Has anyone seen my ambition?? 'Cause I've seem to have lost it.

I'm so booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored. 
I should study....I REEEEEALLY should but...I can't seem to find the motivation...
I'm just sitting on my fat ass doing nothing...
I think the only two productive things I did today was grocery shopping (bought stuff so that I can make nabe tomorrow!!) and doing the laundry...that's it....and well, school I guess....
But I can't seem to get anything done. I need to solve this problem...find a place where I can study without any distractions...I don't want to waste the time and money here in Japan...I should do what I came here to do. Which is learn Japanese and study.... *sigh* The N2 test is in 1 month and I haven't prepared at all.....
Right now is the Halloween party at the Uni....and ofc didn't I go. Ofc....I said I would stay home and be social with my kotatsu....which I've done. 
I'm just....no I don't know...haven't slept well the past 2 nights either...maybe that's why I feel like this...
I want to be together with someone but at the same time I want to be left alone. It's strange...
Ok. I'm gonna stop being whiny and all...I just looked through my meme folder and found a few pics that, even though I feel like just lying on the floor and curse at my current situation, make me smile and laugh: 

That Aura

Something I didn't write in my last post was that yesterday I skyped with my dear Sofia. For about 3 hours. That's was happens when we have this distance between us. I really miss her. Been having her around me ever since we met basically...it sucks that I can't just call her whenever I want....can't wait to derp around with her when I get home during christmas! It's gonna be epic <3

mini update

Yesterday I....

* ....finally got to meet Albert again after him being away for over 1 month
* ....sent Dena's package
* ....went and bought the blanket-thingy for my kotatsu. I. Love. It.

And today I.....
* ....survived.
* .....payed my first rent.

btw, I dreamt last night about being chased by an assassin and his polar bear.....is that normal?

A day in celebration to God

Yesterday....was really fun. I met up with the girls at 12:00 and we say goodbye at around 22:30. Such a memorable day, And the whole day was about one person only, Gackt.
So first we met up at school because one of the girls, Mie, had wrote a test at school and then me and Mii were waiting for her. When she was finished we took the bus to the city and went and ate at one of Gackt's favorite ramen places. Of course, it was delicious.
The place didn't look that special at all but that's the thing with ramen restaurants. They often look very....shabby, but that's because they put all their juice in making delicious ramen! 
Sooooooo good~

Then we went to Gion and ate cake! Hahaha it was at quite a luxurious place so the price was a little bit over the top but man...it was worth it.

Then we did a little bit of Gackt-Sightseeing. Went to places he has been to, his favorite stores etc. Then We took the bus back and went to their apartment. There, we looked through Gackt photobooks and watched TV-shows with him. Then we went for dinner at the Indian restaurant me, Sofia and Lawler often went to. 

Then we went back to their place and watched some more Gackt-shows and then we watch a drama on their TV which Gackt is in. Gaaaah he's so beautiful....And then, I went home =)

A really interesting day. One thing I really liked is that I managed to speak Japanese the whole day. I think that Mie speak a little English but there was no need to speak it soo...just Japanese. Very good for me I think. It was an awesome day =)



Last night was awesome! I'm so glad I went.

The people there was me, Vincent, his girlfriend Toshiko, Anton, Tsai, Bau and Paranyu.
Vincent had also invited 4 korean girls that I have never met and they were very cute and nice. I really liked them! And the brittish dude (his name is Andrzej)  that I talked to about DW earlier this week was there aswell. He is extremely easy to talk to and very funny. So at the end, we changed seat so that we could sit next to each other and talk about DW again xD Hahah! After we left we all stayed outside of the restaurant and talked and messed around for about 30 min and then we left. All of the others had bikes so me and Andrzej walked together home for a bit and talked a little. 

After saying goodbye to him I ran home, cleaned myself up, and watched the season finale of Supernatural S7.....and oh my God. I had promised myself that I wouldn't continue watching S8 but...I think I must. DAMN IT ALL.
Today I'm gonna meet up with a Thai girl from my class who is a fellow fangirl about most of the stuff I fangirl about. Gackt, in particular. So the plan today is to meet up with her and her room mate (also Thai, goes to the same school as us so I've seen her before) and go and eat ramen together and watch dramas and movie. This is gonna be and interesting day for sure.

