Theories, Calm Lands and fever

Yup, that sums up my past few days.
Been working on a group assignment about different development theories and stuff... which would've been much more interesting if I wasn't battling a fever at the same time. Yes that's right. For the first time in years I have a fever. It's a strange, I've actually got a headache. A real headache. That never happens to me. 
In between dev. theories and dizzyness I'm slowling progressing in FFX. I entered the Calm Lands the other day. Yay! Got screwed over by the Monster Arena (Lulu's and Auron's fault....) but now I can resume the gaming! But....I have tons of books I have to read for class. Damn it all. 

Japan 2K15 = BOOKED!


 Throwback pic from the summer of 2010! 

Weekend at Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

On Saturday me and Sofia took Saltsjöbanan to Saltsjöbaden to spend the night at the huge Grand Hotel! It was soooooo pretty! We chilled at the hotel's library, chilled in our hotel room and just....chilled. It was amazing. Also, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and breakfast in the gorgeous dining hall. In the evening after the dinner we took a walk out in the cold, looking at all of the huge houses. Like....damn. 

Huge window with gorgeous view!

The dining room!

I had duck with pumpkin puree!

Meat and potato! :D


Evening at Anton's

Woop! What an awesome weekend it has been! First off I just need to write a post about dinner/game night at Anton's on Friday. Me, Sofia and Frida got there fairly early and after shoveling away about 5 tons of snow off of Anton's car, we went grocery shopping together! After getting back we started making the dinner: Taco Burgers! Yes! It was deliciouuuuuuuus! So good. Then we played a game called "Draw" which was about drawing weird stuff and the others had to guess what it was. And this wasn't your usual drawing game with normal words. No. This had weird/offensive/made-up words. It was hilarious. Then when it got late, us girls left and went home to my place and had a cosy sleepover. Such a great evening!

Look at this beauty!

"Ölen den där kallere än toppene på Hemsedal~"


Today has been quite a productive day, if I may say so myself. Even though I slept in 2 hours after my alarm went off (set it at 7:00 so that I would have some time to play FF X but decided that I needed the sleep). After breakfast and reading an article for class, I got ready and headed to the city. I had a meeting booked with a lady working at IOGT-NTO who was gonna talk to me about all of the different unions I could join. They had a few that sounded interesting and then decided for one that I'll think will be perfect! She had actually told me about this union weeks ago but I still wanted more info before deciding. Then we just sat in her office and talked and talked and TALKED! Hahaha she was so nice and felt so good to be able to talk to someone about these kind of things, you know. Like, not someone my own age but a real adult! We talked about how sick the norm concerning drugs and alcohol in today's society is, how many times we've been poorly treated because of our opinions, how even friends and family can spew ignorant words and judgment against us. It was almost therapeutic sitting there discussing with her about stuff like this. I just wanted to thank her and hug her afterwards haha! I hope I'll find people like her in this union I'm gonna join! I desperately need (more) drugfree people in my life!
Outside of IOGT-NTO's office in the middle of Stockholm!

And two very blurry pics from that it's snowing!

Dem beanballs tho

Such a nice day it's been today. Besides going to the gym this morning (Bodypump at 7:00 is my new thing) I've been sitting inside the whole day reading and playing. And for dinner I made vegan beanballs! Like regular meatballs, but totally vegan! And together with that I had some wholewheat pasta and a homemade pasta sauce. So simple and so delicious!

Pre-frying beanballs :D

Don't they look great?! Like "regular" meatballs!


Today has been quite intense. 
Stared off by waking up at 7:00 and played some FF X while sipping my morning tea.
Then later on I went to Uni and attented class for 2 hours....then I got home and had dinner....and then I went to Farsta to try out some Hung Gar Kung Fu. Yup!! I said I wanted to try it, so it did!
And it was nice...felt very strange doing all the different movements but...yeah. But since it was beginner's level it didn't feel too much, you "OMG I'm earth bending"! Although, I did see the teacher pull off some moves that looked hella cool! Much respect. Anyhow, I'm glad I tried it out! We'll see if this is something I want to/have time to keep doing in the future!


Naruto Q/A

Also something I found in the deep depths of Tumblr. Proceed with caution of potential spoilers for those who are not up to date on the Naruto manga. You have been warned!

