Mr Cake and Infinity War

Today I did two things that I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. Here we go! (Oh btw maybe I should point out that I've taken today and Wednesday off from my internship due to all the overtime I did earlier this month)
First thing: Mr. Cake. Yup. Today I finally managed to go there and try their delicious stuff. Me and Sofia went there for breakfast and I got their breakfast package consisting of a sandwhich (suuuper good), juice and tea. I also got their famous red velvet croissant. It was so good I almost wanted to scream. I'm actually considering going back there on Wednesday alone just to taste their cakes. Cause the thing is, at around 10:30 ish it got super crowded and me and Sofia, who was planning on going for a round two getting some cake, decided to give up and leave and save the cake for another time. And that time might just be on Wednesday...

Look at this beauty.
Second thing: Avengers: Infinity War. Yeeeeeeeeeeees!!! I am not gonna spoil the movie but damn.... it was insane. I really really liked it. Much better than Age of Ultron I think. It was so dope seeing the whole gang together (with some new characters that wasn't in the earlier Avengers movies) and just... kick ass! 

Sofia's cup vs My cup (which is such a perfect size!)
Tonight I was gonna go to the gym but I was so tired so I just gave up. I am still like... 4 h behind on sleep since the weekend so gotta try and sleep early tonight. 

Cherry blossom day and gaming night

Yesterday I met up with Anton in Kungsan to check the Cherry Blossom Day celebrations. The sakura hadn't started blossoming yet but still, there were soooo many people there, it was insane. We walked around a bit, tried to find our friend's stall but couldn't find it, and check out all the different stalls. Not too interesting to be honest. Waaay too many people. 

So we decided to walk through Gamla Stan (stopping by Stikki Nikki for some gelato ofc) and then walked over to Slussen to catch a buss to Jonathan's place. I haven't seen him in a few months (it's been way too long) and the three of us spent the evening playing board games, cooking and eating dinner and just having a great time. The first game we played was called Century Golem Edition and the second one was called Ghost Stories. I won the first one and the second one we played co-op against the game. And we died...pretty badly. Anyways, I had a great time and we need to meet up the three of us much more often!


Chinese and noodles

Hanna came to Stockholm late on Saturday evening and spent the night at my place! It was super nice having her here. We talked about languages, China, work etc. Then on Sunday I followed her to a...Chinese speking competition that she had entered. Sofia also came there and we sat there rooting for Hanna! She was SO FREAKING GOOD!! Her Chinese is goals. We also went and had a fika break at Espresso House and just chilled a bit. The whole competition thingy was pretty awesome and really made me wanna start studying Chinese....some time..... probs.... in a few years.... or so. 

At around 15:00 ish I had to leave and then later met up with Maja! She was here in Sthlm for business and wanted a place to crash and hey, my place is always open! We met in Slussen and walked to Ai Ramen. I have never been there before but always wanted to try it out! Maja got the Sthlm Shoyu and I got the Red Hot with Gochujang. Mine was... really good. REALLY spicy! But the noodles were pretty sad. Maja's was kinda the same. The broth wasn't that good and the noodles weren't that good either. And those two are the MOST IMPORTANT in a ramen! Nah, the gochujang saved mine but Blue Light Yokohama remains the best Ramen place in Sthlm. 
Another intense week at UD is upon us but on Satuday I CAN FINALLY BREATH AGAIN I can't wait! 


This week has been kinda insane at work. Working overtime almost every day, being super tired when I finally got home... gotta rest and recharge this weekend.
But on Monday I finished playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Such an amazing game. Really loved it and Aloy is so badass. 
Then on Wednesday I met up with Sofia and our newfound friend Shiori for dinner. Shiori is studying here in Stockholm for one year and we decided to meet up and get to know each other better. We had dinner at Sophie's Canelé which was super good. I didn't even know they had dinner there! All three of us got galettes and then we shared some desserts which were insaaane. Such a nice evening!

Tomorrow I am just gonna focus on reading and studying and then Hanna will come and stay here until Sunday. On Sunday she is entering a Chinese language competition. HOW COOL?! Me and Sofia are gonna go there for moral support....even though we won't understand a word of it all hahah. Then Maja will come later on Sunday and sleep over until Monday~ 
As you would say in Swedish: FULL RULLE!

Easter etc

Soo ehh... 'sup?
I've been having too much fun to sit down and blog. Ok that's not entirely true. After I got back from Copenhagen I got sick and had to stay at home for a few days... but it was alright, I played ALOT of Horizon Zero Down (nope still not done, got like 1 mission left). Me and Sofia met up after I started feeling better and made some Hoddeok and watched "The Disaster Artist" which was FREAKING AMAZING. 
Then last week.... was Easter. I met up with Iris for dinner earlier last week which was as awesome as always. 

I was in Umeå from Thursday to Monday. During that time I relaxed at home with my parent, met up with Ina, hanged out with Dena, had amazing fika at Hanna's, celebrated Otto's birthday with his family, met my cousin and their new daughter...  did I forget anything? Hope not. I had such a great time. 

Sasha <3

Ina. Snö.


Hannas cake skills are insane. Matcha prinsesstårta!!!

Pink skies~
This week has been fine but I now that next week is gonna be INSANE. Because of work that is. I am a little bit excited, kinda stressed but still... happy? 

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