Hold on to the feeling

So today we went in to town again and me and Sofia had a lovely (and huge) dinner! I took a club house sandwhich and pancakes with cream and berries for dessert. I love food~
Then we met up with Dena and Anna and went karaoke and took purikura. It was an awesome evening =)

Beautiful lights on the wall of the room~
PS. our Internet will be cut off after tomorrow, Sunday, so I won't be able to go back online until we move in to my new apartment on Tuesday. So this blog will now rest for about 3 days. When I'm back, I'll be blogging from my new apartment!! 

Sweets Paradise

So yesterday after I went and got my new visa me and Sofia took the bus in to town. I bought a new pyjamas (or maybe it's more like a night gown...) and then we went to a new place called "Sweets Paradise". It's a all-you-can-eat desserts restaurant!!! They also had sandwiches, home made pasta (DELICIOUS) and curry, soup and a sallad-bar so you didn't just eat sweets. But omg...it was so delicious. Besides the cakes and stuff they also had a chocolate fountain, ice cream machine and a popcorn machine. Heaven.

The first plate..


The restaurant~



Perfect plate of pasta

DESSERTS!!!! That chocolate mousse cake to the right was....heavenly.

Sofia derping by the ice cream and the popcorn

Me derping by the drinks


So yesterday when I got back home from House Network (went and left the last documents there) me,Dena and Anna went to 金閣寺 (Kinkakuji) aka the Golden Pavilion. Last time I was there was in November last year so once again I got a very nostalgic feeling about being there. Anyway, it was very nice, crowded, but still awesome. Afterwards, we ate icecream! :D
Towards the entrance...


Our Internet connection is feeling a little bit cranky right now so I'm just gonna say that we went to Osaka yesterday and it was awesome! I'll let the pictures tell the rest....


1 year ago.....

.....since we moved to Japan

Oppan Gangnam Style (Kyoto Version)

Everything worked out fine today!!
The school called around 11:00 and told me the papers were done and I could come and pick them up. So I got dressed and walked to school. There, I filled in the documents and then took them to the post office to pay for the fire insurance and get a receipt to give to my school so that they could write their part of the document. Then I stayed a little while and talked to "Puppy-Boy". About how Swedish people suck at studying (comparing to Asians) and we talked about video games. It was amazing.
Since it all went so smoothly I treated myself to some bread from the bakery. Delicious.
Then I walked home and derped around a little bit with Sofia. That's when we took this pic:
If you, by any chance, don't know why this picture is kick ass....you need to keep up a little better. Just search on "Gangnam Style" on youtube, watch the video,  then you'll get it. 
THEN I went to our favorite cafe to meet up with Albert. Which was very nice, of course. He leaves tomorrow to go back to Taiwan for surgery soo...I'm gonna miss him alot! He'll me back again by the end of October...and by then I have my new apartment! 
When I got home I derped around a little bit more with Sofia. Then we went and had dinner together.
Awesome bacon salad~

Then we bought some snacks and and walked home and watched....."TWISTER"!!!!! One of my favorite movies!! It was so nostalgic and so awesome!! The volume in Helen Hunt's hair is astounding¨....

4022 SAVED

Woaah this day has felt so long~
I walked to House Network at 10:00 and got the documents and then went to school. There they told me I need to fix everything by myself with the fire insurance and THEN they could fill in the documents. So they took the documents and they'll call me in tomorrow to go and get them, so that I can go to the convenient store and pay the fee, then go back to school, have them fill in the paper, fill it in myself....and then it should be done. 
This. Sucks. Big time. I had fika plans tomorrow with Albert and now I don't know if/how long we'll be able to meet. Damn it all....
Anyhow, the 4 of us went in to the city today to shop. The only thing I ended up buying was hair treatment from Lush....I found a very pretty night gown and an awesome bellybutton piercing but...didn't buy that. And I think I sorta had it difficult to relax since I kept thinking about how I'm gonna be able to fix everything that needs to be done tomorrrow....damn it all...again.
But, we had an awesome dinner at a restaurant called "Stars" and the last time I was there was like in November last year so that felt a bit nostalgic.

Delicious fooooood~
After coming home I watched 2 episodes of DW S4 that I'd completely forgotten about (we started talking about it during dinner and I felt like "Eeeeh hold on....wait, what...?" so..yeah) and hsjbckjbiksd how awesome it is/was!! 
So...tomorrow.. feels very mixed. We'll see how it all turns out.

