Bird, you're disturbing me.

Yeah...just like the title says.
Nah but really. Thank god that I went to Uni this morning to study (sat in the library for about 3 h) because once I got home....I don't even know what happened but time just went "lol bye". OK I know what happened. I got stuck checking through my external hard drive and found ALOT of nostalgic stuff. Like, old MSN conversations (hahaha) and documents from UIG. What was most annoying was finding my old French documents. Damn I was pretty good at French at one point in my life! What the hell happened?! Oh that's right, Japanese happened. Well regrets though.
But I want it baaaaack! I want my French baaaaaack!! And my Japanese aswell for that matter since that too has gone to hell.....Maybe I should stop procrastinating like this? I'm just wasting time. I should take my studies more seriously.....and pick up Japanese and French...and find a part time job....but there's so much distractions everywhere!! GAH! Halp.



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