I just want it to be over.....

I managed to review the final chapters of my "lovely" green N2 grammar book but then my concentration just flew out the window and I haven't done anything productive since.....
I have to get my act together for tomorrow... then on Sunday, it'll all be over


First Floor, Room 117

So yesterday I was writing about roller coaster days and "ups" and "downs"....I can now say that yesterday ended with a "up".
Albert came over last evening and we made Nutella hot chocolate with whipped cream and just sat and chatted and stuff. A very, very nice evening.
Today I had a huge and delicious lunch together with Tsai. We went and had ramen and took a side dish each and just stuffed our faces with foooood!! 
Then after classes I stayed at school and studied for 2 hours. Managed to get some grammar and Kanji out of the way and even had time to have a chat with Puppy. 
And, for some unknown reason, I've had this immense urge to watch "Supernatural" these past few days....Maybe I'll reward myself with a few episodes after N2 on Sunday....

Roller Coaster Days

I'm having crazy roller coaster days right now. Up and down all the time. It's like...I start feeling I've got everything under control...and then I realize I have to to something else aswell (that I don't wanna do)...But it's not that bad actually. I'm just overreacting. Being in the same class as Tsai is never boring and she makes me laugh every day. 
Anyhow, a "down" today was that I realized my favourite character in "Silver Fang" actually died in the series. Since they censor so many things in the Swe version his death wasn't shown. And I was just like: WHAAAAAAAAAT YOU CAN'T DIE!!!!! But he did....My favourite Akatora =(


An "up" yesterday was that I got my jacket and shoes that I've ordered. Here's a blurry pic of the jacket and a picture of the shoes.

And last but not least....another "up" I found after buying lunch and "Life"....the chopsticks package:

Only funny to Swedish ppl though...DELICA TESSEN hahaha


Not much to say about today...
I stayed at school after classes to finish my Kansai Dialect thingy and Puppy-Boy was very sweet and helped me out alot. He's a nice Puppy. 
Other than that I can say that I love my new background picture on my laptop. Everytime I start it up I have to yell " KISSE" because...it's a kisse. Grumpy cat is for real the cutest little thing I've ever seen. I WANT IT <3

My current background picture :]

Honestly, how can you not love that grumpy face <3

Back to Arashiyama

I had an AMAZING day today at Arashiyama with Tsai, Anton, Bau and Kyo. The red leaves were perfect and so was the weather. A truly AAAAAAMAZING day!! CRAZY PHOTOBOMB AHEAAAD~

Busy Kyoto Station...

Kyo and Anton :D


So crowded O___O

Anton and Bau :D


Then we entered the bamboo forest :D

Then we went up on a view point and got this magnificent view

It looks like the leaves are on fire!!

So beautiful!!!

Lunch!! Okonomiyaki :D

Sitting by the river having our lunch

ICE CREAM - chestnut flavour

The water was soo blue~

The Mountain is Calling

So today has been good. After waking up, I watched some more episodes of "Silver fang", had a light lunch, then I went out for a 1h long walk. When I got home I did some exercises and some good and painful stretching. Then, I took a looong bath using the "Honey Bee" bathbomb from Lush. I finally managed to get a perfect temperature on the bathwater so it was just....so amazing. 
Then, I watched some more "Silver Fang" and had dinner. Later I talked to Anton, Bau etc who's going to Arashiyama tomorrow. Where and when we'll meet up and all. I'm really looking forward to it!! The red leaves in Arashiyama are so beautiful and just the atmosphere there is so nice. And just the fact that it's called "Arashiyama" (it means "Storm Mountain") is badass enough. It's gonna be awesome! But, even if it goes well tomorrow, it can NEVER beat the Arashiyama-trip from last year. Because that was just epic.

Last year at Arashiyama

Now I'm gonna watch "Despicable Me". Because I've been working hard *cough* on my Kansai Dialect essay...and because I want to.

Silver Fang & Sweeny Todd

So last night actually did manage to write a little bit on my essay...
Then I started watching "Silver Fang"...RAW (japanese, no subtitles) It's so nostalgic and I honestly feel like I'm 10 yrs again. This is the first time I watch anime without subtitles....and it works just fine. I'm so happy!

