A week

(DAMN IT I forgot to post this last weekend. Ugh... Ok whatever, while reading this, just pretend that is is Saturday 5/5, ok?) 

This week has had everything, kinda. So I was off work mon, tues and wednesday which was awesome. I've already written about monday in my earlier post, and tuesday was super chill and I didn't even leave the apartment and skyped with Dena. On Wednesday I went back to Mr. Cake (because I am obsessed) and had their white chocolate raspberry cheesecake (one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had) and sat there writing on my intership report. Good times.  

Thursday was a looong day (had like... 55 emails that waited on me when I got back) and I stayed late at work and then went to the gym together with Tove to attend a Bodycombat class. It was awesome!
Yesterday we had a big meeting during the morning and then our group had lunch together since one of my collegues is moving and it was his last day. My group (the East Asian group) is so amazing and sweet and I just...don't wanna leave them. I only have a month left! And then after lunch... I got some really good news :))) which was awesome! More about that later...
After work I stopped by and home and changed my clothes and then went to Sthlm Södra to meet up with Jonathan and together we took the train to Anton's. We had planned an evening of even more boardgames, and Jonathan had brough a fresh new one for us to try out! It was called Azul and was a strategic type of game. I won the first round and Anton won the second round (but only because I failed to stop him even though it was obvious...Jonathan thought me and Anton was teaming against him hahah). We also made delicious pasta and just had a really chill evening. 

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