Back to Sthlm

Last night, at around midnight, we safely arrived back in Stockholm. We've had such amazing 3 weeks in Japan and South's unreal. I am slowly getting back to reality etc and I'm gonna chill in Stockholm for a few days before going up north to Umeå for a week. So I'm kinda still on vacation mode? Kinda. 
I am not sure how I am gonna...まとめて..the whole trip and all. There SOOO many pictures. I'll have to think about that. Now I am just gonna relax and probs go to bed early. The jetlag is not that bad at all actually, only thing is my head feels like 2 times bigger haha. Ah well.

We're off

Tomorrow me and Sofia are leaving for Tokyo! And then next week we are going to Seoul! I am SO EXCITED I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF!! We'll be back on the 28th of June. Until then, this blog will go on a summer break as well. You'll find updates of our trip on Facebook and/or Instagram. Byee~
Pic from the last time we visited Tokyo back in 2015

One last dinner with the girls

Last night I met up with the girls from GU for a final dinner together! We had booked a table at Bistroteket, and we were super excited. Half of us ordered their "råbiff" and the others got some other delicious looking dishes. This was my first ever "råbiff" It was incredible. It tasted of truffle, parmesan and..I don't know but it was delicious. Then we all got desserts (chocolate cake woop) and sat there chatting away. It was such a nice last night out. Now we'll all split for a while, but all of us will stay in Stockholm even after this summer so it didn't feel like a  "good bye" dinner or anything. More like a "damn we are awesome" dinner. 


A Bachelor's Degree in Global Development = Check!

Yesterday, me and my classmates finally graduated! It was such a nice and perfect day and I'll remember it forever.
We met up at Uni at 13:00 ish to hand in our thesis. Handing it over felt kinda strange, cause it took like 2 seconds and then, 10 weeks of work was just...gone. Haha! Then we moved over to Political Science institution's "party room" for some mingle. They had served up some snacks and drinks and we took some group pictures and "mingled" with our other classmates, lecturers and some of our mentors also dropped by. It was quite nice. 

Brought my thesis with me inside a Pokémon file, of course. Who do you think I am?

We we're early to the party so we started decorating...

The fully decorated table!

Then me and my girls took some pics of just us (you might've already seen some om them on Facebook) and then we went to Kungsan for "Smaka på Stockholm"! They have this food festival with several food trucks and pop up restaurants until next week and wanted to check it out! There were tons of people there but it wasn't difficult finding a table, lucklily enough. We bought some food (super good) and sat there a bit, chatting before we moved over to the park side of the...park. Lol. We sat down in the grass and just relaxed and talked for a bit before walking to Gamla Stan and then we split. 

These girls tho <3

Eyyy Vezzo.

This tho.


It was such a nice, calm and relaxed graduation day. Just how I like it. It still feels surreal that I am no longer a student...and that I won't have anymore classes with my wonderful friends. These 3 years has gone by SO FAST. It's kind of embarrassing to think about how..."uneducated" I was before starting at Uni. Not to say one has to study at Uni, but wow I didn't know much about the world before I started my program. It like "I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T KNOW THIS BEFORE" kinda moment, x 1000. That's how I would sum up my 3 years at Global Development. 
I don't wanna start stressing about what to do this fall (even though I can't help it sometimes...) and just enjoy this summer, and being free again. Starting off by going on a 3 week long vacation next week. SO EXCITED! 


Today I submitted my BA thesis and printed out two copies to hand in tomorrow. FINALLYYYYY!! Now I am heading out and meeting up with Dena~ Wohoo

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