So today went by very fast. 
After school me, Sofia, Dena and Lawler went to Saizeriya and had a huuuuge lunch together. It was awesome.
Then we hurried to our apartment, I freshened up a little bit, and then me and Lawler took the bus into town to meet our classmates and teachers.
We found them all sitting at a very cozy cafe. Very nice. And it was so nice to see Otsuka-Sensei again!!!! I haven't seen her since March since she moved to Tokyo. It was really good seeing her again =)
But yeah, having almost all of my classmates there, together with my old teachers (Fujimura-Sensei was also there) it felt very nostalgic. And a little bit sad, since most of them are leaving soon.....

Delicious matcha milk~

The last rent, Division and a Peach

Yesterday, after school, we all went and payed our last rent. It was a little bit sad, I think. And I still don't understand a word that our landlord says. Ah I'm gonna miss that old man.
After that, me and Sofia went and bought the Gazette's new album, Division. We bought the limited edition pack and got dvd and a photobook. You could clearly see that Ruki had a lot of influence and decided alot when it came to the photobook was very Ruki-ish. But the album. Omg those guys never let you down. 

So artistic..........

Then, I bought a peach. And it was delicious. 

In other news, we had a test today. It wasn't terrible but not good either....gosh the finals is in two weeks and I got ALOT to catch up on..
Me and Sofia just watched ep 2 season 3 of Face Off. It's so awesome!!  YAY!!
Tomorrow me and my old class are gonna have dinner with our old teachers. I don't know when or where's gonna be interesting to see how it all turns out.... 


The presentation went ok today. Let's just leave it at that and move on.
Me,Sofia and Lawler had a very fun time together with Puppy-Boy (the guy that works at the reception at school who I think is the only dude at the place that speaks English) at lunch today. He wanted to talk to be about prolonging my Visa and other stuff and we just started messing around with him a little was hilarious. I love Puppy-Boy. And I'm sure he loves us too.
I feel very accomplished today since I managed to do alot of stuff. Cook dinner, vacuum clean the kitchen (only took 1 mintue, but still), went out on a 40 min long run, shower, send some important e-mails, watch Pewdiepie and write my report and send it in (which took a while....) and now I'm planning on studying a little bit before going to bed. Not bad at all.
And I got something to show Ina. I bought these from Dena who'd bought them in Osaka and now...THEY'RE ALL MINE!!! 

I think I'm gonna put them all on a bracelet....

And I painted my nails.....nothing special but it dazzles like crazy and I love it.

Beautiful Sinner

Today's Monday. I call our Internet provider and found out that we're screwed and gotta pay lots of money to cancel the contract, if that's what we decide to do. I don't know...I hate talking to them.....
But, today Alessandra came back to school!! She left to go home in the middle of June but now she's back! YAY!
AND I found a new apartment that I really like and want to check out as soon as possible!
AND I love the new anime I'm watching. Dena's been telling me that I have to watch this anime for quite a while now and....what can I say...I love it <3 The name is a little bit off though....Tiger & Bunny...heh...
Well well....I have my Matcha presentation tomorrow which is gonna be awful and then I have grammar class and I'm not really looking forward to that either....
I still spend ridiculous amount of time daydreaming about Tom Hiddleston/Loki.....I just can't get that perfect British  man/God of Mischief out of my head. Seriously, I know that I've always been living inside my own head and dreaming about stuff that I know never will come true bu marry this my call. It feel so good being in love again <3 Hahah screw reality!!!!!

Won't get caught

I. Can't. Sleep.
I don't know if it's because of the jetlag or something else. But, I can't sleep. I'm tired as hell but for some reason I just wont fall asleep. Damn it. I go to bed first...but I often fall asleep the last. 
Anyway. Today I looked at 3 apartments. Two of them were furnished and the last one wasn't. And if I'm gonna pick one, it's gonna be the last one. But dear Gackt how small they were, all of them. Only 15 square meters. That's tiny~ Shit. 
What else.....hmm....Still feels awesome being back together with Dena and Sofia. I think I missed them more than  I thought. And I don't want them to leave!!!! We have so much fun together, just doing ridiculous stuff. We watched the first episode of "Hem till Midgård" and died of laughter. At least I did. 

already Friday??

