Back up north

I'm gonna catch the bus to the airport soon, and then later tonight I'm gonna go back home to Umeå. Yaay haven't been there since...summer I think. I'm gonna stay there for two whole weeks, spending time with my family, hanging out with my friends and a little bit. 
Oh and write my an essay synopsis. Crap. 
As usual, don't know how much I'll update while I'm gone but we'll see.


Lol I'm so funny.
The days are lame af right now, since I'm writing on my essay. But, after writing at Uni yesterday, me and Sofia headed out to Bergshamra to hang out with Satsuki! We made homemade katsu curry which turned out amazing!! Then Sofia had made a saffron cheesecake which was just....incredible. We spent the rest of the evening in a food coma, talking about everything between Disney songs and issues in society. Just how we like it.

Satsuki's plate looking all perfect and presentable...


....while mine was a bit more messy.



This pictures really sums up our excitement for the saffron cheesecake.

Today I met up with my dear Alona for an early lunch and some catching up! We met at Esa Sushibar at the corner of Torsgatan, close to St. Eriksplan. Their lunch sushi was HUGE! And very photogenic. I took their tempura sushi roll and Alona got their Esa special roll. Both were super delicious. 
So we sat there a short while, talking about life, Uni, what to expect of next year etc. Iäve been missing Alona so much this fall, but both of us (esp her who's studying at 200% ugh) have been so busy that we've barely had time to meet and hang out. Hopefully next semester will be better <3 It's almost 1 year since we moved to London together....time flies like crazy. 


Over 10 years of waiting...finally the moment is here. 
Booted up my brand new 1 TB PS4 earlier today. I've watched the anime, the movie and played the demo. It is now time to dive in to an adventure I've been waiting for, for over a decade. 
Final Fantasy XV. Here we go.

"Come on! Come on! Come on! HURRY!!!"

Yesterday evening I hanged out with Anton for a quality gaming sesh!! We started the night by fueling up with some Chinese food (a classic), bought some snacks and then went back to my place to start up the game of the night: Resident Evil 5. Laugh all you want, I know that game is ancient, but I still love it. 
We started at chapter 1, playing on Veteran Mode, and played all the way to the beginning of the Marshlands chapters. With infinite ammo on Anton's shotgun and my machinegun, we plowed through pretty easily...until the fucking big ogre-zombie boss fight. We died 17 times. No joke. But we never gave up an in the end we finally beat it! What a feeling!
Then Anton showed me some Pkmn Sun/Moon on his Nintento 3DS and made me jealous af. It looked so pretty and the Kanto pkmn were so adorable! So many games, so little time...


Yesterday was my birthday! Fancy that. Sofia had spent the night here so we woke up together on Friday morning, and Sofia started singing "Happy Birthday~" to me hihi. She gave me my birthday present (Morphe brushes!! Dyyyying~) and then we had a big delicious breakfast together before going to classes.
At Uni, my classmates wished me happy birthday too and at the end of the class everybody started singing for me! Haha you guyyyys <3. Then I headed to Fridhemsplan to have lunch with Mom! Yes, both of my parents happened to be in town on my birthday, but since Dad was working, I got to have lunch with just Mom. We had our favourite sushi at Roppongi (Their yakiniku sushi omg <3) and sat there talking for a while. Then we took the bus to Gallerian to go and do some shopping, but left empty handed. Then I said goodbye to Mom and headed back home where Sofia was waiting.

This sushi <3

We relaxed a bit and then started getting glam for dinner. We both tried out our new Make up Geek shadows (I'm on looove) and ofc I used my Morphe brushes (also in looove). Then we headed out to the city!

From sad fish.... serious botox face.
We had booked a table at Waipo, a Chinese restaurant right on Drottninggatan, but despite being on the main tourist/shopping street, I had read great reviews about it. We had decided on a 8 course tasting menu + dessert so the only thing we had to decide on were the drinks. We each ordered a huuge mocktail which tasted like passionfruit. Delicious. Then we food started rolling in, with like 10 min intervals. Everything tasted AMAZING and I think I will have to say that my favourite dish was the grilled aubergine with cashews...I almost cried eating it haha.

Sofia thoo <3

These drinks!!!

