Summer feels + Gintama feels

This past weekend was so epic. On Saturday, me and Sofia went on a looong Pokémon hunt from Gärdet, through Djurgården and then to Gamla Stan. It was super hot, but so much fun. And of course we caught alot of Pokémon!!
Then in the evening, Anton came over and the three of us watched some documentaries about strange things in Japan. And trust me, that is a very long list is strange things. Scary and interesting at the same time. 
Then on Sunday, our Japanese friend Satsuki came over and the three of us had a delish lunch together, before going to the BEACH!! Yaaass it was suuuuper hot so we just had to cool down in the refreshing sea. It was great! Then after we came back to Sofia's place, all of us were kinda beat so we listened to so K-pop to wake up ourselves a bit! And played with the cats. Of course.
Satsuki took the epic picture of me jumping off the trampoline (or whatevs one should call it...)

Tiny Mizkan <3 Too adorable
Theeeeen after getting back home last evening, I finished watching Gintama's "Shogun Assassination Arc"............not gonna lie, at the end, I cried like a crazy person. And today I continued with the "Farewell Shinsengumi Arc"...and the feels just keeps coming. Damn you Gintama for making me feel this way. 

The wanna be the very best

It's Friday. Finally. The week passed pretty quickly, even though I was all alone at work. 
Even though I am at work 9 h every day, life revolves around Pokémon Go. I have never been outside this much for...ages? And if I DIDN'T have to work...boy, I'd be gaming like a mad man. 
So some PoGo updates then: I finally have a Flareon. I am so happy <3 I also hatched a Growlithe yesteday. My small Fire Team is slowly getting bigger haha. One Pokémon I reeeeeally want is an Onix. I don't know why, but I just love Onix. It's a big rock snake. How EPIC?! 
My pride and joy <3
So yeah, I'm gonna go out again after my battery has charged. And tomorrow me and Sofia will go around Djurgården in search of some new Pokémon. This life <3
Pic from yesterday's Pokéhunt in Tantolunden~

It's a whole new world we live in

Feels like I've managed to be quite productive today (do the laundry, meal prep, gone grocery shopping, done a mini-work out sesh, watch some Gintama etc) and on top of that, I've been playing Pokémon Go like a true nerd. I'm kinda obsessed...
I set out to catch some new Pokémons in the city, as well as hatch a few eggs along the way. I just LOVE how you can tell when others are playing, as you walk by them. And when I reached the city, close to the parliament building, there were three Pokéstops in a triangle close to each other with a park in the middle...and all of them had Lures activated. Obviously I wasn't the only one going to gain some XP off of that. There were so many people there, sitting, standing, with their cell phone in hand playing the Pokémon Go. It was beautiful.
Even though the app is faaaar from perfect, and there's so many features that should be added for the complete Pokémon experience...this game is amazing. And it'll only get better. I never thought the day would come when I would pack my backpack and set out in the real world catching Pokémon. What a time to be alive~
Screen shot from earlier today...that little park was crowded with other trainers haha!

My Laptop is back!

Today I picked up my Laptop! I think they switched the fan and the (?) of's been over 1 ½ years since it was THIS clean lol.
Besides that, I've started my summer work. It's pretty chill, not much happening at all. Easy money hehe.
And Pokémon Go was just released today!!! I walked around the area but didn't find that I bought myself an ice cream as I walked back home. After Eight ice was so good. But not as good as the saffron ice cream me and Maja had last week. That was magical <3 The entire weekend together with Maja was just epic. 
 The After Eight ice cream I had today~

My Saffron ice cream and Maja's blueberry sorbet from last week<3
Aaaand last evening, after work, I went home to Sofia to cook some Korean food and pet her new cats! She is a foster mom for one Mama kitty and two small kittens. They we're too adorable to handle, all three of them. 

Mama kitty :D

My heart!!

So yeah...that's basically what I've been up to recently. Hope to get this blog up and running as usual now when my laptop is back in action. See ya!

No computer

Yesterday I handed in my laptop for reparation. The fan's noise was giving me a serious headache...
Which means, blogging until I get it back is gonna be a bit....difficult. I might blog a bit from my tablet (like I am doing right now) but it's just sooo slow...I hate typing long texts on it.
Ah well, not much is happening besides enjoying my last week of summer holiday before work starts next Wednesday. Seeing friends, playing video games, reading a bit etc. 
So yeah, we'll see when the next update will be. See ya!

London trio reunited

Clara is in town! She's staying at Alona's and the two of them dropped by my apartment during the afternoon. It was so great seeing them both again! It's just been a little over a month since I said goodbye to them in London, but it feels like it's been forever. Then the three of us went to a nice café here on Södermalm and sat there talking shit for hooours before calling it the day. I've missed them so much <3

I'm back in Stockholm again, after an amazing time in Umeå. Met all of my dear friends and family. The days really flew by. I chilled with Ina and played alot of Sims4 (per usual), had a photo shoot and watched the season finale of GoT with Maja, spent the entire Midsommar weekend with Dena (tons of cooking, alot of Miss Fisher, Rurouni Kenshin etc), chilled at Otto's, got 2nd place in our Fifa Tournament with the much more! Here's some random pics I managed to snap inbetween all of the fun!
Majsi <3

Melon ball preppin' with Dena during Midsommar!

Afternoon tea with scones and cream cheese and jam, home made biskvier (no idea what that's in English...) and cucumber sandwhiches!

Delish pannacotta dessert with wild raspberries!

These melon ball drinks thoooooo. Daym.
This lyx-shake <3

Okay these drinks at Pinchos were AH-mazin'. Everyone needs to try them.

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