The day before the finals

Today we stayed at school to study until 19:15.
It was INSANE but I managed to study ALL of the Kanji for tomorrow.
Still nervous about tomorrow though....
Ah well, I've done all I could now...let's just hope for the best.
There's only one thing left to say....


The Graceful Potato Perpetrator

I've had such a delightful day today.
My oral exam went ok and by the time it was over it was only 10:00 (10 min per person, just you and the teacher and when you're done you're free to go)
So I went down to the lounge to sit with Anton and wait for Tsai (she had her exam after me).
After she came down she said she was gonna study at home so after she left me and Anton went to our favourite corner (closest to the electric outlets) and started studying. Or, well...first we went and bought some delicious bread. Then we studied! With some few Pokémon breaks of course....and Puppy breaks...
We also tried to figure out funny Kanji combinations to use as our names....I ended up as being "The Graceful Potato Perpetrator" while Anton became a "Cheap Pig". Hahaha aaah the insanity of Kanji...

During one of my breaks...together with Fanta Grape! Hahaaa 


5 . 7 . 5 = Zzz

My ambition today was very difficult to awake. I don't know why....the moment I started running Anki this morning I just wanted to close the window and look at cat pictures instead....Don't we all have those days sometimes? Sigh...
Anyway, during lunch today me and Anton played some Pkmn on our DS's. He's playing Black 2 now! YAY. And yesterday we traded some pkmn so now I have both an Onix and a Growlithe :D Then I ran out of battery.....
During the afternoon class my energy level just....hit the floor. I struggled not to fall asleep. After getting home I went directly to my landlord to pay my last rent and to talk to her about moving out and stuff (what to do with the key etc) BUT only her mother was home so I payed her and got my stamp and everything but....I need to talk to my landlord. Her mom told me her daughter was out and might come by and talk to me tomorrow....but I don't know I don't understand old people's Japanese -____-
Then....I took a bath. Made dinner. Killed some time on the Internet. And then, very reluctantly, opened Anki and studied my Kanji....which went by ok actually.
I'm a little nervous about my grammar though....I really need to get my act together.
And tomorrow's the oral exam (yesterday was the writing part, went ok...)...geeeh we'll see how that goes.

A random pic I took today during class...HEHE I love it how you can see me derping with the camera in the electric dictionary's reflection xD I'm such a pro photographer.

Ichi, Ni, Sunshine, Yon, WE GO!!

Yay I've been productive today!!

* Studied all my Kanji (and even more!)
* Taken a bath (FIZZBANGER)
* Played some Pkmn White
* Gone grocery shopping
* Made dinner
* Managed some data on KISSE
* Watch One Piece!!!!!!!!

Honestly....One Piece.....the one manga/anime I've been following for the longest time. Soon chapter 700 will be released. And the anime has reached 586 episodes and is still nowhere near an ending!! I LOVE ONE  PIECE <3

Some Saturday Shopping

So this morning I got up fairly early, had breakfast, got dressed and then took the bus to the city. I got to Kyoto station at around 11:15 and then I walked to the Avanti mall behind the station. There I basically went straight to the "g.u." store since I knew what I was after. PANTS!! And yup, went I walked out of there I had two new jeans and two shirts in my bag. All for about 270 SEK. I love that store (and it's prices!!)

Dark blue and beige jeans!!

Then I bought a Macha milk tea with tapioka beans (didn't have my camera with me so, no pics) and then walked all the way to Yodobashi. At Yodobashi I walked around a little bit, looking at various things. That place is So many stuff there!!! Then I took the bus back home toTatekurabashi and walked to Qanat. There I managed to find a knitted sweater I've been looking for ever since I was in Tokyo. I found it in Harajuku, fell in love with it, but ended up not buying it (for some stupid reason) and ever since I've been regretting not buying it....but now I have :D YAY I'M SO HAPPY! 