Get your Cray ON

I'm gonna celebrate this day with some dark chocolate and then going out with friends for yakiniku tonight and last but not least, finish watching Supernatural S7!!! I've put my studying on ice for the past 2 days since I had no energy to do it at all but I'm gonna try to make stuff happen from now on.
And tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with a classmate and hang out together. Did you hear!? Johanna is trying to meet new people and be social!! AMAZIING!!!

I feel like I've talked to alot of stangers lately...or they just start to talk to me...like yesterday when I was buying meat at the grocery store a man who worked there just came up to me and asked if I was cold. Hahah maybe because I looked sick and had wrapped my whole head with my scarf. And then he asked if I came from India....and I said no and he looked (ofc) very confused. Poor man.
Anyway, now it's time to get some shit done and eat my chocolate! YEHO

Doctor, Doctor where you at, give me something

I'm officially sick. 
My throat hurst like hell, I have a runny nose and I just feel exhausted all the time.
So yesterday when I got home from school I just curled up in my lovely new chair and watched almost 7 h of Supernatural. It made me feel a little bit better.
It's morning now and I'm drinking hot lemonade with honey. Appearently that should soothe the throat pains....uuuh I wanna stay at home today....but it's a long day today and I don't want to get too much absence time from school....yet. I'll save it for worse times haha.
It's really starting to get colder outside now, but I haven't yet wore my winter jacket....Just my trenchcoat..
Uaah btw yesterday it was exactly 1 year ago since me and Sofia saw the Gazette for the first time!!! Craaazy how time flies....

Aaaaaah my boys...

Go back to Purgatory stupid Leviathan and leave us alone

I was woken up this morning by loud thunder and the sound of a massive downpour. A good start on a shitty day I thought.....
I don't like Tuesdays. Never have, never will. But today was fun. I think something/someone made me laugh at least 4 times every hour throughout the whole time at school. There surely are some interesting people at KICL...and teachers for that matter. During the last class (which is group work research time) me and my groupmates sat and fangirled over Hyde, voice actors and other awesome stuff...I appreciated it alot.
Yesterday I finished watching DW (at least all of the episodes that has aired so far) and the ending was so sad I couldn't hold back my tears. Damn you.....
So today, to make matters even worse, I began watching season 7 of Supernatural. Dena has said countless times that I really should avoid watching it but....I just couldn't hold it. So here we are, 2 episodes in the 7th season. My feelings about it all is already all over the place...I just...don't know....I miss the old Supernatural....

Monday madness

Yoho everyone! It feels like ALOT has happened today...where to start....hmm..
Well first off...I woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed and all and went to school.
Then we had essay writing. Topic: write about your house in your home country. It felt like being back in school when I was 8 years old....dear god. I think 55% of that essay was mostly lies. Like how we have alot of apple trees in our yard.....just because I didn't know what VINBÄR or RABARBER is in Japanese...*sigh*
Then during grammar I managed to make my whole class laugh out loud when I was asked to finish a sentence by my techer by using a term which describes how you need something in order to do something...like how you need money to study abroad etc.... my example was this:
Teacher: When you're getting married (you need).....
Me:........you need a parter???
I think my class is very easily entertained.....
THEEEEEN....I gathered my courage and went and talked to the british guy in the other class (my level only has 2 classes)...I've never talked to him before at all but he's been at school since last semester so I've seen him in the corridors and stuff...anyway, I wanted to talk to him about....Doctor Who. HAHA I'm such a nerd...I asked him if he liked it and....YES he did! So I stood there talking to him and fangirled a little moment before leaving him probably a little bit confused....
Then when it was lunch time I went home and ate and studied a little bit only to be back at school again at 14:45. Why? Because health exam that's why. Such a draaaaag but I managed to derp and laugh my way through most of it. APPEARENTLY I've shrinked 0,6 mm since last year (???) and only gained 1,5 kg and my eyesight has improved...but only on my left eye....can it even do that? I found it hilarious and sat there smiling for myself and talked to Anton about how stupid it all was.

When that was over I went grocery shopping and then got home and studied a little bit more. After that it was time to cook dinner. The menu today was korean "Chijimi". A sort of pancake with veggies and meat. Delicious~ 

Now I'm thinking about talking a long walk as today's workout...maybe....just to cool my head after such a long day....




