A chill-pill day

Yesterday was a really über-chillin' day. Watching anime and movies, playing video games and just taking it easy. I loved every second of it. 
The movies I watched yesterday was "Megamind" and "The Three Musketeers". Why?
* Megamind - Because Tumblr reminded me I haven't watched it yet.
* The Three Musketeers - Mads Mikkelsen. I'm not even gonna try to deny it. And me and Maja talked about it the other day soo...yeah.
Megamind was quite different and very hilarious. It had amazing one-liners. 
And The Three Muskateers.....he heee...Okay, to be honest, the script was awful. And I'm not taking about the story, I'm talking about the characters lines. They seemed waaaay too cliché, weak and predictable....and the CGI was horrible. But Mads was hot. Very hot. So I'm happy. 



Today I finished watching Sword Art Online. I'm really glad I started watching it. I just love the whole plot idea...getting stuck in a real life-like video game....can't help but imagine me and Maja being there, kicking ass,  unlocking new skills, defeat bosses and gain exp and leveling up. That would be AWESOME!


Ö-vik, RE6 and Sims 3

Yay I had a really great time in Ö-vik yesterday. AND I did some shopping :D 4 tops and a teapot 8D And me and dad ate at Burger King. Yeah.

So last evening after I got home I went to Maja's and we played the last chapter of RE6 (with Chris and Piers). And omg....it was crazy. The ending....I have no words...
Today I overslept a little bit which resultet in me being tired the whole day...BUT after I arrived at Ina's I got a little bit less tired as we started playing Sims 3. That game EATS UP your time ,it's almost scary. But I still love it.

A happy, blurry picture ^^

In Örnsköldsvik!

Weho! Sitting alone in the car in Ö-vik, waiting for all of the stores to open. Luckily, I have my DS with me ^^ Too bad the weather Gods ain't on my side...stupid rain. Ah well, I'll mostly stay indoors shopping today so it's ok I guess...

These past 3 days...

*Been running like nuts
* Got chased by a crazy ババ in Okami who scared the crap out of me. I payed back by destroying her ceiling on her cottage. Don't mess.
* Watched some Top Gear (S19 + Africa Special) and got many great laughs. 
* Read the latest chapters of Kuroshitsuji and lost my shit. OMG I can't even- *dies*
* Been rocking my new protein I got from fitnessguru.se 
* (FINALLY) finished reading "Seven Deadly Sins" by Corey Taylor. God, it only took me half an age...
* Started watching a new anime called "Sword Art Online". And it's awesome.
* Been playing even more Okami.
* Having lunch with Mom and Dad at Vezzo
* Poking my cat
Yay for mediocre productiveness!!

Tomorrow I'm tagging along my Dad to Örnsköldsvik. HAHAHA haven't been there for ages!

Hannibal the Anthropophagist

I watched the last episode of Hannibal S1 yesterday. It killed me a little bit inside. It was kind of a brutal season finale. But hey, it's Hannibal. It wouldn't be right if there were not some Will Graham psychological torture in every episode....
Why are you holding that fork Hannibal, you smug bastard!?

Here, there and everywhere

Woaaah...these past two days feels like they've been totally blurred together in to a chillin', junkfood eating mess....but I like it.
So, yesterday I met up with my Player 1 Maja and we had pizza (oh well, I had) and pepsi (with lime, best combo ever) and....bullar (eng??), and carrots with dip sauce while played RE6 (took forever to find that last password gaaaah) and then later we watched Silent Hill Revelation. Such and awesome night. 

Then today I went directly to Ina's from Maja's and we played some Sims 3. She has bought some new expansion packs so we had to check them out and start a new game playing with all of the new features. It was soooo cool and I'm totally in love with the "supernatural" expansion pack. YAY!
Then at around 16:00 I met up with Dena and Sofia in town and had dinner together with them at Göteborg. Then we just sat there talking about that we usually talk about...hehe. 
All in all, it's been an amazing past days. Feels like I've been going here and there across town every day so it's gonna be nice to just stay at home and take it easy tomorrow ^^



Belated happy midsummer!!! Hope everyone had a really nice day yesterday, 'cause I sure had!!!
I spent my midsummer together at Sofia's together with Dena and Anna. We went swimming in the lake, went and watched the midsummer celebrations in Sävar, had an amazing dinner and then played Trivial Pursuit =) Then after the girls had left me and Sofia watched some Planet Earth (so awesome) and then at around midnight we went out and picked 7 different flowers to put under the pillow. The day was absolutely perfect in every way. 

From the night before 




Kitty Case

Right now I'm using my aztec/tribal case/wallet-thingy for my Galaxy S4 but I'm seriously considering changing to my pink kitty one. I mean...IT'S SO CUTE!!! 8D But now I'm used to having the wallet-thingy cover and protect my phone so it feel dangerous with a regular case....I know, I'm totally overthinking this MAJOR decision but I love my S4 and I don't want to risk breaking it....


