Il ne parle que du bon Dieu

This has been a very nice (and expensive) weekend. I blame "mellandagsrean". Got a little carried away at Zara yesterday....and at The Body Shop...but it could've been worse. Much worse. I actually controlled myself while shopping yesterday. As of now I'm gonna try to not spend unecessary money on clothes and make up etc. I pretty much got all I need. Kinda.

Most of my Body Shop products....much more than my Lush products. What has become of me?! *gasp*

And of course I've been playing some FFXII. At the moment I'm in the camp at Phon Coast. One part of me wants to continue with the story and the other part doesn't want Vaan dying on me every other time...that guy's level is waaay too low. I really need to stay where I am for a while and level up my entire team and buy some new armor...
Other than spending too much money, I've been diving in to "American Horror Story" season 2. It's fascinating how much I like this series. I'm not a horror fan at all but this AHS is just so twisted and wicked and sick and....you just can't stop watching it. 
There's been two horror moments today.
One: One of my beauuuuutiful white tea cups broke. I'm serious. I was just pouring some hot water to make me some tea and the little bastard just cracked. It's not a big crack (you can barely see it) but still, I don't dare using it. Damn it all. 
Second: The washing machine attacked me and bit my pinky finger. It's true and it's hurts like hell. I even got a bruise. I've gotta be more careful handling that machine from now on...I shall not underestimate it again.
Tomorrow it's time for work again! And after work's done, I'm meeting up with Dena who's in town! It's gonna be great!

Back in Stockholm

So last night I took the plane back to Stockholm because today it was time for work! Still feeling sick though...and I tried checking out a few stores during "mellandagsrean" but it was waaaay too crowded everywhere so I just went home...Am gonna go back tomorrow morning though.
So my few days up in the North was great. Met up with my friends (and got some AMAZING belated birthday gifs!), had a FIFA-tournament with my family and just ate Christmas food until I thought I was gonna throw up haha. 
Hanging out with Ina & Maja! =)
Now I've gotta focus on things to come. New Year's, meeting up with Dena next week and getting ready for work to begin "for real". The woman who has been teaching be everything I know at work is finally going on maternity leave starting on 1st of January so from that day on, I'll have to step it up and show them I can be counted on. GAH I'm a little bit freaked out but hopefully it'll all go well...


It's been a long but wonderful day =) Hope you all also had a magical Christmas. 


Our old and no-so-cute-anymore Christmas Tree.
Christmas table!
 Merry Christmas!

Final preperations

So these past few days has most been about coughing, sneezing and feeling like shit.
BUT of course I had to make the preperations for going back North during Christmas. Even though there's not much to pack besides Christmas presents....
But yeah I did leave the apartment yesterday (yay for me!) and did the FINAL shopping. Then when I got home I started watching American Horror Story. It was as bad decision. I love it. 

Beautiful Stockholm.
Fika while watching American Horror Story.
Tea and cinnamon buns my roomie had made. Delish!
Today at work....I didn't work. Haha. Honestly nothing happened. Probably alot of restaurants have already closed for Christmas so I only took a few orders today...other than that I studied some Japanese with my denshijisho. And my boss had bought us some Christmas Cake (tradition in Japan to eat cake on Christmas. Amazing, I know). It was delicious. 

Such beauties.
This amazing little thing had some raspberry mousse inside. Just YUM!
So my flight leaves tomorrow at 8:25 in the morning...which means I have to get up at 5:00. Terrific. 
But it's gonna be great celebrating Christmas with my family. Although I haven't had the slightest Christmas feelings going on this month (it's so sad, I know) but great food + great company = Great time.

Finders Keepers

Okay so The Hobbit-movie last night wasn't bad at all. It was a really ok movie. Hahaha. The CGI in the movie was horrific at some points (like Legolas's face) but other than that....a good movie. Thranduil was sassy and Smaug was almost sassier. What a badass dragon, can I have one?