Mint green with white flowers and gold beads.
After getting home I had lunch and then started studying. I've managed to study pretty good I least Kanji. Now I'm gonna take it easy and play some Pokémon. Last night I got totally cought up in it and played until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore!! 


Golden times

I think I'm starting to realize the I'll be leaving soon.
I had my last class with Murata-Sensei sad.
And I'm starting to think about how much I'm gonna miss my teachers.
Because they're all so wonderful.
They're amazing. I owe them everything.
I'm gonna miss KICL so much.....
Today I had pizza for dinner. And Pepsi.
Now, I'm gonna play Pokémon.
I've earned it.


I'm feeling 
Might be because I ate my dinner too fast....and then chugged 500 ml Pepsi (Just got this urge to drink it...haven't had it a while).....or it might be because I just saw the most disturbing documentary about a japanese man who is a cannibal.....I don't know why I didn't stop was like a train wreck....a vile and sickening train wreck.
- other news.
Today Anton took the day off from school so it was mostly me and Tsai goofing around together. AND we had our last N2 class!! Yeeeeeees! Still can't believe that I passed N2....God I'm good.
This weekend I'm gonna have to take at trip in to town and get me some new pair of jeans...right now I can't wear any of them I have...because I'm so fat. I wore my tightest ones (and ofc my favourite ones) last friday and I still have bruises on my thighs from wearing them. If that's not a sign that you should loose weight I don't know what is. But right now I don't have the luxury to have time or the utilities for weight loss...nor the time...and much less the money. So, until I get home next month, I'm just gonna go and get me a bigger pair of jeans. Easier and not as time consuming as loosing the 4 kg I don't need.

" Jag gillar bergen"
I've been having so much fun, making the time pass like 4 times faster and I can't believe that it's soon 20:30 here now....
First, during conversation class me, Vincent, Arthur and Chun made a ridiculous sketch in front of the class. Me and Arthur was a couple but I was cheating with him on Chun...and then Vince tried to calm everyone down (but in the end he urged us one more than calming us down..) and it was hilarious.
Then after classes, we bought lunch and sat down in the lounge to eat. After eating and studying for about 1 ½ hour maybe it was time to shoot the interview!! Me, Anton, Joakim and David. We split up 2 and 2 and then went to the 4th floor to film it. And oh my God....I laughed so much the whole time I seriously got a headache. We had to stop midway most of the times due to uncontrollable laughing fits. We also brought Puppy so we could get tips, directions etc but we ended up messing around togehter him most of the time. It was so much fun.
We just fooled around like retards until 17:30 and then we went back to the lounge and, since we're so...diligent,  we studied until the school closed at 18:00.
Now I'm home, been eating dinner and watched a some "Big Bang Theory" to relax a little. I'm toooootally worn out (didn't sleep good at all last night) so might actually call it the night soon....lie down in bed, read a little bit, listen to some music and just...imprint this day in my memory. 


Another good day has come and gone. 
I scheduled an interview together with Puppy that we're gonna shoot and put up on KICL's webpage (Gonna answer some questions together with Anton about life here, the school etc)
Then after styding at school until 17:00 I went home, made dinner and then skyped with Dena for about 2 hours. Just awesome.
Now, for a random pic I found on 9gag that made me giggle a little bit (I miss Scandinavia <3)

Another weekend with Deanna

Yup. Just like the title says. 
And it has been aaaaaawesome. Yesterday we walked around Kyoto city and did some shopping, went to cat café etc. And today we went to Kinkakuji and then went back to the city and we planned on going to Fushimi Inari but by then it had already starting to get dark outside so we figured we skip it. So I had to say goodbye to her (won't be able to meet her again here in Japan due to studying, finals etc) but we'll meet again in Sweden soon hopefully =)


It was snowing pretty heavily in the morning....

My declicious lunch!! 

Deanna :D
After lunch, we went to the cat café! :D


Isn't he beautiful!! *___*

"Worship me, lowly humans"

Then it was time for dessert! :D

My baby <3


Epic flower pic.