Pipes + Fifa

So yesterday I took the bicycle to the city and first met up with Ina. We walked around, did a little window shopping etc. Then we met up with Maja to have dinner at Pipes. It was the first time being there for me and gosh that place looks amazing! The interior is very dark, cozy and....scottish, I suppose. Anyhow, the dinner was awesome and afterwards we just sat there talking about movies and other random stuff.

When I got home, it was time for Fifa. Ah yes. Me, Kajsa, her boyfriend Johan, Dad and of course Anders. We all played with national teams and I played as Denmark (yes go on, laugh about it) aaaand....won the tournament!!! HAHAHA! The finals were between me and Johan (New Zealand) and I won by a landslide. Haha what a night!!


What a run!

4.8 km! Felt great!

Today's plans

Good morning!! Or, maybe not so, since the ongoing bus-strike.....did they have to go on strike just the day when we don't have both of the cars at home (Dad's working in Stockholm today)...typical.
Anyway, I just had breakfast and now I'm gonna play some Okami. I played alot yesterday and it was aaaawesome! I learned several new stuff about the game which improved my fighting skills a great deal. 
Then I'm gonna go out for a run. YAY!
And then I'm gonna try to get my ass to the city....by bicycle, most likely. We'll see how this turnes out...


The other day I got my package from ELF. Me and Dena had made an order together a week back (splitting shipping cost = Totally benri!). I am very happy with my products. I bought some nailpolishes, a blush, a lipstick and a few brushes. No eye make up, I have enough of that. But yeah I'm very excited to try all of these products out!

Some of the products I ordered. The camera didn't really catch the color of the polishes but they're in "Copper, "Mood Mauve", Champagne" & "Mint". 

Lunch with Mama

Today I had lunch with Mom at Costas. It was delicious but we ate way too quickly xD Haha but that meant we had time to walk around town a little while and get some stuff. And I saw a dress at Nicole that I might have to take a closer look on tomorrow...fufufu.

Picknick indoors

Yesterday us girls had planned to have a picknick but the weather let us down so we had one indoors instead. Talking about random stuff, eating carrot cake...it was awesome =)


Keep calm, Captain.

Woah....just came home from an awesome RE6 gaming session with Maja. Things went much smoother than last time and from time to time we were just like "Woaaah....we're kickin' ass right now!!". And there was a car chase and I got to drive 8D It was epic. Although Chris is starting to get very annoying...we got to see a cutscene with Leon and all I could think about was how hot he looked and how much I'd rather have him as my team-mate than Chris...*sigh* That guy got some serious issues. Ah well, keep calm and kill zombies, right? 
Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy

Just an awesome day yesterday

Yesterday started off as a bit of a failure but it quickly did a 180 and turned very, very good. 
The bad beginning:
* The gym had changed it's opening hours so when I was there at around 9 am, it was closed.
* The Internet had died when I got home. The horror.
The good continuation of the day:
* I got some practice driving manual with dad's car. It's been ages...
* I played some Okami and it went well!!!! I understood stuff 8D
* I went to Ina. Which was awesome, of course.
* Had dinner with family and relatives to celebrate my cousin's birthday.
* After dinner, I went to Otto (Dena and Anna was there aswell) and we talked about random stuff, watched some random videos on youtube and then watched the most epic bollywood movie ever: SINGHAM!!!
* Got home and played some Zoo Tycoon (that Otto had installed earlier)
Just awesome =)


1 TB of life

I just discovered that KISSE (my external harddrive) is full. No more space left. 1 TB of memories, music, entertainment, pictures and life. I know I have alot of stuff that I can delete from KISSE (like some anime episodes, documentaries and other series) but I sorta don't want to. I'm gonna have to figure out a solution, I only have 6 GB left on it. Haha I've only had it for less than a year! Well, I've been living alot this past year so, hey, what to you expect? Until I solve this (delete data? Buy a new one?) I'll just have to make do. 



I forgot to write that I have now (un)officially joined Tumblr. It only took that long...

Just a random little update about random things

yey it's been 2 nice days at the kindergarden (Monday & Tuesday) and after I got off work yesterday I went to Maja' and we played some Resident Evil 6. Ah-mazin'. Yesterday's chapter was difficult as fuck and I think I ran out ammo more than a few times. But it's still awesome.
We also talked about the news from E3. Omg there's too many things to be excited about I don't even know where to begin *dies*
Today I have the day off and I've already given mom a ride to work, been at the gym, gone grocery shopping and had lunch. Today I plan on taking it easy. Reading, playing video games and watching Game of Thrones. Yup, I started watching S3 the other day and now I only have the last two episodes left. I'm totally excited. 
Tomorrow I'm working again so I'm gonna enjoy this day!! 

