Weekend with my parents

It's been a very nice weekend together with my parents. We have done some shopping, watching the World Cup, eating alot of great food but also had time to just sit at home and drink tea and take it easy. Just perfect. 
Here's some pics from the weekend:

Having breakfast at the hotel mom and dad were staying at...

Watching the World Cup at Friday's! So awesome!


My mom bought this tea for me when she was in London. So delish!!
We bought this mochi from Oriental Supermarket!


So. Today was Maya's last day work. Meeehp. I'm gonna miss her so much! But we'll see each other anyways, hanging out and stuff so it's not that bad but yeah...meehp.
So we had cake and (good) coffee today at work...which was nice. And me,Maya and Hampus did some last derping together.

After work I met up with my parents. They're gonna stay here over the weekend! WOOP!





So yesterday I spent my first Midsummer in Stockholm! I spent it together with Anton and his friend Pelle. We had a very nice and peaceful celebration together. We had bbq, played some Alfapet, jigsaw puzzle, watched The world cup and just sat talking and chillin'. Hahah it was a great midsummer!

Anton had this HUGE jasmine bush on his backyard which smelled AMAZING!

Walking to the subway in the middle of the night, in the middle of Södermalm.

Michael Kors - Selma

OK EVERYONE! I thought that this needed a post of it's own.
As you may or may not have noticed, in Vienna, I bought my first every designer bag. I've been dying to get my hands on a bag from Michael Kors ever since I moved to Stockholm and when we found the Michael Kors store in Vienna we just had to go and take a look inside.
There were so many pretty things in there. Shoes, wallets, sunglasses and of course, BAGS. And to be honest, I had been thinking about buying the Jetset bag, but at the same time it felt a little bit boring (it's probably the most common designer bag in Stockholm at the moment). But then I saw this beauty. Selma. It's perfect. Just perfect. It was love at first sight. But I didn't buy it then and there. We walked around the shopping mall we were in a bit, and I thought about it some more (I knew I loved it but hey, it's a lot of money for "just a bag") and then we went back. And I bought it. And to this day, 2 weeks later, no regrets at all. I'm in love.
My baby!


These past two days has been very calm and nice. Did some light shopping at H&M's sale yesterday and then went home to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. Oh my God. Just epic.
Then after work today I went nextdoor to Japanska Torget and bought a few stuff. Now when it's less then 2 months left for me at JFC I need to start buying and trying out more stuff that we have!! This is what I bought:

Candy, Ramen, Wok Sauce, Soba and Curry!!!


Yesterday I met up with my dear friend Maja!! We haven't seen each other in over 6 months so it was great to finally see her again. We went out shopping, ate great food and then curled up in my bed watching the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4. GAAAAH it was so crazy!! That series is definitely OUR serie. 
Aaah it was so great having her here....I wish I could follow her back to Umeå!

Dinner at Nam Kang!

Chocolate pudding, whipped cream and raspberries. Me and Maja's signature dish haha!



Today we had stocktaking at work! This was my 3rd and last time *sob*
Aaaah....but it was fun. We split in teams and I rocked with my mathematic skills like a pro haha. Then we had pizza for lunch and during other breaks me and Maya did some serious Air bending and Metal bending.
The JFC team is so great. Seriously, everyone is amazing! I'm gonna miss them after I quit in August...
Wow I'm so exhausted right now (counting rice is a lot of hard work), feels like I can't even form real sentences here...aaaah grammar? What even is??
OK bye.

Vienna 2014

Gaaah I've been neglecting this blog so much recently!!! Sorry! On Thursday last week I went ti Vienna to spend some time with my dearest Sofia! It's diffcult to describe how much fun we had together and how awesome the entire trip was. We did some CRAZY shopping, went to museums, ate delicious food, walked around looking at famous tourist spots etc. I took 323 pictures during these 5 days. Hahaha!! Since I can't upload ALL of the pictures, here some random favourite ones. Enjoy!





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