ugh...I'm so tired -__- I did manage to get myself in to the city this morning to get my working schedule for the summer and fix a new passport. 
But yeah since I came home it's been pretty...slow. Been having this strange headache now and then these past 3 days...I think it might be because I spend too much time in front of my laptop. Or the TV playing video games. Jeez...
Started studying Kanji using Anki yesterday though. Nostalgic as fuck. Been trying to study some today aswell but..the headache got in the way. 
AND I've been having these INSANE cravings today. Fat food, sweets,'s sick. I'm gonna get some vaccination shots tomorrow and I planned on taking the day off tomorrow aswell but...maybe I'll work out tomorrow night...depending if I can use my arms after the shots.

Far over the misty mountains cold

WOAH me and Maja watched "The Hobbit" last night and oh my god that movie is magical! Really, it gives me the shivers just thinking about it!! And it's been about 6 months since I saw it in cinemas so it was about time to watch it again ;D Oooh can't wait for the next hobbit movie!!

Delicious snack: Chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream together with raspberries and cloudberries!

New hairstyle change?

I played around with my old wig (yeah that battered old thing) and oh my...after wearing it I got this sudden urge to cut side bangs again. It's time for my semiannual hair cut next month and maybe, just maybe, I have the guts to actually try something "new" (putting new within quotation marks since I used to have side bangs several years ago). I've been having my current hairstyle this way since I moved to Japan (well, before I moved, I cut straight bangs which I then just grew out). But it is so nice to be able to put all of my hair up in a bun with no bangs in the way....ah what to do?!



GAH I just finished FF XIII-2!!!!! The ending was just kjsndvkjbf I can't even...Wow..How is it, does it have both good and bad endings this one? 'Cause if it does, I sure as hell got the bad one! OMG the cliffhanger was out of this world! Well...FF've got some explaining to do!!
There's still a TON of stuff to do in FF XIII-2 but I'm gonna take a break from it for now and start up a new game this upcoming week..which one, I'll decided later.

Getting serious

So yesterday I bought my own new blender (FINALLY) and a scale. Now I can make my own delicious smoothies and fruit drinks and soups. And I can get a real, good weigh-in every week. Time to get serious with this. I'm gonna set up goals with this weight loss. Like, when I've lost 2 kg (and manage to stay that way) I get a reward, and when I loose 2 more kg I get another reward etc. Maybe that'll keep me motivated. And my Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps track of my running progress aswell (went out running through a forest trail today and it was amazing) + I'm gonna work it out like crazy at the gym!!

Of course I'll bring these two things when I move out so...yeah I'm very happy with them!!


Oh that's right, I forgot you tell you that I bought my beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4 last week. I love it, he is beautiful and I can't wait for the adventures we'll experience together. Just like with my old Samsung. So yeah...bye old Samsung (Ascended Master) and hello Samsung Galaxy S4 (Behemoth). 
Yes, I name my electronic devices...for example: SpookHare (my laptop), Black Mage (my iPod) and KISSEKATT (my external hard drive) 

Warm Bodies

Yay today me, Dena and Hanna saw "Warm Bodies"! And it was awesome :D Hahah I really liked it! Have been looking forward to watch this movie for a few months and it didn't disappoint me at all ;D

Best movie snack ever: Raspberries!! :D

The good old Station

After a really nice day out in the amazing weather at work I met up with Ina at Café Station. Aah that place is so nostalgic. We sat there talking for hours (like always) and it didn't feel anything more that 20 min. It's insane how time flows when we're together. Just the fact that we've known each other for 17 years says alot. Just insane =)

ep 8. Fromage

OH MY GAHD I seriously lost my shit during the latest episode of "Hannibal"!!! There was one scene I had to rewatch 3 times because it was so epic! It was just GAAAAAH and I just sat there squeeling and just thinking about the awesomeness of that scene is just an overload of "OH MY GOD". This is probably the best episode so far ONLY BECAUSE of that scene!! Jesus I can't wait until next episode!!