Having a wonderful day off

So this morning me and Dena went to Sofia's to have a Japanese study date. It was awesome and we talked alot of  Japanese together just for practice. Trying to keep it alive, you know.
Then all 3 of us took the car to Hanna's to meet up with all of the girls. AND IT WAS AWESOME!
We had fika and set plans for next week, and this summer AND the not so near future haha xD We also took a little walk with Hanna's dog. YAY. 
Today was such a wonderful day =)


Tonight's entertainment, brought to you by Dena & Johanna

Wow I had a kickass day with Dena yesterday!
After I got off from work we met up at my place and we just sat there talking about random stuff and fangirled a little bit. Then at around 22:00 we went to Ina's housewarming party thingy and had a really nice time. And it was AWESOME to meet my dear Amanda again! YAY! 
Then we left at around 23:30 to go to Rex to party but in the end we didn't (because of reasons) and we went to Max instead. Haha. There we sat for I don't know how long talking about everything between Yu-Gi-Oh to Bradley James. And then after about 1 ½ hour, the guy next to us goes: "Excuse me, but I just wanna say how entertaining you guys are. It's incredible you should write this down and blablabla" He didn't seem drunk and creepy at all so we just started laughing like crazy.
What a night!


Omg I can't believe I've forgotten to write that I started playing Okami the other week. 
I like it. But since I'm playing it in Japanese I'm progressing quite slow, since I want to try to understand the plot and commands etc. But the graphics are breathtaking and the music is amazing. YAY for the fact that I just stumbled across this game at Yodobashi a late evening in December 8D


This week it's been all about work work work...
At least it feels like it. Not that I'm complaining or anything, on the contrary, I like it. 
And Daniel's back at work!! Which is awesome on every freaking level. 
Tomorrow's the last day of work for this week and afterwards I'm gonna hang out with Dena! YAY I can't wait!!!

Chris Redfield + Piers Nivans = HELL YEAH!!!

After I finished working today I met up with my amazin' Player 1 (aka Maja) and we made a delicious dinner and then we started our new adventure together. RESIDENT EVIL 6!! GAH I've been waiting too long for this!! After having some slight issues with the camera settings we set off and killed the shit out of them J'avo. Fuck yeah!!

Maja and Me...so badass...hahah!

A mad man in a blue box

WOOOOAH just saw the season finale of Doctor Who S7! Holy Gods....I just jhbldjksbvisd...why..WHY do I have to wait until the 23rd of November for the next episode?! That's just cruel!!
Okay *takes deep breath* I have to be honest, S7 wasn't really...totally, all the way through, amazing, if you know what I mean. I hate to admit it, but several times I found myself drifting away while watching ("Oh what should I have for dinner"..."Matt Smith's chin is rather remarkable"..."I have to start reading Bleach again" etc.). And it shouldn't be like that!!! But, the last episodes of S7 was good, I think. And thank heavens for that. 
But since it's now official that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who I am feeling quite sad. I mean...he's been a fantastic Doctor. Absolutely fantastic. I don't want to compare him to David Tennant because I think that both of them have portrayed the Doctor in such glorious ways (both very different, both very glorious)  that it's damn near impossible to compare them.
I'm gonna miss the 11th Doctor. I truly will.


(yes, throwing in a little French there....'cause I can)
Anyway...TODAY I first went to the gym and died a little. Then I had lunch with mom and afterwards walked around town a little bit. After getting home I don't know where time went....the Internet stole it, no doubt about it. Oh, but I also got to have a nice chat with Dena on the phone, planning our future adventures. YAY. Let's see what else...ah, One Piece. A few episodes of that good ol' anime. I think that's it...no reading (shame on me) and no video games (shame x 2) 

Yes...this again <3

Best picture of Sasha ever.
Sashas face xD

Work - Peanut butter - Sherlock Holmes

So after watching cows yesterday morning I went to work at the hotell I used to work at before I went to Japan. YAY! It was awesome seeing everyone again after such a long time (even though my dear Daniel wasn't there). And it went well (work)..I think hehe. Going back there today again so maybe things will run a little bit smoother . 
Anyway, after I got home, had dinner and took a shower I snuggled up in bed with some Ben & Jerrey's Core Peanut Butter Me Up and Sherlock Holmes (yup the first movie with RDJ and Jude Law). Oh my dear lord the deliciousness was beyond me...and I' talking about both the ice cream and RDJ. Hahah okay not really but he does look very good in that movie. I like his hair. Alot. 


Release the COWS!!!

YES! This morning me and Sofia went to a farm close to Sävar to watch them release the cows out on the meadows. They went a little crazy finally getting to see the beautiful green grass and smell the flowers after being inside the barn during the whole winter. They were very cute and oh my god they're HUGE! Haha we also got free fika + hot dog. YEAH! Also met a few kids from the kindergarden and they looked totally shocked seeing me outside of kindergarden. Haha.

A random car parked on a meadow...I thought it looked cute.


The epic meadow

Party hard



Here they come!

Already fighting..

So cute!!!


Yay awesome day with Ina

Aaah I had such a wonderful day together with Ina yesterday. We played Sims 3, finished our puzzle and went on a little walk to our old school only to have a nostalgic breakdown...sort of. But yeah it was awesome and uh YEAH :D



Where our old school used to be...


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