  • Overall Favorite Character - Wow....that is a question I've been asking myself alot of times! And never been able to truly answer....I want to say Kakashi but...I don't know! Can't decide!
Hatake Kakashi! 
  • Favorite Kunoichi - I think Temari is pretty might be because of her voice actor, Paku Romi (who I have a major crush on), but...ah well. 
  • Favorite Shinobi - I think the most genius one of them all is definitely Shikamaru. That guy is amazing. Or maybe Kankuro....his puppets are awesome but at the same time they freak me out!
  • Favorite Sensei - Iruka?! Haha he's too cute!
  • Favorite Hokage - The 4th! Minato is just adorable!
All of the Hokages are badass but Minato is just...the best!
  • Favorite Kage - Gaara I suppose?
  • Favorite Team - I hate to say it, but probably team 7...mainstream, I know.
  • Favorite Villain - Orochimaru?! 8D fufufufu
Boy do I love crazy, evil scientists...(I should seek help, I know xD)
  • Favorite Summoning Animal - Probably Ninja cats (Ninneko)! Don't remember who summons them but they're pretty much the same as Kakashi's Ninja dogs (Ninken) and can help the summoner with different skills. Kinda awesome.
  • Favorite Chakra Nature - Well, since I do consider myself an Earthbender I will have to say Earth. Other than that I also like Air alot. 
  • Favorite Theme Opening - I love "7!! Oops" opening "Lovers" and also "Flow" with "Re:member" but there's TONS of awesome opening themes (and endings themes). 
This is "7!! Oops" opening theme! Love it!
  • Favorite Theme Ending - Kimi monogatari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the version where Sasuke's voice actor, Sugiyama Noriaki, sings it. it so much.
  • Favorite Movie - Don't like any of the movies that I've seen...
  • Favorite Fight - There's several, but I loooooove the fight between Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kabuto & Orochimaru just after Naruto learned Rasengan! I remember that I thought it was so cool! 
A fight between the legedary Sannin and their summonings (+ Naruto and Kabuto)! BADASS!
  • Favorite Akatsuki Member - Hidan! Or possibly, Hidan.
  • Favorite Jinchuuriki - I'm in looove with Utakata! I think it's thanks to his voice actor in the Anime...Damn son.
This is Utakata. He is awesome.He blows bubbles. I rest my case.
  • Favorite Filler Episode - Oh gosh there alot of funny fillers! In an episode not too long ago about a cyborg Naruto going berserk I totally lost my shit. The whole episode was just hilarious!
  • Favorite Music Score/Song (not opening/ending) - Lately (read: the past year) I've playing "My Name" from the Naruto Shippuuden OST on repeat but other than that "The Raising Fighting Spirit" is still a classic. Also "Guren" but I wouldn't consider that one a favorite since it's soooo sad :(
  • Any OTPs/Ships - Guuuurl let's not go there! Well...I can inform your that my OTP, NaruSasu, will follow me to the grave.
I will go down with this ship.
  • Any BroTPs - Maybe Naruto and Gaara? Their friendship melts my heart!
  • Any NoTPs - Probably NaruHina or SasuSaku? Gross.
  • Character Most Like You - Wow I dunno...hahah I have no idea! 
  • Character You Want to be Like - I wish i could be as smart and carefree as Shikamaru, as brave as Naruto and as strong as Tsunade. That would be awesome.
  • Character You Deem Annoying - Maybe Sakura? I think she's a kickass kunoichi but frankly, she needs to understand that she doesn't need a man and that she's a strong independent woman. (Take the hint, Sasuke and leave her alone).
Sakura through the years...
  • Character You Just Hate - Hinata. I can't stand her. I just want to slap her in the face with a frying pan.
  • Best Character Hair - Itachi's long, gorgeous black hair. Damn son.
  • Best Character Clothes - Hmm...the Akatsuki cloak? It's quite badass to be honest. 
 You don't wanna mess with these guys haha xD
  • Best Character Eyes - Naruto's eyes! They are so blue and beautiful!
  • Worst Character Hair - Guy? Bwahahaha!
  • Worst Character Clothes - Guy? BWAHAHAHA!
Aaaahw least you're funny xD 
  • Worst Character Eyes - Worst eyes....haha that's so mean though! I'll just say Yamato-sensei's crazy eyes xD
  • Why & when did you start reading/watching Naruto? - I started watching Naruto during the spring/summer of 2008 I think....pretty late, I know, but I got totally hooked and then started reading the Manga!
  • How are you going to feel after the series ends? - I just realize that this is an old Q/A so let's just skip this question, shall we?
  • If you could ask Kishimoto any question, what would it be? - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OROCHI-CHAN?!? O__o

Praise be to Yevon

I think I passed my exam this morning! Haha I dunno it felt kinda OK soo....WOHOO! I'm officially done with Global Development course 1! Only 3 more to go xD 
After getting back home I celebrated with pizza, chocolate and....FINAL FANTASY X! I've been playing for hours now and...gosh...the nostalgia i insane. This game is stunning. Just taking a short break now and then I'm gonna keep playing until I can't stay awake any longer :D 
I can't stress enough how much I love this picture <3 

Huy- eh whatever

Just got home after a great day of studying with my classmates! First we sat in the library at Uni and then moved to Espresso house at Östermalmstorg. Hopefully I will pass my exam tomorrow! Even if I don't, I still had an awesome day with my mates!