And now Friday has come and gone (almost, right now it's 21:00).
Today I felt a little more game and could follow along during class better than yesterday...even though I woke up at 5:45 this morning.....
Then after school me, Sofia, Dena and Lawler went to Donq and ate lunch together. That something I really missed,  eat good food and talk about silly stuff between the 4 of us. 
Then when I got home I fixed a few things and then went out for a run. But, it was so hot so I was only out for maybe 15 min. I thought I was gonna die, it was THAT hot. 
Then after coming home and after a cold shower, it was time to study. I have so much to study right now I seriously don't know where to begin or where to end. It's awful but we'll see how it goes....I guess it's my own fault for not studying during the break...But I was busy living.
My mentality during my stay in Sweden...

Later, my two room mates and Lawler went to watch the Avengers at the cinema. And I stayed at home. To study. And watch anime (which I almost count as studying....) Can you believe it?! Neither can I.....Me, declining another chance to watch Loki in his awesomeness because I have to study describes a little bit how deep in the shit I am. Goddammit.....
We have chaos on our table aswell. Look:

BUT do you know what?! I'm gonna go and look at possibly my new apartment tomorrow!!! The agent guy is picking me up at 11:00 and then we'll go together to look at it and all....I hope it's suitable because finding another one might be a hassle....We'll see how it goes. 

Tillbaka i Japan!

Yeeey jag är tillbaka i Japan nu!!
Nämen ja, flygresan gick så ok en flygresa kan gå antar jag. Satt brevid en trevligt (och snygg) kines påväg till Peking så det var nice. Personalen hann dock stressa upp mig då de sa att vi skulle bli 1 ½ timma sen till Peking men nej, vi landade precis på tid. Idioter.

Inne på Pekings flygplats

Och utifrån~
Och Kina uppifrån
Landade i Japan runt 16:00 tiden och tog bussen Kyoto 17:30 och tog sen bussen från Kyoto station hem kl 19:15 så jag kom hem till lägenheten runt 20:00. Och jag måste bara säga, när jag klev in i lägenheten och kramat om mina sambos kände jag mig verkligen hemma. Var verkligen skönt att se dom igen. Vi satt och pratade och töntade oss men runt 22:30 kom tiden ikapp mig och jag gick och la mig och somnade på en sekund.
När jag vaknade imorse kännde jag mig ändå ganska orienterad. Jag visste vars jag var osv men mitt huvud kändes som en sten och kroppen stel som en pinne. Men, jag skippade första timmen av skolan och kom dit sen. Att se alla efter så lång tid var verkligen toppen!! Blev många kramar!
Första dagen i Japan var mys men har vart på auto pilot hela dan och inte rikigt kunnat hänga med i svängarna men...när jet-laggen lägger sig blire nog bra.

Another end to the endless fun

Åker till Sthlm imorrn.
Fattar inte hur snabbt tiden har gått.
Har verkligen haft det jättemysigt och att fått umgås med min älskade Ina och älskade Maja har vart så värdefullt. 
Vill bara stanna här och ha trevligt med dom hela tiden...världens bästa timeloop? I think so~
Men känns ändå ok att fara tbk till Japan....I guess. Haha. Nämen kommer kännas bra när jag väl är där och alla är uppstyrt med lägenhet osv. 
Aja får nu 3 dagar i Sthlm med Mami och Papi och det kommer bli underbart! 

Lever kungligt

Ville bara göra ännu ett snabbt inlägg och säga att jag haft en toppenkväll hos Ina.
Tacos, mycket snack och så sydde hon upp mina nya jeans.
Planerade även in en liten tur på stan på tis! Ska bli grymt!
Imorrn blire att fara till Otto, sen hämta upp Maja efter jobbet och då blire film och tvspel. Som det ska vara.
Har bara en vecka kvar i Umeå nu. Sen blire Sthlm!

One Thing

I just wanted to say....
That I'm so happy right now =)
I didn't realized how much I missed this life until I came back here....
Got about 2 weeks left here now,
and gonna make them even better than the past 2 weeks
.....If that's even possible

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