"Bow ties are cool"

Okay so today I finished watching DW S5. I think I'm gonna need a little break before jumping in to S6. Supernatural S7 might just do the trick.
I took this screenshot the other day and I absolutely love it! The Tardis, the Doctor with his companion. Uaah goosebumps!!
Anyhow, I've spend the last 3 days indoors in front of my laptop and just done nothing but watch DW. My back aches like crazy, I've got a slight headache and I feel a little bit nauseous. Totally worth it.
Been eating sweets and stuff the whole time, probably gained 2 kg. At least.
Delicious donut~
Tim Tam. The best thing that ever came from Australia (besides accents)

Being lazy and not do anything these past days has been amazing. But, I think it'll have to end here. I have to go back to House Network and fix a few stuff and then go back to school and have them sign documents and shit *sigh* it's just....uaah I just want everything to be done and over with.  

" Geronimo~ "

Woaaaah been sitting watching Doctor Who Season 5 the whoooooole day!!
I never thought I say this but....I really, REALLY like Matt Smith. He's hilarious, genius, brilliant and....actually, quite handsome if I may say so. Dreamt about DW the whole night and during my nap between 15:00-16:10 I dreamt about DW again! I've only got 4 episodes left of S5. I love this!!

Matt Smith :]


GAH just watched the 10th Doctor regenerate!!!! AM I REALLY READY FOR THE 11th DOCTOR?! 
I don't know what to feel right now....started crying in the end because....I love David Tennant as the Doctor....even though I KNOW that this is how it all works....damn it. 
The beautiful 10th Doctor <3 Uaah!!


Anna Wiklund, vår fina vän, landade här hoss oss igår!!
Hon stannar till den 1 Oct så vi hinner ha mkt skojj tsm!
När vi hämtade upp henne så sprang jag och Dena in lite på Avanti shopping centret och...omg så mkt snyggt de har fått in!! Kläder, skor, jackor...everything! MEN. Jag ska ta det lugnt. Pengarna jag fått av CSN ska räcka läääänge~
Idag ska jag betala sista betalningen av lägenheten och sen funderar jag på att köpa flygbiljetten hem från Sthlm upp till Umeå den 21 Dec....vi får se.

To be continued

Thursday morning. 20th September 2012.
Yesterday was a real rollercoaster day. First, the graduation. I got my grades which I'm very satisfied with.
My final score was 68% and attendance was 97,4%
During the last break we got I had time to talk to Rin (my nerd-crush) some more. It felt very nice....I'm gonna miss him...
Then we walked to the big assembly room, where we always gather for stuff like this or presentations. The cermony wasn't that bad, actually. The 上級2(Joukyuu 2) class, the class with the highest level at the whole school, gave an amazing performance in the form of a play. It was like a game show and it was hilarious. I really enjoyed it.

The principal

The awesome show!
Then we all got out to the cafe and there were tabled filled with food and drinks. So we all got in to it and ate and drank and took ALOT of pictures. My camera's batteries died so I didn't take alot of pictures...but I was alot in other peoples pictures. But yeah it was great fun, I derped around with either Dena or Sofia & Lawler most of the time.



Then we got home, left our stuff and me and Sofia walked to the immigration office. I had no business there to take care of, but Sofia had to extend her visa so I tagged along. 
After coming back home, a few hours later, we took a little breather and then Lawler came and together we walked to Saizeriya. I don't know how many times we've eaten and that place by now....so I guess it was obvious that our last dinner together was to be held there.

And what can I say.....we had an amazing time as always. Sat there for hours talking, eating, laughing...just like it always been. When it was time to leave and say goodbye outside of the restaurant I couldn't hold back my tears. "I love this girl and I don't want her to leave!!!! I want to stay this way, the 4 of us together forever!!! " that's pretty much what was running through my mind. But I've been in this situation before. 2 years ago. So I know that you've gotta keep going, and that this is not goodbye. It's more like a "See you later". Because we'll meet again. I know we will. She'd given us each a personal letter and when I read mine, I couldn't help but smile. Because that's what Lawler does to you. She makes you smile, she makes you happy. She such an amazing person and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to meet her. I really can't wait until we'll meet again in the future. This isn't goodbye. This is To Be Continued.

My letter....

...sealed with a KISSE <3


var ju avslutning idag.
fick betyg osv

hade nyss vår sista middag med Lawler...hon far imorrn...
har mycket och berätta känns det som men orkar inte riktigt med det nu för är trött som fan efter denna långa dag. godnatt

So I went to see my favorite doctor....

....and oh boy how I've missed him <3 
Only got 4 episodes left of "Doctor Who" with my beloved 10th Doctor...then it's time to introduce myself to Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor!!! Excited!!!

