One Litre of Tears

Today I have spent the whole day (except a short trip to the grocery store) watching a Japanese Drama called "One Litre of Tears". Most people have already seen it and alot of my classmates and even teachers back in Japan talked alot about it. They said that this drama WILL MAKE YOU CRY. And yes, after watching the whole drama in one day (11 episodes, hell ye) I must admit that, yes, I cried. But not as much as I thought I would. But it was a very touching story! I'm so glad I watched it.


Tomorrow we have the day off!! And I'm going to Gröna Lund! WOHO! I hope it will be warmer than it was today....
Anyway, yesterday Maya followed me to the Japanese Meet Up! It was awesome and we had alot of fun!

Aaaaand today my new TV arrived. So of course Anton was here to help me install it and everything. And to our (read: my) horror we discovered that my current TV table is waaaay too small for this new TV. Hahaha!! FAIL. I am gonna buy a new one but I though I could wait a little bit longer....I guess not haha.

My new baby!!

Solution in progress..

Problem (temporarily) solved!


Today has been one of those super-efficient days. 
I woke up at 7:00 and did some laundry. I had breakfast and took a shower and then my Dad, my uncle and his wife came by. We talked a little bit then set off to IKEA to buy some stuff. Then we got home and started putting together the stuff we bought from IKEA. When we were done, we had a light lunch at a "Taylor & Jones" and then said goodbye to my uncle and his wife to had to leave.
So then me and my Dad took it easy at my place for short while and then went in to the city. First we went to Gallerian and Media Markt to look at a new TV for me. And guess what? I ACTUALLY BOUGHT ONE! Hahah I'm crazy. But it feel good, it's a great TV and I think we'll be spending alot of quality time together in the future.
Then we went and had dinner at this great Thai restaurant. Spicy and delicous! Yummy! Then we rushed off to Centralen for Dad to catch the train to the airport so we had to say good bye for now.

Then I went home. Did some gaming, watched the season finale of Hannibal S2 and now I'm just chillin. It's been such a long but very fun and awesome day! YAY!

Let's go and take a howl at that moon

Work wasn't fun at all today. Let's forget those 8 hours ever happened and move on.
So, after getting back home and settled in, I decided to watch the season finale of Supernatural S9. It was....."ok" I guess....the last 3 min were the best!! Oooooh my god I actually sqealed like a true fangirl. SEEERIOUSLY!!! Wow....hehe. 
Aaaanyways. I'm having this evening AND tomorrow all by my self so...some gameing should be happening. But I'm tired as hell. Gosh I'm getting old haha..well....we'll see.

I want to line the pieces up

Today I had an amazing phone call with Maja. We haven't been talking as much as I would've wanted now when she's back but tonight both of us were free and we talked on and on and on about...everything! Haha! God I can't wait to meet her! I'm missing all of my Umeå people so much! Gah!

Loving life

I'm loving life in Stockholm right now. I don't have time to write much here nowadays but don't worry, everything is more than OK here! Plus....summer is soon here!! Although I'll be working the whole summer I am soooooo in happy about spending it here. Stockholm during the summer is SO RIGHT! Beats everything. Almost.
Anyway, time for some update.

Having my Dad over earlier this week was great. It was a short stay, but we went and had dinner at Vapiano, which is always amazing!

Other than that.....been spending alot of time with my special someone (if I may call him that? haha) Nah nah nah ok let's not make a huge deal about this, alright? He's great. He's very great....I should stop writing now..
Aaaaand today I went to the gym for the first time in 3 weeks!! I'm dead. Seriously, I won't be able to move tomorrow. And then I went to Farsta to meet up with Anton and together we went to IKEA! Wohoo! Bought some stuff, had lunch....yeah. Then we went back to my place and put all of the stuff together and then sat talking for like...2 hours about random stuff haha. Then we went and had dinner together at Beijing 8. So delish. Such a great Saturday!


I'm alive!

Wooooh.....hi there.
So yet another week has passed. Feels like alot has happened! Plans has been made, plans has been changed, plans has been reconsidered.....alot of planning has been going on hahah!
But yeah. Life is quite exciting now. Life at work is still great, life outside of work is even better haha. 
I honestly don't know what to write....oh yeah, my dad is visiting tomorrow. He's arriving pretty late but we still decided to have a late dinner out together. It's gonna be awesome. 


Sry bro

Life is happening brb.


This whole week has been so long. It's like, everything got messed up because of having Thursday off and then Friday felt like Monday and then all of the sudden SATURDAY happened and I just don't even know anymore.
Yesterday I went to Anton's for BBQ. The weather did not agree with us and send a downpour right on us....but we didn't care haha. We had TONS of food and in the end didn't eat up half of it haha. Eitherhow, I had a great evening with the guys and left early at around 22.

Walking back to the subway station~
I haven't been doing alot today...went in to the city and did some window shopping then I got home, watched some Vikings, cooked and cleaned. Soyeah. Not much.
I'm not really sure if I'm OK with Monday tomorrow...I've been so spoilt with all of these holidays from work so now it feels quite scary to actually have to work AN ENTIRE WEEK!! Oh god...but what to do.  

One long day, one short day

It feels like alot happened yesterday. Like, it could not only have been 24 hours, it must've been at least 32 hours of Wednesday yesterday haha. And feel like it's only gone 4 hours since I woke up. Such a strange feeling.
So, yesterday was incredibly hectic (like always on the last day of the month) and since it was basically only me and Masako holding up the fort we worked like crazy. Finally, I got off at 17:30 and then went to the Meet Up. The meet up was as fun as always, sitting there talking about random things with random awesome people haha. 
Afterwards me and Anton went and had dinner together and then went to Rigoletto and watched Spiderman 2! It OK movie haha. Not amazing, not bad. 
Aaaand today.....I woke up at 9:00. The first thing I saw was that I had one missed call on my cellphone. And guess who it was from?!?!?! MAJAAA!!!!!! MY DEAR FRIEND IS FINALLY BACK HOME!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! So, after breakfast I first called Ina to have a chat with her about.....stuff. Then I called Maja and we talked and talked and talked about EVERYTHING!! Hahaha oooh my god....yeah...we had alot to talk about (and we're nowhere near finished cathing up!). 
Then I got ready to hit the city for FIKAAAA with together with a friend. Bwahahaaaa......mmm.
Anyway, it's been a craaaazy 2 days. Really. Crazy. But tons of fun. Let keep it like this.

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