After watching 4 ep of "Silver Fang", I watched "Sweeny Todd". Johnny Depp is just such an amazing actor (AND SINGER) and it's been like 4 years since I saw that movie so I was totally psyched! I love that movie!!

Friday off

It feels like I  haven't done anything today.
I've studied some Kanji but what I really should have written my essay Kansai Dialect thingy that's due for Tuesday....
And I should've studied grammar....
Instead, I've painted my nails (which are already ruined..) , watched a documentary about plastic surgery, cleaned the apartment,  listened to music and fangirled. I somehow ended up on Livejournal and got stuck there for a while. 
It's just....I've got so much that needs to be done, so I end up doing nothing. I'm wasting such precious time.... I feel so stupid...

This is how I felt the entire day.

Mao mi

It's Thursday....and I have nothing but Chinese in my head. Yesterday, Tsai taught me some "useful" Chinese words and sentences so today at school it was time to try them out!! I was told that my pronunciation was very good and with a little bit of acting on top of that, I scared the shit out of them all. Then during one of the breaks I had a conversation with Den-San (he's Chinese) and he helped me brush up on my pronunciation even more and taught me the Chinese word for alien...because he is one =)
After I got home I got changed and went for a 45 min long walk. After coming home and doing some exercises and taking a shower, I made dinner. I used this pretty little mushroom tussock and some couliflower and meat. Very good.

I am now sitting eating some dark chocolate and soon I'm gonna study some Kanji and after that I'm just gonna take it easy and watch some PEWDIEPIE videos ^^  We have no school tomorrow (HELL YEAH) and right now I don't have any particular plans for the weekend (besides, Arashiyama on Sunday) soo...I guess I'll just stay indoors and TRY to study for N2 exam next Sunday -___- 

KURAMA - Momiji

So today after school me, Anton, Tsai and Kyo (aka Smiley-Face) went and had lunch together and then we took the train to Kurama to look at the red leaves. If we had gone maybe a few days earlier it might have been prettier, but it was an awesome trip and I had lots of fun :D

It's difficult to see (because my camera is worthless) but these lights were in a river and it was incredibly beautiful!! Almost magical~

Aaand back at the station ^^
Such an awesome day!!

Skyped with Sofia...

...for about 3 hours....again. Need I say more?


It's Monday again.
We had a test this morning, chap 3-4....went worse than last time I think.
BUT!!! I passed the N2 "fake"-test I did on Saturday morning!! HAHAH I can't believe it!! My Kanji/Words and reading part was terrible but my hearing was 82% so that's quite good....Now I just have to pass the real test on 2/12!!! I can't let my guard down just yet, I HAVE to keep studying!!

After classes I stayed at school because I had an "interview" with my homeroom teacher, Murata- Sensei. She just asked me some questions on how school's going and living in Japan etc. She's so nice, I wish I had her more days of the week and not just on Fridays...
After I got home I dropped my school books and took the bus in to town and went to Avanti to look at shoes. Had found a pair on the Internet on g.u. (that's the store's name) that I liked but when I got there they were all sold out...found a nice jacket though...
Then on the way back I accidentally went in to Lush.....and accidentally bought some more bath bombs. I just wanna try out as many as I can while I have a tub!! And....I love Lush <3

"Cinders" (the orange one) , "Sex Bomb" (the pink one)  and "Christmas Eve"
Can't wait to try these babies out!!!

I managed to mess up my head quite badly today because I forgot to drink anything...Only took a few sips of water after breakfast and then some sips tea during the whole day so when I was on the bus home my head felt so heavy...but I still wasn't thirsty. My body is strange...

Sunday Chillin'

So today my "guilty pleasure weekend" sorta continued.
The first thing I did after I woke up was making a delicious breakfast (sour milk with müsli and banana, tea and banana pancakes with Nutella xD) and sat in my bed eating that while watching "Eclipse". Am gonna watch Breaking Dawn pt 1 before I go to bed tonight ^^ 
Then I looked through the X-mas cake catalogue from "Life". If I wasn't going home over Christmas, I'd buy 3 of those cakes and sit inside and eat them by myself on Chrismas Eve and wouldn't even feel bad about it. They look sooooo delicious~

Other than that, I've been trying to study some Kanji and did some laundry...I've been having some big trouble walking these past 2 days since I did a crazy exercise that killes my calves and I haven't been able to properly stretch them out soooo....yeah, trying to get my legs some rest. But besides that, a very good weekend a very good Sunday I think.

