Long weekend with my Mom

Yes. I decided to abandon the blog during my Mom's stay here. But now she's on her way back north and I just wrapped up my assignment for tomorrow. Feels good!
Okay so Mom and I have had an AMAZING time together these past few days. We've been eating at a few good ol' places but also a few new exciting restaurants. We've been walking around the whole of Stockholm (more than once! Maybe 3 laps? haha) but didn't end up buying much. Which is totally ok! Being together with Mom was the best part anyways! We've been spending alot of time at home aswell, watching documentaries and eating sweets and popcorn haha. Just my kind of evening. I think the best parts of my Mom's stay here has been:

* Getting our nails done
* Chillin in my apartment watching documentaries
* Brunch at Berns
So yeah...I'm just gonna upload a few (ok ALOT of) pictures from these past few days and let them speak for themselves.

Breakfast at Bagel Street café.

Lunch at T.G.I Friday

Another lunch at Vapiano

Breakfast at Pom & Flora

BERNS! The atmosphere in there is just amazing.

Oysters! LOVE!

The epic dessert table.

This little lemoncurd killed me. Soooo good!!

Gorgeous teapot!

The sushi buffet!


Postat av: ina

Jag känner att vi inte kommer göra riktigt lika mycket ätande om två helger xD LÄÄÄÄNGTAR

Svar: Hahah det är lika bra det! Känner mig rund som en boll av all mat xDTAGGAAAA
Johanna Lundgren

2014-10-27 @ 08:04:02

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