"Order for tomorrow, Tuesday, please"

Today was one of the best mondays in a long, long while.
Work went by fairly quickly, although I had to talk to 2 Japanese speaking customer. And I talked to our all-time favorite, Blue Light Yokohama....3 times. Haha.
Then after work Maya followed me back home to Hornstull. We bought dinner from Akki Sushi and dessert from Picard (French macarons OH MY GOOOD) and then at my place we watched Top Gear Vietnam Special. 
It has been an epic Monday indeed.

Heaven in a bento box.

Cutie Maya!!

Dessert! Not as good as Ladurée but...close enough haha!

Cozy time!!


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I have officially claimed by a cold. Coughing, stuffed nose etc. I was at work for less then 2 hours...then I was sent home haha. It was actually very quiet at the office today so it's not like I left my collegues with tons of work either...better to go home and rest, I thought.
So I went home. Bought some lunch on the way. watched some anime, then took a nap, played some AC Brotherhood and was just now hit by the terrible bomb of BOREDOM. But like angels coming to rescue me, I've had many friends texting me just now....so I feel less lonely at least.
But the thought of just staying indoors the whole weekend recovering is just....no. I can't. I have to go out. It's gonna be nice weather and warm and....stuff haha. THAT'S A RARITY IN SWEDEN! 
Oh dear...I'm so high on sugar from the honey in all of the tea cups I've been drinking tonight -___-  I can still down one more cup...at least.


WEDNESDAY! Best day of the week!! Even though I've catched a cold and feel sick....
The Japanese meet-up was great, and afterwards I went to Kungsträdgården with a friend to look at all of the cherry blossoms. Aaaah they were so beautiful! It almost felt like I was in Japan again....but only almost haha. 

We waited until after sundown to take these "Yozakura" pictures 8D

Back in Stockholm

Wooaah I've had the most amazing Easter Holiday in Umeå. Hanging out with the family, meeting friends, eating great food and also (believe it or not) resting haha. I have been spending some time cleaning out my old room aswell. Found alot of old nostalgic things in there....awh. It's been really great being back in Umeå, but Stockholm is where I should be right now!
Tomorrow it's time to get back to work and reality but first here's a few random pics from the last few days.


Breakfast at Scandic Plaza on Friday morning

Roadtrip to Skellefteå!
Me and my crazy sister!

Playing as Roma yet again in today's FIFA Tournament!

 Been eating these two babies the past days...soooo gooood~


I'm here.


Ugh. Had a great day at work until everything just blew up and we realized that I had made a huuuuuge fuck up earlier last week and I was (and still am) so embarrassed about it and don't wanna show my face at work tomorrow....even though we managed to get things back on track on record time (I'm still amazed by that) the fact still remains....that I messed up, alot. Uuuuuuuugh let Thursday come quickly so that I can escape this city!!!


Epic long-weekend with Ina

These past few days together with Ina has been the best days in a long while!! We have been eating delish food, done some shopping and been laughing like crazy the whole time. Honestly, we have been laughing so much the past few days, I think I can go without laughing for the rest of the month. We've been listening to nostalic songs, reading nostalgic things and been talking about 10+ years old memories. It's been so great having her here!

Epic Saturday-breakfast!




The Best

Guess who's finally here now!?! INA!!!! My amazing, lovely best friend! We haven't seen eachother in months!! Yesterday we had dinner at Vapiano and then we went back to my place and chilled, drank some tea AND TALKED FOR HOURS!!! Hahaha oh my god how I have missed this girl. The things that we had lived through together are just....epic. She'll be staying until Sunday so we have plenty of time to catch up and just have a great long weekend together in Stockholm! =)
 Tea + Loka!

Sitting here eating my breakfast... 
....while Ina get to stay in bed and sleep in. I'M SO JEALOUS!

Wednesday BANZAI!

GOD I love Wednesdays!! They are my new favorite day of the week. The main reason for that is the Japanese meet up group. The people there are so awesome. I wish I could meet them more than once a week...Like, when I'm there, I'm much more confident speaking in Japanese. I don't know why I just feel...comfortable with them. And the minute I get to work I just start speaking English xD Hahaha aaaaaaah I don't know what to doooooo.....anyway, right now I just wanna think about how great day this has been and just try to appreciate my life a bit more haha.

Double tea! "Gamla Stan" + "Söderblandning" .
Speaking of appreciating things, I've had Frida staying here since Sunday and it's been amazing. We've been watching Game of Thrones together, "Äntligen Hemma", been drinking tea and just talking about random stuff. It's been really great having her here. 

Had this waiting for me when I got back from work. THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIDA <3
And guess who's coming here tomorrow......INA!!! YAY :D This is gonna be the best week ever!!!

I'll meet you at the top

Today I met up with none other than Otto!! He was in town so of course we had to meet. First we had lunch at Vapiano and then walked through Gamla Stan up along Drottninggatan. Then we walked to Grand Hotel and had a little "fika" and just sat there by the bar talking about life xD It was a great!

I had this beautiful and delicious drink at Grand. Wish I could have it every day~
Then after getting home I made dinner and now I'm chillin after having cleaning up a little bit. Frida is coming tonight and staying until Wednesday! YAY FOR HAVING COMPANY! 

Friday fatness

Frozen yoghurt chips on front of a movie. After this crazy week, I deserve this.
 YAY look at my kickass phone case + adorable background! Yes I'm 22 yrs old.....

Hanny Panny

So the other day I started watching Hannibal.....and yesterday I watched the last episode of what has been aired so far. GOD DAMN IT that series is so good! It's beautiful yet morbid, esthetically and visually pleasing and just so well-planned. Hahah! And the soundtrack is to die for. God...Mads plays one hell of a Hannibal.


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