Blurry pic mid studying

"I'm always watching"

Another, maybe not so productive, but oh so long day it has been.
Got up at 5:45 this morning and directly headed out to get to an appointment I had.
After getting home I had a delicious bowl of hot chocolate/banana/PB oats topped with cacao nibs. 
Then I tried reading a little bit but got stuck watching some Naruto haha. 
After lunch I headed to Uni to meet up with some classmates to discuss our upcoming exam. Of course we didn't just talk about human geography but tons of random things aswell. It was great.
I took the train back home at around 16:00 and since then I've been procrastinating like a boss. Like sorting some papers, decorating my calander with some stickers I bought in Japan...yup.
Tomorrow I'm going to my first Bodypump class for this year! And also the first in like 3 months haha! God I'm gonna die! Can't wait! :D
 Found this gorgeous fanart of Nohara Rin. I'm a little bit obsessed with her, Obito & Kakashi's story at the moment. It's just heartbreaking ;___;

hepp hepp

Somehow this turned out to be a very efficient day. I woke up early and headed to the gym, got back and had a Strawberry Dream Smoothie (so delish), showered and then headed out to the city. I finally managed to find some winter shoes that hopefully will last me more than one season and then I went grocery shopping. After getting home and having lunch I took the bus to Uni and sat there and studied for a few hours. I'm so happy that they've finished the rebuilding of the library (more or less) which has opened up to alot of new study desks. Now there's place for everyone! :D


Last night I watched the final episodes of "Legend of Korra". I'm so sad that it's over :( But the ending was kinda epic....and I died from cuteness overload! And more than ever do I want to learn earth bending!! At least I can learn the basic martial art moves that earth bending is based on....Anyways, both Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra is such an amazing series and I would recommend it to anyone! WATCH IT!!! I'm gonna rewatch Avatar later...I need it!
Korra <3 


It's been a very nice long weekend. I've been planning to get myself over to Uni to study but that didn't happen...I blame Egon. Instead I stayed at home and studied. Went so-so...
Then last night me, Sofia and Anton had dinner together and then watched the last Hobbit movie. It was......OK. Sad and OK is my verdict.
Today I've spent my day with Loïc Wacquant's book "Urban Outcasts" and made vegetable fritters. Plus I finally bought all the ingredients I need to make my pumpkin overnight oats! I'm gonna whip it all up tonight and tomorrow I'll enjoy it for breakfast before leaving to Uni! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Book 4

Uwaah just started watching the last season of Legend of Korra! Only watched 2 episodes and I'm already dying from an overload of feels. Why is this series so good?!?

A candle can illuminate the night

Today Dena went back home to Umeå :( 
We've been having such an epic time together this past week. What an amazing way to start off the new year!
I'll miss our late evenings together doing puzzles, listening to the same 8 songs on repeat, watching polyglots on Youtube, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix and just having an awesome time!
Look! We finished my Doctor Who puzzle! We started on Sunday night and finished it last night. Only took us 4 days (or evenings haha). YAY! :D

Pics from Umeå

It started snowing in Stockholm just as I set off to the airport...typical.

Had this delicious drink before take off.


Sweetest Sasha...I've missed her so much!

Then it started to snow like crazy in Umeå aswell...

Kladdkaka with the girls!

Beautiful morning view!
Our epic larch tree!

At Allstar with Maja! :D
Me and Majas standard snack!

I won at Bingolotto for the first time ever I think hahah xD

Christmas food: Fika edition.

Christmas food: Dinner edition.
And lastly another pic of Sasha....


Belated happy new year everybody! I had a great new years eve together with the girls, Anton and Tsai + Anton's friends. Good food, great company and alot of laughter! Sofia and Dena slept over at my place and took it very chill the 1/1. Then yesterday I hit the city with Dena and today we went to Kungens Kurva. We've also been watching alot of Buffy, Barbie (don't laugh) and just having an awesome time together! Taking care of new year resolutions will have to wait a little bit....

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