The golden temple!

Time for lunch!!


Raising the ondo

Today......was a wonderful day. The classes went by pretty swiftly and then I stayed with Anton and Tsai to study as usual. Then, Den-San joined us and the 4 of us chatted about Norse mythology and other random stuff. That man is, Den-San left and the 3 of us continued to study. Although, me and Anton did procrastinate a few times...I helped Anton making sentences for the grammar we have to study and...yeah, those sentences were nowhere near uncreative. 
Also inbetween studying, we talked to Puppy alot. I really think he likes us. After everyone had left and it was only me and Anton left he came out from behind the reception and was like

"Woaah I'm so tired....I'm taking a break now..."
(me) "So you came out here??"
(Pup) "Yup!!"

Puppy is so sweet I'm gonna miss him so much when I leave!!! He even admitted that he'll miss me when I leave...since I keep bothering him with weird questions about random stuff about 3 days a week xD And I told him I had bought FFX and that I'll report back to him if I prefer the original Japanese edition, or the English one....

I also realized that, today, it's only 3 weeks left until the graduation.....God...after an amazing day like this, surrounded by the people here in Japan that makes me truly happy...I'm not so sure how to feel about it right now....

Valentine's that time of the year again. To be honest, I haven't really given two shits about this day for a couple of years. Such a useless day. It's better to spoil the one you love on other day when he/she doesn't expect it, is it not?
BUT, Japanese people always go all in on this day. So today was no exception of course...Got chocolate from my teacher and from other classmates aswell. Very sweet of them.

I got these from Shimoka-Sensei!

But, the one that ment the most was a gift from Anton. He had put two boxes under mine and Tsai's desks and was asked to open them secretly so that everyone wouldn't see them. 


This evening I watched " Princess Mononoke" since we're reading a quote from that movie every morning (along with quotes from Iron Man, Romeo and Juliet and some other random Japanese drama..) Very interesting and weird movie...yes. 
Tomorrow's finally Friday!! Even though this week probably has been the fastest one yet (since we had Monday off and I was playing around in Tokyo..), it feels awesome that it's weekend again. Because this weekend I'm gonna meet up with Deanna again :D YAAAY!

Recap: Tokyo- Day 3

I woke up early (as usual) for my last day in Tokyo and after checking out and leaving my luggage at the hostel I went for my last breakfast at Doutor :D 

At one there..

Then I took the train to Shibuya. I went and did something I've been wanting to do for such a long time....sitting at the Starbucks next to the Shibuya Crossing, watching the people walk down there on the streets. It was amazing =)

My view...

People :D Not alot though, since it was early in the morning....

Then I went to Forever 21 so that I could be there when it opened. 

The backstreets of Shibuya
I spent 1 ½ hour at FOREVER 21....which is understandable in my opinion since it's so huge!! (Even though I had been there both on Saturday and Sunday aswell....)

This place <3
After that I started walking around Shibuya to see new streets and stuff ^^

Then it was time for'S AGAIN xD

Then I took the train back to Akihabara to look around one last time.

After that, I took the train back to the hostel to get my luggage and then went back to Shibuya.

Then I went to Krispy Kreme for fika :D Honestly...the best doughnuts in the world. They're soooo guuuud!!

I sat at Krispy Kreme until it had turned dark (because I wanted to see the nightlights of Shibuya!!) and then went out in the massive sea of people!!

This is where I sat during the morning :D

This city is just amazing. It's magical. It's fantastic!!!

