Mixed times

Life is slow now...but fast at the same time? I only have one class every week, so the remaining time is spent on studying, playing FFXV (over 65h playtime woop), reading Stalking Darkness (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees), watching Dan&Phil play Undertale (super late I kno sue me)......and working out. That's it. Boring mixed with fun.
Oh and alot of Skype:ing with Dena haha. We talked on Skype two times last week. Important. 
After my workout today I couldn't control myself anymore and....bought a semla. I've been wanting to eat one ever since over two weeks back when I shared a semla with Tove. I'm gonna enjoy it later while studying my NEW Korean Anki card deck. Hehe how about that? It's so overdue I'm ashamed.
It's only one semla in there tho...*sobbing*


Yesterday I bought a new camera!! I'm still getting used to it, and the settings are probs a bit off.....but still, a new camera!!! I'm so excited over all of the beautiful things and places this little thing will capture for me from now on.
And of course, the first thing I did when I turned it on was to rename the device, as I do with all of my electronic devices.....this one's name is: Prompto <3

Girl's night

Yesterday was our last evening together with Satsuki. She's going back to Japan later this week...I'm gonna miss her SO MUCH! We've had so much fun these past 6 months...made so many great memories together <3 
But we'll see each other later this year at least hehe~
So yeah, the five of us (me, Sofia, Satsuki, Erina and Tomone) had booked a table at Hermans to enjoy their AH-mazin' vegan buffet. It is so colourful, delicious and just...10/10 would recommend.
We sat there eating and chatting until AFTER closing hour at around 21:30 ish. It was just such a perfect night, and a perfect last dinner out with Satsuki before she's leaving <3

So much fooood~


Today it was fika day! Satsuki wanted to introduce me and Sofia to two of her friends, so the five of us met up at Bröd & Salt close to Rådmansgatan for some delish fika. Both of her friends, Tomone and Erina, were super sweet and funny and the five of us had such a great time. Hope to see them again soon!
Check out my almond bun tho...I always eat that at "Bröd & Salt". My fave!!
Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with some classmates to work on a group assignment. Haven't been at Uni at all since Monday so I guess it's about time. Even though tomorrow's Saturday...

LOTR Marathon~

Yesterday me, Sofia and Satsuki had an epic Lord of the Rings marathon at my place. We met at Hemköp at around 9:00 in the morning to buy snacks and food for the day. 12 h of watching movies demands ALOT of goodies ehehe. Then we went home and started watching "The fellowship of the Ring" at 10:00. Aaand we were done with all three movies at 21:45 in the evening haha!  Inbetween the first and the second movie, we had lunch (hot dogs hehe) and then between the second and third movie we went and bought some pizza. 
It was such an awesome day. I love our  LOTR marathons~ we usually do it once every year but...I think I skipped out on the last one, 'cause it feels like it's been forever since last time. Oh well. 

A good start of the week

I had quite the wonderful Monday yesterday, with my classmates. 
After the introduction and first class of the new semester, four of us went to St. Eriksplan to have lunch at this sushi place one of my friends had found. Appearently they served really good dumplings as well, so we just HAD to try it out. I got their yakiniku and dumplings set, with mixed dumplings. The yakiniku was as good as any yakiniku I've had, but the dumplings...wow. They we're really good. Gotta love 'em handmade dumplings. 
Then we went to a nearby café close to Vasaparken for some semla! The first semla of the year and oh my god it was so goooood! The "mandelmassa" inside was a chunky and nice~ Loved it.
After getting home I hit the gym, tried to structure up some things for this course, then decided that I'd done enough for the day and started playing some FFXV. I'm about to take on the mission to hunt a Catoblepas...I have no idea how this is gonna work out. I mean, those things are huge! How the hell...my first "game over" is just around the corner, I can just feel it. 


Tomorrow starts my final semester at GU. Feels kinda strange...still, I'm can't say that I'm 100% sure that this will be my final semester at SU...if I'm gonna continue to study later. AH well, GU will end this summer so...let's do this!
Regarding my camera, it is totally broken. The cost to repair it is almost as much as a brand new one so...I decided not to repair it. Which leaves me to buy a new camera. We'll see when that'll happen...
These past few days I've mostly been focusing on FFXV (current playtime 46 h), reading "Luck in the Shadows" (which gives me maaajor throwback feels) and dragging myself to the gym. So far I haven't gotten sick 8D

Sunday dinner at BLY

So yesterday me and Sofia FINALLY made it to Blue Light Yokohama to try out their Sunday Ramen menu. Last time I was there was with work, about 2 ½ years ago...
Satsuki is working there in the kitchen so we just had to go there while she's still here in Sweden!

Inside BLY~

So both us go their Tonkotsu Ramen, with spicy garlic and miso. Tonkotsu ramen is both our favourite and we've been longing for that genuine tonkotsu broth...and BLY did not disappoint! The broth was creamy, thick and very flavourful. The meat was so tender it just fell to pieces when you chewed it. The noodles were perfect, not mushy at all, and all the other things in the soup just made for a top notch Ramen.

We also got some green tea, edamame, karaage and dessert (black sesame ice cream) on the house, thanks to Satsuki. Like, how amazing?!? <3 <3 So super sweet of her~ We had such a fantastic evening out at BLY!


Lunch and snow

Uuugh my camera is broken. It broke on Thursday, just totally spontaneously. Uuuuugh.
So I had no choice but to use the camera on my S7. Good thing it's still pretty good...so until I repair my old camera or buy a new one, this blog will run on cellphone pictures lol. 
So yeah here's just some pics I snapped during Thursday when we hanged out with Satsuki and her little brother. We had lunch together, went for a walk and then had a delicious fika. When I got home I finished my synopsis and since then I've basically just been playing FFXV. Yup.


View of Stockholm~


Back in town

Last night I came back from Umeå. Had SUCH a great time there visiting my family, hanging out with friends, eating LOTS of food and also relaxing. Now I have to get back to reality and start writing this damn synopsis...here's some random pics I took during my stay in Umeå.

Homemade dumplings ~

My favourite <3

Saffron panna cotta at Christmas Eve~

Feast at Pinchos~

Ice skating to the YOI soundtrack (which we also played at midnight at New Year's Eve) <3 <3 <3

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