And today I'm sick(er). 
Coughing like crazy, light headache...just perfect.
I've been playing some FFVII today and watched some Naruto. Omg FINALLY Obito took off his mask and Kakashi's reaction was just so jsdbcjsdblj I died a little bit inside.
Then I had to take a nap because I just felt dead and I had been drinking too much ginger tea so I felt ike throwing up (fail) but feel much better now. 
For dinner had I marinated 2 salmon fillets in some soy sauce and wasabi. It tasted amazing.
Tomorrow I'm gonna be more productive and do some shopping etc. It's gonna be nice to get out a little bit since I've been inside the whole day today haha.

Just this.

Wow I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow....time, are you ok brah?
So nothing much has been going on here...work...some christmas shopping...some gaming...nothing major.
I did walk around in Gamla Stan yesterday though, and it was beautiful.
Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with Anton!
Finally time for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. THRANDUIL, I'M COMMING BABY!!!!! 

Girl's night out!

WOAH I honestly love doing stuff (going out, meeting up with friends, you know DOING ACTUAL STUFF) on mondays! It's so refreshing in a way...
Anyways, so after work I met up with my uncle's wife and her daughter, my awesome cousin. The three of us then went and had our nails done at a place my uncle's wife had been talking about when I stayed at their place 2 weeks ago. It's great, cheap and generally awesome. I chose"gelish", which is like a gel kind of polish that stays waaaaay longer than regular nail polish. I'm totally in love.

I chose a beige/pinkish color. Very light and natural. 
Then we went to Zara to check out some clothes. And I actually found something! Haha I know usually I ALWAYS find stuff I want at Zara, but lately I haven't (except for jackets and outwear but I don't need anymore....or do I?). But today I found a sweatshirt and a couple of jeans I liked.....I didn't buy them....but maybe later hehe.
Then we went back to the Mood shoppingmall (same place we did our nails) and had dinner at this incredible tapas place. I don't remember the name though, it was some strange spanish name but OH MY GOD THE FOOD! It was heavenly. It was just perfect. Drinks, lots of different food to taste, fantastic atmosphere and great company. Such a great evening =)


Everything was delicious....honestly...EVERYTHING!
The desserts. My favorite was the Crème Brûlée at the far top. Gods it was good...
What a beauty.

All hail

Today has been very nice.
The train traffic was working so after breakfast I took the subway to Östermalmstorg and did some shopping at Lagerhaus. Then I went to Fridhemsplan and continued my shopping at Inn & Finn. God I love that store! Found 3278 things I want. Honestly. So today's shopping was all for me haha. No Christmas shopping. I'll take care of that next week...
Other than that I've been chillin' with FFXII, One Piece and just now I watched the last Supernatural episode for this year....now I have to wait until mid-January for the next episode. NOT OK YOU GUYS!
And I've also been cleaning a little bit...it was very much needed. And I arranged the stuff I bought from Lagerhaus... Then I moved around a few things and all of the sudden my drawer turned in to a Ruki-shrine.


Love shoes

Ordered these two beauties today. I'm in love with both of them! Can't wait to rock them on the streets!


Daily adventures

I feel like every day here in Stockholm is like a little adventure. Probably because I'm new in town...but it seems like every day SOMETHING comes up, throws me off a little, but then I managed to solve it and the result makes me feel great! Does that sound weird? Ok, hear me out.
Like on Tuesday. After work I decided to buy myself a new winter jacket. Like a warm, thick, huge jacket that you'll never freeze in. Yeah, one of those. So the problem was....where is the closest Stadium? So I started thinking (didn't want to cheat with my GPS on my phone) and realized that there's one just by Hötorget! YAY! So I went, spent money, and left very happy.
And then on Wednesday I decided to jump off at Högdalen, the train station before mine, to do some grocery shopping. And then, randomly, I see a Fitness24Seven. MY GYM!! So that's where I'm gonna start (trying to) burn some fat. 
And so on Thursday I got this cute little lipbalm-roller thing in my calender from Body Shop but discovered that it was broken. So the usual me would be like "Awh...too bad *shrugs* ". But that day I thought "GODDAMMIT I'M GONNA FIX THIS" so during my lunch (which is only 30 min) I ran to the station, catched the subway to Hötorget and ran towards the nearest Body Shop store. There I talked to a girl, explained the situation, and she gave me a new lipbalm-roller what worked! YES! So after that I grabbed two sushi rolls (that was delicious) and ate them while walking back to the station and then took the subway back to Rådmansgatan. 
AND THEN YESTERDAY (Friday). Hahaha...well, I got up at 5:30 since we were gonna be working at the warehouse doing stocktaking the whole day (the warehouse is in Ekerö and we were gonna meet up at Brommaplan at 8:00). And when I left the apartment (at around 6:45), I arrive at the subway station and see ALOT of people. And I was like "Damn it...something has happened". And it had. There had been a fire of some sort at Skanstull which meant my train couldn't reach the city. There was cancelled traffic between Enskede Gård and Hötorget. FML. So I got on the train and got off at Enskede Gård where they said there will be busses taking us to the city. Where there any busses there? No. So I stood there, thinking that I won't be able to make it to Brommaplan in time and then I see a woman walking past me screaming: DOES ANYONE WANNA SHARE A CAB TO ODENPLAN?!" And without really thinking I scream: "YES I DO!" and runs after her. So that's what happened. I shared a cap with 3 other women I never met and probably will never see again all the way in to the city to Odenplan. We split the charge with cash (I payed with a 50kr "rikskupong" and coins hahaha) and I thanked them for letting me share the cab with them and then ran like hell towards the subway station and managed to catch a train leaving for Hässelby Strand, towards Brommaplan. And I was only 1 minute late. Hell yeah.