HAHA congrats on winning ESC 2013 Denmark xD Yay for Scandinavia! WEHO!
Okay so yesterday me and the girls had a little ESC get together at Dena's and it was aaaaawesome! Rating all of the song, eating cake and just have a great time. I was dressed as Loreen (ESC winner 2012) ^^ haha!

The Legendary Sannin

Gosh. Yesterday was once again an epic Friday =) Those days make me so happy!
So, after working (only to 12:30) Sofia and I drove back to Umeå and after a quick stop at my place we went in to the city where we met up with Dena. Us 3 walked around town, did some shopping, ate and just had a really good time. I actually think this is the first time us 3 just hanged out together like that since Japan haha. We're busy women ;) Anyway, after breaking up, me and Dena first went to Barnens Hus (xD) and then to Coop. After getting home we started watching "69 saker du vill veta om sex" since Sofia said there was an episode that we just HAD TO SEE so...yeah ^^ hahah but it was awesome! And then we listened to music and just had a random time and rounded off with an episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras". Just like the old days =)


Sjuttonde maj :D


At Max~


Iron Man 3

So yeah yesterday me, Ina, Niklas and their friend Ida went and saw Iron Man 3. I had no high expectations whatsoever before the movie and I must say...I kinda liked it. It didn't blew me away had some epic scenes. And the opening....OH MY GOOOOD it was amazing!!!!! I honestly lost my shit and had to grab Ina in order not to just stand up and squeel. Hahaha xD Well yes, I'm very glad I saw it! No regrets!



Today I tagged along Dad on his business trip to Luleå. It was awesome. 

Early morning in Luleå.


My main reason for tagging along hehe..


Happy times in the car xD

Most epic hot dog EVER!!

The missing piece

Today I hanged out with Ina! Which meant: tea, Sims 3, FOOD and puzzle. We also coloured Ina's hair! It's was awesome!! And I got to check out Ina and Niklas's new apartment! GAH it was so big! It was amazing! I'm totally jealous haha xD And we decided to go and watch Iron Man 3 on Wednesday! YAY!!


"Can you hold my mango?"

 Yesterday I went over to Maja's at around 19:00. First we just sat and chatted about random things and then we took a little trip with the car to pick some stuff up etc. Then we started watching Game of Thrones S2!! Finally! I've been waiting so much to start watching it again (we decided to finish watching The Walking Dead before we started watching GoT). After that we started getting ready for a night out. Haha it felt very strange putting on make up that late xD Anyway, when we we're done we took the car in to town and went to REX. Which was.....ok. We danced, talked to people and just...were there I guess xD haha. Then after we left we went to MAX. Of course. Gahd fast food is soooo good late at night. But yeah that's about it. Totally random, but a nice night out =)


Wow these 2 days have been really nice! Me, Dena and Anna have been on a 2 day long EYP (Europen Youth Parliament) information meeting thingy. We got to meet new nice people, play silly games, have debates and got alot of information about EYP North. It sounds very interesting and I'm seriously considering getting active within EYP but since I don't know if I'm gonna move of not this fall I think I'm gonna wait until I know how the future looks like. But this has been 2 days well spent!!


"It's like we're earthbending!!!"

So today I worked again (and it was awesome because I got to have my break together with Sofia!! hehe we derped  major time!!)  but I got to leave early since me and Dena had booked a BodyCombat workout at my gym at 17:00. So I went home and had a light dinner after work and then went directly to the gym to meet up with Dena. We sat the and chatted before the workout and then when I started...we died a little bit. Hahah no but it was awesome and felt great!! And once we did this cool bending move so I had to whisper (shout) to Dena "OMG this is like earthbending!!". We're such nerds, even when we're working out. 
So tonight I'm gonna take it easy and read a little bit. Then tomorrow me, Dena and Anna are gonna go to a EUP information meeting thingy. I'm totally excited!! :D

The Dead Keeps Walking

Omg....yesterday me and Maja finished watching S3 of The Walking Dead. And to be honest...I'm not too impressed by the season finale. I don't know I think I expected a big cliffhanger or something but there was nothing at all. Ah well, it was a good season overall. Got introduced to new interesting characters and among them the biggest badass of them all (besides Daryl) : Michonne!! Can't wait for season 4!!