Vatten och Vind

Har inte lämnat lägenheten idag alls. Bara suttit inne och myst och pluggat och läst och så. Sen skypade med min bästaste bästis Ina i 2 timmar om allt och inget. Känns alltid lika skönt och lungnade att prata med henne. Ibland är det som om jag glömmer bort hur mycket vi hart vart med om tillsammans...för att det just ÄR så himla mycket! Jag menar...jag har haft den där fantastiska flickan vid min sida så länge jag kan minnas egentligen. Är så galet att vi blivit så stora...men ändå är precis lika bra vänner som vi alltid varit. Gud så tur jag har att jag får ha en sån fin vän som henne =)

Using my first bomb

I managed to survive the first week of school!!! YAY for me! Nah it's been going very well acutally. Better than expected. Been eating lunch with Anton, Bau and Tsai and stuff... yeah, this will definitely work.
Yesterday, I decided to take a bath. My first REAL bath in a tub for a very very long time. And I decided to use my bath bomb from Lush. It was called Blackberry Bath Bomb and looked like this:
"Blast away your worries! With the power of bergamot and frankincense, this bomb lifts you up whist keeping your feet on the ground"  (from Lush's homepage)

So...since it was about 9 yrs ago since I took a proper bath ofc I messed alot (read: everything) up.
1: I filled the tub too much.
2: The water was too hot.
3: I insisted on not turning the fan-thingy in the ceiling so the bathroom got all steamy and I got all dizze from lack of oxygen.
4:.......the bath bomb wasn't as awesome as I had expected.....It made the water a gorgeous purple color, and the water got very silky and stuff, sure enough, but there wasn't alot of scent to it... 
overall, it was a bad experience. BUT I will not give up!! If I have time, I'll go into town next week and go to Lush and buy more bombs and stuff to try out!! Now when I have a bath, I might aswell use it....AND use my   jellyfishes!! Have I told you about my jellies?? It's actually a bath light in the shape of a jellyfish!!  I have a big blue one and a smaller purple one. And omg they're gorgeous in the dark, floating around in the bathwater....another reason not to give up on baths!!
AND today I went and bought a chair-thingy. I love it. And a small mirror. So my apartment is basically fully furnished now. If I'm not ltoo lazy I'll upload a room tour video during the weekend. 

Settling in

So I have a few thing a want to get done until I get home in December. One of them being getting healthier. Getting more exercise, eat better and just...feel better. But since healthy food is a little bit more difficult here in Japan than in Sweden it's a bit frustrating...but I'll try my best! Like, yesterday I had salmon with mashed potatoed and pumpkin with a sallad, and today I ate spicy chicken with mashed avocado with garlic, sallad and tomatoes wrapped in a nori-sheet (seaweed). Healthy and delicious!! I was planning on going and buying a chair-pillow-thingy but it started raining and then I didn't wanan leave my apartment....
Yesterday's dinner

Today's snack 

Today's dinner

AND I put up all of my posters today. It feels amazing to be surrounded by Gazette <3 And I finally got to take a closer look at the poster I bought at the concert and omg...it's HUGE! And GORGEOUS!! But you can totally see that they photoshopped Ruki taller....it's too obvious.

Here you can see the differens between one of my old posters and the new one...it's ginormous!

Starting my new life

Tonight's the first night alone in my apartment. Since I got back from school today I've done nothing but cleaning, doing laundry, make dinner and rearrange the furnitures that I have. In other words, 3 futons on top of each other. Heaven. I did have time though to start watching Doctor Who S6 and have a long skype session with my player 1, Maja. How I've missed that girl...
So yesterday we had a little good bye dinner together with Anton, Tsai and Bau. It was very nice and very casual and awesome as always. 

Do I even need to mention how weird it feels with Dena leaving. I've made sooooooo many nice memories together with that girl the past year...it's insane. BUT we'll meet soon again. And then, if everything goes according to plans, we'll continue making memories together, but in other countries =)
Right, I'm gonna hit the bed now. I slept maybe...3½ hours last night. Hehe. But I'll have time to watch one more ep of DW! YAY!!

The concert.....

