Take off

Hi there.
I'm feeling a little bit scattered over here. I need to pack but I haaaaaaaaaaate packing. Ugh. So instead I do everything else except packing. This is going nowhere.
Today I woke up at 5:30 for some reason which, too be honest, was very nice. I had alot of time to waste this morning. Loving it. But today wasn't totally wasted at all. Went to Uni and finished a group assignment with my classmate, handed in some papers and yeah...that's pretty much it. 
OK I gotta get this packing thing going. I'll attend our seminar tomorrow morning, then go home and eat lunch and get my suitcase and then I'll take the train to Arlanda to meet my parents and sister. Then on Saturday morning we'll depart for: ISTANBUL! 

Kick the heel, swivel time

Yesterday was kinda epic. Me and Sofia had some sushi (from Mutto, the best in Sthlm so far) and then in the evening we went to Ylvis concert in Globen. It was fantastic! They played all of the great songs and had tons of props and outfit changes. Plus they danced topless to "Sexy back". Such a great and hilarious show.

I'm crying over this sushi. I could eat 20 psc every day.
Sofia's. Also crying.
 Outside of Globen before the concert.
Today I've tried getting a few things out of the way, making the start of next week smoother. I organized my jewelry, cleaned my make up brushes and around noon I walked all of the way to Centralen to do some shopping at Åhléns City. But yeah I feel quite ok with it being Monday tomorrow. 
Look at these snowflakes! THEY'RE PERFECT STARS! What!?!?!

Listening to K-pop and drinking tea while organizing this mess...

Aaaaand this was my dinner! Blueberry nana ice cream topped with some kiwi! IT. TASTED. AMAZING.

IOGT-NTO --> Brussels --> EU

It's confirmed! In May I will be going to Brussels with IOGT-NTO to study and discuss alcohol policies in the EU. I'm so excited I am about to explode! 

Even more chillin'

Another chill day has come and almost gone. 
Though I did actually do some productive things today...like grocery shopping. And I watched the solar eclipse. And I chatted with first Sofia on the phone and then with Maja. Very nice indeed. 
Just a crappy pic of the solar eclipse.
Tomorrow will be different so I'll enjoy my last hours of total "I-don't-need-to-do-shit" mode. Seeya!

I'm on my way

Last evening I met up with Dad, who was in town. We bought French macarons (as always) and had Korean BBQ for dinner. It was such a nice evening.


French macarons in flavours: Licorice, Salted Caramel, .....don't remember the name but it was like mega chocolate, Orange flower (or something), Lemon and finally Cherry Blossom!
Aaaand today has been quite the perfect day.
Stayed a bit in bed in the morning while practicing some French and drinking hot lemon water w/ some honey.
Then I had breakfast and wrapped up my essay and handed it in. Felt awesome.
Then I got dressed and headed out to soak in some vitamin D. I sat by the water on Reimersholme (literally 30 seconds from my apartment) and just sat in the sun for a while. Then I bought an ice cream and walked along the water, up towards Hornstull (and bought some chocolate hehe) and then walked back home.

After having lunch and talking to Maja on the phone I started watching the latest season of Psycho Pass. It was wild. Kinda complicated at times, but really good. I got through all of the 11 episodes just one by one. Just awesome.
I might watch some Gintama before going to bed but I just wanna take this moment to write down how amazing this day has been. And how amazing life is in general right now. I feel like I have so much to look forward to! Alot of fun times ahead! WOHO! 


Today was my day off from writing on my essay. I only have a little bit left so tomorrow I'm gonna wrap it up and just....breathe again. But it hasn't been that bad. Not at all. This course was great but I wished it was longer...
So today I slept in and just stayed in bed while drinking some tea until 10:30. Then I got up, went out and did some grocery shopping. After coming back home and relaxing a bit Sofia came over and we chilled together. Then we Anna and Dena came by (they were in town over the weekend! YAAAY) and the four of us chatted and chilled at my place. Then we went to "Där med pasta" for dinner (soooo guuuud) and continued our chatting there. It was so great seeing them! I miss my friends up in Umeå so much...can't wait to go back up next month!


Sofia (lol) and Anna :D
Dena judging the sausage :D

The Eternal Calm

Uwaaah I just finished playing FF X HD Remix :'( 
Even though I've played it before and knew the ending and all I still cried.....gosh that game is powerful. 
I really want to start playing FF X-2 right away but I need to be rational, I don't have time for it right now. I think I'll start playing it during the summer after I get back from Japan.
But still.....ugh all of these FF X feels...


Maaaah I feel kinda stressed right now. Alot going on at the same time, alot of deadlines and I just end up doing nothing at all. Typical hahaha. But that's totally me. I freak out, do nothing, think about it all of the time, then realize that hey it's actually not that much or too difficult, then I do it.
But my eeeeeeessay....*crying* I don't wanna wriiiiite it.....I loved this course, but it was too short and I haven't read everything yet. Just no....no. I can't wait until I send it in and can relax a bit. BUT it still feels like I have tons of stuff to do even after it's done!! もう勘弁してくれよー T___T
I'm going to the gym soon to take my mind off all of these things...But I did manage to book tickets for a short trip home next month! Between 8th and 13th of April you'll find me in Umeå, baby! WOHO!

Epic weekend with Mom

Yes! My mom made it down to Stockholm! Even though Norwegians strike did make us to reschedule some stuff, things turned out better than planned! Mom arrived quite late on Friday evening so we decided to have a late dinner at a nearby restaurant here in Hornstull, at Beijing 8. Delicious as always. On Saturday we went in to town and did some shopping, then we had a fantastic brunch at American Table. They had alot of tasty foods and great dessert table. Then we did some more shopping and then went back home to relax and watch documentaries at my place. On Sunday morning we went to Gallerian and my mom had her nails done. She's been dying to get them done for months and while she was her I just had to get her an appointment. And her nails turned out gorgeous. After a quick lunch we did some more shopping and walked around in the lovely weather. Seriously, yesterday's weather was so amazing! In the evening, we walked to Slussen and then we went to Murasaki at Medborgarplatsen and had Shabu Shabu for dinner. It was sooooo good! Afterwards we went back to my apartment and just took it easy and I studied a little. Early this morning Mom went back home, after and epic weekend together!  

Late dinner at Beijing 8!

Brunch time!

ALOT of white bread going on here..

Mom getting her nails done...

And the finished result!

Here with her newly purchased MK wallet!
Shabu Shabu dinner!!


Uuuh....I'm feeling so slow and not motivated to to anything except watching Gintama and eat nana icecream...Mom had booked tickets to come down to Stockholm and we had epic plans and all but due to Norwegians strike her flight got cancelled. BUT she managed to re-book the tickets so HOPEFULLY she will be able to come here by tonight! I don't want to get my hopes up but....I reeeeeally hope she'll make it!
Other than that, I went to Uni and read a little this morning and later I'm gonna hit the gym and do some Bodypump! First time in forever! But first....some FFX!


Phew, feels like alot has been going on! Yesterday I watched an entire anime (only 12 episodes tho) called "School Days". It was kinda slow but the ending was insane. Then I went out with Sofia and Anton and we finally watch "Big Hero 6". Amazing movie!
Despite only 4 hours of sleep last night, I headed to Uni's library this morning and read my Sri Lanka book that I got last week. It's about the tsunami of 2004 and how it affected Sri Lanka and all. Very interesting.
Aaaaand today I started watching "Gintama". An on classic that I've never come around to watch earlier. I'm only a few episodes in but loving it so far! 

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