These kind of days

Today I went to Uni. That's right. ON A SATURDAY!! What even is this?! Hahah nah but really, yesterday I didn't get much studying done so I tried to make it all up today. After waking up I got dressed, made breakfast to eat on the go and took the subway to Uni.

Walking to Uni this morning...

Autumn view from the library.
But yeah yesterday was great. I took a little shopping trip and just went around the whole town (seriously though, I really did). Since the weather was nice I figured I should try not to stay indoors the whole day.

Been following "reklamera" on Instagram and yesterday I saw their ad in the subway! So damn important!

Since my parents are spending the weekend in London I am BEYOND jealous I decided to visit this shop to still my needs for England...*sob*
I left Uni at around 14 today and then went to Oriental Supermarket at Hötorget to load up on some noodles. Student life is noodle life. But at least you can find a variety of different noodles at these kinds of Asian food stores! Yay!
Tonight I think I'm just gonna stay at home and take it easy, read some more and play video games. A meet up group that I joined recently (a ADT-free group! SO AWESOME) are having a "Bowling + Sushi night" this evening buuuuut I suck at bowling and really just feel like stay at home. Next time I'll definitely join them!


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