Yesterday me and Maya went to Uppsala and Peppcon!! Woop!
2 of our customers were there (and we were invited by one of them so we got in for free!) and we finally got to meet them, which was awesome. Although I'm not working at JFC anymore, I will forever consider JFC's customers as MY customers lol. 

 On our way to Uppsala!
Anyway, besides that, we walked around at the convent looking at all of the awesome stuff they had there. Alot of Lolita, some goth, but mostly just nery anime related stuff. It was great (but I didn't buy anything...). We also went to a cosplay show and there was this one girl who cosplayed Korra and OH MY GOD she was amazing!!! Afterwards I walked up to her and told her that she was epic and just...rocked haha. There was alot of "Attack on Titan", "FREE!" and "Kuroshitsuji" going on at the convent....which I totally approved of. 


LOOOOOL!! (JFC joke sorry)

Found me some G-Dragon!

Some Gaze-lovers! YEE!

Here was "The big stage" were the cosplay show was held.



Bonsai trees!

UNF! WOOP!! :D :D :D :D :D

Found some Silver Fang stuff!

Adorable Maya!
But yeah, it was a loooong day but it was awesome spending some epic-time with MAYA!! =)


Back in Stockholm

YAY! I'm back in Stockholm! Together with my amazing partner in crime, Sofia! :D
We've been having a great time together, prepping for Uni the past days. 
And today, the two of us went together to Stockholm University for the "upprop(information)"-day.
I was a little nervous at first, listening to the teachers explaining the programme and how the course is gonna be an all. Like, at one moment I was thinking "what the hell have I gotten myself into?!" but then I looked around and thought "well, if these guys can do it, so can I." So yeah, I think this is gonna be ALOT of studies and quite difficult but....I think this will be perfect for achieving my goals and dreams! So I'm gonna study hard!
So...on Monday the "real" studies will start. So before that, me and Sofia will try to make the best of these next 3 days! 


Umeå - 1 week!

More updates!
So on Monday I hanged out with Sofia. Since it was hell rain outside we mostly stayed inside taking it easy. We also had a long Skype chat with Lawler! 

On Tuesday we had our famous LOTR marathon at Emma's. It took us 12 hours to get through all of the 3 movies. Epic.
On Wednesday I hanged out with Ina. We sorted out some of my old stuff and found ALOT of hilarious things and just sat there remembering the good ol' times.
On Thursday I went to Sundsvall with Dad. First we stopped in Örnsköldsvik for about 1h and then we continued south to Sundsvall. I had fika at one of my favourite cafés ever, me and Dad had lunch together and then I went to Birsta City. After some very light shopping, I met up with Dad again and we swiftly went through IKEA together. Then we drove home.

Took a morning walk in a park in Örnsköldsvik.

My fave café!

Look how pretty it is inside!!
And on Friday I met up with all of the girls at Café Station for fika! It been AGES since all 7 of us met up. I had such a great time.

On Saturday I met up with Maja first and had a mini-photoshoot. Then we took a little drive and then picked up Ina and take away dinner on the way back. We had Chinese take out for dinner and then we played some Soul Calibur 5 and later watched HP 7. It was an amazing evening with amazing friends!

On Sunday I just took it easy during the day and then my cousin and his girlfriend came over and we had a Fifa tournament. A classic. And I won with my strong PSG! YEHOO!!

So yeah. There you have it! My whole week in Umeå! It's been a great "vacation" here in the North, but now I'm ready to head back to the big city!

Lycksele Djurpark!

OK! Time for some update!
Last Sunday, me and Ina went to "Lycksele Djurpark". We walked around the park for hours, watching all of the animals, had ice cream, had "fika" and just a really great time! Of course, I took alot of pictures! Here's a few of them:

Walking around this park is so peaceful!

These were so huge! Bisons are like giants!

Such a boss!


It's sleeping! So adorable!

Taking pictures of the wolfs was very difficult...this is the best picture of one of the adults...

....but they had 3 puppies!!!


I want one!

Bye bye JFC Norden

Sådärja nu har jag avslutat min tjänst på JFC Norden. Tackar och bockar för en fantastisk tid. 
Nu sitter jag hemma i Umeå, i soffan och chillar. Gött.
Vi hörs.

The end approaching

Soo...I'm working my last week at JFC now. Yesterday I said goodbye to Adachi-san and today I said goodbye to Itami-san. Gosh....I can't believe it's been 8 ½ months already. Just insane.
So today, because Itami-san is just the best boss ever, he bought us some cake! Haha so me, him and Hampus just sat down by the end of the day, chatting about stuff. Wow...I'm really gonna miss everyone.
But! Still 2 days to go!! Yoooshaaa!!


Would you just look at all of these beauties!!! OH MY GOOOD they're so cute!
I picked these two! They were both amazing! Wish I could eat treats like this every day!

Guardians of the Galaxy!

Woop! I rounded off the weekend by going to the movies with Anton. Peaple have been talking non stop about this movie and I needed to see what the hype was all about. And what can I say...Guardians of the Galaxy was truly an epic movie! Watch it!

My street (in the middle of the night)

My player 1

Been spending this weekend with my lovely Maja Salander. Even though she was away on a wedding on Saturday, we still managed to have lunch and do some shopping and all during this weekend. Thank God that I'm going back north next week! Don't wanna spend too much time apart from this lovely lady! =)

Old picture from 2012 (in Kyoto, Japan)

Blue Light Yokohama

Yesterday after work, me and my collegues went to have dinner together at one of our customer restaurants, Blue Light Yokohama. And what can I say...great food, great company....just a great evening! Here's a few pics of some of the food we had:


Catching up

Yesterday after work I met up with Maya! 
We went to Espresso House and just catched up a bit. Feel like I haven't seen her in ages!!
I've missed her so much!



Such a long a nice weekend it has been. Been watching alot of Supernatural and I have finally finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood!!! FINALLY!! Ok sure, I still have tons of stuff to do in that game (missions to do, treasures to find etc) but no, it's time to play something new now. Wonder what it will be....
Now I'm gonna watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Only because of Sebastian Stan. Obviously.


Posting Journals

This whole week has been so up and down I don't even know where to begin...Like, just because yesterday was amazing, today JUST HAD TO BE AWFUL. Ok maybe not awful but....not as awesome...*huge sigh*
Last night I dreamt about Thranduil. I take it as a clear sign it's time to rewatch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It feels like the proper thing to do right now. Bye. 

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