Guilty Pleasure Saturday

So today I've been enjoying my life's guily pleasures:
* Watching Twilight and New Moon
* Listening to One Direction

* Eating pastries and cheese (not together obviously)
* Drinking more Nutella hot chocolate
I did manage something productive though (besides the test this morning)...I wrote the Kanji for the next chapter on my laptop...and that's it ^^

The classparty

It's almost 16:50 here now....ooaah...
The test this morning was horrible..or, well the listening part was totally ok but everything else...damn...I have almost given up the hope of being able to pass N2....
Anyway, last night.
The first thing I did when I arrived at Kawaramachi was to run to the foreign grocery store and bought some Nutella. Because I need it. 
Classparty. It was awsome. We met up at 18:30 and went and had yakiniku at the usual cheap place at Sanjo. I sat together with VInce and Den-san and we talked about everything between Nordic mythology and how massaging cows make the meat more delicious. It was awesome. Laughed so much!

When it was time to go, some people wanted to go karaoke and/or go to a bar but me and Tsai decided to call it the night so we said goodbye to everyone and walked all the way home together. And that walk home was just as awesome as the classparty. Tsai is...undescribable....she's just....Tsai. Hahah got to have some girl talk together with her (which I've been in a desperate need of as of late) and almost fell to my knees due to laughter multiple times. 
When I got home I made some Nutella hot chocolate which might be the most delicious thing EVER!! Good thing Nutella is expensive here in Japan or else I'd drink it every day!!!


Just cam home from the classparty we had tonight.
Yakiniku...awesome as always.
But tonight was....omg....
I'll write about it tomorrow. Need to get some sleep for tomorrow's test (N2 fake test at school 9:30) and I need to really iprint in my memory tonights events....good night


So today was a pretty nice day.
Vincent was back from being away due to sickness and we had lunch together and talked cars (or, he talked, I listened).
Then after classes I stayed with Tsai and Anton again at school and studied for about 1 ½ hour. Then Joakim and his friend David came and joined us. They're both at beginners level so we helped them a little bit with homework and stuff. So FOR ONCE I actually felt that my Japanese was good!!

This is sort of how I felt...


When I was walking home it started raining again. It was cold, dark and just awful. If I hadn't had a bag of cookies with me I probably would've start crying. Anton had bought the same cookies earlier and I tasted one and OMG they were soooo delicious I just had to buy them!! As a reward for...something.

If I were a......pen.

So yesterday AND today I stayed at school to study.
It was awesome. It's so nice, warm and quiet in the lobby.
Brought my laptop to study Kanji (got them all written in a Word document and delete them as I learn how to write/read them) but I didn't connect to the Internet...because of obvious reasons.
When I got home today I went and bought a new pair of curtains. Because I wanted to see if double curtains makes the cold stay out better and not come inside the room....we'll see.
Tonight I'll watch the 2 last episodes of "Tumbling"!!! GAH!
And.....Today I almost died inside a little bit during "conversation class".....because....it was too awesome. CSCG....was too awesome....I honestly had to run down to the lobby and breathe and get my act together during the break....it was that awesome. 
AND today I got jealous of my red pen. It had spent the night at another person's place (borrowed it and forgot to return it until this morning) .....and....it's not fair... I HATE BEING JEALOUS OF INANIMATE STUFF!!!!
Sorry to write so incomprehensible but I just needed to mark this day in my blog. 

Making Memories

I have decided to start living my life a little bit better. Again...
But really, not sit at home too much (hurts my back so much), see more of Kyoto, exercise more, stay at school more often and study after school's over etc. Make the most of my days in other words. Because time flies too fast now. Way too fast. I want every day from now on to be memorable.
Today was memorable. 
Went and had lunch together with Albert. 
Then we walked home to my apartment and I introduced the poor guy to the Gazette. 
I think I might have scarred him a little bit hahaha
Honestly, people who know me know that when I get started on the Gazette, it's hard for me to stop.
But yeah we just sat on the floor for I don't know how long and just talked and stuff. I'm so glad he's back.
After he left, I gathered strength and walked grocery shopping. And "Life", the new place, again.  I bought a huge lettuce. It didn't even fit in my refrigerator....
It looks like it's trying to crawl out of the veggie box...
After that I watched 2 episodes of "Tumbling" and died a little because of....reasons <3
Then I had dinner and I am now trying to get my shit together for tomorrow. 
Appearently we have a 50%-presentation of our group work....I have maybe done 6%.......hehe...