David Tennant as the 10th Doctor in "Doctor Who"

Time to Celebrate!!!

Here's my scores:
* Grammar - 79/100 p
* Kanji/Vocabulary -  78/160 p (49%)
* Reading -  65% (though we discovered that I had + 4p so the percent will rise to probably 69%)
* Hearing - 72 %
* Speaking -  65/100 p
* Presentation & Report - 72.5/100 p & 72/100 p
* Essay - 74/100 p
As you can see I totally failed the Kanji/Vocab part but since that part doesn't weigh that much in the overall final grade, it doesn't really matter. And grammar weighs ALOT and since that went so well, I'm all good. The grammar part is the one I'm most proud of, to be honest. I worked my ass off to get that grade. Last time I think I got 64/100...so that's a major improvement!! I'm not so proud about the speaking part.....I've could've done SOOO much better..I know it. But I was very nervous and talked way too casual...well...NEXT TIME I'm gonna rock the speaking test!!
My teacher told us  that if we were to have the extra test on Tuesday mornign (if you're in the dangerzone of passing or not) she would contact us....and she never contacted me. YEHO!
I will get my final grade tomorrow at the cermony!!! IT.FEELS.SO.AWESOME!!! 
So, later in the evening we had our last class party. We went to a new place...that turned out to be a....not so good place. It was expensive, the food was not that good and the same with the service. But, the company was amazing. I laughed so much during that dinner I though I was gonna die a little bit. Even though I end up being nostalgic and all about my first class, I still really like the one I'm in now. It's gonna be sad to part with everyone....

My teacher to the left and two of my amazing classmates!

The never ending drink menu...


The guy's table..

Glorious tofu~

Money money money~

Johanna used RECOVERY.

Okey let me first say that yesterday was awesome. Why? Because I spend the whole day with Dena, that's why.
So after Dena woke up we decided to go and have brunch at a restaurant that Dena been to earlier that appearently was really nice. We got there and boy was it delicious food!! I got Sukiyaki which I haven't eaten that since Maja was here!

My food~

Soooo good~


Then we got home... and the real deal started. We cuddled up on my futon in Dena's room (been sleeping there lately) and watched the lastest episode of "Face Off" and then started watching "A 1000 ways to Die". I assume you can guess what it's about....We've seen a few seasons so we just continued watching from there. I frickin' love that show. Then we went and bought some (more) snacks and then watched a movie called "Final Call". Chris Evans aka Cap. America was in that movie!! And he was useless :D Very entertaining movie. Then we derped around a little bit and then we watched "The Others" starring none other than Nicole Kidman and Christoffer Eccleston. That movie....was awesome!!!!! I really really liked it. Then to round if all off we watched one episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras".....which was horrible but oh so entertaining. 



A crazy Dena

So yeah, yesterday was such a perfect day to recover from the past tests...it was so awesome <3

After the storm.....

Saturday morning. Which means, I survived the tests yesterday aswell. But it was a really close call, the Kanji and Vocabulary test was insane and I didn't understand anything....it felt so embarrassing. 
The hearing test was......ok....maybe....or maybe not. I'm just so happy it's all over....for now.
So after the tests yesterday we had to celebrate a little bit. Went and bought snacks and hamburgers with Sofia and then later, we watched Happy Feet 1 & 2. Just awesome. 

This weekend I'm gonna take it veeeeeeery easy. Watch anime, eat noodles, maybe go out and run a little bit. 
Anyway, I'm just gonna spend this weekend as I want it....without spending money. 

I never really liked graphs

Oh dear lord....I managed to survive today. Thank Gackt. 
Nah really, today was....ok, I guess. 
It's hard to guess how the grammar part went though but the reading part went ok....besides the fact that I totally screwed up at one question. It was a graph and then a text....and then the questions on the text and graph were so idiotically written that I didn't know what the hell to do. I asked my teacher 2 times...and still didn't get it. So I just felt like "fuck this shit I've been staring at this for the past 20 min I'm out" and just circled something random, handed it in and left. Then the others told me how that question worked....and I realized that what I've circled wasn't even options.....fail.

Other than that it went ok...I just hope that tomorrow will be fast and less stupid. Since I haven't studied the word AT ALL I think I'm in for a adventure at that part....I'll just freestyle. I think I've hit a wall at how many Kanji I can push in to my head so...maybe this will be it for the study of the finals 2012....I think so.
Anyways. Here's a pic of my lunch today. Because I know how much you are dying to see it.