Here's a bad picture of the amazing jacket I bought!

The stocktaking itself at the warehouse took more than 8 hours (it wasn't that bad though,the guys was really nice and we had Udon, Gyoza and Yakitori for lunch!) and then on the way home we heard that the train traffic still wasn't working so my collegue gave me a ride to Gullmarsplan's station where I could get on a train towards Hagsätra. WHAT. A. DAY.
So that's what I've been doing the past days. This weekend my roomie is in London so I have the place all by myself. And I think I gonna try to get my ass in to the city to do some Christmas shopping soon...other than that I'll just stay inside, drink loads of tea and enjoy some anime, gaming and reading =)

Friday the 13th

Well.....I could definitely tell it was Friday the 13th today. Without a doubt.
It's been one of the longest days ever but at the same time, I did have quite fun.
I'll write more about it tomorrow. Now I need to eat my dinner (yup, at 20:00) and just lie down for a while....


Gah....it's my birthday.
It's so weird...birthdays do seem less special every year....huh...it's not a sad feeling at all it just like....meh.
BUT I did have a nice day today!
Work went by fairly smooth, then went shopping (most christmas presents but bought one necklace for myself! YAY). Then I took the subway to Farsta to hang out with Anton. We made dinner, talked about random stuff and just chilled. Perfect =)

22 years old? Me?! No way...

Moving in

Yesterday I moved in to the new apartment.
My mom and Dad had been driving all the way from Umeå with my furnitures (so kind of them I can't even..) and then we met up at around 15:30 to start carrying in the stuff in my new room. Wow...my body hurts like hell today haha. Carrying the bed was the hardest, definitely. And since the apartment is on the top floor (no elevator) me and my Dad had to struggle carrying the maddrass up a few flights of stairs. BUT we made it. 
And after we had gone back to their hotel and taken it a little easy, we went to Lidingö to have dinner together with my uncle and his family. It was great and the food was amazing!
Oh I almost forgot! I also met up with Maja and Amanda for a few hours in the city! Maja had come down the day before and was gonna spend the weekend in Stockholm so of course all 3 of us had to meet!! We had dinner together and then went shopping (although I didn't buy anything...found loads of stuff I liked though!). Such a nice time =)

Food from Beijing 8. SO GOOD!

