Best Yakiniku EVER - Last night as 20 years old

So during the day today I didn't do much.
I studied a little bit.
Took a bath.
Went grocery shopping.
At around 18 o'clock I started walking towards the city. It was veeery cold but it felt so nostalgic so instead of taking the train half way I walked all the may to Sanjo. There I met up with Tsai and Anton and then we went for....YAKINIKU :D 
We went to a place I never been before but I've seen that alot of ppl from school has been there (from classparty pictures etc) and omg....I think that's the best Yakiniku restaurant I've ever been to. The meat was delicious, the service was very good and the atmosphere was amazing. We had such a great time!

They had even bought be presents!! They're too sweet!! Here I'm hugging the package of rice they gave me xD

When we were done and had left we split up at Sanjo and went home. I had such a great night =) Here's a better pic of the presents I got:

From the left: Hot chocolate powder, Tim Tam (HEEEELL YEAH), Osaka Dialect cards, a necklace and rice ^^

It's sooo pretty~ 

Now I'm soon gonna go to bed. Gotta be well-rested for tomorrows adventures =)

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Happy Birthday!

2012-12-08 @ 22:14:45
Postat av: mamma

Grattis på födelsedagen

2012-12-08 @ 22:27:58

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