...I don't know what to say but AWESOME. My body still hurts like hell but...omg those guys....are amazing. I think you all know by now how much it meant to me to see them again and how much I love them and their music so let's just leave it and here's some pics from before the concert:

Gazetteish nails....maybe???haha

I figured going to Gazette's concert was a good excuse to try out a MEGA smoky eye make up and MEGA glam eyelashes.....

The tourbus!!

An open window in to the concerthall.....he he heee

Biwako lake. As beautiful as last time

I don't know if I can handle this....

....I can't believe I'm gonna see Gazette tonight......It feels so surrealistic. I finished writing my letter to them and  before the concert I'm gonna put my letter and Sofia's (she also wrote one and left it here) in the giftbox to them. God this is gonna be such an amazing day! I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow at school....haha first real day of school, getting to meet my new classmates and all, and I'm gonna be a zombie. Totally worth it.

The past days~

So the past days me and Dena have gone to Saizeriya one last time, gone to Manshuin (the ghost temple), gone to Sweets Paradise and Ginkakuji (the Silver Pavillion). So time for PHOTOBOMB!!

Ah Saizeriya's menu....how many times have I read/looked at you...



On our way to Manshuin in the dark~

At Sweets Paradise


About to enter the temple

The gate


Epic sandpile

Temples are such peaceful places, I really live being there~

Very nice view

The Silver Pavillion (didn't look that silver to me....)

Ending the trip with a delicious potato tornado!!!

So, what's happening on Sunday then....?


The 14/10 Sunday in Shiga, same place as last year.


Osaka again

Yesterday me and Dena went to Osaka together. We finally went to Temma, a 2.6 kilometers long shopping street. It was awesome! Then we went back to Osaka city and walked around a bit more and took some purikura. After that we took the train back home to Kyoto and went to frozen yoghurt. I had a very great day!!

Arriving in Osaka~

One side of the trainstation

Temma!! it's difficult to see how far this street streches out but trust me, it's long!

The street is devided in 6 parts (I think...) and here we're about to enter the 2nd part

Ending an awesome day with some awesome frozen yoghurt!

Hej Då Sofia =(

Kl är nu 5:35 och jag var nyss och vinkade av en av mina bästa vänner på hela jorden, Sofia Ådén, för idag så åker hon hem till vackra Sverige. Jag kan inte fatta att hon är borta. Japan ÄR ju jag och henne. Vi tog ju initiativet att åka hit TILLSAMMANS. Vårat första stora äventyr tillsammans. Och vilket äventyr det har varit. Tagit oss ann konstiga japanska seder, försöka hitta i Kyoto's myllrande gator, sett vackra sevärdheter, testat ny spännande mat tillsammans....allt har varit så mycket mer perfekt än vad jag någonsin kunnat drömma om. Jag är så ofantligt stolt över att vi lyckades ta oss hit och klara av detta år tillsammans. Vi är, på riktigt, bäst. Japan kommer inte kännas likadant utan henne vid min sida. Precis som det kändes för 2 år sedan då jag var här för första gången. "Det är något som saknas....." tänkte jag hela tiden. Och det var Sofia. Men nu fick vi äntligen vara här tillsammans. Som det ska ha varit. 
Vårat år tillsammans i Japan. Bästa året i mitt liv!!!!

Min älskade vän!!!
Jag kommer sakna dig så mycket!!!
(Speciellt på söndag....<3)

Another little update....

Hiya! Don't have time to write anything so here's just a few pics from the past days. Yesterday me and Sofia went to Kaiyukan, the big aquarium I went to 2 years ago. It was aweome and we rode a huge ferris wheel!!

Korea Town...a very depressive place

...but good food

We went for donuts later!

Beautiful Osaka

Derp 1 & Derp 2

One of the biggest ferris wheels in the world

The view

I thought of "Mirror's Edge" when I saw this roof!


Then yesterday we went for dinner at a new place with a HUGE menu..literally...


We're finally fully moved in into our new apartment. We left our keys to our old landlord this morning and said goodbye to him. I'm gonna miss that cute old man.
Anyways, we only have one Internet cable so I don't think I can update that often since it's three of us living here now. I'm just gonna say that we're all ok and here's some pics from the past few days.

The last dinner in the apartment...

When I arrived at my new apartment it looked like this (okey ignore my bog I threw on the floor)

After moving furnitures for over 9 h we had to celebrate!! HIGH FIVE!!

At Starbucks..


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