Three different types of dim sum!

These gambas shrimps...amazing.


Mochi ice cream!! :D :D

The full menu~
After dinner, we headed back home to my place and changed in to sweatpants again (lol) and put on Top Gear, when they're travelling through Vietnam. Probs my favourite episode ever. Then Sofia headed back home and I crashed in bed, exhausted but so happy after an amazing birthday. Thank you all who congratulated me on my birthday!! It was such a perfect day <3

TATINOF Sthlm 6/12

Soooooo.....yesterday I went to see Dan&Phil's show TATINOF (The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire) at Cirkus here in Stockholm. The show started at around 19:30 and I arrived about one hour before that. There were SO many people there! Around 98% of the audience were young teenage girls, 1,5% were one of their parents and the remainging 0,5% were people like me, in their mid 20's, going alone. It I'd gone totally without make up I would've fit in in the first category but no, I went full glam lol.

The merch table! Didn't buy any tho.

A box where you could submit your own 7 Second Challenge!

The venue hall was not suuuper big, but when I sat down at my seat my jaw dropped when I realized how close I actually was to the stage. I sat at the 9th row, a little bit to the left. I was super close omg. They played some songs through the speakers while we were waiting for people to enter the venue and take their seats. And when they played MCR "Welcome to the Black Parade" everyone screamed and sang along (me included duuuh). It was amazing hahah!
It's hard to tell by looking at the picture how close I actually was, but trust me, it was CLOSE!
And then the show started. We all screamed so loud when Dan & Phil came out on stage. It was strange how NOT surreal it felt to actually have them both standing there right in front of me though. Like, I was shaking a bit in the beginning but then I calmed down pretty quickly. It was just like "Of course, there they are". It's hard to describe, but I think that if I actually got to meet them in person then booooi I might faint. 
Anyways, since this was the last show EVER of TATINOF, me telling what happened last night won't be any spoilers for future shows etc. But yeah the stage itself was a piece of art. A big microwave in the middle with small TV's around it, a lama to the left and a lion to the right. All different kind of stuff popping up behind the microwave like video game characters, Haru from Free! and just all kinds of random stuff.
I feel like the entire show was basically inside joke after inside joke between Dan & Phil and us, their followers. And I LOVED IT!! They made tons of references to stuff that only a dedicated follower would know. They did the 7 Second Challenge, reasons why Phil was a strange kid, support hotline, live fanfiction (oh lord), a sketch about them in the future...rounding all off with a musical number. It was fantastic. The whole show was SO well-rehearsed, thought through and just...ambitious af. So impressed by those lads. 
I never wanted it to end and I'm so happy I took the chance to go and see them. They were amazing <3

This week y'all.....

Phuh....this has been A WEEK! Like...I feel like this entire week has gone on for like at least one month. There's no way there was only seven days this week. There must've been at least 30 days hidden in there somewhere.
NEVER have Uni been this stressful. I started the last part of this course on Tuesday and...we just went from 0 to 100 reeeeal fucking quick. We got these two reeeeally tough assignments to work on and I just stood there like "you've gotta be kiddin' me". 'Cause you know, we had an exam on Monday. And you know your week is bad if the exam WASN'T the worst part of the week (Uni wise ofc). I feel like they just stepped it up like, 10 lvls just like that. Not fair....
Off Uni shit has been stressful too. Only real chill eveing was with the girls on Thursday I think...just because the pressure of those assignments just lingered, I just felt so stressed all of the time. But, today I went to the gym to let off some steam and then decided to wrap up this second assignment. And I think I can finish it tonight actually...we'll see. 
Next week will hopefully be less stressfull...I have some really nice things planned so...looking forward to it HIHIHIHI. 

1st of December fika

Since all of us were busy on first of advent, me, Sofia and Anna instead decided on having a 1st of December fika evening at Sofia's. We made saffron scones (recipe from my friend Amanda!) which tasted delicious, ate gingerbread cookies and drank both tea and "julmust". We listened to christmas music, gossiped and pet Sofia's new cat, Sissela (also knows as Missela, Såsela, Pizzela etc). It was such a lovely evening and it really got me in the christmas-y mood!!!

Her eyes <3



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