Then I went to Tokyo station, to the bus central. There I found the Doutor café where me and Dena sat for about 4 h last time. So I had a light dinner there while playing my new Pokémon White :D

Then my bus left this wonderful city at 22:00 and I was on my way home to Kyoto =)
I had such a great time in Tokyo!! Weirdly enough, I managed to get even more homesick though....thinking about how fun I had last time in Tokyo with Dena and Maja....ah well =)
This is the end of the recap of Tokyo!! YAY :D

Recap: Tokyo- Day 2

So I woke up early in the morning and after getting ready for the day I went to Doutor again for breakfast! Their baguettes are so good~ 

Then.....I took the Yamanote line to.......YOYOGI!!!! WEEEEHOOO!! I think that the only one who understands the meaning of that place is Sofia....because....Gazette...Ruki....he he heeee.. Anyways, I went to YOYOGI and to visit the Meiji Shrine which is in Yoyogi park. It's a huuuuge place and sooooo beautiful.

The front gate

Another huge gate

Closing in on the shrine...

A wedding :D The bride wearing the traditional....clam-thingy on her head :D

And then walking all the way back...

Then I went to Harajuku :D

The epic shopping street of Harajuku <3

Then I went back to Shibuya!

The crossing again...


Then it was time for lunch...and guess where I ate...HEHE at Denny's xD

Then I went back to shopping!

Ooooh Tower Records....TWEWY <3

Oooooh....Dogenzaka....TWEWY again <3
Then I went back to Asakusa and had'S xD


Recap: Tokyo- Day 1

Okay here we go!!  (THIS IS A VERY PICTURE HEAVY POST!!)
So, I took the bus from Kyoto Station on Friday night at 23:59 (yup, that's right) and arrived at Tokyo Station at around 8:15 in the morning. The busride was much more comfortable than I expected! I sat next to a woman that didn't say a single word to me during the whole ride and I actually managed to sleep a couple of hours!!
When I arrived in Tokyo, I took the subway to Nihonbashi station and then transferred to the Ginza subway line for Asakusa. I didn't realize until halfway that I was on the same train as last time in March (The Ginza Line), heading for the same station (Tawaramachi Station). So that got me very excited. 

Then I went to "Doutor" (a café) for breakfast!

After that I started walking to the hostel. I had a little map on my cellphone and I new it was kind of close to our old hostel where we stayed at before. Anyhow, it was such a beautiful day in Tokyo with nice cool air and  sunshine!!

I found the hostel :D

After leaving my luggage (check-in time was at 11:00) I decided that might as well go all out from the get go and then headed for SHIBUYA!!!

On the way back I walked pass the Kebab place we ate at last time :D

In the subway...

"Next stop: SHIBUYA"


Oh Shibuya 109 <3


This is where the shopping took place. Honestly, I don't know how many hours I spent in there...


The famous Hachiko wall :D For those of you that don't know the story of it. 


Then a mandatory fish-face :D

After running about in Shibuya I took the train back to the hostel, checked in, and then took the train to AKIHABARA :D

Saw this on the way...and couldn't resist >__<


Then I took the train back to Asakusa and went to have dinner. At, ofc, Danny's ;D 

Enjoying delish pasta with my DS :D

YEEEES!!! It's been too long my friend...Hahah Maja's favorite drink. I thought about her while drinking it <3
Then I went back to the hostel and planned on going to bed but suddenly felt very...not I took a walk that, after visiting the old temples behind the hostel, turned into chasing the "Sky Tree". I tried to get as close to it as possible but...yeah..I had to give up when I started to freeze too much xD

Beautiful temple and you can see the Sky Tree in the background


This is about as close as I got xD

Then I went to Danny's again for dessert :D HAHA I'm such a fatty..

Delicious milk tea with tapioka beads :D


So there we have my first day xD sorry for it being so long...I just saw that I took 334 pic during the whole weekend O___O which means, more pic to come soon!! Haha but now I've gotta rest, I'm still tired after the trip back home to Kyoto...Bye!!

Here I come, TOKYO!!! 東京!!

