Woop so I this eveing I booked tickets to go and see Dan&Phil's "The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire" in December! I love those two guys and I just...I'm so excited. They were touring in the US during most of the spring so I couldn't really run in to them in London (like that was ever going to happen but whatevs) but NOW I actually get to see them, in my hometown!! It's gonna be amaaaazing~

Guilty pleasures and overload

Today I finished writing my essay! Or, well....kinda finished. I just need to tweak it a tad bit more, then it's completely done. Feels good.
So after getting home I continued on my "guilty pleasure"- reward: The Twilight series (I actually rewatched the first movie last night hehe). Go ahead, laugh. I don't care. I am a grown woman and I can stand for this. The movies are easy to watch, the nature in the movies are just goooorgeous and very esthetically pleasing. So yeah, I enjoy watching the Twilight movies. Sue me.
Between watching New Moon and Eclipse I also had a looong chat with both Mom and Dad on the phone. It was such a great talk. I miss them alot. Then to reward myself I went and bought a pizza. What an evening <3

Mid-essay break

So I took the day off today, from writing my essay. I have a whole week until I have to hand it in so...I'm not gonna stress with this one, like I usually do. 
I went to the city, doing some window shopping, and after I got home I cleaned a bit. It was quite overdue. I finished Ventus's arc (?) yesterday (and then watched Captain America: Civil War <3) so no gaming today...I'm gonna wait with Aqua's arc (again ?? ) until I'm completely done with my essay.
So yeah...nothing exciting going on here really. I'm just...content with life atm :)


Last night me and Satsuki went to Sofia's place to cook Palt!! We've been hyping it since summer and we wanted Satsuki to experience the REAL taste of Norrland! And honestly, for it being our first time ever making it, I'm actually pretty impressed by ourselves! The palt tasted just as it should, and for dessert we made a very fall-appropriate apple pie. We sat there, enjoying our palt coma, talking about random things while listening to music. Such a great evening.

They look like floating stones 8D

Piiiiie <3


Been kinda in a dream state since BTS dropped their new album, WINGS. Like, their single "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is one of those songs that makes you think "What was my life like before this song...?". Kookies song makes me feel....a lot of things at the same time. It's just so good. And "21st Century Girl" makes me wanna bounce around. I wasn't ready for this. I feel attacked. In a good way of course.
Finished watching a K-drama today, "You who came from the stars". Reeeeaally good!! The bad guy looked like T.O.P's evil brother. And THAT is an accomplishment. 
Studying is....progressing slowly. I'll start writing my essay on Friday and I KNOW I always keep saying how I am never prepared and how this/that course has been the one I've done the least studying for...but this course might take the cake. I, honest to Gackt, don't know what I've been studying the past weeks. How am I gonna write an essay about that?! But for some reason, I'm not that nervous...I think that's what happenes after a few years at Uni. I'll make it work somehow.

You're my best friend, in a world we must defend

Been having some awesome days with my dear friend Ina, who's been here visiting since Thursday. We've been eating a lot of good food, had looong breakfasts, done some shopping and, of course, some serious Pokémon Go playing. We've been running around Gamla Stan alongside the kids, catching some new mons and grinding like hell. We imagined our young selves, nerding over Pokémon and wishing they were real and all...and even though they aren't real (yet lol), catching Pokémon together like we've been doing these past few days was almost like a wish coming true.
Staying up late, laughing until we're crying from a joke made by an old class mate 14 years ago, having to force ourselves to shut up to get some sleep or else we keep talking all night long = standard. 
Also, yesterday we had a lovely fika with our old friend Amanda. Always such a great time seeing her. Reminiscing about old times etc. 
I only took a few pics these past days, but I think this picture of my epic taco tub will have to summarise this post. 
Probably the best looking taco I've ever made.


Yesterday, me and Sofia went to Yasuragi Hasseludden for some AW. Well, not real AW I guess, more like AU (after Uni, (not alternate universe you nerds)).

Blurry but here is the entrance to Yasuragi Spa!

Anyways, we got of the bus out to Hasseludden and arrived to the spa just before 17:00. We got our yukatas and stuff and then got changed. Before going to the hot springs and the pools, we went to the spa lounge Kyarabi for some raw food bites, smoothie and tea. It was basically only the two of us there so we sat there chillin for a while, talking about feminism and social anthropology <3 

After that, we went to the pool areas. We started at the outdoor pools (there was like...five of them! Three of them were next to each other, and the other two were at different levels further beneath/behind them...difficult to explain).
At first there were quite a lot of people out there, but then they started leaving one after another, and in the end it was just us two there! It felt like it was our private onsen....so luxurious. 
We tried the other big, indoor swimming pool too and since we were alone there as well, we played around a little like proper kids haha! It was so much fun. 
When it was time to wrap up this amazing evening we washed ourselves "japanese style" in the shower room (sitting on a small foot stool, pouring water over ourselves with a bucket) and then slooowly got ready to head back home to Stockholm.
The entire evening yesterday almost felt like...kinda honey moon-ish haha! Like, just me and Sofia (like literally since we didn't see that many people aside from the beginning when we got there), and just relaxing, eating, talking about everything between the war in Syria, One Piece and BTS. It was PERFECT! I can just see us two doing this over and over again, both at Yasuragi but also at different places all over the world. Since I know how much she loves these kinds of things too, it feels even better for me. Aaaah I'm rambling, but let's just say it was an amazing evening, with my amazing best friend <3

Back at Berns

Yup. Just like the title says, today we (me, Satsuki and Sofia) went back to Berns to enjoy their aaaamazing Brunch. Me and Sofia felt that we just HAD to take her there while she's still in Sweden. 
I feel like I've been out eating brunch alot lately...but Berns...that's just...in a completely different league.
Didn't take that many pics today, since it's my 3rd time there and all my pictures just look the same every time hahaha. But here's some of them:

We got one of the round tables in the middle = perf

I kinda wanna marry this salmon sashimi....

Some food from the "hot" food table~


These babies made me think of Mom, who loves anything with nuts xD

Round one...

Excited :D :D

Dessert time~

A long Thursday~

Despite spending over 6 h at Uni today, it was a really fun day. Probably because I spent it with my awesome classmates. Our seminar(s) were really interesting today as well...kinda feel a bit more motivated to start taking this course more seriously. 
Iris found this little guy during our break...question time, what animal is it??? We haven't actually decided ourselves yet....
But not tonight. Because tonight I'm gonna play KH BBS until I fall asleep <3
Beautiful sky on my way home ~
(Couldn't really capture HOW pink it was..it was like this x 100) 

Get stuff done...kinda.

I've been trying to get some stuff done this weekend, that I've been postponing for no reason at all. So yesterday, after I got back from the gym, I made a "to-do-list" and then started checking things off that list as the day rolled by. And the things I didn't do yesterday, I did today instead. So it's been quite a productive weekend, even though I didn't nearly get as much studies done as I should have....
Besides that, after skypeing with Dena yesterday I got some OP feels and started reading the manga again (I was like 35 chapters behind wtf?!). It's just so....epic. It's epic. Aagh <3

The newest addition to my little bookshelf, "Nordiska Gudar", next to my old "Nordiska Väsen"~

how boss??

Beautiful Stockholm, on a crisp fall morning <3

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