Sushi and Soba


Gick bra att plugga på skolan idag.
Gick bajs att plugga hemma idag.
Proven imorrn kommer bli väldigt jobbiga. 
Vill bara att det ska vara lördag, och det är snabbt.
Näe....ska försöka kolla igenom en stund till....sen blire att göra bananplättar.....sen plugga lite till....sen se One Piece.....sen spela Starry Sky......sen somna. 

Quick update

Just a quick update saying that I'm still trying my hardest to study, even though I falter sometimes. My back has starting to hurt like hell from sitting too much studying....is that a sign perhaps? That I should quit? Nah, I'll wait until my hand start cramping and I start seeing double. Then we have a problem.
Just one whole day left until the first showdown: Grammar & Reading.
Lord have mercy....
I'll just tome this moment to throw in a pic of Tom Hiddleston with an eagle (I think it's an eagle....?) Just because I can. 


Rockin' Banana Sunday

Not much has been going on today. Just a usual Sunday in Kyoto. Been listening like crazy to Gazette's latest album and omg *dies*
Last night though, before going to bed, me and Dena decided to watch a horror movie, "The Cabin in the Woods". Such an awesome movie. I really recommend it! Though I sorta got nightmares from it.....I guess that's what you get from watching a horror movie right before bedtime. 
I've basically only been studying Kanji lately. But that doesn't mean that I'll nail it on the test text week. Oh no. It's still gonna be hell. Uaah....
Tomorrow we have the writing part....the essay.....I just hope that the theme will be an easy one...then I can just make random stuff up. 
After going out for a quick run (in the rain and thunder), took a shower and then I made banana pancakes. To make these little sweethearts you'll only need 2 eggs and 1 banana. Easy enough for me. And damn...they're delicious. Such a perfect snack!! I made a little bunch of then and I think I'm gonna eat a few for breakfast tomorrow or take them to school and eat as snack between classes. Who said I was bad in the kitchen?!! HUH?! I rock the kitchen!

Behold the banana pancakes!!!


So today I went and met up with Albert and went to "fika" together. It's been like...7 weeks since last time....Anyway, it was very nice, as always, and just like usual, we end up talking about really deep stuff about the future and such...haha but it was fun. Of course.

Delicious milk tea with a kitty cookie <3

Since I during this recent week been having to place money in stuff that I didn't know I had to do before getting my next batch of money from CSN....I'm quite poor right now. I know what you think "but Johanna according to your blog you still go out and eat, go to Osaka and stuff stop lying" .....and yes, that's true. But as I explained earlier, eating out in Japan isn't that expensive....making your own food is sometimes more expensive. And, when I go out and eat, like at the Indian restaurant we usually go to, I eat so much I don't need dinner or I'll just to eat something very light during the evening. Either way, I'm trying to save my money. And hence, our refrigerator looks like this:

Guess which shelf is mine.....hahaha

Spa World with fellow Derp 1 & Derp 2

Yesterday was perfect. 
After school, me Sofia and Lawler went to our favourite Indian restaurant for lunch and just stuffed ourselves with curry-deliciousness. 
After that, we re-grouped ourselves a little bit and then we took the bus together to Shijo-Kawaramachi. From there we took the Hankyu to Umeda, Osaka. Then we changed to the subway and went to Doubutsuenmae and walked  to....SPA WORLD!!
We derped around major time in there. It was ridiculous. People asked us where we're from and all...looking at us wierdly....stuff like that. The women had the Europe part so it was the same as when I was with Maja there. A little bit nostalic actually.... But we had a great time soaking up in the hot water. We talked about writing books (messing around ofc) and me and Sofia's first book is gonna be called: "Farting with Friends, a story about liberation". And our second one was gonna be: "Up the nose and beyond". Lovely. And then my own book is gonna be calles: "While I was peeing. A lifetime lost and never regained". Because.....of reasons.
We got back home to Kyoto around 23:10 and after derping a little bit, I fell asleep in 4 seconds. Such a good day!!!

Det finns ingen örn

Typiskt att efter ha pluggat stenhårt igår så känns det verkligen som att jag vill spy över läroböckerna idag...men det är väl givet antar jag.
Hände inte så mycket idag. Råkade äta fett mkt bröd till lunch och hamnade därmed i en chockartad bröd-koma. Kändes verkligen som att jag började jäsa som en riktig limpa....sånt händer.
Sen när vi kom hem så bråkade vi lite med våra Internet leverantörer. De vann denna runda, men vi tar nya tag på måndag och då kallar vi in vårat hemliga vapen: Puppy-boy.
Sen så sprang jag iväg och tog nya bilder till visum dokumenten. Jag ser ut som en skelögd zombie på dom. Ärligt. Sofia kan intyga..
Seeeen så, efter lite plugg och strunt, så satte vi oss alla ner och kollade på senaste avsnittet av Face Off. Lika underhållande som alltid. 
Nu är kl snart kvart i tio och ska ta och wrap this up och plugga sista kapitlet i gröna grammatikboken och sen ska jag svära åt de Kanji's jag måste kunna. Ser ut som att bli en skön avslutning på dagen.
Oh jusst ja, imorrn så ska vi (jag, Sofia och Lawler) ta the day off och sticka till Spa World i Osaka. Kommer bli skönt att ligga som en potatis i kokhett vatten och bara.....kokas. 