Omg this weekend's gonna be aaaawesome!
I won't bring my laptop though so I'll catch up with all of you on Tuesday again.
The famous Shibuya Crossing. That's where you'll find me tomorrow!! ;D

The BIG presentation ceremony finally over. It took...more that 3 hours to listen to everyone. But they we're very good! I was blown away by how amazing the Shokyu students were (the lowest Japanese level). Afterwards me, Tsai and Anton went to Osho and then we went by 100 Yen Lawson and I found my favorite chocolate bar in the whole world :D It's been gone for I don't know how long so when I saw it again I screamed a tastes sooo good and reminds me of my first months in Japan =)

Our people from 中級3!



Oh yeah, I forgot to mention......

....THAT I PASSED N2!!!!!


The Power that's inside

Today I wore my beautiful and awesome earrings I got from Dena. They're handmade (by Dena herself!!) and just...epic. EVERYONE at school commented about them and thought they were very cool.

Other than that I had a pretty good day. Had a mini presentation together with the B class during the last two classes before lunch which was quite fun. Then after afternoon classes ended I stayed for  2 hours and studied grammar. Yup....and tomorrow is the BIG PRESENTATION THINGY, held at the Uni so I'm just gonna sit there and listen to presentations the whole morning. And then...later tomorrow night...HE HE HE...I'M GOING TO TOKYO!! GAAAH I have to pack now!! See ya!

Good Night

I'm tired as hell.
I'm fed up.
I've got a headache. 
I'm cold.
I'm homesick.
I'm angry and disappointed. 
I'm (obviously) in a very whiny mood. 
....and I want to eat cookies. 
Good night.

Birthday dinner at Anton's

Since it was Anton's birthday yesterday, we decided to eat dinner at his place. He and Tsai had made soup and lasagna. It was soooo good. Then we watched some TV, talked about random stuff and then I walked home =) A very good day!!


Gotta catch 'em all

I'm seriously considering buying Pokémon Black in Tokyo this weekend. I don't know ANY Pokémon of that generation though...and learning their names in Japanese might be quite pointless but...I need it...I need some kind of new Pokémon game for my DS... I think. We'll se how it all turns out...


Oh my god....during afternoon classes a suit.......


Today after school me, Tsai, Anton and Kyo went for lunch together at DONQ. It's Anton's birthday tomorrow so we figured we celebrate him a little bit today since we have afternoon classes tomorrow. Anyway, here's some pics:

One of Tsai's gifts to Anton. Mr Poop :D 

She also gave him a pineapple.......

.....and some Pringles....

And some other stuff xD


I found these awesome T-shirts online yesterday and OMG I want them so much!! They are all pro-Straight Edge (as you probably can see) and I'm just in love with them. I really like T-shirts with some kind of inspirational message printed on them and these would suit me perfectly!!! I mean, there's not many SXE-ppl out there anymore so, gotta show the world that we exist!! Seeing these T-shirt really makes me happy....that means there's still people out there like me!!! MY PEOPLE <3
Suddenly my hope for the future brightens up a bit. 


I loooooove this one <3


May the Force be with you

So this weekend I've been watching the 3 first Star Wars movies. For the first time. Yup. About time, right? So naturally I've been walking around with the epic "Darth Vader Theme" in the background the whole time. Doing anything while listening to that inside of your head makes everything seem so much more....badass. 
But, I haven't been sitting on my fat  ass the whole weekend. No no no au contraire, I have been working out both yesterday and today. Very proud. But now I ban barely move my body so...mission accomplished I suppose. 
So besides all that I've been studying some Kanji and reading some manga and watching a few anime episodes (Naruto only though). And my Harry Potter reading is proceeding much faster than before. That's good. 
Not much plans for the upcoming week....EXCEPT FOR TOKYO THIS WEEKEND!! Or I leave on Friday night by bus and arrive on Saturday morning. I'm so excited!!!
Last night I explored livejournal a little bit (been aaaages since last time) and after my Gackt-meltdown last night I got a nice Gazette-recovery.


I honestly was having a good Saturday off until I decided to watch some Gackt videos....and now I'm about to cry. That man kills me.  He is too beautiful.. I can't even....


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