Slightly blurry picture but still cute!!
And then today I woke up fairly early in my own bed (feels amazing sleeping in my own bed again) in my new room. Then I tiptoed out not to wake my roommate, and then me and my parents went to IKEA. Classic. Haha. Found alot of nice stuff!! After coming back we assembled the bookshelf I bought (loooove it), me and Mom went grocery shopping, and then it was time for Mom and Dad to drive back north. Honestly, it was so nice of them to come down all the way down here...I loved them so much.
This evening I've just taken it easy, playing a little bit, talking to my roommate etc. I really, really like it here!!
And tomorrow it's time for work again! Aaaaaaaaaaand....it's my birthday! WHICH IS TOTALLY RANDOM. I'm not gonna make much fuss about it, we've been celebrating my birthday a little bit here and there for the whole past week so....I'm good with just living and maaaaaybe buy myself a treat or two....or three. We'll see (^_^)

1 week at my new job: DONE

So now the first week at JFC Norden is over. It's been a long week but I've had alot of fun and learned tons of stuff. Of course there's been more than a few stressful moments...but somehow I survived them all! Things may seem impossible at first but onces it's over, you're like "huh...that wasn't so bad". 
Today I had lunch with my boss and collegues at sushi restaurant next to the store. It was delicious. And today we also tried several different samples of Japanese candy, snacks etc. Best job ever? I think so.

Just a random picture of my lunch the other day...
 I have this lovely church just around the corner from my work...it's magnificent.
Tomorrow I'm moving to the new apartment in Rågsved. I'm so excited! And Mom and Dad is coming by car with my furnitures and all. They're the best. 
And I'm gonna meet up with Maja and Amanda as well for lunch! YAAAY!
I have a feeling this weekend is gonna pass by VERY fast but I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it! 
Btw last night I chilled with my cousin and we watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead together....I honestly died a little bit inside. We just sat there like "whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!"
Then we played some Fifa 2014. Which was intense. I actually won the first match (I don't even believe it myself) but then the next match...I lost with 0-9....hehe.
Btw nr 2...tonight I had a great evening with my uncle and his family. We had a delicious pasta dinner followed by macarons for dessert. It was like a dream. Then when everybody else had left the table me and my uncle's wife sat and chatted for hours about EVERYTHING. I think this has been the most adult conversation I ever had. We talked marriage, relationships, education, future and just life in general. She is an incredible woman and I've always looked up to her ever since I was a kid and my god...I want to become like her when I "grow up". I mean, I'll be turning 22 in a few days so...better get this show on the road, you know.

Macarons from Ladurée. Heaven.

Life is good

Decided to rent a room in anapartment in Rågsved. The woman I'll be living with is very nice and I feel like this is gonna work out just great. And I've booked tickes home over Christmas (24th-26th). Initially I wanted to stay longer, but hey, right now, work is the most important thing in my life (hahaha xD)
But yeah. Things are working out quite better than expected. Every day I'm walking to work from the subway (it's only like 1 block though) I look around and am just amazed by how beautiful the buildings are. And Stockholm in general. Loving it!

So much people....I love it!


First day at my new job....

....was very nice! Alot to take in, of course. But definitely not TOO difficult to learn I think. And EVERYONE speaks Japanese. That's right. Except for one guy. Haha. It's very nostalgic hearing that language so much again...almost like I'm back in Japan in a way *romantic sigh* Don't have much time to go in to details right now but I can say that I really want to learn more about this business!
Tomorrow I'm gonna look at one final room that's I'm considering renting and then, tomorrow evening, I'll decide. YAY!


Yup! I'm finally here.
These first two days have been really nice. When I first arrived at the central station yesterday I met up with my uncle who greeted me and took my suitcases back home to his house (where I'll be spending my first days in Stockholm). So nice of him. Then I had some lunch and walked around just enjoying the city. After that I had my meeting with my "mentor" at Proffice (the company I'm working for, which means "Japanska Torget" is just hiring me) to sign the contract etc. Then I took the subway to look at a room I'm thinking about renting. I'm not gonna say anything about that right now (I'll tell you guys later when everythings done and decided). After that I made my way to Ropsten and Lidingö, where my uncle lives. It's so nice of them to let me stay at their place. I can't even begin to express my gratitude towards them. Honestly, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't had been able to take this job. They are amazing.
And today I looked at another room aswell, played some FFXII (hell ye), had delicious food together with my uncle and his family and later had like a little "mini-spa" session together with my uncle's wife. She's fantastic. 
SO YEAH tomorrow's the big day. My first day at work. At the moment, I'm actually not that nervous. It'll probably hit me about 10 min before knocking on the front door of the store and the office. GAAH. But at the same time I'm really looking forward to it. I want my new life here in Stockholm to begin!

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