Oh, comme le monde me semble grand

Had yet another awesome day today!
Started the day off by going to class between 10-12 and then I had lunch and sat in the library until 13 when the French language café started. That's right. I ACTUALLY WENT THERE! All by myself! There were maybe about 20 people there, both people from Sweden and France but also from other countries who wants to learn and practice their French. Anyway, of course it went very bad for me haha. Every time I tried to say something, only Japanese words pop up in my head! It was so frustrating! But I could still understand pretty good what they all were talking about so...that's something I guess. I seriously need to pick up my French! GAH!
And so at around 18:00 I met up with Dad to have dinner. We went to Jensen's Boefhouse which was very nice. Afterwards we went to have coffee at Starbucks (also a tradition for us) and I FINALLY got to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Hahaha aaah seriously people just won't stop talking about it and....I kinda understand why now. It was delicious. Extremely sweet, but I like that so...YUMMY!

A small starter...
 PSL!!! :D
So yeah, after 2 amazing days like this I feel great! Ready to take on the weekend with all it has in store for me! Life is awesome! =)

Postat av: ina

Det är bara kämpa på med franskan! Jag hejjar på dig :D

Svar: Tack min vän! <3
Johanna Lundgren

2014-10-17 @ 11:19:38

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