Maybe the coolest picture ever. Rick, Michonne and Daryl. Hell yeah!


Today has been a turning point. The fact that I've been doing good today (working out, eating well and leveled up) is totally irrelevant. Because I decided to start watching "Hannibal". The new series of 2013 starring Mads Mikkelsen. And I heard what people have been saying about the series...and about him. So I thought I knew what I was getting myself in to but...appearently I was completely wrong. And I mean completely wrong.
I honestly had to hold my breath while clasping something (Timani, a pillow, the cover, whatever I could reach) every time Mads were on screen. Which was very often. I mean, he's one of the main characters so naturally, he has alot of screen time. He. Looks. Amazing. It's just beyond me. I've honestly lost my ability to can...
But yeah...I don't know what shocks me the most. That I'm attracted beyond any rescue to Hannibal Lecter, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen, or that the fact that I find said Danish man one of the hottest men I ever laid my eyes upon. It's the fact that he's Danish annoys me the most. Not that he playes a cannibal and still manages to look extremely sexy while eating people. What's wrong with me?


Something I forgot to mention earlier was that I went to buy a new phone yesterday. Unfortunately, it was sold out. But I have now reseved a Samsung Galaxy S IV Black. It's crazy and I can't even understand that I allow myself to spend all of that money on a phone's time. I need it. 
So naturally I've been hunting some cases for my future baby and first I thought it was gonna be difficult to find a nice one but after browsing about I found many that I might consider buying. It's gonna be a tough's a few of the cases that I'm totally obsessed with:


One of those days

Today I've had one of those amazing, perfect days together with Dena. Yes, one of those days.
We met up in the city and had a delicious lunch together. We sat there quite a while after we finished eating, just talking about random stuff. Then we walked around a little bit, looking at books, shoes etc but didn't buy anything. I did find a book with smoothie recipes that I think I'm gonna buy next time I'll go in to town though...
Then we took a quick little trip to Coop to buy snacks and then went back to my place. There we just started doing random stuff like trying to learn a hiphop dance move that I've been dying to master (I WILL MASTER IT ONE DAY) and just....other randomness. Then we watched "Dark Harbor", a movie that I stumbled across on tumblr thanks to, interesting gifs that someone had posted. I showed them to Dena and we agreed that this was a movie we needed to watch hahah.
The movie Hahah during the whole movie we just sat there like "what the hell..." and there were parts that made no sense at all...BUT...the ending was epic. And due to that epicness, everything that hadn't made any sense before, suddenly made sense. It was that kind of movie, one that you have to watch again to fully understand how genius it actually was. And because watching Alan Rickman and Norman Reedus making out is weird...but fun xD
THEN we got stuck at Mads Mikkelsen and everthing about that man. Especially the short film he shot together with Mikael Persbrandt back in 2003. Because that movie takes weird to a whole different level. We didn't watch the whole movie, just bits and pieces but my God, it was strange.
Yeah and then a little bit of tumblring, watching Robert Pattinson interviews (that guy is hilarious) and other random things. It's been such a wonderful day and now I'm gonna go to bed and dream about random slash pairings =) Goodnight!


I spent the past 2 days at Sofia's! Didn't pay any attention to Valborg...which is totally overrated. We just ate delicious food, watched movies, took a loooong walk and danced alot...and took some "beautiful" pictures, of course hahah. But those are only for us to see so here's some food pics, as always.

Delish breakfast!

And delish dinner!

So today I went in to town to have lunch with my mom. It was really nice. It was stuff like this I missed during my time in Japan...
Mom!! :D

Anyway, then I ran som errands and went back home. Later in the evening my Player 1 came over to watch some "The Walking Dead". It was angsty and heartbreaking. GAH only a few more episodes left...


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