It rained today. From morning, all through the day and I think it's still raining (it's 21:45 now)
So, I stayed inside the whole day. And I woke up at 7:00.....
But I've been busy with stuff the whole day. Cleaning, taking a bath etc.
AND....I've started watching a new drama. And. I'm. In. LOVE!!!!!
It's called "Tumbling" and it's about a gang yankees that joins a gymnastics club at school....LOL I know it's sounds very "special" but the plot is amazing and the actors are amazing and everything is just....AMAZING!!
And I'm totally in love with one of the characters. Ofc. I recognized the actor when I first saw him (seen pics with him together with Miura Haruma) and I was like: ljkshnkjasnbalkj OMG so cute!!!
But to be fair, all of the members of the team are cute. And they wear a gakuran. I approve of that. Alot.
And whenever they're not wearing the gakuran, they're wearing tight spandex. I approve of that aswell.

My favorite boy is the one at fron with the light brownish hair : ] 




Host Family Reunion

Met up with Mariko and her family today!! And the new girl they are "hosting". She was very nice and came from America =) They came to Kyoto and we all went to Kiyomizudera, Maruyamakouen and Heian Shrine. I had a really great time!! Here comes a photobomb from today:

In front of Kiyomizudera

Mariko, Fumikazu, Ichika and Shun (in the baby cart ^^)

All of us!! 

The view

The park


We sat under one of those trees and had lunch

On our way to Heian Shrine

I think that'll do ^^ Now I have to get the laundry. See ya.

Against the world - Aya Brea is BACK

After getting home from school today I started playing "The 3rd Birthday" again. That game has been laying around collecting dust for the past 5 months because I got stuck on a boss. But today I managed to beat that son of a bitch and I'm literally BACK IN THE GAME!!!

The sun will rise again

Last night was quite terrible. I watch the final episodes of the japanese drama I've been watching and.....I cried in the end.....a lot....like, ALOT alot.....it was so sad ;_____; 
So when I woke up this morning I still felt kind of swollen in my face and was very tired and all....but after coming to school and people being so nice to me (they didn't even seem to notice my swollen-ass face!!) that got me in a better mood. Vince asked me to go out for dinner with him and Toshiko and some others (it's a her birthday today!) but I declined. 
When I got home I studied some Kanji, procrastinated, played some Dissida, studied, and then watched the first episode of a drama Sofia's been recommending ,"Hi wa mata Noboru" I've only seen one episode but I already like it!!! Might be because of my lovely Miura Haruma playing one of the leading parts. 

A random pic of super cute Miura Haruma :3

Then after dinner, and a little more procrastination, I decided to get dressed and walk to the new super market close to school called "Life". It opened last week and everyone who's been there said it's awesome soo...I thought I'd go and take a look...and buy some milk. 
So I went. And yeah, it was very clean and nice...I really liked the grocery store. It reminded me of "Konsum" or something....dark brown walls with wooden details, light colored floors...I dunno, it reminded me of home. I'll definitely be going back there soon. 

A school trip to the past

Today we had the annual school "activity" trip thingy. Back to the same place as last year. It was really weird being back there again...but this time without alot of my friends. But, I actually had fun today. Mainly because I spend most of my day together with Tsai. That is one crazy girl, let me tell ya. I'm completely in love with her xD Haha but yeah we joked around the whole day and then when it was time for the cosplay contest, I introduced Vincent as Iron Man. It was awesome. He and another guy from my class who cosplayed as Whiplash won the contest together! Yay! Then we made yakisoba for lunch and then soon after that we went back home. Overall, quite a nice day actually =)


Fett med fett yao

idag har det degats som aldrig tidigare. Eller jo...men det var längesen.
Har ju vart ganska hård med val av mat osv den senaste tiden men efter att jag fick en riktig smäll på käften av min förkylning som inte vill ge sig igår så bestämde jag mig att om jag gottar mig i allt och gör så att jag mår bra innuti...kanske förkylningen ger sig? Eller är det nog bara mitt sockersug som säger det.....
Hur som, idag har jag tjockat mig med strips, chicken nuggets och bakelser. Hallelujah. Sen fyndade jag  en påse med 3224 st mandarinder för ca 35 kr. Vilket kap.

