha.
Then in the evening I went to Maja's new apartment. IT IS SO GREAT!! I'm so jealous haha. No but seriously, it's really awesome. We made tacos, had our epic dessert (chocolate pudding + whipped cream + raspberries) and watched Twilight: Ecplispe. One of my guilty pleasures haha. Then I spent my first night there in her new apartment. Certainly not the last time hehe.

Then today, on Sunday, me and Maja woke up and had some dessert breakfast and then I headed home. Then I went to the city to meet up with Hanna and Dena. It's been AGES since I saw either of them!! First we had lunch at Rost and then went and bougth some ice cream and sat in the park, talking. 

After saying good bye to the girls I went to pick my sister up at her apartment and at the same time we ran in to our cousin! Hahah such a coincidence! Then we went home and had a bbq all 4 of us. 

There! That's my weekend in Umeå. I'll be going back there in less than 3 weeks. Can't wait =)

Going North...but first, a summary.

Wow this has week has gone by really fast! It's already Friday! Which means...UMEÅÅÅÅÅ!!
But the past days has been nice. Really hot, but nice. My collegues are great. Feels like we've been eating most of the time haha. Itami even bought us "Piggelin" yesterday haha.


Also, my collegues who on maternity leave came by the office on Wednesday with her kids...and they were soooooooo adorable!! I nearly died. A little bit. Just tad bit. Japanese kids are too cute. 
We have been talking about having a "Good bye dinner" for me, everyone at the office and warehouse. So nice of them. Yesterday, Masako even gave me a present. She gave me and "Osthyvel". Hahaha I've been going on and on about not being able to find a nice one (I mean, even IKEA let me down) so she bought one for me. Just perfect! I love it! 


Where's my league?

I've had an AWESOME evening together with my lovely Anna who's in town. I haven't met her since Easter and we had ALOT of catching up to do. We talked about everything that's been going on lately, things that will be going on from now on, and things that we think should be going on from now on haha. Well, you know...even if I feel a little bit lost sometimes (like, why the hell am I here when 90 % of my life is still in the North?), my friends always get me back on track. What would I do without them? Life wouldn't make any sense without them.



Hiya! This weekend has been great! Yesterday, first I hit the gym for some Bodypump (sooo guud), then I went home and rested and talked on Skype a little bit, then I went to Anton and together we went to IKEA!! YAY! It was finally time for me to get a desk-thingy for my TV. Aaaaand...I found one! Haha! It took us a few hours to assemble it but the final result was so worth it. I love it!! So, naturally, (besides going in to the city this morning) I have been spending alot of time with my TV. It seriously feels like a complete different room now. Hell ye.
Been watching alot of Supernatural today but now it's time for LEGEND OF KORRA!!! YAAAAAY!


From the beginning

Tonight will be epic. Supernatural Season 1, here we go.


"JFC Norden Hanna Lundlainen"

Me and Masako keeps rockin' the office just by the two of us. I can't believe that we haven't had any panic attacks yet...huh...I hope this calm summer pace keeps going for a few more weeks.

Tasting different nori at work...
Since it's Tuesday today, me and Anton met up to do some studying! It so...hahah. Then we went and had dinner at K25. I had Pho (the second one I've eaten in Sthlm, sooo good!).

A bit too much cilantro but othet than that, perfect!

Cat mode weekend

I've just been taking it easy, eating like a pig and been watching movies last weekend. It was awesome.
But now it's Monday. New week. New challenges. New Goals. Let's get started.

Come fly with me

Had an epic past 3 days. Feels like I've been doing alot and it's only Thursday! 
* I have started studying Japanese again. Yup. Finally, Haha. Me, Anki & Anton. Like the good ol' days.
* I dared to speak more Japanese at the meet-up yesterday. Woho!
* Today after work I met up with Anton and we had dinner together and then went to the cinema and watched "How to Train Your Dragon 2". IT WAS FREAKIN' AMAZING. Watch it. Now.
And since everyone is on holiday at work now it's only me and Masako holding up the fort. I think we're handling it pretty good so far....



Hello I have nothing special to say today here's a few more pic of my new hair, bye!





Book Three: Change

LEGEND OF KORRA IS BACK YOU GUUUUYS!!!!! I watched the first 3 episodes the other day and almost died of pure excitement!! I've been missing this feeling so so much. After watching it I had to send a few texts to Dena BECAUSE OF OBVIOUS REASONS and was a great night.
Yesterday, on the other hand, was very up and down. First I was kind of content with the morning, then I found out a big fail that I had done a few days earlier with a shipment to Finland (which wasn't all my fault but it felt like it anyways) and theeeeeen.....things just got worse. But, since some of my co-workers are better than others, they made me feel better again. And my boss bought us all lunch. You've gotta love that.
Then I just went home after work and watched the world cup and painted my nails and talked to Maja. Hahah perfect Friday evening.

So delicious!
Epic combo! 
TODAY is gonna be historical. Because...I'm going to Stockholm Noir to cut and dye my hair. GAAAH! I'm nervous but excited!! I hope it will turn out OK and that I won't be looking completely crazy. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Working and eating

So the first few days at work with the "old team" has passed. It's been ok...a bit more quiet, but ok.
Now I work from 8-17. Feels very "uuugh" but at the same time MORE MONEY HEY HEY!
So yeah...days are just passing here as normal I guess. Even though it feels weird.....yeah...hmm.
I haven't been in the gym for ages but I'm a little bit nervous to back there. Lately I've been having this HUGE craving after...everything haha! Been eating like crazy.


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