I sense a certain uncertainty

Mjeees. This morning I went to the dentist for the first time in Stockholm. It was nice. Haha. Felt good not having to take the car or the bus to the closest general dentistry...only had to walk 8 min to Hornstull haha. I'm so spoiled.
Today I met up with some girls from my class at Uni to work on a group assignment. We split in two groups and me and the other girl found a vacant group room in the library where we sat and got some work done. Of course, we digressed alot aswell, talking about travelling, learning new languages etc. In fact, I might have to face my French fear later this week.....ooooooh no I'm gonna fail so hard and start speaking Japanese in the middle of the sentence!! I'm gonna be so nervous...oh...why am I doing this? *sobbing*
Tonight I spent the evenign together with Sofia! We made tacos, listened to music and then watched a lecture from Hans Rosling about world population development. I've seen it 1 ½ times before and IT IS AAAWESOME! #dontpanic

Tomorrow my Dad will be in town so after I'm done at Uni we're gonna meet up and have dinner together. I'm looking forward to it sooo much and I feel like I have tons of stuff to tell him about and advices to ask from him etc. It's lucky that you have a wise father.


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