This has been the most productive day this year....I think. I might not have done a lot of different stuff but...I've done alot of a few things. AND I got 5 things that stressed me alot out of the way, which feels great. Those things were:
1. Pay the last fee to House Network (for now, the next one is gonna be payed around the 20th)
2. Fix the couch problem. I went to the recycle place and convinced them to take the couch aswell when they come to pick everything up the 30th. 
3. Ask about the visa papers (they were impossible to understand...even though they were in English)
4. Pay and get a specific stamp-thingy for my new visa (4000yen....a very expensive stamp...)
5. Talk to our landlord and ask if we can stay in the apartment until the 4th (just in case we can't move in the 2nd)
So now when all of that's out of the way.....I feel 243 kg lighter. Hell ye.
Other than that, I've been studying like crazy. I know I write it almost everyday, how much I study I how I have no life anymore, but today.....it's been insane. I studied so much I even amazed myself. I wrote 442 Kanji on my computer (!!!) study all the grammar in my blue book, only have 2 chapters left in my green book, written down all the words in my vocabulary book, rewied the last chapter and translated all the words in the blue book......and fixed a little bit with my iPod, watched one Naruto episode, gone to the grocery with Sofia and cooked both lunch and dinner. HELL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! 
Since I've been very bad at taking pictures lately I took the opportunity to take some pics of the stuff I bought at the grocery store....fun, huh?  well, better than nothing, right?

A type of pancake bread with some nuttish filling....not bad...

This is EXACTLY what it looks like... So let's just leave it at that. Hahah no just kiddin it's actually Oyster Sauce....BIG SIZE. yeah.

This, my friends, is spicy korean noodles....I'm. Gonna. Die. 
Now I'm just gonna write a little bit on the visa papers then....I'm gonna play some Starry Sky (my "new" game that I've been playing every night before I go to bed) and have a good night sleep.

Lagomt less

Var ju tvungen att gå till mäklarna idag och betala lite pengar osv....visade sig att min mäklare bett om fel belopp så måste gå tillbaka imorrn och betala resten. Hoppsan hoppsan....tur att de är jättesnälla och trevliga där annars hade jag nitat någon....
Pga detta kom jag hem runt halv 5 tiden och därmed fick jag skippa min joggingtur.....plugget måste gå före. Måste även fylla i papper om att förnya mitt visum (ANNARS BLIR JAG UTKASTAD UR LANDET WEEEHOOOO) Finns inget mer jag hatar än att fylla i dryga papper.....ännu värre när man inte förstår vad det står....
Men, ska sätta mig och mysa med Dena ikv och se sista avsnitten av Tiger&Bunny.....jag gissar på att jag kommer börja lipa  ;____;

Don't mess....

Så imorrn äre muntligt prov som gäller....har mitt 9:30 och det räcker ju typ i 10 min, sen får man gå hem...eller i mitt fall, till mäklaren.

The fire's out anyway

Stayed at school after classes ended today to study....then after I got home, I studied some more. These final exams are gonna kill me...get me out of here!!!!

Recap of the weekend

This weekend has felt very long and slow. Even though I spent hours and hours studying, I had a very nice weekend. 
Yesterday me and Sofia went and looked at a new apartment. We went back to "House Network" (the ones who got us this apartment) and talked to the same people, who all recognized us immediately. They took us to the apartment, which was very close to the school and all....so I said I wanted it and we went back to the office to fill in papers and stuff. I'm gonna go back and pay some money at the office on Tuesday after school and pay the rest later....so this feels very, very good.
Then, on the evening, the 3 of us sat down and watched a movie together called "the Covenant". Such a retarded and bad movie....but because of that, it actually was entertaining. 
Today, I've studied and then around 16:00, me and Dena went out on a looooong walk in our old territories. It was so nostalgic to be back....and during the walk, we once again started planning the future. A little more detailed this time. I really hope it all works out and we'll be able to pull this off!!!! BECAUSE IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

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