Oändligt många mandariner~
(måste nog hålla ett snitt på att äta 5 st per dag annars hinner de nog mögla...)

ååååååååh <3
Har dock hunnit handla, tvätta och bada oxå. Och haft ett halvt skypesamtal med mina föräldrar. 
Imorrn äre ny vecka, nya tag....och prov. Men detta prov ingår inte i betyget. No grading = No studying. Nämen ärligt, jag skulle ha pluggat. Men....det är trögt. Speciellt när man inte känner sig frisk heller. Ursäkter efter ursäkter....har dock börjar se ett japanskt drama som jag såg för typ 3 år sedan men aldrig såg klart. Såg 2 avsnitt på Japanska lektionerna på UIG och glömde som bort det sen...sett typ 4 avsnitt idag xD Det blev mitt plugg för idag.....nej det duger inte på långa vägar. Ska kolla lite Kanji nu. Hejs.


Last night we had a little party at Sen-san's place. A Shabu Shabu/ Nabe party!! With Tsai, Anton, Bau, Kyo, Han, Kan and 3 of the Korean girls that we met last week at yakiniku. I had a great time and the food was really good! After the koreans and Bau and Han left, Paranyu came and then the rest of us played Uno xD Hahah it's been ages since  I played that!! Came home at around 00:30 and by then my coughing had worsen quite a bit and now it's back with full force...and I was starting to feel much better and all....damn it. 

Sen, Han and Me ^^



Such an relaxing Friday~
School went by smoothly. I have Murata-Sensei on Fridays, and she's as crazy as Kaji-Sensei so I really like her. ALOT. Then my class seems to get nicer and nicer every day. I like that.
After school, I took the bus in to town and went shopping~
I had lunch/dinner at our old tonkatsu place....
...and then let loose at Yodobashi. I frickin' bought a PS3 game!!! HAHA!! It just caught my eye and then before I knew it I was holding it in my hand and walking to the cashier...
I almost screamed out loud when I realized the wordplay of the title.... 大神 (ookami)...the first kanji stands for big/great and the other for God. And I was like: Dai....kami?? (cause knowing how you should read unknown Kanji is a bitch) and then Iook up at the screen playing the trailer for the game in the store and, what I first thought was a fox spirit of some sort, howled. A beautiful howl. And I got it. Ookami. It means wolf. It's actually not spelled with these (大神) kanji and that's why it's a perfect wordplay. Sometimes I love this language.

The graphics of this game is stunning~ 
Can't wait to play it!!

Then I continued my shopping spree....I honestly don't think I bought anything unecessary...I bought 2 gifts, a few bathbombs, a simple white T-shirt, a knitted jumper, müsli (hahah), a mini tripod....and a latte from Starbucks. No biggie. 
When I got home I took my new fluffy blanket and curled up in my chair under the kotatsu and watched Tangled. I love that movie!! Now it's gotten pretty late....thinking about derping around a little bit more before saying good bye to this awesome Friday. See ya!


Stuff went by well today. Anton had brought a new type of Ahlgren's Bilar to school (they're probably not new in SWE but I've never seen them before. Sprinkle covered, chocolate covered cars....delicious. Then we laughed at the Norwegian description on the bag...such a rediculous language, Norwegian.
Then I had lunch with Albert and Vincent. They talked about how scary girls are and I could do nothing but agree with them.
When I got home I  watched some Face Off  (totally forgot I hadn't finished watching it yet), made delicious goma nabe, took a shower, did the dished, and now I'm studying a some N2 Kanji and am eating a gigantic kaki fruit. Hell yeah. 

It's pretty cold right now...it's fascinating how you can feel the temperature drop just 5 degrees here...you can definitely feel it. The isolation in these building are crap. 

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